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2 thoughts on “Time To Be Seen

  1. LGBTQ folks in the Philippines are safe in the Philippines. The country’s one of the Top 10 most accepting of LGTBQ folks.

    They truly are accepted , cassie. The richest celebrity TV hosts in the Phillipines Boy Abunda and the other one ( I( She is featured in one of the YouTube videos that I posted ) are LGTBQ , and they are popular to the MAX. She’s the host of that TV show that I posted where there were kids who had a singing competition. ) Mom said that in college , their Student Council President was gay, and he got almost 100 % of the votes.

    • I’ve seen that elsewhere in Central and Eastern Asia as well. I think it’s because the cultures are far older than ours and they’ve seen so many differences throughout the centuries that it’s not a big deal any more. It seems it’s only when religion gets involved in those cultures that people get marginalized.

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