Change Has Come: Wake-up Call

The statement was made early on:  Kerry needs to let Annie know what’s going on.  So, in the last part, we saw Kerry leave the bathroom and head for Annie’s room.    Not only did she go there, but she went inside.

Therefore, for the first time, Kerry and you get to see Annie’s home away from home:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry allowed her eyes to adjust and even used a bit a magic to help her see in the dark so she could find her way around Annie’s room better. Just as with her room, Annie’s study and computer desk was immediately to the right of the door and her bed was a couple of meters beyond that. The first painting Annie made for Ostara, The Baby Snakes, hung over the bed’s headboard while the two she painted last year, Na Povŭrkhnostta v Tsarstvoto na Sŭnishtata and Night Flight to Fenway, were located in an open area beyond Annie’s bed where a reading chair and table sat upon a large circular rug.

Almost across from her reading area was Annie’s wardrobe, set upon the left-hand wall as it was in Kerry’s room, but to its left was something Kerry didn’t have; a dressing table complete with mirror. Kerry didn’t find this at all out of place: in fact, knowing Annie it made complete sense. There was as moment, however, when Kerry wondered if Annie was going to try and teach her about makeup and she pushed it aside almost immediately…

Annie was under her comforter and laying on her right side, her mouth slightly open in her sleep. Kerry hated to wake her up, but she had told her to do so should she find herself transitioned before Coraline arrived. Kerry stood over Annie and gave her shoulder a slight shake as she whispered her name. “Annie, wake up.” Annie groaned once but didn’t awake. Kerry gave her another shake, but instead of waking up she mumbled in her sleep. “Ne e vreme da stavame, Mama. Ostavi me da spya.” (It’s not time to get up, Mama. Let me sleep.)  She adjusted her body and remained out.


Since Annie rooms by herself, she has a lot of room that would normally be used up by maybe two other beds and wardrobes.  And just like with her bedroom back in Pamporovo, she has a sitting area where she can relax and even study.  And she indicated in the other books, she has her paintings around the room, all except the large sketching she did which was given to Kerry and hangs over her bed.

Oh, and also like back in Pamporovo, Annie has a dressing table where she can get herself ready.  As in putting on makeup and fixing her hair ready.  Like it or not, she’s still our little Bulgarian princess.

She’s also harder than hell to wake up:


Kerry sighed and gave her a little harder shake. “Annie, wake up.”

Annie frowned in her sleep. “Um, makhaĭ se. Tova e spokoĭno.” (Um, go away. It’s peaceful.)  She grunted once and seemed to pull the comforter closer to her face.

This time Kerry rolled her eyes. “I have the hardest girlfriend in the world to wake up.” This time she shook Annie as hard as she could without rattling her. “Come on, Annie: wake up.”

Annie came awake almost immediately. She blinked a couple of times, then bolted upright in bed when she realized she wasn’t alone. As her right hand came out from under the covers a small glowing blue ball quickly grew—

No, Annie.” Kerry placed a small light point a half a meter over her head. “It’s me; it’s me. It’s Kerry.”

Annie squinted into the darkness before killing the energy ball in her right hand. “Lights low.”

The room’s lights came on so there was just enough light to see rather clearly. Kerry squinted as she killed the light source above her head. She stared at Annie rather sheepishly for a few seconds before attempting a weak smile. “Hi.”


Kerry finally gets Annie to wake up, but you have to love that Annie’s go-to move when she finds someone in her room is to get ready to blast them with an electrical attack.  Since she’d not done that in the hospital, you have to assume she’s protecting herself in her room.  And she’s pretty fast with that magic, too.

Now that Kerry has her attention…

Change Has Come: First Impressions

It may be Tuesday to you, but it’s Soreday for me.  As in I’m sore from last night.  And guess what?  I go back for more tonight!  However, I may just finished this scene before leaving for practice, because I manged over six hundred words yesterday before going and I should be able to do the same tonight.

The beginning of this excerpt should be familiar because some, or most, of you have seen it already.  This is Kerry’s first encounter with herself, where she exits the toilet and sees herself in the flesh for the first time.  Naturally I go beyond the end of that trailer–well beyond that point…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Her eyes focused on the mirrors across from the toilets as she watched herself exit the stall and walk slowly towards the sinks. She took it all in: the alabaster skin which seemed even whiter than her boy skin; the numerous freckles; the long, curly ginger hair that stopped maybe a couple of hand-width below her shoulders; and her striking green eyes appearing like jade markers on a snowy field.

Kerry stopped about a meter from the sinks and leaned just a bit forward, taking in her image in the mirrors. A smile formed upon her face as she could only think of one thing to say. “Wow.” She exhaled and tossed her head. “I mean, I look just like her.” She brushed hair away from her face, an action she thought was going to become a habit rather quickly. “Of course I look like her because I am her. I always was. Humph.” She took a step closer to the mirror. “I am she and she is me, coo coo kachoo.” Her smiled died a little as she looked off to the side. “My voice sounds so strange now. That’s gonna take some getting used to hearing.”

There was one part of the new her that kept drawing Kerry’s attention away from her appearance. Even though after wiping herself she was fully cognizant that she was indeed had the physical characteristics of a girl, she found the fact that she now had breasts somewhat astonishing. As if to prove they did exist, Kerry placed a hand under each and gave both a slight lift. She sighed as she dropped her hands. “Oh, yeah: they’re real.” She gazed down as she shook her head. “It’s all real.”


One might think Kerry feeling her breasts to confirm it’s all “real” is a little strange, but I know from personal experience that if you’ve never had breasts and, boom, there they are, one is tempted to, um, self-examine from time to time.

I was like that when I first started developing.  About three weeks after I started hormone treatment I was feeling my chest and felt something strange behind my nipples.  Turned out to be the first breast buds growing, and it wasn’t long after that I actually had the real deals.

These days I self examine because while I’m not at risk for breast cancer it’s still a possibility, so it’s best to make sure that doesn’t happen.  But in the beginning I was fascinated by the changes in my body, which means I’m certain Kerry would be the same way.

Now that she’s got a handle on her appearance, it’s time to share it with someone else–


She looked around the empty bathroom, listening. She didn’t expect to hear anything outside the space—like all the rooms at school they were enchanted to keep out outside sounds—but she wondered if the door was going to open followed by Coraline coming for her. That was quickly replaced by the image of on of the B Levels coming into the bathroom and discovering her—followed by a possible freak out when they realize they’ve never seen this particular ginger girl at the school, let alone inside the coven.

Though there was a danger of being discovered outside the bathroom, Kerry knew if her transition had occurred some time ago Coraline was gonna show up on their floor looking for her. And if had occurred only moments before she awoke to use the bathroom, it was likely another fifteen or twenty minutes were going to pass before the alarms went off.

Kerry knew she couldn’t get back into her room; being locked out of the boy’s bathroom meant she couldn’t go anywhere girls weren’t allowed. There was one place she could go, however…

She exited the bathroom and headed for Annie’s room.

Since returning to school Annie made a point of leaving her door unlocked at night. Some students locked their doors at night only out of habit, but given the fact that if anyone entered a room they weren’t supposed to be in it was an easy matter to find out the identity of that person, keeping rooms locked at Salem only happened if the room in question was considered a secured location.

Annie rarely locked her door at night and let Kerry know from the start of their C Levels that if she transitioned it was okay to come in and wake her if there was time. As the second floor of Cernunnos Tower remained silent, Kerry figured she had plenty of time.

She turned turned the knob and gently opened the door. For the first time in her life she was able to see into Annie’s room, another validation that she was now as much a girl as her soul mate. She slipped into the darkness inside and quietly closed the door behind her.


One of the comments I had was “Go Tell Annie!”  Did you think Kerry was going on this trip without her?  Well, that’s happening right now–

Or, really, tomorrow.


Change Has Come: Bathroom Break

Yesterday was a long day, one that didn’t end until about nine-thirty last night.  But I did have a great time heading down to York, PA, to watch our sister team, the York City Derby Dames, have at it.  After that we headed off to the after party and had a bit to eat and drink, and all was good for the ride home.

Also yesterday, Kerry’s other half finally popped up after more than a year and a half of teasing about it.  Poor boy has to go to the bathroom and there’s only one that can be used–and it’s at this point you’ll notice a shift in the gendered pronouns.  Yesterday, with Kerry standing outside the girl’s bathroom, was the last “he” that’s gonna be written for a while.  With Kerry in the facility protected by an enchantment that only allows csi and trans girls inside, it’s all “she” and “her” from this point, because of course she is.

And she still has to relieve herself–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


The girl’s bathroom was a mirror image of the boys, with the sinks on the right side of the room and the toilet stalls on the left. Kerry passed the first two because they had closed doors and stopped before the third, which was open and showed there was no possibility of anyone inside. Taking another deep breath, she entered the stall and closed the door.

Though she’d never been inside a girl’s toilet before, Kerry had received instructions from Annie on what to do once inside: Stand in front of the toilet and face the door. Pull down you panties and/or pants and sit. She did exactly as Annie instructed and sat the moment she had her pajama bottoms and underwear around her knees. She wasn’t down for more than a few seconds before a loud squeal of urine hitting water seemed to echo throughout the bathroom. Kerry held her knees together, slightly mortified at the noise she was making and hoping no one walked in on her.

The spray cut off without much warning and Kerry found it unusual that she didn’t need to force out the last few ounces of fluids. She was about to get up when she remembered another reminder from Annie: Don’t forget to clean yourself after. Kerry pulled off a short length of toilet paper and wadded it up before preparing to reach between her legs and clean herself. Her hand didn’t move for a few seconds before she forced herself to reach down to her groin—

She looked up and swallowed as she dabbed away the last remains of urine from genitals with which she didn’t have a few hours earlier.

Kerry dropped the toilet paper into the bowl, remembering not to put it in the small metal box to her left. The toilet flushed as she stood and pulled her underwear and pajamas up and got everything secured. For a moment she stood before the door feeling as if she was unsure if she should venture out into a semi-public space, then threw it open and walked barefoot into the main bathroom space.

Her eyes focused on the mirrors across from the toilets as she watched herself exit the stall and walk slowly towards the sinks. She took it all in: the alabaster skin which seemed even whiter than her boy skin; the numerous freckles; the long, curly ginger hair that stopped maybe a couple of hand-width below her shoulders; and her striking green eyes appearing like jade markers on a snowy field.


Just an interesting point of fact here:  when I started using the women’s facilities in public, several trans women suggested we newbies learn about “bathroom etiquette” so when we went in we could “blend in” easier.  As it was explained while guys going to the bathroom could be something akin to roaming the wild west, we were told there were things a woman did when she went to the bathroom, and Annie has passed along some of those things.  And Annie–yes, she’s going to show up in this scene because why wouldn’t she?–will check to make sure Kerry did all those things.

The only thing I do different than Kerry when it comes to using the bathroom is that I, um, have to, um, “direct” my original plumbing downward so that I make a sound as I urinate.  And after a few years that’s become something of a habit.

Now, tomorrow…  remember that last teaser scene in the C Level trailer?

Both you and Kerry get to see the new her…

Change Has Come: A Rude Awakening

Where are we today?  Oh yeah:  new chapters.

Now, first off, I had a busy day washing cars and watched Mr. Robot, which I suggest people catch if you get the chance because it’s great.  I also managed some writing last night and this morning, and I’m getting this out now because after 11:30 my day is pretty much gonna be taken up with derby stuff.

So, one act ends and another begins.  We’ve gotten through Season of Change okay–and what’s up next?

Okay, so it’s a bit ominous…


Yeah, the next couple of hundred thousand words is gonna be a trip straight down the road into Hell more or less.  I will say it won’t be all bad–after all, we’ll see Annie’s and Kerry’s Yule Holiday in this act–but the rest of it’s gonna be a bit nasty. I mean, life can’t always be nice, right? That means it’s gonna get rather unnice for the kids for a while.

And what’s the first part of this new chapter?

Oh, is there a new student?


Yeah, we know all about that new student. Though we’ve actually met her before this moment, as far as the rest of the school is concerned, she’s a brand new witch.

Let’s get introduced:



(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry woke both feeling out of it and having an incredible need to go to the bathroom.

Doing everything by rote he threw back his covers, swung his legs off the bed, and popped up on to his feet. The moment he was certain he wasn’t about to fall he headed for the door and proceeded out into the dimly lit common area between the bathroom entrances and the spiral staircase. Normally he came right awake almost as soon as he opened his eyes, but this time he felt as if he was sleepwalking his way to the bathroom. He figured it had something to do with how tired he was before going to bed—

He stepped on the hem of the right leg of his sleep pants and nearly tripped. He wrapped his fingers around the waist band and felt how loose the felt around him. Kerry didn’t understand this as he was good about fastening the drawstring and making sure it was secure. He hitched up his pants and began fiddling with the drawstring as he continued towards the boy’s bathroom. Without looking up he raised his right hand to push the door open and walk inside.

Kerry crashed into the unmoving door and was instantly awake.

What the hell? He took three steps back and affixed an unbelieving stare upon the door. At no time in the little over two years of time at Salem had he seen any of the boy’s bathrooms locked, nor were any of the coven bathrooms, even late at night. He continued staring for several seconds, regarding what happened as a possible fluke.

He walked up to the door, placed his right hand upon it, and gave it a push.

The door didn’t budge.

It wasn’t just locked: it didn’t move at all. To Kerry it felt almost as if he were pushing against the wall. He gave the door another shove with his right hand and when that did nothing, he put both hands against the door and pushed as hard as he could.

Nothing happened: the door remained close.

Kerry leaned in and rested his forehead against his fingers and he wondered what to do next. Given that he needed to pee, and soon, he considered heading down to the first floor and using the A Level bathroom. He wouldn’t expect that one to be closed—but then, he never expected this bathroom to be closed, either. It didn’t matter: he had to go, and a bathroom was a bathroom.

He pushed himself back and was about to give the door one last shove—

His hands were directly in front of his eyes.

There was something different about them.

Kerry started at them for several seconds trying to figure out what was different. They were his, yet there was something…

Slimmer. The fingers were slimmer. And shorter.

He held his hands before his face, continuing to stare for a few moments more before Annie’s voice spoke in his head: Check your hands; check your hair.

The realization began dawning slowly as he lowered his hands to his waist. He took a couple of deep breaths before reaching up to the side of his head—

Instead of touching his cheek he felt long strands hair against his face.

Oh, shit. Kerry whipped his head around and instantly found his vision obscured by a mane of curly ginger hair. Brushing it out of his face he looked about to see if anyone had entered the common area while trying to get into the bathroom: the space was empty and quiet. He closed his eyes and calmed his breathing. It’s happened, it’s here. What should I do next? Wait for someone to come and get me?

The pressure in his bladder was a reminder that he had unfinished business. However, since he wasn’t getting into the boy’s bathroom, that left the only alternative…

Kerry stepped to the right and stood in front of the entrance to the girl’s bathroom. Knowing he had no other option, he placed his hand upon the door and applied a little pressure. With only normal resistance the door cracked open.

Kerry pushed it open the rest of the way and hurried inside.


Yeah, this is it: Kerry’s other half has finally made her appearance, and damn it all, the first thing that happens is she gets locked out of the boy’s bathroom because, well, she ain’t a boy.  However, you’ll notice I keep the male pronouns in place during this excerpt:  I did that I would imagine that if Kerry had some kind of ongoing narration going on in his head he’d likely still be thinking “boy” at this point.  Once the action moves to the inside of the bathroom that’ll change:  you’ll see.

For now, however, we’re at the start of his voyage of discovery–

Which looks as if it’s gonna take most of the morning.


We’ll continue with all that tomorrow…

Mid-Level Samhain: The Walk Between the Bonfires

A lot has happened in the last day, most of it not involving me knocking someone off their skates and/or me falling down.  As I told renxkyoko yesterday, I was going to finish the last scene of Chapter Sixteen and finish Act One as well.  And guess what?

I did!

It took a little over seven hundred words to get there, but it was gotten.  I was actually up at 5:30 this morning putting a bit of polish on the scene, but for all intents I put it in the novel bank last night.  And since I’m in a good mood and don’t feel like stretching this out, here’s the last scene of Act One.



(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


After spending most of the evening dancing and speaking with friends, it was near twenty-three forty-five before Annie and Kerry were able to leave the Samhain dance and head to Selena’s Meadow to participate in the last event of the evening. Rather than walk there, they returned to the coven tower so Kerry could retrieve his broom and flew to a landing area just east of the Flight School hangar entrance.

The Samhain Bonfires were located in the southern section of Selena’s Meadow, about one hundred and fifty meters from where Annie and Kerry touched down. The bonfires were much like the ones lit at Beltaine: about ten meters high and fifteen across, situated with a twenty meters gap between them. The bonfires represented the ability to destroy the collected waste of the prior years by burning it to cleanse it from one’s life. Students spent the morning cleaning up around their towers so that the refuge could be burnt once the fires were ignited, but there was another reason for their existence…

Annie and Kerry approached the fires together, hand-in-hand, as they had the last two times they’d performed this ceremony. There were only five students already at the fires, but by the time they arrived they’d completed their actives and were on their way back to The Pentagram.

The Guardians of the Flame this year were Professor Semplen—who had come to the dance as Nikola Tesla—and Professor Palmescoff, who was dressed in the traveling outfit worn by Nellie Bly when she journeyed around the world. Once they were closer Kerry greeted them. “Good evening, Professor Palmescoff, Professor Semplen.”

“Good evening, children.” Professor Semplen adjusted his glasses. “Are you enjoying the evening?”

Kerry nodded. “Quite. It’s been excellent so far.”

Professor Palmescoff smiled at both students. “And why are you here now?”

Annie lowered her head as she intoned in a serious voice. “We are here to allow the flames to wash over us so we may be rid of the negativity that we’ve collected during the previous year.”

Maddie nodded and motioned towards the bonfires. “Continue onward. And may you find yourself cleansed.”

“Thank you.” Annie bowed, took Kerry’s hand, and walked forward towards the bonfires.

A path was marked out so that students wouldn’t wander too close to either bonfire, but Annie found it difficult to believe that anyone would make the mistake of not traveling down the middle. The heat here was intense but bearable and even at a normal walking pace they’d finish their passage in under thirty seconds.

Annie glanced at Kerry’s face as they neared the mid-way point. While his head was up his eyes were closed and he appeared to breath slowly, as if he were absorbing the heat of the fires into his very being. It was his face that Annie focused on the most, however: he looked completely at ease for the first time today, as if he’d reached an epiphany concerning the day’s events and finally put them behind him.

She waited until they finished their passage and were about thirty meters from the fires on their way into the meadow before she spoke. “You looked calm.”

He raised his left eyebrow. “You mean when we were back between the fires?”


“I was.” Kerry looked back over his left shoulder. “I always love walking through there. It’s kinda of comforting.”

Annie was aware that since their first time through Kerry always looked forward to their walk between the bonfires. “That is quite true, my love. Did you cleanse yourself of all that happened today?”

Kerry pulled out his broom. “Let’s get back to the garden and I’ll tell you there.”

Annie went into a hover about a meter off the ground. “Excellent idea.” The moment Kerry had his broom out he jumped on and quickly rose from the meadow with Annie beside him, holding her top hat in place as she flew. A minute later they were touching down on walkway about half pay between Founder’s Gate and the Great Hall’s main entrance.

Annie adjusted her hat as she touched down. “And once more we end a Samhain celebration in the Pentagram Gardens.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Kerry slipped his broom back into Hammerspace before covering his mouth with the back of his hand as he yawned. “Umm, sorry.”
Annie giggled at the impromptu yawn. “It’s quite all right. I think you’re earned the right to be a little tired right now given your day.”

“Speaking of which—” He took her hand and led her along the path into the darkened garden. “Yes, I did feel as if I was being cleansed of all the BS I’ve dealt with today. Walking between those fires with you felt—” He drew in a long breath and released it slowly. “Invigorating.”

“I’m glad.” She kissed his lips for a long time, holding his face between her hands the entire time. “Given all that happened to you today, you deserve a bit of peace.”

“Well, it wasn’t just crap I had thrown at me today: I had a bit of happiness as well.” He pulled her close and gave her a tight hug. “We’re gonna spend Yule together.”

She rested her head against him. “I’m so glad that’s happening as well.” Annie looked up. “I can’t predict what’s going to happen—”

“Doesn’t matter.” Kerry shook his head. “We’ll be together the entire school year for the first time. That’s all that matters.” He started to lean in to give her another kiss when he yawned again. “Whoa. I didn’t expect that.”

“Oh, no need to apologize.” Annie hugged Kerry’s arm, feeling content as they strolled through the dimly-lit garden. “Are you going to tell your parents where you’re spending Yule?”

He shook his head. “Why should I? They didn’t exactly do me any favors today by telling me about their trip.” He looked away as he sighed.

By now Annie was cognizant of all of Kerry’s tells when it came to his moods and this one was easy to discern. “Did you tell your parents about what you were doing today?”

“Yeah. I told them about the race and that it would mean a lot to me if they showed up to watch.” Kerry struggled for a moment as he brought his emotions under control. “She told me about their holiday today just to mess with me; this was mom’s way of letting me know she’s still pissed about me coming out as a witch.” He looked down. “What a bitch.”

Even though Annie had already called Kerry’s mother a bitch on a couple of occasions, she was surprised to hear him use the expression, for until now she’d never heard him say anything derogatory about either of his parents. “Forget what she did: I wouldn’t let it concern you.” She stopped and stood before him. “I can’t say our Yule will be perfect, but I predict it will be far better than their holiday.” She rose up on tip-toes to kiss the tip of his nose. “Moyata srodna dusha.”

Kerry smiled and leaned closer for a kiss. “My precious wife.” Their lips were almost touching when he was siezed by another powerful yawn. He pulled away as he covered his mouth. “Oh, man.”

Annie giggled. “It’s all right. You’ve had an extremely full day and probably need your sleep.”

“Yeah.” He nodded slowly. “It’s starting to feel that way.”

She took his hand. “Then let’s go home, shall we, my love?”

Kerry nodded sheepishly. “Lead on, my dear.”

They returned to the coven tower in silence, neither speaking during the walk through the ground floor commons or up the stairs to the first and second floor. It was only once they were outside Annie’s door that Kerry finally spoke. “Thank you for everything.” He gave her a kiss that seemed to stretch on for many minutes, but only lasted fifteen second in reality. “You made it all better.”

“And thank you for finally accepting my invitation.” Annie raised her eyebrows as she smiled. “Even if it was given by my mother.”

“Yeah, well, I won’t make that mistake again.” He kissed Annie once more. “Good night, Annie. I love you.”

She rested her head against his chest. “Leka nosht, Kerry. Obicham te.”

He ruffled her hair. “I’ll see you in the morning.” There was a finally kiss of her head before he took two steps back. “You were the cutest Death tonight.”

She rocked back and forth on her boot heels, a huge smile upon her face. “I know.” She opened the door to her room. “See you in the morning, my love.” Annie stepped inside and vanished through the dark shielding enchantment before the door closed.

Kerry hurried to his room so he could get ready for bed. All the excitement and emotions of the day were catching up to him and he felt as if he wasn’t going to remain awake for long. He removed his broom from Hammerspace and set it on a stand in the corner before changing into his pajama pants and night tee shirt. He didn’t worry about changing his hair: the enchantment used to color it was about due to expire and his hair would be back to normal in an hour or so. He considered using the bathroom but put the thought aside as he was hit with another massive yawn and figured he’d didn’t have to worry about using it until morning.

His routine finished he slid under the covers and commanded the lights to shut off. He spent a moment to look out the window at the darkness beyond, then relaxed and closing his eyes—

Before he was aware of it happening, he found himself falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.


End Of Act One


Interesting things going on.  Kerry finally calls his mother a bitch and admits, more or less, that he’s not happy that she decided to fuck with him on a day he told her was important to him.  This means that Lousie’s actions at the start of the day are even shittier because she knew she stood a good chance of crushing her son’s spirit.

Yeah, she’s a bitch.

Also, he doesn’t intend on telling his parents where he’s spending Yule.  And why should he?  Kerry likely knows if he sent of an email that says, “Hey, Mom, I’m staying with Annie and her parents for Yule, I’ll have fun while you’re Down Under trying to avoid being killed by the wildlife, LOL.”  This would probably earn the Headmistress a letter or maybe even a–gaspvisit!  With Annie and Kerry being called to the office to deal with this bullshit.

Well, maybe Kerry would deal with it.  Annie would probably start bleeding Louise out.

Act One, Season of Change is finished.  And as excepted, it did clear two hundred thousand words:

All you need to see if right here.


Now that I have this act behind me, it’s on to Act Two, Season of Hell.  And the hell starts early–

With something I’ve been waiting to write since 2012.

Working Through the HARD Times

Remember how I may have mentioned that I was sore Tuesday?  Yeah, that was due to Monday night practice that worked out butts off.  At the time I thought I couldn’t feel any worse–

That’s because I hadn’t went through Wednesday night’s practice.

Of late the practice work has stepped up.  We were told Monday night that we’re going to start working a little harder so us fresh meat can get better at what we’re doing.  And by getting better, that means we can play faster.  Given that a lot of the stuff we’ve stared doing involves scrimmaging–playing blockers against jammers–it doesn’t take a great leap of faith to see what’s happening.

Last night was a lot of cardio and line work.  I mean like a lot of line work:  there were about a dozen of us to do pull throughs and we averaged about a lap and a half for every person to wing through the whole line.  For pull throughs we went three times, so a lap and a half times twelve times three is fifty-four laps, plus we did hip checks which we did twice each for another thirty-six laps, with our at-the-start pyramid sprints adding another nineteen laps for a total of approximately one hundred and nine laps–

Before we got to scrimmage.

Oh, and we ended the night skating forty laps in a pack, so it’s a good bet we did between one hundred and forty-five to one hundred and fifty laps last night.  When you figure we likely skated about one hundred and ninety feet per laps, we covered a distance of about 5.4 miles, or 8.7 km.  Yeah, lots of skating.

Now, about this scrimmaging…

We were once again working on bridging much like we did the Wednesday before.  However, we weren’t quite as sharp as we were that night and things were a bit more disorganized as in we didn’t hit our marks the way we did that first night.  When I blocked I didn’t do as well, but that may have been due to being tied by that time.  I went down more than a few times and had people wiz by me in an eye blink.

But I was also jamming and I did a little better.  Well, I did great against the freshies.  In fact I have video.  In this case there are three freshies on the track and one veteran OG player.  So getting through wasn’t bad.  Oh, and need I mention:  there’s some swearing.  Yeah, it happens.

The Good Jamming.


But with the good comes the not-so-good, and a bit later I was pitted against three OGs and a freshie and the vets kinda showed me what it was like to be a jammer having to move a little over five hundred pounds of women who don’t want to move:

The Hard Jamming


Notice I was either knocked down or went out of bounds, or both, and came at the pack four times, huffing and puffing like crazy the whole time.  I figured I skated about three hundred and fifty feet and likely pushed the pack around for about a third of that distance.  When I stopped at the end I had nothing left:  I was getting light headed and things were going a little gray.  I didn’t think about it at the time–mostly because I was damning myself for stopping–but those claps at the end were for going back even when it was obvious I was tired.  Sometimes that’s what it’s all about–

Though when we were leaving one of the refs stopped, looked at me, and went, “Don’t quit!”  I don’t know if she meant don’t quit on the track or don’t quit what I’m doing–

Maybe I’ll just do the same for both.