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6 thoughts on “Writing and Wheels

  1. I told you last time I didn’t know about Black Spot…. Oh, goodness, I’d binge watched when it first came out on Netflix…. but the title is Zona Blanche ???

    Yeah, it’s kind of creepy. So much crime and weird happenings in such a small ,French town… and seriously, I don’t find any of the characters, including the oily -haired main female character , likeable, especially her daughter. I’m currently watching the second season.

    • Yes, people have admitted that the translation should be “White Spot” but they won’t change it now. 🙂

      I loved Laurane. I just do. I don’t know why, but she speaks to me. Maybe because I once wrote a character that lost the same set of fingers.

      • Zona Blanca in Spanish… Yep, should have been White Spot. I don’t know, but she looks unwashed 24/7, and I find her an eyesore looking like that 24/7…. the only one that I’m fine with is the the guy detective with beard… he’s gay, right ? For some reason, Laurane reminds me of Rick’s wife ( Walking Dead ) , with that long , oily hair.. Pardon me, it always disturbs me to see that kind of hair.. unless it’s an apolcalypse of some sort where bathing is not an option. Okay, slap me. LOL

      • I guess I’m too shallow. He he

        Anyway, in Walking Dead , it really disturbed me to watch the father and son holed up in their house, then they covered their windows with black cloth, but at the same time, they lit up their house with one million candles, and a very bright kerosene lamp. ( First season} I couldn’t get over that…

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