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All the News That is Good

I’m sure there’s a fair number of you who’ve read my few posts over the last year and have seen my struggle. I’ve been homeless since September of 2019; I’ve been in and out of mental health programs–including in-patient treatment–since October of 2019. It’s been a trying time and there were a number of times when I didn’t think I was going to make it through these times.

But if you’ve worried about my current state of habitation, you have no need to worry any more:

I’ve got an apartment.

Yesterday I confirmed that an apartment I’ve viewed in Columbia, PA, would be mine and now it is. I move in next Wednesday. I don’t have a lot to move–in fact, I have so much to buy it’s not funny. But even if I have no furniture and I have to sleep on the floor and I won’t have internet for a few weeks, I’m off the streets. I’m no longer burning through my cash staying in either a Holiday Inn or an Airbnb: I have a rent payment that’s far lower than all the places I’ve been.

I’m no longer homeless.

I still need a pot and a pan and garbage pails and toilet paper and stuff like that, so if you could help out with a few bucks, please click on the Kofi link and make my day. I really do appreciate the help that comes my way and while I can’t thank you all personally, know you’re in my thoughts.

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