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“Beyond the Wave and Foam”, Part 16

Part 16


It was just after lunch and Izzy had little to do until dinner. Calista and she had enjoyed a lovely lunch, though it was getting harder to move Callie into the wheelchair these days due to her feet—which weren’t so much like feet now as they were a small tail.

A week after her legs began fusing together and her feet flattening and expanding, Calista was starting to look less like a human and more like the creature she was transitioning into. While there was still a visible demarcation between each leg, it was less prominent and would likely vanish in a few more days. Her toes were no longer discernible and her feet had widened to almost a foot and a half across, with the side filaments now extending a good six inches on each side. As with her legs in a few more days her feet would vanish and her tail would develop in earnest.

Calista was also developing scales. At the moment they were forming around her lower waist and her hips and butt, but in a few more days they would start growing over her developing tail. From the way they looked now Izzy anticipated Calista’s scales would eventually become a brilliant emerald green—

Izzy let out a sigh and flopped down on the sofa. The lab people came for Calista just as they finished eating and were going to perform one of the twice-weekly examinations AFI was giving her not that her transition was proceeding to the next stage. That meant there wasn’t much to do for the next couple of hours besides watch a movie—which she wanted to do tonight with Callie—or take a nap. Izzy figured a nap was her best option.

She’d just lay down when she heard a splash. Those were fairly common these days what with Harmony coming and going morning and night, sleeping over with Calista to make certain she was getting adjusted to living under the waves—


Izzy sat up and saw Harmony sitting on the edge of the inner pool facing her. She flipped her tail out of the water and stretched it out upon the waterproof matting. “Hope I didn’t wake you.”

“No, I’d just laid back.” She got up and walked over to the pool. “I didn’t hear you upchucking water.”

“I did it before I jumped the sea wall. I mean, I can also hold my breath under water—” She glanced back over her shoulder. “And it wasn’t like I had far to swim. Why don’t you pull up a chair?”

Izzy pulled a chair over from the dining table and sat about a meter from the end of Harmony’s tail. “So what’s up? I gather this isn’t a social call.”

“No, it isn’t.” Harmony leaned back on her elbows, her naked breasts slightly drooping to each side of her torso. Since she started sleeping with Calista, Harmony spent almost no time now wearing a top when she was around Izzy. “In about two weeks Calista’s gonna move out of the bungalow and into Down Below Town. I’m already making arrangements for her—”

“—To move in with you?” The right corner of Izzy’s mouth edged upwards into a smirk.

Harmony didn’t seem the least bit fazed by the comment. “As a mater of fact, yes. Since I’m her mentor, it makes sense to teach her all there is to know about merlife by having her live with me and learn through experience.”

Izzy shrugged as she crossed her legs. “So why tell me?”

“Because my relationship with Calista is pissing you off.”

“Really.” Izzy made a face as she pondered the statement. “I’m the one who got Calista the position with Special Assets; I’m the one who pushed my bosses to accept her because it was her dream. I came out her to be with her because I figured it would do her good to have a friend there to hold her hand at times—which I have.” She let out a slow breath. “Why do you think your relationship with her is pissing me off?”

Harmony leaned forward, setting her hands on her tail. “Because you love her.”

Izzy stared back at Harmony, saying nothing for nearly thirty seconds. When she did speak again, it was in a low, soft tone. “How did you know?”

“Mermaids become extremely good at reading body language, particularly with humans, because it allows us to know when they’re having issues underwater.” She spun around, moving her tail away from Izzy as she set her elbows on the ground and propped her head in her hands. “The way you sit next to her, the way you stand next to her, it’s all protective and shows a ton of care. When you speak, I hear compassion in your voice and on your face. Calista doesn’t see it—” Harmony smiled. “Not yet.”

“Because she can’t read body language like you.”

“Correct. It’ll take her a while to get as good as me, but in time—” The mermaid tilted her head a little to the right. “She’ll know.”

Izzy covered her mouth and chin with her hand and looked off to her left, pondering Harmony’s words. “You’re not going to say anything to her, are you?”

“Hell, no.” The mermaid nearly spit out the words. “It’s none of my business how you feel about her and I’m not about to get in the middle of what could become a shit-ton of drama if I did say something. Ergo—” She sat up as she once more spun around, dipping her tail in the water of the inner pool. “I’ll not say a word.”

Izzy looked down as she cleared her throat. “Thank you.”

“I will say, however…” Harmony stared down into the pool as she slowly flipped her tail. “You probably don’t want to stay around until the end of her transition and training. If she doesn’t know how you feel about her now, you don’t want her finding out in another couple of months.”

Izzy gave a slight nod. “How long do I have?”

“About another month. I’ll give you a heads-up about a week before I think she’ll find out. When I do, you’ll want to pack up the bungalow and head home.”

Harmony prepared to slide back into the water. She paused for a moment then glanced up at Izzy. “For what it’s worth, when we’re not working, you’re all she ever talks about.” The mermaid slipped into the pool then leapt over the sea wall a few seconds later.

For about a minute Izzy sat in the chair staring into the pool. She finally stood but didn’t move, her eyes still focused on the water’s surface. She finally sniffed back a tear. “For what it’s worth, she’s all I ever think about.”

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