Learning the Secrets: We’re Not Bovvered

Today has been a strange day for one of many reasons.  Nothing to go into at the moment: in fact, there may be nothing at all.  In the meantime–

Things are the same at Salem, only now Kerry is getting some words of support–first from Annie and then from the only other person in the room:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“That’s because I’m not bothered by any of the things you told Coraline. What we did was done privately and involved no one else. And as far as I’m concerned, I’m still going to do those things.” Annie hugged Kerry tight. “There’s nothing you admitted to for which we should feel ashamed.”

“She’s right, you know.” Coraline returned with two full glasses, one in each hand. “I know you guys like tomato juice so I had some sent up.” She handed them over and returned to her chair. “What you both need to know is that no one here—at least the staff and administrators—are ever gonna judge you. We have far more important things to worry about than which student are engaged in sexual activities with others.

“The truth is about eighty percent of A Levels have their first sexual experience inside these walls. That experience may only be masturbation—like what happened to you both—but it’s still a sexual experience. And by the time they’ve finished their B Levels, that total rises to about ninety-nine point five percent—with about thirty percent of B Levels moving beyond self-pleasure.”

Kerry took a long sip of her tomato juice and set it aside. “I didn’t know.”


It’s been stated time and again, but let’s do it once more for the cheap seats…  Witches Mature Fast.  They age slowly due to magical energy, but that same energy forces changes to them that see some physical changes occurring earlier than might happen with Normal kids.  And being sexually aware and, yes, even active, can be one of those changes.

If what Coraline says is true, probably more than a third of Annie’s and Kerry’s level mates are about where they are sexually, or even beyond, as Kerry indicated they haven’t had intercourse.  And since most of the kids are now fourteen, they probably started kicking it into gear when they were twelve or thirteen–pretty much like Annie and Kerry.

Coraline opens up just a little more on the subject, since they are the only people in the room:


“Of course you didn’t. That’s because sexual activity here is kept private as much as possible. I mean, there’s hundreds of places student can sneak off to so they can enjoy a few shenanigans.” After everyone had a chuckle Coraline continued. “We know it’s impossible to keep late tweeners and teenagers from having sexual relationships if they want, so we don’t try to stop them. In the past The Foundation has tried both draconian measure and manipulation of hormones to keep that from happening, but both were disasters. If you monitor students day and night to make certain they aren’t getting busy, you have to be willing to go after them at all hours of the day and night to keep it from happening, and that’s a pain in the ass.

“Other times magic was used to manipulate hormones in an attempt to curtail student’s sexual urges, but that resulted in issues developing with the physical development of the students, and that’s not a good thing. In a few instances it actually led to the deaths of students, which meant The Foundation had to put a stop to that process.

“Today our focus is making certain that if people are involved in sexual activity, that’s it’s healthy and it’s consensual. If either of those rules are broken, we step in and fix things.” Coraline looked away as she snorted. “The last thing I want to see is the witches leaving school having the same degree of sexual hangups that you find among Normal kids their age.”

Given the things Annie and she had already done, Kerry didn’t see either of them leaving school with a hangup of that nature. “That’s a good thing. Can I ask a question?”

Coraline crossed her legs. “Sure.”

“You said you knew from personal experience what your first time’s like. Did that happened here?”

Coraline shifted her gaze slightly downward for a few seconds, then looked up and focused on Kerry. “Let me tell you about that…”


So we are going to hear a rather personal story from Coraline, and no surprises here, this is going to lead into a tale of first times for Annie and Kerry.  As indicated, they’re talk a little about their first night in the Sea Sprite Inn–

And I know about this because Annie and Kerry told me what happened six years ago…

Learning the Secrets: Getting It Out

Yesterday we learned that Annie and Kerry have been–well, it seems they aren’t quite the chaste kids people thought they were.  We don’t know exactly what they’ve been up to–

But we’re about to find out.

That’s because The Foundation, in all their inquisitive wisdom, want the lowdown of all of Kerry’s escapades.  She doesn’t want to give it, so Coraline has to do a bit of explaining:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Because they want to know everything.” Coraline set the tablet aside. “I’ve already explained this: since you’re the first they want to gather all the information they can on you during your development. Though it doesn’t seem like it is, this is unobtrusive: they could have put visual monitoring on you 24/7, or do so for the next six months—”

“When I have to do this again.”

“When both of you do this again.”

She looked down as she shook her head. “For how long?”

“I’m no sure: eight years, maybe ten.” Coraline leaned forward. “And after that you’ll likely have an annual medical examination, though if you become a Guardian that’s going to happen anyway.”

Kerry said nothing for a few seconds, then brought a hand slowly to her chest to touch the still-glowing medical monitor. “They could figure out what we’ve done through our medical data, couldn’t they?”

It wasn’t necessary for Coraline to ask who else Kerry was speaking of when he said “we’ve”: she already knew. “They could. The Foundation has collected extensive medical data from both Annie and you for the last seven months. They’d likely put a few people—”

“You mean a team.”

“Okay, then: a team. They’d put a team together and go through your data and probably figure out with good certainty what you’ve both been up to.” She tapped the tablet. “Or, you could just answer the questions and no one will care.”

Once again Kerry glanced at Annie, only this time she was the one to squeeze Annie’s hand. “Screw it—” Kerry sat back in the love seat and folded her right leg under her left. “Ask away.”


Like it or not, Annie and Kerry have been feeding data to The Foundation ever since their medical monitors were installed, and it would be probably a simple task to go through everything and figure out just what was happening when.  It’s not quite the same as having someone Far Sight you day and night, but if The Foundation wanted to get shitty about this, they could make them wear the monitors for another six months, just to get their baseline data correct.

And that’s something I’d guess neither kid wants.

So Kerry figures she’s got nothing to lose and decides to answer questions. And what do they show?


Coraline began asking the questions concerning individual acts. She had somewhat expect Kerry to be evasive concerning what Annie and she—or, at the time, he—did together when in private, but instead she answered the first two questions—on manual and oral stimulation—straight forwardly, although she refused to make eye contact with Coraline when admitting to performing oral stimulation on another person.

There was a definite “No” when asked about doing any form of anal stimulation, which Coraline didn’t find surprising. That led to the last question— “Have you ever engaged in copulation?”

Kerry shook her head. “No.”

Coraline tapped in the answer before setting her tablet aside. “And that’s it: that’s the last question.” She got up. “I’ll be right back.”

Kerry waited until Coraline was on the other side of the privacy barrier before releasing a long, loud sigh. “Shit.”

Annie pulled her closer. “What’s wrong, my love?”

“Oh, nothing.” Kerry snuggled into Annie and held on to her right hand draped over her shoulder. “Why should I be bothered by having told Coraline every freakin’ thing we’ve done sexually for the last year and a half?”

“My love, look at me.” Kerry twisted her head and looked up into Annie’s soft, loving face. “Do I appeared bothered?”

Kerry half-closed her eyes as a slight grin appeared. “No, you don’t look bovvered.”


First off, while I know the answers to all these questions asked, I figured a while back that giving a blow-by-blow retelling of everything–no pun intended, by the way–would likely be a little too much.  Reading between the lines is enough and discerning viewers will figure out what sort of wink-wink, nudge-nudge my kids have done.

And while Kerry is a bit bothered by the admission, Annie gives zero shits about her sexual history being divulged.  Because that’s the way Annie is: from her point of view she’s done nothing wrong, so why act ashamed?  She grew up in a family of witches where admissions of love, touches of affection, and kissing were the norm, and in one instance where Annie was certain her mother heard her masturbating, Pavlina said and did nothing afterwords.  Why?  Probably because she knew it was none of her business.

This doesn’t mean her family would be completely happy to learn about these events, but just like with Coraline, Annie wouldn’t care. Her body, her pleasure, and as long as she uses good judgement why should her parents fret?

Now what is Coraline gonna say after this?  You’ll find out tomorrow.  And that conversation will lead to–

Oh, another scene?


Yeah, another.  And if the title is to be believed, we may just discover what happened at The Sea Sprite back at the end of the A Levels…

Learning the Secrets: Opening Up

I’m going to start out by saying this excerpt is going to make people uncomfortable.  I should know: I was uncomfortable writing it even though I’ve known for a long time it needed writing.  Because if you remember the last question Coraline asked a few days ago, you know where this is headed–

Like I’ve said time and again I know my kids inside and out–not only do I know them, but someone else has as well and when the time comes I’ll explain what that means.  Needless to say this is going to answer one or two questions, while likely opening up a few more.

Let’s not drag it out any more: let’s return to where we were a few days ago…


Continue reading

All That Medical Information: The Most Uncomfortable Stuff

Here I am in the light of day, a little sore but in much better shape than I was at the start of the week.  Which is a great thing considering I did blocking drills last night and took some pretty great hits that only knocked me off my skates once.

Does this mean I go to practice tonight?  You know me…

We’re getting into the details of the questions being asked of Kerry and this is where Coraline–which is to say The Foundation–is getting into detail.  Probably more detail that Kerry at first imagined:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Coraline nodded. “Yes, we do.” She read from her tablet. “A: once a year; B: once every six months; C: once a month; D: once every two to three weeks; E—”

Kerry looked to her right as she answered. “D.”

“When performing self-stimulation, do you often fantasize about other individuals?”

Kerry paused for a moment before answering. “Yes.”

Coraline glanced up from her tablet. “You almost said no, didn’t you?”

“Yeah.” Kerry understood the doctor’s question. “You’re watching my aura, aren’t you?”

“Have to make sure you’re not trying to deceive me on any of these questions. And just so you know—” She pointed up at the ceiling. “I’m recording this and one of the devices is monitoring your aura, so we’ll know if you’re lying.”

Kerry knew it made sense that their conversation was being recorded—she only felt a twinge of regret that Coraline hadn’t mentioned this before they began talking. As there wasn’t anything she could do about it now—nor would it have done any good to protest or express anger at not being told—Kerry decided to return to the questionnaire. “Yes.”

Coraline sat back with a slightly puzzled look on her face. “What?”

“The answer to the last question. It’s yes.”

“Ah, I see.” She scrolled something on the display. “Given that you indicated you are heterosexual, are your fantasies structured along that orientation?”


“Do you A: fantasize about one individual in particular always or the majority of the time, or B—”



With this part of the scene we know Coraline is not only monitoring Kerry’s aura to see if she’s telling the truth, but there’s a video recording of said aura, which will tell The Foundation if Kerry was being less than truthful so they could have Coraline go back and get the right answers on certain questions–

Like, “Do you fantasy when you’re, you know, doing that thing to yourself?” Yes, boy Kerry does and, it seems, there’s a particular girl who fills those fantasies.  Any guess as to whom that might be?  Coraline has a good idea–


Coraline cast a quick glance towards Annie, who was impassive and seemingly unperturbed, before continuing. “Next question: have you ever employed aids or devices for the purpose of self-pleasure?”

A confused look fell across Kerry’s face. “Like?”

“Um… aids like vibrators or devices like anatomically correct dolls.”

Kerry’s eyes shot from side to side. “No. I mean—” She turned to Annie. “Where the hell would I even get that stuff? It’s not like you’ll find them here.”

Annie and Coraline exchanged looks before Annie spoke. “I wouldn’t say that.”

Kerry turned a quizzical eye towards her soul mate. “You don’t—?”

“I don’t own anything like that, but—” Annie paused for just a moment, knowing that what she was about to say remain with the people in the room and would likely be edited out of the recordings. “Alex has a vibrator.”

What?” Kerry was taken aback. “Alex? How do you know?”

“Remember I stayed with Penny and Alex when you were away on your overnight flights last level year? She showed it to me while you were away on the last one.”

Kerry chuckled. “Damn. How’d she get it?”

That she didn’t say—and I didn’t ask.”


As I’ve stated before, witches mature faster than Normal kids, which means as they physically mature, they also mature sexually as well.  Alex is now fifteen, which is probably–what?  Twenty or twenty-one in Normal kid years, and she’s having feelings that sometimes need fixing when her boyfriend isn’t around.  I’m not saying that she’s having sexual relations with her boyfriend, but she at least knows how to tend to those, um, needs herself.  No word from Annie if she found out about Alex’s toy because Penny complained about the sound while trying to sleep…

Anyway… It looks like we’ve about run out of questions here:


“Okay.” Kerry shook her head as she suddenly realized he knew a secret about one of his friends that her boyfriend probably didn’t know. “I just—” She turned to Coraline. “Next question?”

Coraline tapped her tablet. “That’s the last of those questions.”

“Oh?” Kerry turned to Annie before shrugging. “That wasn’t that bad.”

“That wasn’t, no.” Coraline sat back and cupped her chin in her right hand. “The next ones coming, however—”

“What’s wrong?”

“Those questions are going to be a bit more personal.”

A strange look came over Kerry’s face. “Like how?”


If those questions just asked were personal and the ones coming are even more personal, like Kerry asks, how personal can they get?

Well, I guess that means I have to leave this excerpt with a bit of a personal cliffhanger–


Coraline looked down at her tablet. “Like the first one, for example.” She kept her eyes pinned to Kerry’s as she spoke. “Have you ever engaged in sexual activity with another person?”


Yeah, Kerry, it’s safe to say, things are gonna get way personal from here on out…

Bringing Sexy Back

Saturday, right?  You know what that means, right?  Video time!  And here comes the newest one.


The First Madness: Madness Interruptus

Well, here it is lunch time and the living is easy.  Or so-so easy.  Last night was not an easy night for me even though I bought a new version of Dragon–which I should get in a few days–and I made it through Ep 2 of Humans, which I need to recap tonight.

I am such a busy girl.

“Just keep typing, just keep typing, you can sleep when you’re dead–or through plotting stories.”

Now that we have Annie’s swearing out of the way–and the feeling seems to be that Annie was likely to be the first of the couple of swear because she’s way ahead of Kerry in terms of her personality–there’s something else we have to get out of the way–and we’ll leave it to Kerry to get running with that ball …


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


A moment of indecision crossed Kerry’s face before he wrapped his arms around Annie and begin kissing her. As they kissed he slowly lay her on the sofa seat, stretching out his legs so he could lay between her and the sofa edge. When he was done kissing he propped his head up with his elbow and began stroking her cheek with his finger. “I understand you perfectly.”

Annie stretched out and relaxed. “What is this?”

Kerry looked at her with dreamy eyes. “Do you know what I wish?”

“No, what?”

“I wish when we leave here tonight we didn’t have to go to separate rooms.”

She turned her head slightly so she was staring up at the faraway ceiling of the Dining Hall. “Like what we had in Paris.”

“Yes. Just like that.”

“I think…” Annie wrapped her arm around Kerry’s neck and pulled him closer. “Having our own room here at the school would be a dream come true.”

Kerry moved closer until he was almost pressing into her. “But it will probably never happen.”

Annie nodded. “I think the odds are slim. I believe the headmistress would be conscious of the fact that other students would think were getting preferable treatment.”

He lay back yet remained close to her. “They know were not going to be having sex.”

“The headmistress and everyone else might know that, but the other .” She began tracing her finger over the area of his chest where the medical monitor was implanted. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that…”

Kerry chuckled. “Having everyone think were having intercourse all the time, or actually having intercourse all the time?”

Annie lay partway upon his left shoulder and rested against his chest. “You know which one I would like.” She leaned in and kissed him for a few seconds. “And considering that my period is finally over—”

He was about to say something when he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. His eyesight shifted slightly to the right for a moment, then back to Annie. “Hold that thought.” Kerry turned his head to greet their new visitors. “Hi there.”

Soroushi Yazdi and Nancy Piugattuk, the B Levels with whom they shared the second floor of their tower, stood quietly on the other side of the coffee table. Nancy was the first to speak. “Is this a bad time?”

Annie sat up moments before Kerry and spoke before he had a chance. “No, we’re just fooling around a bit.” She motioned at the easy chairs on either side of the sofa. “Won’t you please sit?”


“Students are going to think that we’re having intercourse our every waking moment–not that there’s anything wrong with that…”  Needless to say, Annie gives no shits what the other students think she’s doing with her Ginger Hair Boy, and right hear admits that, if it were possible, intercourse would likely become an extracurricular activity.  Annie’s more mature mentally and emotionally, and with her fourteenth birthday only a few weeks away she’s ready to add sexually to that list.  We started seeing her develop last year and this is something that will happen throughout this novel and the next ones.

The kids are growing up and this is going to become something for which they’ll need to deal.  They both want The Three Bindings, but if they keep spending the night together in their own hotels rooms when they’re away from school and homes, they may have to forget about that special Gift.  And then we have Kerry laying down with Annie in the Madness, talking about having their own room and sleeping together in the tower–good think Kerry’s mom isn’t present to hear her son talking about what he’d like to do now.

But leave it to a couple of their covenmates to throw some cold water on these two.  Wonder why they’re there?

To see the show?  Probably not.

The Future Abstaining

It’s finally getting cold enough outside to start feeling like winter all the time.  The last couple of mornings it started out in the 30s and hasn’t actually gotten much over the mid 40s by late afternoon, so I guess one can assume it won’t be long before we start getting snow around here.  I’m got the mukluks ready to go–now all I need is the snow.

Writing last night was kind of strange.  Didn’t quite get to a thousand words, but I did make it three quarters of the way there.  It was like a kept having problems figuring out what I was going say, even though I knew what I was going say.  I even found myself repeating stuff I’d already said that having to go back and make certain that I didn’t do that.  I’ve had this happen before, but it’s been a while since I’ve had to deal with this.  Could be I’m tired: could just be a lingering bit of depression.

Whatever.  I’ll cross eighty thousand words tonight, and once I do that I will only be one hundred and seventy thousand words away from a huge milestone: a million words written for this series.  Yeah, quite a lot there.  I should have a party on the cross that finish line…

"I never thought I'd get here.  But I'm always thinking that."

“A million words!  All unpublished!  Um…  yay!  Time for tacos!”

Speaking of tacos I can use us right now–

So, what is Annie and Kerry thinking of at this moment?  Annie’s done worrying about Emma and Kerry and she have made affirmations of love once more.  But Annie isn’t about to let that last one go–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


He raised his head up and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “Do that and we miss out on whatever we’re going to get from The Three Bindings.”

“I know.” Annie allowed her shoulders to droop as she sighed. “I know we’ve done well when it comes to not fooling around that way, but sometimes—” She stared at Kerry for a good five seconds. “I want my husband to make love to me and I don’t know if I can wait five more years.”

“Don’t I know that.” Their burgeoning sexuality was something they didn’t need to discuss: they were both aware of the changes in each other’s bodies and the effects it was having upon them. They kept reminding each other that at their age intercourse was out of the question, but Kerry knew the more they mention that, the more they were only reinforcing the fact that their astral binding—and by extension the other two bindings that would eventually lead to the mythical The Three Bindings and whatever gifts it would bring—had become barrier to engaging in actions that they knew other kids their age were doing at school.

Kerry wrapped his arms around Annie held her tight. “Don’t worry, we’ll get to that one of these days. And when we do, it’s going to be fantastic.” He lowered his voice and spoke in a soft murmur. “Besides, our visions showed that the first time we do that, we’re in the loft at your lake house. We want those visions come true, don’t we?”


Annie has always been the more mature of the two in this couple.  She shown that emotionally and of late she’s begun to show it sexually.  It’s a simple fact: girls develop faster than boys and a lot of different areas, and when it comes to sexuality they usually have a better understanding of what and who they like earlier on.  Emotionally, Annie was in love with Kerry at a very early age and the same situation is beginning to present itself here, with Annie developing a more mature outlook on their coming sexual relationship.

Kerry, however, seems aware of it as well.  This is not the same kid who flew off to Boston two years earlier: Kerry has matured emotionally as well, though he still a bit behind his sweet little cabbage roll in that regard.  And, in a way, where it comes to their sexuality he seems to spend time trying not to think about it, whereas Annie is thinking about it and doing what she can to repress it.

It was only a short time ago that Deanna told them that in the way she felt sorry they would have to go through this whole situation of having to fight against their instinct to be together.  If they were normal witches it would probably be a done deal: they’d have “done it” already and continued on with their relationship in a fairly normal fashion.  Although, with these two, is there any such thing as normal?  No, not really.  They’re not like all the other witches and likely never will be like them.

And that just makes everything that much harder.

Speaking of visions and sexuality, there are a few more thoughts shared between them on the matter:


“Of course we do.” Annie kissed him then whispered in his ear. “But we both know, visions can change and sometimes not come true.”

Because of all the reading he had done Kerry knew this was true as well. There was another variable to put into play, however— “You built your lake house because of a vision and you included that loft because you know something happens there on one particular night.”  He touched the tip of Annie’s nose. “I don’t want you to miss out on that, Darling, because I know if you don’t get to live that vision, you are going to feel disappointed.” He set his hands upon her shoulders. “And I will do everything I can to keep you from being disappointed that night.”

Annie reached up and took hold of his left wrist with her right hand. “The only way you could disappoint me as if you weren’t there that evening.” A mischievous gleam formed in her eyes. “Or if you drink too much wine and you’re, you know…”

Kerry didn’t need it spelled out for him. “I promise I will not drink too much that night. Though if your parents have champagne—”

The cabin lights flickered and came on under low illumination. They both knew what this meant: the hostesses would be coming around to check on the students and see who had come out of adjustment and who was still under. For those who were still under they could administer a reactant that would wake them after five minutes, at which point all cabin lights would come to full illumination.

Annie looked about their private quarters. “The hostess will be here in a few minutes.”

“Yeah, fun time’s over.” Kerry looked toward the door and let out a sigh. “We could just lay here like this; the hostess won’t say anything.”

A slight grin began forming on Annie’s face. “In that case you might want to stop touching my breast.”

Kerry immediately pulled his right hand away when he realized his hand had slipped from her shoulder and was touching her there. “Sorry.”

Annie appeared ready to come back with comment when a slight chime sounded through the private compartment. She rolled off Kerry and faced the door, propping herself up on her right elbow. “Come in.”


You gotta love Annie: and I getting married for at least another five years and already she’s telling Kerry, “You better not get drunk at our wedding reception, because I don’t want to have to deal with that on our wedding night.”  By that time in their lives the probably be good enough with transformation magic that they can purge the majority of the alcohol out of their system and not have to worry about a possible fiasco that evening.  Still, one could look at what Annie is saying and remark, “Man, she starting to nag him already.”  Just make sure you don’t remark too loudly around her.

Tomorrow I should be ready to finish the scene.  What I mean by that is I should be ready to finish showing you the scene: the scene’s been finished for quite some time.  And once that’s over, I’ll be ready to take them home.

Really, it’s been such a long time in coming.

Saturday Go To Running Blues

It’s not really the blues as we know the blues, but there is a lot of running today.  And I’m gonna tell you all about it.

The End of the Ice Princess

Eighteen twelve.  Not only an overture which we can get behind, but how many words my scene finally came to when I ended it last night.  I figured that after eighteen hundred words I’d said what needed to be said, and wrapped it up.  Why did I do that?  Because you don’t stretch out a scene any further than what needs stretching, and I’d reached the right point to move onto what comes next.

Before that, however, here are my word counts for the last three nights of writing:


Words 07/26/2015: 688
Words 07/28/2015: 503
Words 07/29/2015: 621


As you can see I skipped a day there because of electrolysis, work, and a dinner engagement exactly in that order, but I stayed pretty steady throughout the whole process, average six hundred words a night.  Oh, and last night I didn’t get home until about six-thirty because I stopped off for drinks and chat, my first time to do that in a long time, which means by the time I was out of the shower and feeling human again, it was close to eight before I began writing.

Oh, an one other milestone:

It's just one more, it's eleven . . . hundred.

It’s just one more, it’s eleven . . . hundred.

Yes, I’m only about eleven hundred words from reached one hundred thousand, and if my writing skills hold up tonight as they have this week, I’ll likely hit that mark Friday night.  I will try, however, to get closer to a thousand words tonight, and if I manage that, then I’m going to try and push it over the top.  I don’t know, but I do know there is dancing in the next scene.

As for this scene?  Well, Annie mentions a few things about herself . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Almost five seconds passed before Annie nodded slowly. “This last summer was far more difficult than I expected.”

Deanna said nothing; not asking questions at this moment was the key to getting her to open up. “Please tell me.”

A moment of hesitancy crossed Annie’s face as she leaned into the arm of the sofa before she relaxed. “You told me last year that being with Kerry in person was different than it had been when we’d met in our dreams—”

“I remember that discussion.”

“I didn’t believe it at the time, and I right up until I arrived home I thought getting through the summer would be a strange, but that it wouldn’t be hard.” She shook her head. “I was wrong; I missed him horribly. I’d wake up in the morning and expect to find him outside my door: I’d go to bed at night wishing he was there to kiss me goodnight and tell me he loves me.” Annie stared at her hand in her lap. “We wrote to each other constantly and managed to meet in our dreams twice, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to be able to touch him, and I couldn’t.

“Then we met in London for those few hours, and . . .” Her voice caught in her throat. “I know Helena and Erywin meant well, but being with Kerry for those few hours, and then leaving him behind for at least another month—it was maddening. I just—” She sighed softly. “That was when I discovered . . .”

Though Deanna’s sight was well developed, she didn’t need it to anticipate where the conversation was headed. “You were like any other girl in love?”

“Yes.” Annie chuckled. “I always knew I was, but there was more. Until that time we spent in London, I didn’t realize I had—” A touch of redness came to her cheeks as she said the word. “Urges.”

Deanna tilted her head slightly. “Really?”

“Yes. Not often, but there was one time, I was sleeping in the main house, and before I got up I—” She gave a little smile as she shrugged. “When I went out to my sitting room my mother was there with breakfast. I think she may have heard me.”

After a few years of being a coven leader and a counselor, of dealing with the drama of tweens and teens growing up in her coven, of listening to students who’d fallen into and out of love, of giving guidance and comfort to those who found themselves in their first sexual encounters—she’d learned to keep her emotions off her face—except this time she couldn’t. Deanna’s smile was wide and bright. “Annie. I’m . . .” She patted Annie’s hand. “You are definitely growing up. I’m pleasantly surprised.”

“That I’m not an ice princess as others have said?” She was well aware of the things others in her level had said of her during the last school year, and not all of them were as complementary as “lovey dovey”.

“I’ve always known you were passionate; all you’ve done is confirm your passion.” Deanna nodded towards a group of people off to Annie’s right. “Maybe you’d like to speak with someone else about this?”

She turned and saw a group of students speaking with Headmistress Laventure and Coraline. She’d overheard Helena saying that the headmistress was coming as Madam Marie Curie, but she was unsure of Coraline’s costume. She thought she might be Merida from the Brave movie that came out over the summer—what with the bow and quiver of arrows Coraline had strapped to her back—but she looked like she was dressed for winter, and as far as she knew the movie didn’t take place in that season. She made a note to ask Kerry when he was finished and returned to her talk. “I would rather not speak with her right now.” Annie glanced over her shoulder and saw Kerry coming off the dance floor. “Especially right now . . .”


Urges?  Annie has urges?  Yep, big time.  Must be hormones.  I mean, why should the boys have all the fun?  If anything it’s probably noted more at Salem because there are so many girls.  But Annie maybe getting caught by her mom?  That is probably something that Mama Kirilova has never had to deal with, and I imagine that Annie probably had to whistle up all her willpower to keep from sporting Guilty Face when she came out of her bedroom to use the bathroom.

So what does an Ice Princess say when her mom gives her that “Were you doing something in there?” look?

"Morning, Mama.  I was, um . . . defrosting."

“Morning, Mama. I was, um . . . defrosting.”

At least Frozen won’t come out for a few years in story time, so Annie doesn’t have to worry about coming to the Samhain Dance as Elsa–yet.

Tonight, it’s time to get some dancing on . . .

The Only Ones

Well, now, it was writing time, but I wouldn’t say it was one of my finest moments.  It’s so difficult to get back into the swing of things when you’re tired and you know you have a few thousand words ahead of you to get done before you get into your personal stuff.  Yeah, busy weekends mean it’s busy catch up time on the novel front.

This means I was able to get just a few words over five hundred into the bank before I decided they weren’t coming any more and it was time for bed.  That’s not a lot, but I think–think, mind you–that things will go better tonight.  Besides, I have a goal to shoot towards–

Probably the only "close to six figures" I'll ever see.

Probably the only “close to six figures” I’ll ever see.

Yes, I’m one thousand, seven hundred, and fifty-five words away from hitting one hundred thousand words for the third time, and I’d like to hit this by Friday night, because that will stay with my current rate of cranking out about five thousand words a week.  As if it, it looks as if I’ll reach that milestone in the next scene, because this one is just about over.

So . . . Annie talking about sex–you know, that sex.  When I was last here I left off with a question by Deanna that, to me, feels like a good place to start up once again–


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Deanna chose her next words carefully, because she didn’t want to make Annie overwrought. “Do you think it’s possible that either you or Kerry will have—sex with someone else before your marriage?”

Annie’s calm expression never changed. “No.”

Deanna leaned towards her. “I can understand you knowing your feelings, but Kerry—”


“You don’t think he would?”

This time Annie’s calm began to shift into one of slight disbelief. “I said no, Deanna.” Before the seer could query the matter further, Annie shifted around so she was looking over the back of the sofa. “Do you see Kerry out there?”

Deanna spotted him right away, dancing in his own clumsy, flapping about with the rhythm way with Nadine. “Yes.”

“You noticed how Nadine asked me if she could dance with Kerry?”

“How could I not?”

“She did that because she respects our relationship, because she respects us both—” Annie turned back to her normal seated position so she was once again facing Deanna. “She did that because she respects me, because she didn’t want to impose herself by violating our personal boundaries.

“But did you notice what Kerry did? He waited to see what I would say. If I’d have said no, he’d have been as good with that answer as he was when I said yes. He did that because he not only loves me, but he respects me.” She slipped her hands together and rested them against her thighs as she now leaned towards the seer. “There is only one girl Kerry will lose his virginity to, and I am that girl. There are no others.”


I know what you’re saying:  “She’s only thirteen, how the hell does she know that?”  Because, I know, hormones and all that, Kerry has them, and they’ve been known to lead even the strongest willed boy astray.

But Annie is a different kind of thirteen year old girl.  There is something I know that you don’t–which is my normal mantra, “I know something you don’t”–and this very adult understanding of her soul mate might seem strange in other girls her age–who are often losing their shit over the fact that some guy they like was seen hanging out with another girl–it’s not strange for Annie.

And in case you’re wondering, “When will we learn why Annie is so different from other thirteen year old girls?” I can tell you:  sometime in the beginning of the D Level novel.  Say . . . four hundred thousand words from now?  Hang in their, kids.

This last statement has Deanna asking another question . . .


She appreciated Annie’s conviction in feeling that Kerry will be her first, and he hers, but Deanna knew there were other pressures at school that could skew that dream. “You don’t believe there’s anyone here that could tempt him?”

Annie glanced over her right shoulder towards where Emma stood speaking with a group of girls. “There are no other distractions—” She turned back to Deanna and deftly crossed her legs. “—worth mentioning.”


Ding, Ding, Ding.  What’s that, Emma?  Oh, that’s the elevator, ’cause you’re not on the same level as Annie.  In short, she just laid a bit of, “Bitch can suck it,” smack on her, and that’s that.  She gives zero shits about The Ginger From Bolder and doesn’t consider her a concern.  And in case anyone has any questions–and I know they’ll come–watch Chapter Twelve.  It’s coming.  Yes, it is.

Where does this leave us?


Deanne decided not to press the issue further because she knew the discussion would return to the same point each time, and now that Annie’s beliefs were out in the open, there was little point in continuing to examine them. “If that is true, then we’re back at the beginning: you’re afraid you’ll both falter and give into weakness.”

Annie cast her sight downward for a moment. “Yes. That second vision seemed to indicate the possibility exists.”

“But you’re forgetting something—” Deanna held up her finger for emphases. “The second vision could be wrong. You weren’t far enough along in that vision to witness the outcome, so it is entirely possible that you weren’t going to engage in . . .” She cleared her throat. “That act.” Deanna expected the girl to respond, but saw something in her body language that indicated that whatever she was going to saw, it wouldn’t come without prodding. “You felt something, didn’t you?”

Almost five seconds passed before Annie nodded slowly. “This last summer was far more difficult than I expected.”

Deanna said nothing; not asking questions at this moment was the key to getting her to open up. “Please tell me.”


Yeah, tell us, Annie; tell us how difficult this last summer was.  Because it sounds like The Chestnut Girl isn’t completely immune to her own feelings, which is why she’s having this conversation.

Looks like I have a summer to recollect ahead of me . . .

Frank and Forward

All the tunnel visiting and writing is out of the way, and the shopping is done, and the writing . . . well, it started.  In a way, that is, because yesterday I was tired.  Hiking and visiting and just generally spending the whole day doing something had a strange way of taking things out of me, and for most of Sunday I was sort of out of it.  Plus, I’m going in for electrolysis this morning–I actually leave about seven-fifteen AM to go to my appointment at about eight-thirty–and when I’m through with that horror show it’s back here and off to work, and then dinner with a friend tonight–

Suddenly I’m such the social butterfly.

Also, The Walking Dead Season 1 was on, and I was snaking like crazy.

Also, The Walking Dead Season 1 was on, and I was snaking like crazy.

But I did write last night, though my mind was elsewhere most of the time, and it was tricky trying to get my thoughts together.  I managed six hundred and sixty-eight words, but if you saw the cutting and pasting I needed to bring the scene into line with what I’d heard in my head–oh, man, such a strange thing.  This is why writing on a computer is good, ’cause I would have went through a whole buttload of paper if I were typing this out.

It was a good thing I figured out where these scenes were supposed to go ahead of time.

It was a good thing I figured out where these scenes were supposed to go ahead of time.

What follows is Annie and Deanna have a talk to discuss what’s on Annie’s mind, because by now Deanna is emphatic to Annie’s feelings, and she can tell when Annie wants to talk.  Or did Deanna see this conversation coming ahead of time and knew they were going to talk before they spoke?  That’s the crazy thing with seer:  you can never tell if they’re listening to you because they want to know what you’re going to say, or they already know what you’ve said and they’re being polite.

Anyway . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie reached the furniture setting where Kerry and she spent their time during the Midnight Madness. She waited for Deanna to settle herself on the love seat before she sat down on the sofa—their sofa. They’d started to think of this setting as theirs—their chair, their tables, their love seat—but it was their sofa they loved the most. So much love has transpired upon this sofa. She ran her right hand in a small, slow circle against the leather next to her. There is so much more that will happen here as well . . .

Deanna set her sword and shield on the coffee table, then set back and crossed her legs. “There is something on your mind.”

Annie wasn’t surprised that Deanna’s words came out as a statement and not a question. After a year Deanna knew Annie, knew her moods, and was aware of when she wanted to speak privately. “I’ve thought a great deal about our visions of late; the visions Kerry and I have experienced.”

Deanna folded her hands into her lap. “I can see how you would. I would think it almost impossible not to give it much thought.” She set her right elbow against the love seat arm and held her chin with her thumb and finger. “Is there something in those vision that bothers you?”

“Not so much bothers me as . . .” Annie pressed her lips against the back of her fingers while she paused in thought. “Is it possible for part of one vision to be overridden by something that happens in another?”

While Deanna was Salem’s expert on visions, she wanted more information before giving her educated opinion. “You’re referring to something changing in first vision?”

Annie didn’t acknowledge the seer’s question, though she appeared to remain in thought for a few seconds more. “Last year when Kerry and I spoke to Coraline and you about the specifics of our first vision, we mentioned that we knew our wedding night would be our first time . . .” She took a quick, short breath. “Doing that.”

Denna nodded once. “Having sexual relations.”

“Well—” A strange smile spread across Annie’s face. “I like to think of the act that lay ahead of us that night as engaging in physical love.”

“I see what you mean—or I believe I do. Can you elaborate?”


Doing that.  The thing that Annie has said they–Kerry and her–shouldn’t talk about.  But Annie knows what she’s talking about, and what she’s bending Deanna’s ear about is, you know, getting down with hubby-to-be-who’ll-was-actually-hubby-then.  But there’s something fairly specific she wants to discuss–


“I wonder if what we saw in our second vision—”

Deanna thought this might be the reason for her trepidation. “You feel that what could have transpired in the second vision may affect the first?”

Annie sighed. “You said you watched us pantomime our vision—”

“I heard you speaking, and . . .” Deanna’s right eyebrow shot up as she remembered the last thing that happened before Annie and Kerry came out of their vision. “And saw what you did at the end.”

She didn’t want to keep dancing about: Annie got right to the point. “I believe Kerry and I were going to have have sex.”

Hum.” Deanna rubber her lips. “There are all kinds of sex, and it’s possible—”

Annie shook here head. “The one we’re discussing—the one that Kerry and I will perform on our wedding night—” She looked Deanna in the eyes with an unwavering gaze. “That’s the most intimate, the most important. That’s what I imagine when I think of sex. As for the others . . .” She chuckled. “They’re just fun.”

Whenever Deanna thought Annie couldn’t surprise her, she’d come up with something that would. “I wouldn’t look at it that way—”

“It’s not important: it’s not relevant to what concerns me.” Annie didn’t want to get sidetracked into a discussion on her views on sexual activities and actions. “The second vision felt like Kerry and I were going to do something that would invalidate part of our first vision.” She looked away for a moment and sighed. “Is that possible? Can it happen?”

“That you can Kerry won’t be virgins when you marry?”


Deanna chose her next words carefully, because she didn’t want to make Annie overwrought. “Do you think it’s possible that either Kerry or you will have—sex with someone else before your marriage?”


And, hummmmm.  So now you know:  when Annie thinks of sex, she thinks of it as a particular act, while the rest–eh, it’s for fun!  Okay.

Now, you may says, “She’s only thirteen,” and yes, that’s true, she is.  We’ve already seen, however, that Annie doesn’t appear to have issues with nudity–remember, she’s already discussed dancing around the bonfires with Kerry in front of other people, and told him she’s not that bothered that people will see her–and given this is a girl who’s been thinking about her wedding since like, oh, forever, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that she’s quite nonchalant about sex.  Annie’s a worldly girl and quite mature for her age, and to try and put her in the same light as other thirteen year old girls would be difficult.

Remember, when it came to actually just sleeping with Kerry in the same bed, she didn’t get all red in the face or jump up and down like she was at a Taylor Swift concert.  She was like, “Kerry, make sure you put your clothes in that dresser.”  Because sharing a bed with the one she loves is natural . . .

Let’s, for a moment, look at Deanna’s reaction as well.  She’s not all shocked, though she is a bit surprised, which is understandable.  Now, imagine if Annie were speaking with Kerry’s mother–ai, yi yi!  Mama Malibey lost her shit over nocturnal emissions and Kerry having the sex talk with a doctor without her permission first, so how is she ever gonna handle Ms. Annie “Those Are Just Fun” Kirilova?  I know exactly when that moment happens, and trust me, it’s gonna be good times all around.

But there is a whole quantum leap of understanding here.  Deanna doesn’t get crazy on Annie:  no, she falls into a frank discussion with the girl.  She treats Annie like an adult, and that may have something to do with her being a coven leader and a counselor, or it could have something to do with maybe Deanna knowing exactly what Annie has done with her magic up to this point.  Or . . . as they were getting ready to return to Europe after the end of the kid’s A Level, Deanna told Erywin Annie and Kerry were still virgins.  As Erywin asked, how did she know?  Probably don’t want to know . . .

But how’s that last for a cliffhanger?  I’m such a bad girl . . .

The Hook at the Core

In yesterday’s post I said this:


In fact the scene is just short of thirty-one hundred words, which makes it a big scene, and it’s something I should finish tonight.  “Should” being the operative word.  I’ve seen that plan fall through more than once, but I’m confident I should finish tonight.  Should.


Yeah, about that . . .

Should came up last night in the form of a long nap, a trip out for dinner, a couple of adult beverages, and just a general feeling that this was a bad week and I needed some relaxation prompted me not to do too much.  I managed a few words, but I really wasn’t into writing.  I mean, it’s been a week of ups and downs, and for the most part I’ve been taking Friday nights off.  And, for the records, I wrote, from Monday to Friday, four thousand, five hundred, and fifty-three words, which is a nice weekly total.  If I throw last Saturday and Sunday into that mix, the total rolls up to almost six thousand, eight hundred words, and that’s a short story a week right there.

I’m not going to complain too much.  I really need to take a break now and then.

However, I’m never quite away from the story, even when I’m not writing.  So while I’m sitting at Red Robins sucking down a Baileys Irish Cream milkshake–and I had two, ’cause it was that sort of week–I thought of the hook for this story, what’s coming for my kids–

It’s change.  More than just being able to do magic, too.

The statement has been made a couple of times that the kids are growing up fast, that they’re more mature, at least in their relationship, that others at the school.  But in the last year both my kids saw a vision of their future, and it was . . . well, it was pretty straight forward about where they were headed.  And now, after yesterday’s post, it looks like they may be out on their own, and perhaps preparing to get their ya-yas out–

"Cassie, I hate being a character in your story and pretending not to know what you know."

“Cassie, I hate being a character in your world and pretending not to know what you’re talking about.”

Sucks, don’t it, Chestnut Girl?

Annie turns thirteen in this novel–pretty soon, actually–and Kerry goes through the same thing once the novel gets on towards the end.  For the first time in this world they’re beginning to realize that they are changing, and that there’s a whole lot about them that is different–

And that’s all a bit scary.

I thought out how this current scene ends, which I sort of knew, but I worked out the detail last night without writing anything down.  That happens today, and then we go on to their Gift testing, which is just another indication they’re different kids–but they already knew that:  they were out on a secret mission four months earlier–as they were reminded by Deanna–and how many others in their level did the same?  Um, let me see:  add nothing to nothing, twice nothing, take away the nothing . . .

You get the idea.  They’re different.  And now they’ll start realizing they’re just like the other kids who are going through the Big P, only none of those kids have see what may be waiting for them when they’re done with school.

There are no big bads stalking my kids in this series of stories, looking to snuff them out of existence so they can take over the world.  The enemy they face is something even worse:  their own lives, and how they’re affected by those around them.

In other words, being teenagers.  Magical teenagers who deal with a lot heavier shit than wondering if they can work up the nerve to ask Jenny out to the dance, or see if Billy wants to go to a movie.  At least in those Normal instances one never had to worry about a monster eating them while they’re out . . .

I promise I’ll write today.  I want to finish this up.  Besides, I need something to do before I go get food and my nails done, and I’ve got a that makeup party tomorrow . . .