Let’s Try Something Different–

The writing has been slow today, mostly because I didn’t sleep well and that’s made me groggy and slow, I had to do the wash, I needed to get something at the rink, and in about 75 minutes I’m heading out the door to go to Baltimore.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to write–or, I should say, blog.  I’m finding that now that I’m not writing at quite the pace I once had, I’m starting to miss blogging.  But, it seems like I also don’t have as much to say as I once did, either.  Maybe that’s due to having said just about every goddamn thing I can think of over the years–maybe not.

A three years back around this time I did something I’d not done before: I asked people to send me questions and I was doing my best to answer them.  There didn’t need to be a lot of questions, but three or four would be a good number, though one or two good ones would likely get my brain going full-tilt boogie.

So I’m putting out the call: if you wanna ask me anything, ask away.  And I do mean anything, though if you ask me if I time traveled back to the Grassy Knoll in Dallas on a late date in November, 1963, I’m gonna tell you no, I didn’t, ’cause I would have been in England watching the first ever episode of Doctor Who then.  Duh.

Don’t disappoint me!  Not like I’ve done to so many in the past.  Got it?