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“Beyond the Wave and Foam”, Part 13

Part 13


Over the next two weeks Calista spent more time working underwater with Harmony. Her day would start right after breakfast, with her wiggling into her tail and diving into the lagoon, not to return until it was time for lunch. Izzy once ask what she was doing for lunch and Calista told her she was learning to adapt to the same diet all mermaids followed, which was rich in proteins and fats to maintain their metabolism and have energy to work under the sea.

Though Izzy was happy that her friend’s transition was proceeding smoothly, she couldn’t help feel a twinge of sadness feeling that Calista was moving away from her both in their friendship and their commonality as members of Homo Sapiens.  And it wouldn’t be long before they wouldn’t have that last in common at all…

The day after Calista discovered her underwater communications system she began complaining of soreness upon waking, particularly in her legs. They both knew the reason for this: her legs were turning into her tail and it wouldn’t be long before she’d find walking impossible.  As it was, after a week of waking up with considerable pain in her legs, Calista found it necessary to use a chair lift to move from the loft bedroom to the ground floor, since she found it impossible to climb or descend the stairs.

That moment came quicker than either expected.

Izzy was up first as usual, but when 8:30 rolled around and Calista had yet to waken she grew worried and decided to see what was keeping her friend. She was almost to the stairs when she heard Calista calling for her. “Izzy?”

Something in Calista’s voice caused Izzy to hurry upstairs. “What it is?”

Calista began pulling back her covers as soon as her friend was near.  “I think…” She gulped. “I’m gonna need help getting downstairs from now on.”  She threw the covers off her legs–

Both legs were pressed tightly together, held in place with what looked like a light, translucent webbing.  Calista’s knees appeared to sink into the flesh and felt soft to the touch. The strangest change were to Calista’s feet, which had not only flattered out and appeared to point away from her torso, but the toes had fused into an inseparable mass while developing wispy tendrils of flesh on both sides.

Izzy sighed as Calista forced herself into a seated position in bed. “Looks like your running days are over.”

“As well as my walking ones.”  Calista looked at Izzy with something like a half-grin on her face. “The people in the lab said once this started I’d have a full tail in about a week and a half.”

“I remember.” Izzy looked about the bedroom as if searching for something. “The wheelchair they gave us is downstairs–”

“If you can help me to the chair lift–” Calista nodded towards the stairs. “–I’ll head down while you get the wheelchair.”

“That works for the ground floor, but when you want to get into bed–”

Calista looked a bit sad. “We both know where I’ll be sleeping tonight.”

Izzy found it impossible to argue with her friend’s statement–

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