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Middle of the Road

And in the middle of the road you may find a video!


10 thoughts on “Middle of the Road

    • I can imagine some of the teachers being former students who went to school with Annie and Kerry and they might go the Snape route on those kids. Which could be a mistake if they have their mother’s temper.

      I’m not sure if they’ll give them the red carpet, however. Annie certainly isn’t getting it because of her parents and I’m certain there have been students of other famous parents there before who were treated like everyone else. It’s one more what that they’re not like Hogwarts.

      • If not literally red carpet, then red carpet on their minds. Problem here is, great expectations. I’m sure not all of their kids ( if more than one ??) will have inherited their parents ‘ talents.

        And oh, yeah, Emma’s kid. It would be the greatest irony if Annie and Kerry became Emma;s kid’s in – laws. Bwahahaha !

        • Living up to being as good as your parents would be a hard road to walk and I’m sure Annie and Kerry wouldn’t wish that on their kids. I’m sure they’ll want them to be good, but deep inside they’ll know not to compare their kids to them.

        • “Yes, and your name is… um… so, you’re the daughter of Annie and Kerry Malibey? You ARE? Okay then…” *sigh* “No wonder your file is yellow flagged–”

          Just wait for the moment when Emma could end up teaching at the school and she gets their kids in her class. “Professor Neilson?” “Yes?” “Is it true you snogged my dad after my mom returned home for Yule? And that she was going to kill you over it later?” “Ummm… okay, class, let’s take a twenty minute break.”

          • I’m sure they won’t tell THAT to their kids before they leave for Salem–though once they hit D Levels all bets are off. I’m sure if they have a daughter that’s something Annie and she will discuss over morning tea. 😉

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