The Skies of November

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Some Post-Election Thoughts

Mike the Mad Biologist

Bit of a late night, and since the professional pundits are all geared up for instant analysis, here are some thoughts about tonight’s election:

  1. Democrats did better in the House than I thought, and were (possibly) true to form in the Senate.
  2. While Republicans are going to spin this, this was a repudiation–12 million more Senate votes for Democrats and they lost the House in an economy that isn’t much different from 2016. WOMP WOMP.
  3. The popular vote margin for Democrats was incredibly bigly. Gerrymandering is the only reason Republicans stood a chance in the House. The good news is that, last night, Florida voted to reenfranchise convicted felons. That means there will be an additional 1.4 million potential voters in Florida, and thanks to the inequities of our judicial system, they will be likely Democrats. This is good, and groundshaking, news for 2020.
  4. The Republicans were unable to…

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How About Some Coffee?

Well, I finally took one step that I’ve been deciding on for a while.  I set up a Ko-Fi account with the hope of generating a bit of income.  Probably not a lot, but I’m going to try my posts to it so people can get blogging and video and whatever else I do through there.

So if you want to buy me a cup of coffee, you’ll find me here.

Let’s see if I’m worth the beans.  🙂