All the News That is Good

I’m sure there’s a fair number of you who’ve read my few posts over the last year and have seen my struggle. I’ve been homeless since September of 2019; I’ve been in and out of mental health programs–including in-patient treatment–since October of 2019. It’s been a trying time and there were a number of times when I didn’t think I was going to make it through these times.

But if you’ve worried about my current state of habitation, you have no need to worry any more:

I’ve got an apartment.

Yesterday I confirmed that an apartment I’ve viewed in Columbia, PA, would be mine and now it is. I move in next Wednesday. I don’t have a lot to move–in fact, I have so much to buy it’s not funny. But even if I have no furniture and I have to sleep on the floor and I won’t have internet for a few weeks, I’m off the streets. I’m no longer burning through my cash staying in either a Holiday Inn or an Airbnb: I have a rent payment that’s far lower than all the places I’ve been.

I’m no longer homeless.

I still need a pot and a pan and garbage pails and toilet paper and stuff like that, so if you could help out with a few bucks, please click on the Kofi link and make my day. I really do appreciate the help that comes my way and while I can’t thank you all personally, know you’re in my thoughts.


So what am I up to these days?

Well, most importantly, I’m still homeless. I’m spending my time going from Holiday Inn to Airbnb to stay off the street and, let me tell you, it’s stressful. One of the people helping me said I’m something of a wandering nomad and that’s true. Everything I carry is with me and when I’m out on the street I probably do look like a homeless person, only a bit cleaner because I can get a shower now and then.

Right now I’m staying in a Holiday Inn and I expect to be here until Sunday. One of my friend could help me into an Airbnb until after I get my Social Security, so there’s that. And I’m working to get my eviction off my record because, as I was told, no one will rent to me since I have one. It’s not a fun way to live.

On the writing side, the second book of A For Aware is out. Yeah, I published it over the weekend as both an ebook and a print-on-demand. It details the first full week of school, which was a crazy week for the kids. You’ll find it on Amazon by following this link.

And speaking of writing… I wrote a play. Yes, I did this over a three day period starting this last Saturday night. 13,800 total were written, with me doing just over 5,000 words on Monday night. It was like the old me back in my first NaNo grinding out the wordage and getting so much done. I handed the finished script to some theater people I know—and thank you, Scrivener, for having a screenplay template that is just wonderful—and they’ll give it a read. I’m supposed to hang with them tonight for a Hamilton watch party, so maybe I’ll get a little feedback tonight.

That’s about it for now. Hope to have more good news for you soon.

I know I could use it.