The Wilderness Life

What am I up to today? Well, being hungry for once. Yes, I truly am a hungry artist as I’m -$38 on my bank account and I’ve used up $5 of the $13 on my remaining credit card. If you got something you can pass me through Kofi, I’ll love you for it.

I’m also doing a lot of writing. As of right now I’ve passed 38,000 words for Nano and I should bust 40k tomorrow. Since that will be 21 straight days of writing, I’ll get two badges tomorrow. Only one remains after that and we know what it is.

I finished Annie’s trek with all the Guardian Girls–that makes a good name for a girl gang–and now I’m about half-way through the Polar Express. As you can see, it’s coming right along:

How are things going? Well…

Emma did that thing everyone expected her to do. And it blew up in her face, leaving her butthurt.

However… she’s apologized after learning all the truth about Annie and Kerry and even admitted she was trying to force Kerry into something he didn’t want to do, which is known as “Non-consensual actions” by a lot of people. So things are good today.

Let me tell ya, writing about Emma wanting to jump Kerry was hard, because I really had to imagine her being total desperate. Which she was. And it hurt to write it. But that’s some of the shit we writers put ourselves through: it’s all about beating ourselves up so we can get our souls down on paper.

I’ve also been playing with ebook formatting and I’ve done a couple. I’m actually going to release a novel next month, but it’s not what you think.

I’ll talk about that later.