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One thought on “The First of the Last

  1. Guuuuuuurl,

    Sometimes you do gotta force it, even if that dreck ends up in the pile because it really is a muscle that needs exercising. But you know what? However, a break is totally valid and useful. I took a quite extensive break from writing (well, other than my RP stories) and although I don’t know if my writing skills suffered for it, I feel like I have grown as a person and that that affects my work. In a good way. I have to go back to old projects and erase unintentional racism or problematic things, plus update old internalized misogyny and all sorts of shit that looking back – I hate. 🙂

    My Netflix is recommending a lot of international stuff, which I love, but also a *lot* of black/PoC focused films & series because I’ve been delving into a lot of series and such that were just never on my radar before. Branching out, just… trying to live beyond my own lily white suburban upbringing. Haha.

    Bubble-wrap is delightful! But those damn air bags Amazon sends? #HAAAAAAATE them.

    😀 Have a blast at the ball

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