“Beyond the Wave and Foam”, Part 14

Part 14


“You gonna be okay with this?”

Calista rolled her eyes for a third time tonight. “Izzy, it’s not like I have a choice.”  She moved around anxiously in the wheelchair as she gazed at the night sky over the lagoon. “I wish Harmony would get here.”

“It’s only 21:40.” Izzy looked away from her smart watch. “We normally don’t go to bed until close to midnight.  I’m sure Harmony knows that, too.”

“I know she does.” Many a night over the last couple of weeks Calista had bade Harmony a good night around 22:30 so she could spend time with Izzy and talk about her day before they headed off to sleep. “It’s just–”

Izzy reached out and took Calista’s hand. “Don’t get yourself all worked up over this.  Otherwise you’re not gonna be able to sleep tonight.” She arched an eyebrow as she released her friend’s hand. “Then again, you might have trouble sleeping anyway.”

“That’s possible.” Though Calista had known for a while this part of her training was coming and it would mark the next step in her development, she’d more or less put it out of her mind ever since the run Izzy and she had enjoyed a few days before. And now it looks like we’ll never get a chance at another run

A mermaid jumped high out of the water about twenty meters from the edge of the patio and both women knew it was Harmony, letting the girls know she was on her way.  Twenty seconds later the mermaid boosted herself upon the patio edge and vomited the water from her lungs before twisting around to see the women. “Okay, now.” She waved to Calista. “Why don’t you wheel yourself over here and let me have a look.”

Calista did just that, stopped next to Harmony. Izzy took up position to Calista’s left and Harmony ran a hand over what had become her mentee’s legs. “Yeah, it’s just like the lab told me: they’ve begun binding together.” She looked up at Calista. “It’s actually starting a little earlier than usual.”

“Is that bad?” Suddenly Calista felt something was wrong.

“No, not at all.” Harmony winked. “If anything it means you’re more comparable to the DNA conversion than first thought.

“Oh.” Calista relaxed, breathing out the air she’d been holding. “That not bad.”

“No, it isn’t.” Harmony glanced over to Izzy. “Did you get everything set up?”

Izzy nodded. “I put everything in place as instructed.  Though I’m not sure–”

“Don’t worry, Izzy.”  Harmony flashed a warm smile. “Is the sea door open?”  Izzy nodded. “Okay.  Well, wheel Calista over to the inner pool and I’ll meet you there.”

Izzy did as instructed, not saying a word on the way. Harmony was bobbing in the middle of the pool inside the bungalow as they entered the building. She nodded at Calista. “You planing on keeping that on?”

Calista glanced down at her over-sized Little Mermaid tee shirt. “Yep.”

“Well, then–” Harmony swam over to the side of the inner pool. “Lets get you down here.”

Izzy helped Calista out of the chair and down to the edge of the inner pool, where Harmony helped get the women’s legs into the water.  Calista was naked from waist down, but her huge tee shirt hid just about everything above her thighs. She took a couple of deep breaths as she looked down into the pool.  “I guess there isn’t any point of dragging this out, is there?”

Harmony shrugged. “Not unless you’re not tired.”

“What if she has trouble sleeping?” Izzy was concerned her friend was too keyed up to get to sleep.

“Don’t worry: the lab gave me something that will help her sleep.” Harmony held her arms up and out. “You ready?”

Calista nodded. “Sure.” She slowly pushed off from the edge of the pool and entered the water, helped both by Izzy and Harmony. She turned and looked up at Izzy. “See you in the morning?”

“It’s not like I’m going anywhere, Callie.” She blew her friend a kiss. “Get a good night’s sleep, ‘kay.”

“Will do.” With that Calista went underwater and breathed in water as she sank to four meters to the bottom of the pool.

At the bottom lay the bundle Izzy picked up from the lab earlier in the day and dropped into the water.  It considered of a thick foam pad Calista was to use as a bed, as well as a weighted cover and two thick pillows made out of the same material as the sleep pad. Calista began rolling it out as she spoke to her mentor. “You sleep on something like this?”

“Exactly like this.” She pulled the pad, getting it straightened on the bottom. “Though mine is a bright blue. This sea green is the standard stuff the lab churns out.  You can ask for your own modifications whenever you feel like it.”

Though she didn’t have on her tail, Calista found herself kicking about underwater as she would when wearing her tail. “How long before my feet become functional flukes?”

“In another week you’ll be able to move around without needing a swim fin. Or a fake tail, for that matter.” Harmony hovered over the new bedding. “You wanna try it out?”

Calista nodded and snuggled under the weighted cover, getting comfortable. “This top is bugging me.”

Harmony chuckled. “You know what to do, then, don’t you?”

With a slight grunt Calista whipped off the top and pushed it aside. “That’ll probably float to the top in time.”

“In time.” Harmony removed her top. “I may as well get comfortable, too.  I mean, we’re in for the night, right?”

Right then then meaning behind Harmony’s words hit Calista.  “You’re staying here tonight?”

“I’m going to sleep with you for the first week; it’s standard, just in case.” She moved around, checking out the sea bed. “If you hadn’t noticed, that’s pretty much a queen-sized pad. Also, if you were watching, Izzy closed the sea door: she had instructions.”

“Of course.” Calista turned her head to the right. “That would also explain having two pillows.”

“It would.”

Calista lay back, watching the surface of the water dance. “You think I’m gonna need help sleeping tonight?”

“I don’t think so–” Harmony slipped under the covers next to her mentee and got comfortable. “Most new mers wanna talk a little before going to sleep, but in the end they usually doze off after thirty, forty minutes.” She glanced to her left. “That happened with me; I expect it’ll happen with you.”

Harmony was wrong–

Calista talked for an hour before falling deep asleep.