On the Astral Winds: Easing Between Worlds

Here we are, the day after I reach one million words, and more words are coming.  In fact, I finish this scene today, needing six hundred and sixty-five to make me feel good–though I want to add one more just because.  In looking at the scene stats, this scene ran almost three thousand words, almost three times more than the scene before. Something tells me I may be back to writing now.

Last night was another Recruitment Night and had some enthusiastic women come out to see if they wanted to get involved in this insanity that has become a part of my life.  Most of the group did a wave and in the process I caught a new freshie’s hand right in the face, which is why I’m all blurry.

Such a small price to pay for so much fun.


Now, let’s get into the writing, shall we?

We shall.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017, 2018 by Cassidy Frazee)


There was a thought at the back of Annie’s mind that had her asking another question. “I remember reading that Vivian Lovecraft and Selena Malthus fought a wendigo in Selena’s Meadow.”

The Phoenix turned her way. “That’s true. That happened thirty-eight years before Lovecraft died, seventy-five years before Malthus joined her.”

“Well, if the wendigo is a creature of the Astral Realm—”

“How did it get into the Physical Realm?”



Hummm, seems like Phee is pretty exact on those dates and there’s a reason for that: I have time lines!  You knew that was the answer, admit it.

In fact I’ve had this information in place for some time–like, six years or more–and Aeon Timeline does a great job of allowing me to track it all.  Here’s a screen shot of the over-all history:


And this shows a little detail.  As you can see this happened twice about six weeks apart, and the first time Selena was out by her lonesome and had to battle the creature, which nearly killed her.  As it was, killing the windigo nearly costs both Selena and Vivian their lives, but they managed to end it before it ended them.


And something interesting here: the school was only officially three years old at the time this happened.  Before this happened the Five Founders had sore of an unofficial thing going down, maybe for a year, before they decided to make Salem a thing.  Such are the things you learn.

And speaking of learning, what’s up with stuff walking from one realm to another?  There’s a simple answer:


“The Curtain isn’t uniform. Some parts are thicker, some thinner.” The Phoenix nodded over her right shoulder. “And there are some parts of The Curtain where it’s so thin that under the right conditions, entities that exist in one realm can find their way to another.” She gave Annie a second or two to take in this new information before continuing. “Did you ever wonder why flight training is held in Selena’s Meadow?”

Annie nearly said it was due to it being a large, open space, but she knew this was a trick question. “There’s another reason, I’m certain.”

“You’re correct. The Curtain is extremely thin in the Meadow. This makes crafting exceptionally easy because your life line is not just siphoning off mystical energy from the Astral Realm, it’s literally draining all the energy it can handle. Back when flying a broom meant enchanting a real broom and putting a witch in control, the thinness there made flying a lot easier than anywhere else in the area.” The Phoenix quickly tilted her head to the right and back. “Of course, that also meant that, from time-to-time, things on this side of The Curtain found their way into the Meadow, and that caused some problems now and then.”

“Like having to fight a wendigo.”

“Yep. It also meant that witches could sometimes find a ‘hole’ in The Curtain and accidentally find themselves taking a walk in the Astral Realm.” She saw Annie was about to ask another question and halted her. “If you going to ask if a thin Curtain is responsible for unexplained disappearances around the world, you don’t need to ask. There are places all over the world where The Curtain is thin enough that even Normal have gone through when conditions are perfect.”


Now you know. This is one of the reasons you’ll hear of “Places of Power” where strange things seem to happen.  It’s also why, in my world, witches have an easier time crafting spells in some places over others. The Curtain isn’t the same all over the world and once in a while, it’s thin enough to let things through.  Which brings up another question:


While her question was answered, Annie found it leading to another. “Why doesn’t that still happen in the Meadow today?”

“It’s possible to put up wards that prevent accidental passage; it’s one of the reason students are suddenly flying into the Astral Realm while learning to pilot their brooms. And since the Meadow is now enclosed by the outer walls, that keeps all the larger, more dangerous entities on their side of The Curtain.”

“One last thing: is a thin Curtain the reason ghosts are seen in certain places around the world?”

The Phoenix nodded with pride. “I knew you’d figure it out. Yes, sometimes a person’s essence gets stuck in a certain location and it doesn’t want to leave. It usually happens where there’s a still considerable pull from the Physical Realm, so the essence remains in the area. And when the conditions are right—”

“The essence is seen in the Physical Realm as a ghost.”

“Got it in one.”


Now you have the reason why ghosts are seen in some places.  They are real and they just trip on over to this side from time-to-time and say “Hey” and scare the shit out of Normals.

Annie has learned a lot.  But it comes with a warning:


Annie felt like her head was about to spin from all that she just learned. “It’s so incredible.”

“It is.” The Phoenix’s tone shifted from friendly to serious. “But you need to remember, Annie: there’s things out here that can kill you—and no matter how good you think you are now, you’re not that good. You need to get in a bit more practice in a safe space before you venture out here again.”

Annie nodded. “I know, but—”

The Phoenix shook her head. “That’s it for today. Now—” She raised her left hand. “Drizzle, drazzle, drozzle, drome; time for this one to come home.” She flicked her fingers at Annie—

—And she was flung backwards at high speed, zooming over the school grounds and back into Memory’s End—


That last line from Phee is something Kerry would instantly know, mostly because of its connection to The Matrix. True story, bruh.

There we are.  Annie’s projection in the Astral Realm is likely at an end.  Which means it’s probably time to wrap up–