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5 thoughts on “Beyond the Comfort

  1. You know your flaws and are determined to correct them. That’s a very good thing. I think the one and only thing that’s preventing you from being a very good player is your age. Are there other players your age, Cassie ? My mom could go on and on 24 hours without even resting , but she says now she can feel her body giving way to total exhaustion. She is 64 yo , I think.

    • There are players in derby who are 60+ and they play in the same division as me. I’ve even heard of a couple of leagues with players over 70. I was at a bout last year where two of their blockers were 56 and 60, so it’s possible. And our head coach Roxie told me last Friday that she knew of a player who was a rookie at 61, so it’s possible for me.

      What counts is that I give it my best. And yes, I will get tired. But that happens to players in their 20s and 30s. I’ll just have to work harder not to get to that point.

  2. I don’t really get the context as an Aussie but I do like seeing you and hearing your voice – makes you more real to me. You have been so kind in reading my blog – thank you!

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