Rolling Down the River

So here’s what I wanted to show.  This was me out today skating along the Harrisburg Greenbelt path once more ’cause it was like 80 F/25 C outside and nice.  So I got my gear, went to the Chestnut Street Bridge, and got it on:


This was me heading north and the encounters I had.


Along the way I decided to make a stop because–well, there was someone I wanted to see:


And this is who I saw: Trish, my teammate who broke her leg at practice six weeks ago and who just received clearance to get up and put weight on her leg.  I figured that since I was in the area I’d see if she was in, and she was, so we went over to the river and spent about 90 minutes sitting and chatting.


Maybe I can convince her to use Patsy as her derby name, because then I can lay a little Kilgrave on her:


I finally skated all the way down to Front and Division and turned back, retracing my path.  And I did the whole thing on video: just a little over fifteen minutes of skating and filming.


So, if you ever wondered what it’s like when I’m out, now you know.

Try it some time: it’s great exercise.  And I may do it again tomorrow.