Samhain Racing: Let’s Get Ready–

Today am back to my old lighthearted self, which means were going to have a novel excerpt.  Let it be known that I started on the last scene of Chapter Fifteen and I have a feeling it won’t be all that long: maybe no longer than fifteen hundred words.  Which means I’ll be into Chapter Sixteen before you know it.

The last couple of days I’ve been sticking my GoPro up on the windshield of my car and giving people a driver’s-side view of what it looks like driving around Harrisburg.  Here’s the first video I did, where I left my apartment and headed off to the Panera where I used to write all the time.


But the big news here is the race, which if you were paying attention has just finished. But as the drama over?  Far from it–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


He didn’t bother to see where Lisa was as he came out of the chicane. He leaned over his handlebars and willed as much speed out of his Class 3 as he could muster. The moment he pass the flashing green lights of the Start/Finish Line he pulled his PAV skyward so that he could not only bleed off speed quickly, but prevent Lisa from running him down on the straightaway.

As the rest of the pack finish the race he sat down in the waiting area between the Start/Finish Line so that he could proceed inside with everyone else. He remained seated on his PAV as his left leg and shoulder were throbbing with pain from the on-course contact and he didn’t want to aggravate them. A few seconds later Lisa’s jet ski hit the ground hard about five meters from him. She jumped off her PAV, removed her helmet, and threw it at him. She motioned for Kerry to advance towards her. “Okay, fucker. Let’s have this out.”

Kerry removed his helmet and tossed it to the ground as he gingerly got to his feet. “Back off, Lisa.” He gave her a warning look as he pointed at her while favoring his right leg. “You do not want to do this.”

She nodded defiantly. “Oh yes, I do.”

“No, you don’t.” Kerry wasn’t worried about the outcome of a fight between Lisa and him: just as he had done with Franky, he could disable her with a broken arm or a dislocated shoulder or knee in a matter of seconds, even while hurt. Unfortunately, he was unsure of his ability to do either of those, for he was fighting down an anger that he’d never felt before. He was aware of what was happening: with his hormones in flux they were messing with his ability to control the impulses he’d carefully developed over the last two years of learning Kali, and he was just enough aware of these feelings to know that if he fought Lisa now, there was a very good likelihood he do more than break her arm.


There you have it: Lisa’s ready to start shit and she wants Kerry to fight her.  For his part, Kerry doesn’t want to fight her mainly because he’s worried he’ll do more than just break her arm due to the hormonal rampage which is tearing him apart right now.  And given that Kerry could probably snap her neck without even a second thought, he showing remarkable restraint–but then again, he is a sorceress, and sorceresses are supposed to keep their head when everything is going to hell around them.

So this is the end of the drama, right?  Well…


Just then Penny came running up from his right side, helmet and gloves off, heading directly for Lisa. “You bloody stupid bitch.” She threw a powerful right-hand punch that struck Lisa in the cheek, knocking her to the ground.

The Cernunnos and Åsgårdsreia teams converged upon Lisa, Penny, and Kerry, and the fight was on.


Hey, I thought this fighting shit only happen in NASCAR?  Apparently not.  Which means helmets and gloves are off and fists are flying–


Rezi Lahood was the first to jump into the fray, running up and punching Penny in the side of her head near her right ear. As Penny fell away Alex stepped up, grabbed Rezi and threw her to the ground. Getasew Berhanu jumped over Lisa’s jet ski and threw a punch at Manco, who fell backwards as he blocked. Darius, who still wore his racing gloves, backhanded Getasew away before kicking the fallen Rezi.

Lisa jumped to her feet and, spotting Darius in front of her, pulled back her right foot and kicked him in the crotch. As Darius limped away she turned on Alex and grabbed a handful of her blonde hair. While she pulled Alex backwards Rivânia ran up and tried pulling her her teammate away. Lisa pushed her team captain away, which caused her to lose her grip on Alex’s hair. Alex took that moment to wheel around, grabed Lisa by the throat and punched her twice in the right eye.

Penny was on her feet a second later. She hit Getasew twice in the chest then wheeled around and threw a punch at Lisa, which the girl managed to block easily. Lisa, unfortunately, was bumped from behind by Anna Laskar, who was holding the left side of her mouth with bloodstained fingers. This knocked Lisa off balance just enough that Penny was able to step up to her and deliver a hard left-hand blow that knocked Lisa back against her jet ski.

Even though he was unable to move about well, Kerry could no longer stand side and watch everyone beat each other up. After a couple of limping steps he threw himself between Penny and Lisa and pushed his teammate away. “Penny: Penny.” He held on to her shoulders as he looked into her wild eyes. “Stop it, now. Let it go.”

Enough awareness creep back into her eyes that she understood what she was being stole. They then grew wide as she saw something behind him. “Kerry.”

He turned quickly enough to find Lisa swinging her helmet at his head. He managed to deflect it with his right arm then, while holding on to Penny to support his heart left leg, he used his right leg to sweep Lisa off her feet. The minute she landed on her back Kerry raised his right foot and chopped it down into her stomach. He hopped back on to his right foot as he pointed at the now-gasping girl. “Stay the hell down.”


There you have it: both teams letting go and punching the shit out of each other.  Oh, and if you notice, Lisa kicked Darius in the balls. Did that ever happened in Harry Potter?  No!  Sure, Draco took a blow to the testicles in the second movie when he slammed into the ground after falling off his broom, but did you ever see Hermione wheel around and kick somebody in the crotch?  No!  You only get that here.

As you see, even injured Kerry put Lisa down for the count rather quickly, by sweeping out her legs and kicking her in the stomach.  If Kerry had decided to fight Lisa in the earnest a minute or so before, he probably would’ve just blasted her once and sent her to the hospital in a coma.  So it was wise of him not to fight her.

So everything is over, right?  Well…


By now both Manco and Rivânia had managed to separate their teams and stop the fighting. Kerry noticed blood on Darius’ right hand and remembered Anna holding her mouth. He yelled at his teammate. “Did you punch Anna?”

Darius nodded. “Yeah. So?”

“What did you punch her for?”

He gave a weak shrug. “She was there.”

He was about to yell over to Anna and ask her how she felt when Vicky’s voice filled his and everyone else’s ears. “This is Race Control.” The annoyance in her voice was obvious. “All racers are to remount their vehicles now and proceed to the interior of The Diamond immediately without further incidences. There will be no further warnings.”


The first take away here is: Darius Roy is a shit.  He basically sucker punched Anna because he was pissed off and she was there.  And since Anna is a friend of Annie’s and Kerry’s, you can imagine they’ll both remember that.

And second: Vicky is also pissed.  It’s not like there have been fights before, but here you have two full teams going at it with the team captains seemingly unable to get their people under control.  Does this mean that certain racers are in trouble?

Oh, you better believe it–

Samhain Racing: The Mean On the Green

What’s new in my world, you ask?  Well, let me tell ya…

The foot is better, though still sore.  I’m thinking that after resting up over the weekend it’ll be better come Monday, but for real:  if it starts hurting at any time next Monday I’m sitting out.  I have practice Tuesday and Wednesday, so it’s not like I’m missing anything.

I did get the chance to edit some footage last night from the Wednesday Night practice, and here’s some of it.  What we are doing is a 180 spin followed by a squat, which is used to get by a defender.  You also get to hear the sort of banter we do when we’re hanging with each other–it’s somewhat interesting and amusing.

Also, I finished the current scene.  Wrote almost eight hundred words and put the fin on this sucker.

Though you won’t see a fin here.

One more scene and I’m into Chapter Sixteen, and after that the chapter, the part, and the act are over.  Then it’s on to the fun stuff…

But first we have this fun stuff to deal with.  Which consists of Kerry trying to keep some maniac from crashing him:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


As they eased through the turn, Kerry grew closer and closer to Lisa while maintaining a half a broom lead. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Lisa’s home and turned toward him, examining him as if she cannot believe he was performing this maneuver. When there was less than half a meter between them, Kerry willed his PAV to go a touch faster and he slid into the turn, hugging the inside of the elevation gates that showed the course layout.

He knew this would do two things: it would through turbulence in front of Lisa and destabilize her run slightly, as well as possibly cause her to touch her air brakes just enough that she would lose momentum through the turn. He quickly checked his rear view monitor and saw Lisa drop back several meters in an instant. It worked exactly as he had planned; he only hoped it was enough to make her wary about getting close to him again.

Kerry slammed on the brakes and eased through Double Dip before proceeding quickly to the long S turn that was Double Back. As he headed into the first part of the turn he spotted Lisa coming out of Double Dip in a hurry and with little or no form: though it was only a quick view, and looked as if she bottomed out her Class 3 as she came out of the descending chicane and reached the level ground. He didn’t take this as a good sign: it likely meant that Lisa was now pissed off and she was going a race like a possessed maniac to catch up.

At this point there was nothing Kerry could do except run his own race.

By the time Kerry reached the right hand kink in Cove Lane Lisa was upon him. As a went to the king she positioned herself less than a half meter behind him, once more using his draft to pull her along. Only this time she didn’t wait until they were on the straightaway to try and pass: as soon as they were through the kink Lisa jinked to her left and began pulling alongside Kerry.

A moment later her PAV appeared to shake before bumping hard on the left side of his jet ski.


This is all happening on the west side of the school.  West End and Sunset Boulevard is where Emma and Kerry first raced, and Double Dip is where they collided and Kerry messed up his knee.  Double Back is right around the area where Emma and Kerry landed after their PAVs failed them during the Day of the Dead, and they headed through Cove Lane on their way to the Diamond.

But shit is getting real now.  Lisa isn’t pretending to hit him:  she just is.  Oh, sure, she made it look like she was having an issue, but no one is fooled–least of all Kerry.


Kerry pulled his left leg out of the way before the nose of Lisa’s PAV had a chance to collide with the side of his. Even so, she made enough contact for him to feel a considerable amount of pain in his left calf. He didn’t think anything was broken, but his leg hurt like hell. He was at least thankful for the construction of the Class 3: if this it happened on the Class 2 or 1, it’s likely she would’ve broken his leg. Kerry pushed his jet ski forward towards the two large ninety degree turns that made up Reservoir; it was his hope as he made the jump over the path near the South Cove Entrance, he’d pull enough speed through Gloucester Bend to lose her—though a small part of his mind knew that was likely impossible.

His worst fears were confirmed. As they came out of Reservoir and entered Gloucester Bend, Lisa nearly came down on top of him, with Kerry pulling away at the last moment. She pulled even on his left side and this time didn’t even bother with the pretense that she was having an issue with her PAV: she slid to her right and rammed him. She did it one more time and then, while they were still touching, she reached over and smacked him in the left shoulder.

The second time she hit him Kerry decided he’d had enough. He easily deflected her third swipe before reaching over and punching her in the torso as he screamed in anger. “Get away from me, you crazy bitch.” While continuing to glanced to his left, Kerry pushed his craft forward. He had no idea how fast he was going, though he had seen his speed indicator pass through four hundred kilometers an hour.

Coming up on Diamond Chicane Lisa side bumped the back of his PAV trying to upset the balance of his craft so he’d screw up his entry into the final turn. Kerry hit his air brakes as hard as he could and in a second Lisa was several PAV lengths ahead of him. He turned on the acceleration and as they approached the entrance to Diamond Chicane, Kerry slammed the right side of his PAV into the front of Lisa’s, upsetting her entry enough that he was able to slide by her and proceed through the double turn with little difficulty.

He didn’t bother to see where Lisa was as he came out of the chicane. He leaned over his handlebars and willed as much speed out of his Class 3 as he could muster. The moment he pass the flashing green lights of the Start/Finish Line he pulled his PAV skyward so that he could not only bleed off speed quickly, but prevent Lisa from running him down on the straightaway.


The “I smack you, you smack me” scene is from the book trailer.  And now you know:  they were zipping along at about four hundred kilometers an hour.  Since most of you don’t do kilometers, they’re zipping along at close to 250 mph, which is a lot faster than a NASCAR stock car runs on their fastest tracks.  This is not for the faint of heart.

At least Kerry knows what he’s dealing with and, at the end, decides he won’t take it anymore and rams Lisa on his way to a win.  So that’s the end of it, right?

You really believe that?

Team Get Together: Oh, Something Else…

So, getting this out a little early today as I have a lot of things to do tonight.  Me, busy?  You know it, kids.

I was at practice last night but I didn’t work out–well, sorta didn’t.  I managed to get about three hours of video, though:  two from my tripod camera and maybe an hour from my GoPro.  Below is the first part of a longer video–about seventeen minutes–of the ladies in a pace line doing pullthroughs.  I’m on the side of the track while Laura wears the GoPro.  This is what it looks like from our point of view:

I also helped one of the freshies with a plow exercise where I didn’t need to be in skates to help her.  The foot is feeling better and I do hope to be back on skates by next Monday’s practice.  Tonight is bout review with pizza and ice cream.  We know how to party!

And speaking of party, it’s time for the kids–well, at least Kerry–to get out on the course.  And it seems Penny has one more question–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


As she was putting on her second boot Penny leaned closer to Kerry and spoke in a low tone. “I heard something else today, too.”

Given the way Penny was acting, Kerry was certain he knew what she’d heard. “What was that?”

“That you’d put your name in the pot.”

He drew in a sharp breath as he continued lacing his own boot. “Yeah, I did.”

“What?” Alex leaned towards Penny as she looked at her friend with a shocked expression. “You’re not going home for Yule?”

Kerry stared at the spot on the floor for a few seconds. “My folks are going to Australia for Christmas. I need to find a place to stay.”

“So…” Penny leaned forward, resting her elbows on her thighs. “Are you going to stay with Annie?”

He shook his head slowly. “No.”


Penny drew the logical conclusion that since Kerry has a long-time girlfriend, it’s a simple matter to spend Yule with her.  And then he tells her no.  I wonder how Penny will take this?


Penny looked at him as if she couldn’t believe what she just heard. “No?”

Alex looked as if she wanted to jump out of her chair. “Why not? I’m sure her parents would let you.”

Having gone through this with any this morning, Kerry wasn’t in the mood to go through it again with his friends. “I don’t want to spoil her holiday—”

“You’re not going to spoil her holiday.” Penny affixed a piercing stare upon her teammate. “What the hell is wrong with you, mate?”

Kerry shot a bemused stare back at Penny. “Nothing’s wrong with me.”

“Did Annie ask you to spend the holiday with her?”


“And you still said no?” Penny’s voice grew a bit louder. “You remember what I told you when we met in Rendlesham Forest over the summer?”

Kerry finished leasing his boots and sat back in his chair. “I remember.”

“Well, why are you acting as if you don’t?”

He felt the sudden urge to snap irrationally at Penny, but caught himself as he realized that was likely caused by the hormonal imbalance he was currently experiencing. He got to his feet and turned to face his two friends. “Probably because I got a ton on my mind right now, none of which has to do with the Yule holiday.” He picked up his helmet and gloves. “Like you said, Annie’s parents are here and her father is probably going to be judging my every action out on track today.”

He stuffed his gloves in his helmet and let the arm holding it drop to his side. “I don’t want to sound like I’m bitching for no reason, but I would like to discuss this at another time ‘cause we got a lot of racing to do today.”

Penny stood nodded once and Kerry’s direction. “You’re right: we do have a lot of racing ahead of us today we should be thinking about that.” She placed a hand on his shoulder. “And we will talk about this later.”

Kerry grabbed on to Penny’s arm and gave her bicep a squeeze. “Not a problem.” He released her and slapped his helmet hard. “Let’s get going. There’s a Class 3 out there with my name on it.”


So, the news seems unanimous:  Annie, Penny, and Alex all think Kerry’s idea not to spend Yule with Annie is sort of–what’s the word I’m looking for?  Oh yeah:  bullshit.  And since Annie will have time to talk to her parents without Kerry around, I wonder what she’ll talk about?

We’ll likely find out much later–

Right now we have a race to run.

Team Get Together: We Know Who’s Watching

Well here we are again, with another late post.  Today has been something of a meatgrinder at work and believe it or not, I’m a little behind on project, some really pushing hard to get things done by tomorrow–or at least early Thursday.

I have practice tonight, but I won’t be on skates.  Last night was practice number thirteen, and it wasn’t lucky: I hurt my right foot while jumping back and forth from one skate to the other. I wasn’t doing too bad until I felt something go pop in my right foot and I had to go sit down.  My foot is sore, but at least I can walk on.  Nothing is broken, nothing is black and blue, and there’s a little bit of swelling in the arch of my foot, and there’s a possibility I might have suffered a mild rupture of my plantar fascia, as I did feel something give way when I stepped down.

That means I’m going to film tonight, but I won’t be on the rink.  The soon as I’ll be back to practice will be Monday, and if I don’t feel ready for that I’ll wait until Wednesday.  At best I could end up taking off all next week so that I don’t have to worry about damaging my foot further.  I’m fairly certain the next couple of days it’ll start healing up and I’ll be back doing derby before you know it.

Needless to say, this is also given me an idea of the sort of injuries Annie could have when she starts getting out there and doing derby with her witchy friends…

But it’s going to be a while before that happens.  Right now, it’s time for Kerry to get his game face on.  And it’s time for Kerry’s friends to ask a few questions:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Good.” Holoč stepped out from behind the podium. “Let’s get the rest of our gear together. We need to be down on the main floor by thirteen-ten so we can begin the festivities. We’re in the first heat, so let’s see what we can do about locking down the first or second position.” He motioned for everyone to get to their feet. “I’ll see you after everything is over. Have a good day.”

Kerry went over to where he’d placed his helmet, gloves, and boots. He grabbed his footgear and plopped down in the nearest seat so he could put them on. Penny was at his right a few moments later and spoke as she readied her on boots. “You okay?”

He nodded. “Right as rain.” He remained attentive as the laces on his boots. “Are you worried I’m not?”

Penny shrugged. “Well, we all know Lisa’s looking start some shit with you today and Annie’s parents are here to watch you race.” She slipped on her right boot. “I don’t know what others know, but I am aware her father was quite the racer when he was here.”

“He and Professor Semplen were the last individual champions for this coven.” Alex sat on the other side of Penny and looked across her friend at Kerry. “If I were in your position, I think I’d feel a bit of pressure right now.”


You know, there’s nothing better than your teammates coming over and reminding you that your girlfriend’s father, who happened to be an individual Champion for your coven when he was in school, is going to be watching you race and likely judging everything that you’re doing.  You know, it’s not like Kerry doesn’t already have a shit-load stress that he’s dealing with at the moment, now he has to deal with this.  And from his own friends as well.  You’d think they just leave them alone.

But now that the seed is planted, it’s not going away anytime soon–


Kerry shrugged off the comment. News of Annie’s parents arrival spread through the dining hall as soon as they sat down and once a few students realized her father’s identity, it didn’t take long for word to spread through the rest of the school. Annie had made it clear during her A and B Levels that she didn’t want her father to overshadow her accomplishments at Salem, and spoke little of her family.

But she also knew that at some point during her enrollment at school her family would want to visit, and as she told him one night, after that moment she would need to live with the reality that people would view her differently from that point on.

As Annie also pointed out, things would change for Kerry as well. Knowing that Annie’s father had been an Individual Champion for the Cernunnos race team meant that, like it or not, people would begin judging Kerry’s accomplishments against that of Annie’s father. And he was aware, even before she mentioned the fact, that whenever they came to watch him race, there would be unspoken expectations about his performance.

Kerry had told Annie at the time that he wouldn’t let those things bother him—but now, while getting on the rest of his gear in the Cernunnos Ready Room, he felt an inkling of pressure beginning to build inside. His goal for today, as always, was to place in the top five in each race—and, if possible, secure a podium. He never set out to win a race because he felt that was a sure way to put too much pressure on yourself and screw up at some point on the course.

For the first time since he began racing on the A Team a year ago, Kerry felt that he had to win at least one of the three races in which Cernunnos would participate during today’s Round Robin.


Kerry likes to race, but it’s not the only thing in his life.  He said before that if he wins, great: I won.  Now Kerry’s looking at it as, future father-in-law’s here and I would really love to win a race.  Needless to say, this could cause a few problems.

But Penny’s not done yet…

Team Get Together: Can We Name Names?

I know what you’re thinking: damn, Cassidy. Kinda late for you to be getting a blog post out, isn’t it?  Well, yes it is.  See, a lot of things came up today and I was unable to get the post out at an earlier, more convenient time.  Which is why it’s coming out now. Better late than never, as I always say.

Now, Sunday morning I opened some gifts that I was given from an exchange I was in on Facebook.  I had three extremely excellent gifts: two keychains–

New keychains from my latest gift exchange.

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And this little beauty.

Now I have a resting mermaid. This could almost be Penny from my story.

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Everybody needs a little mermaid in their life.

Then yesterday afternoon I drove an hour south with a few members from my Derby team and we watched about between three different teams–it was a doubleheader game–in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Do laundry or go to Derby? I think we know which one won out.

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Needless to say, I was busy all weekend.  Oh, and I should mention, I bought a GoPro Hero 5,, so I’ll be getting some excellent POV shots during freshie practice tomorrow night.

So, let’s pick up where we left off yesterday. And that seems to be, penalties are going to be given out for a variety of infractions which may or may not happen.  I think Penny is questioning what’s really being said…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Penny leaned back in her seat. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“It means that if someone should take action against you, you may be penalized if you decide to retaliate against them for said action.” Holoč drummed his fingers against the podium for two seconds. “While I did not agree to this particular dictum, Vicky and three other coven leaders agreed that it was necessary.”

Kerry cleared his throat. “Who was the other coven leader who agreed with you? Was it Professor Sladen?”

Holoč nodded. “As a matter of fact, it was.”

“That’s because she’s the only other coven leader who’s done any serious racing here. I can understand Vicky going for this ‘cause it’s her job as the head of racing to try and keep the peace.” Kerry leaned forward and seat, setting his elbows upon his thighs. “This is all about Lisa saying she’s going to get back at me for what happened last weekend, isn’t it?”

“No names were mentioned in reference to these rumors.”

“Please, Professor.” Alex squirmed around in her chair before leaning against her right arm. “Everyone knows Lisa’s been talking up a storm ever since her accident.” She nodded toward Kerry. “Just as everyone knows Franky used that judgment trial to try and take Kerry out of this weekend’s racing.”

While Holoč knew Alex’s and Kerry’s statements were factual, decorum prevented him from actually pointing fingers. “Again, while everyone in the school knows these things, names were not mentioned during our Race Control meeting this morning. Ergo, I cannot make accusations about individual racers.”


Yeah, we can talk about individual flyers because we don’t want to call anyone out.  Kerry would like a little clarification on this last point:


Since Kerry knew no one was getting called out by name—at least not by Professor Semplen—he moved on to the next obvious question. “So what if I don’t retaliate? What if I just protect myself after she attacks me—” He waved his hand as if to change the subject. “Excuse me: I mean if I’m attacked by anyone and not just a particular psycho girl who races for a coven with a Nordic name.”

Holoč waited for the laughter to tie down before answering the question. “I trust you to use your best judgment should that happen, Kerry.” He looked around the room at the five faces staring back at him. “While Race Control is looking to minimize incidences today, believe me: we will know who is in the right and who is in the wrong. And should any of you encounter difficulties with any racers on the course today—difficulties that are not brought about by your actions—I will make certain that the action is reviewed and I will do everything I can to see to it you are not penalized.”

He let the silence carry on for a few seconds before finishing. “I can’t promise you won’t receive a five second penalty, but I can promise I will fight to keep that from happening. Are we clear?”

Manco, the team captain, spoke for everyone in the room. “Understood completely, Professor.”


No one is fooled by the BS story; everyone knows it’s all about Lisa.  And now everyone on the Cernunnos Race Team know that if she comes after them, Professor Semplen will do his best to see to it they’re not penalized for protecting themselves–and if they are, you’ll work to keep the penalty at a minimum.  It can also be said that even though were not seeing it happen, a similar conversation like this is happening in every other coven, including one that has psycho racing girls.

It won’t be long before we get to the racing.  But we’ve still got a few of the things to go over in the ready room…

Team Get Together: Rules and Realizations

Since it’s Sunday, that must mean there’s going to be a novel excerpt.  And you know what?  You’re right, there is!

Now, I know in yesterday’s video I indicated that my goal for Saturday was to write a thousand words. However, I felt slightly short of that mark–and by slightly short of that mark, I mean about seven hundred and fifty word short.  I ended up finishing the first scene of Chapter Fifteen, but before I could get into seemed to there was something I needed to do: I had to figure out how four of the five stages of the Samhain Round Robin races finish. See–and here is a spoiler–seemed to has to do with the last heat of the day, and it happens to be a heat in which Kerry is racing.  Well, that’s fine and good–but how did he get there?

During the last novel I set up specific rules how the two main Round Robin races were to be conducted, so in order for Cernunnos to get into Stage 5–the final stage of the day–several things had to happen during the other two stages in which Cernunnos participated.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t figured that out as of last night, so after I finish Scene One I spent probably more than an hour working out not only where each team finished, but how the individual flyers within that team finished.  And the reason I needed this information goes back to what I did this morning–

Which was to write one thousand, one hundred and fourteen words.  All of what was written today relates to a recollection of how everything went in Stages 1 through 4 of the Samhain races, and detailed information was given understandings of each team, who stood on what podium, and the point shakeout by the start of Stage 5.  And once again, I should’ve known better than to try and start writing before I had all my background information figured out. I’ve tried this before and gotten burned for my troubles.

I gotta stop doing that.

Anyway, I’m well into the race–

As you can see here.

The race itself and its aftermath are likely going to take a up another two thousand words, maybe more.  I’ll have a better idea of that final word count after I get into the details of what comes next.  Needless to say, this is going to be an interesting scene.

But before you get to see this one, we have to get through the first scene of Chapter Fifteen, which starts today.  And as you can see any image above, the first scene is called Team Meeting.  With me, you get what you see–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Holoč Semplen stood at the podium and closely watched the five students before him. Everyone in the Cernunnos Racing Ready Room with the same who’d been here the year before: he was aware of that as the Samhain Round Robin Races with the first in which Kerry participated.

He wondered if next year he faced the same team. Both Manco Manani and Darius Roy were currently E Levels and Manco was already giving indications that he might not be willing to return as team captain. And given that Darius had yet to have a top-five finish the first month of the season, Holoč believed it possible he wouldn’t return unless his performance improved drastically in the next few months.

As for the other three members of the team, Holoč had no doubts they would return next year. Penny Rigman, Alex Chorney, and Kerry Malibey had all each won a race since the start of the season, and more often than not at least one ended up with a podium position when they didn’t win. These three had scored the majority the points that currently had their team in second place in the Coven Standings, and their efforts saw them occupying the fourth, fifth, and sixth positions in the Individual Standings.

Holoč remembered the initial resentment between Manco and Darius versus Penny, Alex, and Kerry, once Kerry joined the team and tend to decide with the girls. It took Manco most of the season to put the resentment behind him and realize that these three were far better racers than he had originally given credit. Darius, however, had remained resentful to the remainder of last season and into this one, and Holoč wondered if he should not sit down with the boy and ask him if this is going to be a continuing trend, for if it was, it might be necessary to bring up a new flyer to take his spot on the team.

He didn’t want to do that, but as well as the team is doing now, he didn’t want to jeopardize their future standings.

That moment would come later, perhaps by the end of next month or the end of the calendar year. For now, Holoč’s primary concern were the races today. Like everyone else they would participate in three, and these would be among the hardest races Annie A Team participated in on school grounds.


There you have it: the veterans on the team aren’t doing all that well, while Penny, Alex, and Kerry are doing all the heavy lifting and scoring all the points.  And of the three wins Cernunnos has had the first month of this season, each of those people have had one.

Now, an interesting thing that I should point out.  Racing season started only two weeks before, yet Cernunnos has three wins in those two weeks. How is that possible?  It’s because the first meet of the season sees three heats occurring.  In the first heat the first place team from the previous season faces off against the last-place team. Then, in the second heat, the second, third, and fourth place teams race off together. And in the last heat of the day, all five teams take to the course–the only time in the year this happens.  That’s how flyers from Cernunnos have managed to pull off three wins in two weeks time, and since Kerry won the week before, that means Penny and Alex wonder races and that very first day of racing.

It should be fairly clear that there’s some resentment still lingering on the team over the success of this trio.  But Holoč hasn’t got time to worry about that now.  You see, Raise Control has come up with an edict they want passed along to all racers…


With the team meeting winding down, Holoč moved on the last order of business. “I have one final bit of information for everyone this afternoon. Due to the rumors that one or more racers may decide to take out their aggressions upon other racers during today’s race, Race Control wants all participants to be aware that penalties will be issued should such actions occur and that they will be severe.

“While Race Control understands that tempers can run high during the course of the race, we frown upon premeditated actions. Not only will time penalties be issued, but it is entirely possible that racers will be removed from the course during the race and likely prohibited from racing in subsequent events.” He reviewed his notes on his tablet. “We will be particularly watchful of those who initiate actions, though I should warn you: it’s entirely possible that any of you could be penalized for even the smallest of retaliations.”


Hum… There are rumors of one or more racers threatening to take out their aggression on others while on the course today?  I wonder to whom they are referring?

I am sure you’ll find out tomorrow.