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How About Something New?

So what’s been happening of late? Well, the book is out and it’s also in paperback now. You can find it here, so if you want to start in on Annie’s and Kerry’s story, here’s your chance.

One thing I should point out: this said Book One, which is not the same as A For Aware, B For Bewitching, and so on. One of the things I did was break A For Aware into SIX different volumes, because releasing a 435,000 novel was out of the question. One of the things I’ll do later is release all six books together in a box set for people who want it all at one time. That’ll probably be in paperback and probably run close to $65. You heard it here, first.

The other good news is that I have Books Two and Three ready to go. Book Two isn’t being released until April, with Book Three being released in June. By that time I should have the remaining three books edited, so releasing in August, October, and December won’t be a problem. And it’ll probably give me a chance to get the B Novel edited.

But what about the C Novel? Where am I on that?

I’m 325,000 words into it and looking to probably add another 125,000 words at least. It may even go a half a million words before I’m done. That could mean at least six novels there as well, or even seven. I have to wait until it’s done to figure it all out.

What else do I have? Well… I have an excerpt.

Yes, here’s a part of the C novel where Emma and Kerry start out on the Polar Express. Not much happens, but you get a good idea of what’s ahead of them.

So enjoy.

The Foundation Chronicles, C For Continuing. Copyright 2020 Cassidy Frazee. All Rights Reserved.

Emma and Kerry popped into existence in the middle of nowhere. It was dark but not completely: there was a near-full moon low on the southern horizon bathing the land in stark, white light.

After they sank a few centimeters into the hard-packed snow they stashed their brooms in Hammerspace and went to work. After they removed each other’s backpacks Kerry started a fire and Emma began setting up lights around the site. Kerry threw a red light screen over the fire to protect their night vision, while Emma kept the illumination points a deep red for the same reason.

Both started digging into their pack for the parts needed to put up the tent. It was all compressed, so it was a matter of pulling out what was needed and undoing the Compression spell. Emma carried the actual tent and covered entryway; Kerry had the poles, stakes, and tools. Together they began assembling their shelter, putting together poles and running them though the tent. During their trial run the weekend before they’d put up the tent in thirty-four minutes: this time they had the main section up in twenty-eight.

While Kerry hammered the last of the stakes into the ground, Emma put up the cover for the entrance, which would allow them to store goods and equipment, and allow them access to the tent, all out of direct contact with the arctic elements. Within fifteen minutes both were finished with their respective jobs on the outside: now it was necessary to move to the inside.

With Kerry inside the tent, he assembled the low hammock frames for their sleeping bags that would keep them from making contact with the ground, but allow them the ability to move around without a great deal of difficulty. Kerry did the assembly as he was the shortest of the pair and it was felt by both Emma and he that he’d have the least difficult time moving around the interior.

As they’d done during their dress run the weekend before, Kerry had both frames together in less than twenty minutes and the sleeping bags in place in five minutes later. With the time approaching 01:00, they were ready to bed down for the night.

Except there was one thing Kerry needed to do before going to sleep.

Emma stood near the dying fire. “You sure you still want to do this?”

He nodded. “Of course. We decided upon it a while ago.”

It was her turn to nod. “How high you going?”

“About half a klick.” He pulled out his broom and mounted the seat. “You can pull the filter off the fire: that way I can key on it and I won’t drift.”

Emma waved her hand and the red filter vanished. “I’ll be right here in case you get in trouble.”

“No problem.” Kerry pulled slightly upward on the control column and ascended into the sky.

Once he was at five hundred meters Kerry secured his compass to the control column and aligned his broom with magnetic north. He wanted to get a feel for what was around him, but from this altitude there was little to see—

Except for the sky.

With no light pollution the sky here was as brilliant as see from Salem. The Milky Way stretched from one horizon to another, arching directly overhead as it ran from north to south. The moon made seeing stars in the south a little difficult, but in the north Orion and Taurus were hugging the horizon, with the Pleiades a bit higher, acting as the major standout of the sky.

To the north and west the land stretched off into the distance. There seemed to be a strobing light of some kind at Kerry’s eleven o’clock position, but the only thing he could imagining it being was a light at an airport. There are airports up here? I’ll have to check the maps in the morning.

It was the land to the east that made Kerry curious. It was flat and featureless, but in the moonlight it appeared to be a different composition than the land below—

That’s when it hit Kerry. That’s not land. That’s water. We’re near either a huge lake or the ocean. Again, he’d check the maps in the morning, as it was necessary for him to lock down their starting position before their departure home.

Satisfied he’d seen enough, she dropped down out of the sky and landed only about a meter away from where he’d lifted off. Emma was alongside in a second. “Everything okay?”

“It’s good enough for now.” He hopped off his broom. “Tomorrow’s already here: the water bottles ready?”

“I’ve got them set up inside.” She motioned toward the tent. “Let’s get to bed.”

After they both hung up their brooms in the covered entryway, they moved into the tent, Emma taking her sleeping back on the left and Kerry his on the right. They began stripping off their outer layers of clothing quickly, laying their heavy parkas over their sleeping bags and their boots at the end of their low hammocks and stuffing their sweaters and pants inside. It was only once they were down to their socks and full-body undergarments that they crawled in and zipped up the sleeping bags. Inside hot water bottles prepared before leaving Salem, combined with their clothing, kept both kids warm against the fridge arctic night.

Kerry made sure his wool hat was secure on his head before double checking his watch. “See you in the morning, Emma.”

She did the same, smiling back. “’Night, Kerry.”

He settled in, pulling the bag’s opening close to his face.

Kerry was asleep in seconds.

And there you go. Hope you enjoyed that.

6 thoughts on “How About Something New?

  1. Hooray! Breaking the novel up into smaller pieces makes a lot of sense to me. Novella length fiction is supposedly doing well right now. At least that’s what people tell me.

  2. Greetings, Cassie !

    What do you suggest I buy ? I prefer hardbound copies, and want to buy chronologically ,from the very beginning to the end,if available. Please give me a link where I can buy the books. I miss Annie and Kerry .

    Anyway, how’s life getting along? I hope you’re A-Okay.

    Take care, stay healthy, take extra precautions.

    • I don’t get your response on my email or notifications, and you’re not appearing on my ” Reader ” .

      Anyway, I’ll check out the link later.

      Take care, Cassie !

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