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Bright and Cloudy Aprils

Which means it’s time for a video!

The link for Monsters and Critics. Look for my name to find my articles.

And if you want to see what the Thetan from the episode Architects of Fear looked like, here’s a photo taken of how it looked in the episode:

There’s actually a guy in the body walking on stilts, which are the legs.

And how it would look as a model:

11 thoughts on “Bright and Cloudy Aprils

  1. Hey, Cassie, do you do zombies ? I just binge-watched Z Nation. I enjoyed the series. It’s somewhat a parody of all zombie movies , it was fun to watch, and awesomely ridiculous and silly.

      • 5 seasons.. ending was 3 months ago. There’s another one, Black Summer, by the same company that made Z Nation, and events are in the same universe as ZNation’s. Just 5 episodes in on Netflix. Also, check Mirage on Netflix.

        • Rachel, my partner on The Snarking Dead, watched “Black Summer” and hated it. And she’s pretty knowledgeable when it comes to zombie stuff. Mirage I’ll have to watch. Of late I haven’t seen much on Netflix that interests me.

          • Yeah, I know. So many stuff in Black Summer don’t make sense and remain unanswered up to the end. And the ending of Season 1 is ugh . You’re tight. There’s nothing much to see on Netflix. Not only that, I’m being bombarded with Bollywood. Recently added movies are like 80% Indian and 10 % Korean. Yegads ! Do they pay extra to Netflix so that only their movies are shown, or for Netlix to shove their movies down our throats ?

          • I get the same thing. I get a lot of Indian and Korean movies for some reason. From what I understand, it’s bleedover from Netflix India and Korea and if you watch ANY foreign stuff, you start getting targeted.

            I’m really thinking about going to Hulu soon. It depends.

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