All the Time That Be Time

What is going on this morning?  Not a lot, to be honest.  I’m off to get my nails done in a couple of hours, so I’ve sort of piddled around trying to motivate myself to write.  However, I didn’t sleep for crap last night despite being tired as hell, so my mind is a muddled mess.  So much so that I knew anything I tried to put down in the system would come out full of suck, so I haven’t bothered.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy . . .

For a few weeks now I’ve meant to make some changes to the time line that is the story of my kids at school, though change really isn’t the right word:  additions is more like it.  That’s the way my mind works, with lots going ’round and ’round all the time and things always popping in and out.  What’s been bugging me, however, is that I haven’t done anything about these pop ups for a while, mostly due to just feeling too damn exhausted to get in there and put things into my little Book of History.

And while I’m doing this I should mention that I’ve been rocking out to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, complete with cannons at the end.  Only in Russia would a composer think, “Now, I need an instrument to make the climax memorably;  what should I use?  I know:  cannons.”  Yes, Comrades, in old Russia, orchestra blast you!

Since I’m down to my last three chapters of this novel I’ve begun getting things in shape for the stories to follow, while I mostly concentrate on three events that happen outside of school, though I fourth started taking hold in my mind this morning.  Two of those event involve both of my kids, and two of them involve Annie alone.  My little Bulgarian Pop Princess all by her lonesome?  Why not?  She’s a big girl, she can handle herself.  And don’t worry:  it’s not as if Kerry doesn’t get enough screen time on his own.  But sometimes a girl needs a little Me Time just to chill and be herself.

Now, I’m about to lay out something I’ve only parts of here and there, but this is the real deal now:  here is the time line I’ve used for B For Bewitching.  At least this is how I take my cues when I’m putting the story together.  First, we have the sections for Annie alone and Kerry alone.

Just a little of what the kids go through on their own--

Just a little of what the kids go through on their own–

What is up there is pretty much all the key points from the start of the novel to the end.  You can see there are a few details off to the right that, I will tell you now, aren’t going to be in this novel, but in the next–that’s one of the reasons a couple of points have been scrubbed, because I don’t want you to know what they are.  I will go ahead and spoil this now:  the event in the upper right hand corner in “Annie’s Story”, the 02 June Meeting, that starts off the next novel, C For Continuing.  The first novel started and ended with Annie, and this current novel started with Kerry and will end with him.  That means the next novel starts and ends with Annie.  Simple, huh?

Below this is another layout, seen here:

And what they go through together.

And what they go through together.

This not only shows events they enjoy together, but the very bottom lays out some of the school’s event–like, the entirety of racing season.  You’ll notice that a few more events are scrubbed here, because that’s necessary, trust me.  Below this I even have a mark showing the time covers by each novel, and at the very top I show when certain holidays occur during the year, so if there’s a question about when something is happening, I can look there.

This is a little of what I keep hidden behind the scenes, and like I said at the beginning, I’m adding to this.  Adding mean thinking through the story, and that also means research prior to plotting.  Really, you wouldn’t believe what I’ve already discovered in the last couple of weeks playing around with these various ideas . . .

And just think:  you only have a few years to wait before you see them come to fruition.

The Remains of Today

Last night I had great hopes for a productive day today, but there’s a big difference between what you plan to do in the yesterday with a head full of wine, and what you actually once you wake up at seven after a pretty good night’s sleep.

After three glasses I'm totally not judging anyone.

After three glasses I’m totally not judging anyone.

But here it is, ten in the morning, and I have a ton of things to do in the next few hours.  I’ve managed to get the wrinkles out of my clothes using the “hot shower” method, which means you hang your clothing in the bathroom, turn on the hot water in your shower, and let it run for about fifteen minutes, and wrinkles vanish.  There’s something you can do when you’re showering in the morning if you don’t want to waste the water.  After this post I have to get ready, go pay a bill, pick up food for the next few days, and then take a nap before getting into the next chapter.

I made a few changes to the layout last night.  For one I had to adjust some times in the very last chapter, and get those updates into my master time line.  And I added an opening scene to the final chapter of the novel–which, by the way, is close to crossing two hundred and ninety-four thousand words, and Act Three just crossed ninety-one thousand words.  I’ve surprised myself with how far I’ve gotten in a year, and hope I finish up the book before the end of May, because really, I could use the summer off.

Here’s what’s left:

You're gonna see this count down a lot in the next few weeks.

You’re gonna see this count down a lot in the next few weeks.

It’s official:  five chapters remain.  And in these remaining chapters will lay another revelation and a huge cliffhanger–I mean, like a big one.  Get ready for the pain.

But I’ve been up to something else as well besides driving myself crazy with TV recaps this last week–which, by the way, the insanity is over, and I can afford a few breathers that allow me to rock out on the last of Bewitching.  I’ve thought about the next novel–which will have the title C For Continuing in case you were wondering–quite a lot, getting the layout down in my head before committing it to Scrivener.  I need to spend time getting the time line in order and filling it out more.  In particular there’s a scene I’m adding to the timeline that’s going to be, well . . . how do I say this?  Big.

Why am I looking at this map?  No reason.  Why do you ask?

Why am I looking at this map? No reason. Why do you ask?

Last of all I’ve digging on some music that I will use as the background for one of my movie trailers–yes, I’m going to do up a treatment for both Bewitching and Continuing just as I did for Advanced.  I’m pretty sure I know what background music I’ll use in parts of the Bewitching “trailer”, and I know for sure what I’d use for Continuing.  The Bewitching stuff you’ll already know, but for Continuing you’ll actually catch views of things that will happen in the novel before I write them–and some of it will be surprising, and some will be shocking.  I’m certain there’s one where you’ll read it and think, “What the hell is going on?”

Because that’s how I like to roll.

Inside the Big Room

I made it through the evening and came out the other end feeling like someone had beat me about the shoulders and set my lap on fire.  This comes from sitting still with a laptop on you, um, lap, and typing away like the The Madwoman of Chaillot.  Seriously, half my mind was listening to what was being said on TV while the other half was trying to get it all down in note form.  It was a bit insane, and it was a good thing I didn’t need a bathroom break.

"I haven't put a single word in my story in ten minutes--my god, the walls are closing in!  Help!"

“You people on TV, stop talking so fast!  Get in a RV for a while or something!”

But that insanity is over, and I managed to pay my quarterly state taxes last night, so all is pretty good.  There are still things that require doing, but that comes up tonight and I’ll worry about it then, ‘kay?

Oh, and there’s this novel I’m working on–

It was another five hundred word night, only because I was really stumbling about trying to find the right words while, at the same time, I was checking things on a time line, because that’s how I do things.  The time line stuff was only to get one line in this next excerpt right, but you know, if I hadn’t had that time line laid out already, I probably would have screwed something up.

I’m failing to mention that I needed to do research last night as well, which also cut into my writing time, because reasons.  And you know I love research.

Why are Annie and Kerry here?  Because–


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie entered first with Kerry right behind. She didn’t know this room, but it reminded her of the ready room in the Flight School: it appeared that sixty or seventy people could occupy this area for a meeting or conference. Isis and Headmistress Laventure stood at the far end of the room; she looked back and saw Vicky follow Kerry, meaning whatever was going to happen here involved her as well. My two instructors and the headmistress: it’s likely we’re going to get a significant punishment.

Isis moved away from the headmistress and motioned Annie forward. “Come right here—” She pointed to a spot directly in front of her. “That’s good. You can stand next to her, Kerry.”

“Thanks.” He stood to Annie’s right a few meters back.

The Chief of Security quietly examined the girl before her. “Three solo flight, close to five hundred and fifty kilometers covered, and this last one had you out over the cold, unforgiving ocean with only one other person to keep you company.” She glanced at Kerry and winked. “I believe, as do Vicky and Mathilde, that you not only performed as expected, but you exceeded those expectation.

“There are many things we do around here to recognize students, but it’s rare that we honor someone who’s accomplished a great feat: mastering a gift and proving you’re capable of using it under varying and difficult conditions.

“You’re not the first I’ve trained since I became the school’s Chief of Security in 2006: there was one other girl who stood where you’re standing in 2008. She was a D Level then—the gift was slow to manifest within her—so she graduated before you began. But the fact she had the Flight Gift was the only thing you both had in common: she needed four flights to finish her qualifications, and during her last flight, which was identical to yours, she, um—” Isis looked down for a moment. “She needed some encouragement to finish.”

“We know you both weren’t comfortable with the conditions and the location today.” Vicky stepped up next to Isis so she could face both kids. “That’s one of the reasons why we try and keep the comms open all the time, so in case we think you’re in need of help, we can put it into place. But you kept on the flight, and as I’ve told Isis before, and I told Mathilde over lunch, you didn’t ask for help—you kept going.”

Isis nodded. “As the headmistress would say, you were being tenacious. And you wear.”

Mathilde moved closer to the group, clearing her throat. “Yes, well, enough about me. This is about Annie, is it not?”

“It is, indeed.” Isis reached behind her and removed a small box.

Annie instantly focused on the item in Isis’ hands. “What’s that?”

“This?” She removed the top and turned the box so Annie could view the contents. “These are you wings.”


And before you ask, “Does Kerry have his wings?” the answer is–

I’ll tell you tomorrow.  Because I’m mean.

A Quick One While I’m Away–

No, I’m not going to play The Who song here.  This is just to let you know that I’ve been up since six forty-five writing, and though I’m five hundred words into the scene, I’m not going to finish it before I have to leave to get my nails done, so as soon as I’m back from the manicurist I’ll put the finishing touches on the scene–which should come in at just under a thousand words–and post it in it’s entirety this afternoon, along with all the stuff I started doing last night to put the scene together.

Trust me, it’ll be good.

Oh, I lied:  here’s the song A Quick One, While He’s Away, taken from the deluxe edition of the seminal Live at Leeds album.  It’s here, in these nine minutes, that the album Tommy was born.  For reals.

The Final Solo: Ready Marker One

The start of a new scene and you know what that means, right?  Only about three hundred or so words were written last night, because whenever I’m starting a scene it seems as if I have a hard time getting going these days.  It’s like, you gotta picture the stuff in your mind, then figure out how you want to get the feeling down so you have a bit of a hook to get people interested.

Not to mention it’s the beginning of the week, and that means I’m tired from the first day of work, and it was cold, and I tried to nap and I couldn’t because I got a hang up call on my mobile just as I was drifting off to sleep.  Not cool, people.  Don’t you know this girl needs her sleep?

Anyway, I did get something done last night, but the real news comes after.  First–


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

The timer on Annie’s countdown clock was showing eighteen minutes and twenty-four seconds when her HUD picked up the active pinging from the marker buoy that represented her objective. She slowed by fifty kilometers an hour almost instantly, then when she was two kilometers out she slowed to two hundred and arced towards the marker.

Annie was a bit surprised to discover that her course deviation from the marker was only a little over one hundred meters. She didn’t have a problem maintaining the assigned heading, but after ninety-five kilometers she expected that she might deviate from the marker by half a kilometer and not a fifth of that distance. I know I’m good at this— She spread her arms to the side as she began to brake. There are moments, however, when I’m surprised by my talent.

She lowered her legs and positioned her body until she was almost upright, allowing the additional air pressure to slow her even faster. When she finally came to a complete halt she found herself twenty meters away and fifteen meters above the her objective: a large orange cylinder perhaps three meters in diameter and five meters tall, with four “1” icons placed at ninety degrees angles around the top and bottom segments of the marker.

Annie moved slowly towards the marker as she tried the comms. “Flight Deck, this is Salem Final Solo. We’ve arrived at Marker 1. Awaiting instructions. Over.”

When the comms remained silent for three seconds Annie wondered if there was a possibility they were not only outside the school’s visible detection range, but out of verbal communication range as well. Her concerns were but to rest a few seconds more. “Salem Final Solo, this is Flight Deck. We see you’ve reached the marker on time. Over.”


There’s Annie, floating in the air out in the middle of the Gulf of Maine, though “the middle” is a subjective term.  Given there’s no only else around them, it feels like the middle.  Oh, that you know for sure that I have her time right for getting close to the Marker 1 because I did my calculations, and at three hundred kilometers and hour you’ll cover three hundred kilometers in about thirty seconds.  And you know my numbers are right because they are.

The real story is about an event that is coming, and soon.  It’s strange:  while I had this story plotted out before I began writing, I’ve also changed and added a couple of things that weren’t in my original design for my kid’s B Levels.  And it was during my walk home from work, which was a bit chilly and gloomy but not all that bad, that I hit inspiration

No, I don't look like this.  I live in a city, and certainly wouldn't wear heels like that for walking.

No, I don’t look like this. I live in a city, and certainly wouldn’t wear heels like that for walking.

The interesting thing is I was figuring out what to write for this current chapter pertaining to the next scene, and not the one I’m in now.  I do that quite a lot:  work a scene over and over in my head again and again until it feels right.  A lot of times I’m adding things because I feel the scene isn’t “full” enough, and if I don’t actually write down everything in my mind, that’s okay, ’cause I can edit at some point.

It was while I was working out one part of Annie’s test that, during one of her rests, Kerry and she spoke, and I thought up a comment that Kerry would say, because it’s something that he would say.  It was immediately followed by something from Annie, and it was only then that inspiration hit and I went, “Well . . . that would be interesting.”

The that I began contemplating stayed with me last night, and by the time I wrote the above I was also deep into putting my inspiration together into a new scene, one that will take place in the future in place of a similar scene that I was going to write, but that wasn’t nearly as cool.  Because that’s how I roll.

And now that I’m coming up to a rather important moment in this novel, rolling is everything–

Trouble On the Site of Word

Well . . . if anyone can help me out I could use it.  It seems that I am unable to get into any of my blog posts without going through the straight up crazy little blue and green admin area.  I can access the post there and edit them, but I can’t view anything.  And not just my own posts, but anything attached to

Of course I can’t access the forums to even see if there’s a fix, so I’m sore of in a screwed position.  I can continue to post, but not much beyond that.

I’ve cleared cookies and cache and still nothing.  It’s also the same way on all my browsers, which leads me to believe I may have an issue with my internet provider, which I will check with tomorrow or Sunday.

So . . . if things seem a little slow the next few days, you know why.

B For Bewitching What To Write

“Why, wordpress?  Why do you vex me so?”

Setting Sail: The Chestnut Ginger

First of all, Happy Ostara and a welcome spring.  If  this were my novel, Kerry would have had a big night last night performing in front fellow students, and this morning–let’s just say it’s gonna be a rather interesting morning for both Annie and he.  Real interesting.

Speaking of interesting mornings . . .

Wait:  before getting into interesting mornings, allow me to say that I have passed the two hundred and seventy-five thousand word mark, and it only took thirty-four days to write another twenty-five thousand words, which puts my average output at seven hundred and thirty-five words a day.  Not bad considering I took off something like five days from writing during that time.

And for once, "is" is the word.  Is it?  It is.

And for once, “is” is the word. Is it? It is.

I had the most difficult time writing yesterday as you already know.  It didn’t improve going into the evening, and it was all I could do to string together a few hundred words before saying the hell with it and heading off to bed.

The morning is a little better due to some good tunes and thinking about another of my kid’s European side trips that would see them having lunch near a famous statue–well, famous to Kerry–and getting a good look at a house where literary history was made.  All of this come in the future which, as I said yesterday, I’ve thought of a great deal lately.  And this is probably a good thing because I realized something while thinking this stuff out, and when I started working out the whys and wherefores of the situation, I came to a conclusion that had never hit me before then–and that mean altering a bit of the timeline I’ve had in place for a couple of years because of reasons that made sense.

But you aren’t here to hear about my day yesterday–you’re here to hear about my kids and the night they’re having.  A night that ended in another excerpt with Annie telling Kerry he’s her husband.  Which is sort of a heavy thing to lay on your not-quite-thirteen-year-old boyfriend, but hey:  Kerry’s proving himself to be resilient tonight.  Can he keep that up?  Let’s see–


(All excerpts–except where noted–are from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

They huddled together in silence for maybe fifteen seconds, warming each other against damp night air. Annie pulled Kerry’s arm around her and snuggled against him as she’d done so many times before in the last year and a half of school. She waited for Kerry to pull her tight against him before she began saying what was on her mind. “You understand what was said about our bonding tonight, don’t you?”

He cooed softly in her ear. “Sure I do.”

“That we’ve been this way since birth.”


“And while we could be with other people, in reality we’ll never be happy with them.”

Kerry raised his hand and lightly traced lines against Annie’s cheek. “I’ve never wanted to be with anyone else.”

She looked up at back into Kerry’s face. “Neither have I.”

He returned to caressing Annie’s cheek with his fingertips. “Is that why you called me your husband?”

“Yes.” Annie closed her eyes as she grew warm in her soul mate’s embrace. “We’re bound together through the astral realm; we’ll never love anyone as we love each other; and we’ve already seen evidence that we marry.” She began tapping her fingers against Kerry’s leg. “As far as I’m concerned that makes you my husband.” She pressed her head against his shoulder. “You feel the same as well.”

“I’ve felt that way for a long time.” He lay his head against Annie’s. “I just don’t express it as well as you.”


So . . . Annie’s finally getting said something she’s probably wanted to say for a while:  you are my husband, like it or not.  Fortunately Kerry likes, and while he’s not saying the word “wife” yet, he’s down with the concept.

Then again, he’s not as if he hasn’t heard this already.  Remember this scene?


Just then the airport public address system sounded to let everyone know an announcement was forthcoming. “Ihre Aufmerksamkeit, bitte. Wird Herr und Frau Malibey bitte an der Kasse melden? Ihr Flug wird bald verlassen. Danke.” The message repeated in English. “Your attention, please. Will Mr. and Mrs. Malibey please report to the ticket counter? Your flight is departing soon. Thank you.”

Kerry continued looked upward for a few seconds after the announcement completed. He slowly lowered his gaze towards a smiling Annie. “Mr. And Mrs. Malibey?”

Annie quickly stood, pushing her chair back in. “I had to leave a message for when it was time to leave, and I wanted something that would catch our attention.” She took Kerry’s hand after his chair was in place. “We’ll be leaving in about twenty minutes.  Shall we?”


That was from their time in the Vienna airport, awaiting their departure via jaunt back to the school.  In case you’re a little sketchy about the time, that happened only two-and-a-half months earlier, novel time, and she did this in an international airport where a lot of people, Foundation folk included, heard it all.  And as kinda stated, a year before our couple had conversations about the married life.  And do you remember this?



The following excerpt is from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, 2015, by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie took Kerry’s hand in hers and held it tight. “About a month before my eighth birthday my mother and I went away to a house her parents own just outside Pocancy, France. That’s in the Champagne region—do you know it?”

“I know of it. It’s like north-east France, right?”

“Yes. Beautiful country: lots of low rolling hills and fields and wooded areas. My grandparents have had that house there since the 1950s, I believe.”

“Why did you go there?”

“My mother had spent the summer on a project and she wanted to get away and rest.” She cuddled up against Kerry. “We spent three weeks there, with my father popping in every so often when he wasn’t testing or racing.” She smiled as the memories came back to her. “Every other day my mother and I went bicycling.”

“You did?”

“Yes. We’d ride maybe ten, twelve kilometers, stay out all day. That was how I got to see so much of the surrounding area.”

Kerry squeezed Annie’s hand. “Sounds wonderful, Sweetie.”

“It was.” She paused just a moment before telling him the rest. “I’d love to live there one day.”


“Yes. I have it written in my wedding book. A little château, walled off, with a garden in the back where I can grow vegetables and herbs. Maybe a small house in the back where I can have a lab like my mother’s.”

Kerry turned to Annie, a huge smile upon his face. “You have it all thought out.”

“Yes, I do.”

“What about your lake house?”

“Oh, I’ll always have my lake house; it’s not going anywhere.” She turned and gazed into Kerry’s eyes. “That will always be there for me to use, and once we learn how to jaunt, it won’t matter where we live, we can go there for a night or a weekend and get away from everything, just rest and relax and . . .” She pressed her cheek into Kerry’s arm. “Do whatever we like.”

He didn’t need to have “whatever we like” spelled out for him; Kerry’s suspicion was that it had something to do with what they’d already seen in their wedding vision. “You just said something telling—”

“What’s that?”

“You said ‘we’. When ‘we’ learn to jaunt ‘we’ can go there no matter where ‘we’ live.”

She lowered her head slightly and looked up at him. “Does that bother you?”

He shook his head once. “No.”

“Good. Because given what we’ve seen—given the possibility that it’s going to be true—my lake house will be your lake house one day.” She gave him a quick kiss. “And my house, wherever I live, will be yours as well.”

“A little château in France?”

“That’s one possibility.”


“You have it all thought out.”  Damn right she does, Kerry.  She’s been planing this shit since she was about six, about the time some Ginger Hair Boy read to her in a dream.  You know, some things have been stated about how a girl, at the age of six, could fall in love with a boy that may have been nothing more than a dream–unless, just as Kerry had something in his mind reminding him that his Chestnut Girl was still around, Annie had something poking her as well.  Is it possible she felt something for this boy–a connection as one might say–and a little voice in her head whispered, “Hey, he’s the real deal.  Don’t let this one go–like you could.  Haha!”

Enough of this crazy past stuff:  Annie’s concerned about the present.  Though there is something from the past that’s on her mind–


“You did when it was most important.” Annie had considering not saying anything about what she’d seen only an hour before, but she now felt it important to tell Kerry how she felt about the incident. “When you confronted you—other half—you told her that she was going to screw things up for you—” She felt him stiffen slightly. “That you were happy and you didn’t want to go back to how you once were.” Her tone softened slightly. “You meant us, didn’t you?”

Kerry sighed slowly and gently. “Yeah.”

“You thought if what you knew was coming happened, then we were through as a couple?”

He spent a few seconds in silence before he found it possible to respond. “I didn’t want you to know; I thought it would hurt you to know . . .”

Annie finished his statement when it became apparent he wouldn’t. “To know my husband-to-be might become my wife-to-be?”

He tightened his embrace as if he were afraid Annie would slip away. “Yes.”

“You were going to keep resisting this dream, weren’t you?” She sat up and turn so she was facing Kerry. “Even if you could have said what was happening, you would have kept it to yourself—because you were afraid of upsetting me.”


After all these years Annie has hubby’s–I mean, Kerry’s number, and that number ain’t 867-5309.  He’d have kept quiet as long as possible to keep from upsetting Annie–even though that would have had extremely detrimental effects upon his mind:


“I didn’t know what was happening, Annie.” He cast his gaze downward. “I knew something was going on, but I couldn’t say anything, which really sucked. But once I figured it out—” He nodded slowly. “Yeah, I was afraid of upsetting you, which is why I didn’t want this to happen.”

“But now you know you can control it, so there shouldn’t be the same fear.”

Kerry finally looked up. “Yeah, I know now. I didn’t then.”

Annie raised his left hand to her lips and gave it a sweet, loving kiss. “I appreciate you wanting to spare my feelings, but at the same time—” an admonishing tone crept into her voice. “Do you understand how devastated I would have become if you’d driven yourself crazy?” She lightly thumped his chest. “Ot vreme na vreme si neveroyatno glupav!” Annie smiled while holding up a warning finger. “Don’t ever do that again.”

Kerry pulled the finger towards him and kissed the tip. “Yes, malko sarmi.”


Yeah, Kerry would have gone nuts rather than hurt his little cabbage roll, while not realizing going crazy and getting sent off to “a facility” would have likely pushed Annie around the bend as well.  As some characters in a movie where the title has little to do with the source material might say, Kerry is one of the dumbest smart kids ever.  Actions can have unintended consequences, kid, and you should know by now an Upset Annie the Dark Witch is a nasty thing to behold.  Isis probably would have needed to dart her ass from behind if you got hauled off to “the facility,” dude.  Don’t let that happen again.

This all leads up to the end of the scene, and there is only one real way for this to end:


Annie stood and, smiling, pulled Kerry to his feet. “We need to get to the hospital before Coraline gets there—however—” She held each of his hands in hers while facing him. “However what is affecting you affects us, we’ll find our way through and deal with whatever comes.” Her smile grew bright. “We are one, my love. While Foundation and Normal law don’t see it the same way, you and I both know we are husband and wife, and when it comes to each other, we have to take the bad with the good.”

A smile appeared on Kerry’s face as he chuckled softly. “In sickness and in health?”

She nodded. “To love and cherish.”

His smiled softened slightly. “Until death do us part.”

Annie pulled Kerry close and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. “Until death do us part, my love.”


Give that your bonded lifelines won’t break until one, or both, of you are dead, yes, Annie:  Kerry and you are together until death do you part.  Sure, one could say that either kid could wander and hook up with someone for a one night stand or two, but really:  does anyone believe that now?  Kerry was willing to go a lot bit crazy to keep from hurting Annie with the possibility she was going to end up with a girlfriend for a soul mate–and as far as Annie straying, with all she has invested in this relationship, she’d likely torch the first guy who started hitting on her and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

And no:  not telling Emma to fuck off and leave him alone is not the same as letting her believe she still has a shot.  He’s let her know without trying to hurt her too much that they are not a thing, and when you get right to it, he’s not responsible for killed the delusions of others–which, honestly, if a person is really that delusional, there’s nothing you can do to stop them from feeling a certain way short of killing them–

Which Annie would do without blinking an eye.  Because she can.

There will be trials and tribulations ahead for my kids that are likely to get nasty–and I don’t mean Tribble-ations here, that’s in another universe altogether–but as far as they feel about their relationship–

The good ship ChestnutGinger has sailed from Pier Lovey Dovey, and it ain’t coming back.

Korasami is a ship that sailed.  Believe that.

Move over, Korasami:  it looks like there’s another couple heading your way.  Maybe you guys can, um, go shopping or something?