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In the Morning: At Annie’s Pleasure

Today has been a somewhat busy day.  Why is that? Well, I was out skating before 7 AM.  I was actually in front of my apartment building at 6:35 getting my skates on and by 8 AM I’d skated 4.8 miles/7.7 kilometers, at which point I got back into my street shoes, got coffee, and went home.

Most of the intervening time has dealt with uploading and editing film I took of my skating, which amounted to a lot of me taking my time getting somewhere. Originally I wanted to skate down 2nd Street and I think next week that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Oh, and here’s a picture of me at the north end of my little jaunt:

Have gigantic selfie stick, will travel.


So, now that Kerry’s learned about Victor and his Polar Express and how one gets coffee around the Kirilovi Household, it’s time Pavlina filled him in on how, um, things are handled in the morning…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017, 2018 by Cassidy Frazee)


Pavlina stood by the island for a few moments, silently regarding Kerry. When she finally spoke, her tone seemed almost apologetic. “There’s something you need to know about what Annie does in the morning.”

Kerry finished filling the kettle but didn’t plug it in. “Okay.”

“Every morning Annie and I have tea. I take up some tea and a few snacks and we talk: sometimes for a half hour, sometimes for an hour. She doesn’t like it when someone else goes up first instead of me. In fact, she prefers to send for another visitor after we’re finished.”

Annie had mentioned her morning tea ritual a few times in the past, but hadn’t realized it was this formal. “So what you’re saying is, after you’re finished speaking with her—”

“She’ll likely have me ask you to come up.” She nodded towards the stove. “That’s why I put on a second kettle: so you’d have hot water for tea.”

Pavlina levitated the tray. “I imagined by the time you’ve finished your coffee she’ll want to see you.” She smiled at Kerry before heading up the stairs.


In the Kirilovi Household even Ginger Hair soul mates gotta wait their turn before seeing their Chestnut Girl.  Annie has a routine at home and woe be to the person who breaks that routine.  We saw Papa do it last year and Annie didn’t come off as happy at the time.

So how does Kerry feel about this?


Kerry plugged in the kettle and turned it on before putting the filter in the mouth of the Chemex and filling it with coffee. Though he tried not to act too surprised, he did find it just a little strange that he’d have to wait to see Annie until he was summoned. At the same time, he didn’t want to act like he had the run of the Kirilovi House and do something that would eventually run him afoul of the family, including Annie—

He figured the best thing to do was make his coffee and wait.

A little over thirty minutes later he’d just finished his coffee, had put his mug in the dishwasher, and was hand cleaning the Chemex when Pavlina came down the stairs with the kettle she’d taken up. “She’d like to see you now, Kerry.” She set her kettle on the island. “You don’t need to wear your robe up; we’re rather informal, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

That was all Kerry needed to hear. As soon as he turned the coffee maker upside down, he hurried back to his bedroom to remove his robe, then returned to the kitchen. He glanced at the kettle on the stove. “Just a simple time spell around that, right?”

She nodded. “Yes. You want me to remove the spell?”

“Naw. I got it.” He levitated the kettle and set it just above his upturned hand. “Thank you.” He moved around her and headed up the stairs.

Just as he suspected, Kerry was summoned. Boy, the wife-to-be doesn’t play at this morning tea business: you come up when she wants you and not before.  Doesn’t matter if you’re going to be the father of those little witches she’s carrying: you get to have tea with her when she’s ready and not a moment before then.

And now that Kerry’s going up to the sitting room, we can see how Annie deals with this sort of engagement…

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