The Road Nanoer

Now we come to the part of the journey where we don’t dance, but say what I listened to last night while writing.  That’s easy:  the Donnie Darko Soundtrack.

That doesn’t sounds like a lot, and there’s a reason for that:  I didn’t write much last night.  Why?  Because I was tired and brain dead, and I’d spent a lot of time after getting home preparing for a long drive.  Yes, that’s right:  I’m on the road again.  In fact, I’m writing this scree from O to the Hi to the O, right around eight AM local.  I’ve been on the road since three AM, and I’ve been having a ball.  I’ve given both my Bubblegum Crises soundtrack CDs a couple of spins each, which has taken me all the way through Pennsylvania and about thirty miles into Ohio, and cruising through the mountain on the Penn Turkey with 1980’s anime pop cranked is a good time.  There was a moment while I was making the climb up to Somerset before holding a 70 mph/110 kph ninety degree turn right into the Allegheny Tunnel as the guitar bridge on Asu e Tatchidaun blasted out of the speakers–magic.  You should try it.

Last night I wrote one thousand, two hundred, sixty words.  That is the first time during three NaNos and a Camp that I didn’t make my word count.  I mean, I was out of it, the mind was stone, and nothing seemed correct.  I corrected a few things along the way, and tonight, once I’m back home, I’ll probably edit a couple of things before writing anything new.  But that doesn’t matter to me because I’ve beat the NaNo.  My word count stands at fifty thousand, three hundred and eight words.  Yay, me.  Wait, I mean–Yay.

All that remains is to hit my fifty-four thousand mark this weekend, and I’ll accomplish what I wanted to do.  Like I said before, I’ll probably close out the month with sixty thousand or so, which will put me one-half or one-third of the way to the end, depending on what final word count I go with.  At the moment I’m revising upwards to one third.  Oi, there’s a lot left to write.

The other thing I was messing with last night was moving a scene.  I realize that one thing I wanted to write isn’t needed, but another scene I’m thinking of–one that comes right after the one I’m currently writing–needed to be added.  So, just like with one scene I’ve already moved, I’ll move the scene card I don’t need to where I do need it, and rename the sucker.  I’ll probably start working on that Saturday.  The big question for that scene is do I start writing it before the Doctor Who anniversary special at one-fifty in the afternoon, or do I wait until after?  Hummm . . . after.  Definitely after.

Another NaNo in the books, reached in time to drive six hundred miles back home for the holidays.  And finding time to blog out five hundred plus words.  Remember kids:  you can write anywhere.  You just have need to do it.

Now, finish my coffee, pack up, use the bathroom, and back to heading westward.  I think I’ll give Achtung Baby a couple of spins through this hell that is Ohio . . .

Daily word count:  1,260.  Total word count:  50,308.