Coming Upon the Ends

Yeah, so let’s talk about Game of Thrones

Improvisations on Reality

As someone who has been writing a fantasy series, regardless of any success that it may or may not have, I’d like to issue this simple missive to anyone who’s still sore over the way the series ended:

This isn’t your story, so please shut the hell up about how it should’ve ended and accept it as it is.


This is George R.R. Martin’s story. This is his. Sure, the adaptation may not have gone the way he wanted to, but for the most part, it’s followed the books. Did any of y’all actually read the books before you began watching?

If you don’t like how it ended, take it up with George R.R. Martin and HBO.

But myself, I think it’s a brilliant piece of writing and that in this series, Martin hit every taboo, button, and sore point anyone could ever have. And, based on the reactions…

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Starting At the Middle May

Cassidy's Corner

Does this mean I “May” have video?  There’s no may about it!

Here’s a photo of me at team introductions.  Starting from the right, I’m the first player whose head lines up with the arching support beams.

Here’s the photo of me on the track:

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And here is video of the one jam of which I spoke. I’m always on the inside, number 882:

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Bright and Cloudy Aprils

Which means it’s time for a video!

The link for Monsters and Critics. Look for my name to find my articles.

And if you want to see what the Thetan from the episode Architects of Fear looked like, here’s a photo taken of how it looked in the episode:

There’s actually a guy in the body walking on stilts, which are the legs.

And how it would look as a model: