Up On the Coming

This is one of those “I don’t know what to do for a post today, so here’s hoping I can pull something out of my butt today” posts, which I don’t have often, but which do come every so often.

I’m thinking here–really I am.

And then it hit me:  why not talk about what happened yesterday–

What did happen yesterday?  Glad you asked.  See, I’m a busy person:  I’ve got this novel going on, and I do TV recaps–of which I need to do two this weekend–and I’m ten scenes into this mermaid story that I’m about a day behind on, so I need to catch up on that.  Needless to say, I’ve got a lot going on in my life even though I bitch a lot about nothing going on.

Now, Reny–my long time reader who reads just about everything–had some confusing questions for me.  See, I have a Penny in my Foundations novels–Penny Rigman, who lives in England–and Penny the 9 year old mermaid in my mermaid story, and Reny was maybe a little confused that both girls were the same.  I had to point out that, no, they aren’t, it’s different universes, and the kicker of them all, Albuquerque Penny–the mermaid–is nine and white, while Salem Penny is a teenager and black.

What was her response?  “I didn’t know Salem Penny was black.”

I had to think about that for a minute, because I was certain when I introduced Alex and her in Berlin I’d mentioned she was black.  And I did–in a roundabout way.  When I first introduced Penny I mentioned that both her parents were from Barbados, which has a population that’s about 95% black.  I checked a few other places and nope, it seems like I never bring up her ethnicity again.  Because why?  It’s really not that big of a deal considering at school the majority of the kids are people of color.

And then…  I remembered Hermione.

You remember Hermione?  The witch from Harry Potter who everyone thought was white but ended up being played by a black woman in the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which then led to J. K. Rowling more or less saying, “Well, I never said Hermione was white, did I?” and causing a large segment of that fandom to lose it hard as the arguments over her ethnicity started.

The way I saw it, I was setting up the same problem–

Please.  Hermione doesn’t need that shit again.


Figuring I didn’t need that to happen again, I got into the B Level novel, went to the “Welcome to Berlin” section of the story, and changed Penny’s introduction to say, without a doubt, that her family’s from Barbados and, oh yeah, she’s black.  I also changed something about Alex as well, because once you put about three hundred thousand words between sections you sometimes forget things.  And I didn’t want to do that, either.

That was me last night, fixing stuff in my novels and making certain I get it all right as much as possible.  Because what’s the point if you don’t? Michael Cimino said something like that while filming Heaven’s Gate, though I’m unsure if he was referring to the movie or all the blow everyone was doing.

I know I’m not doing blow, so getting it all right must have something to do with my writing.

It must.

The Second Second Breakfast Run

All the tails of misery and pain are out of the way, or at least as much as possible for now.  Now it’s back to the regularly scheduled events of the week, which are normally fairly boring and easy going.

That means it’s time to get back to editing and one of my favorite couple of scenes in the book.

The last two days were spent getting into the scene I titled Second Breakfast way back in April, 2014, pretty much as a way of venting some frustration.  This all happened during a discussion with someone close to me who started complaining that two scene earlier, when Kerry first met Ms. Rutherford for breakfast she decided to have something to eat as well, and  they began questioning whether or not she’d had breakfast with the other kids, and if so, how could she eat again so soon?  Personally I felt it was really kind of a ridiculous thing to hang on, but it ended up being forty minutes of back and forth before I finally said I’d change the scene.

(There was also a forty-five minute discussion over the used of the metric system versus the imperial system for measurements throughout the story–her argument was that Americans wouldn’t read the book because they didn’t understand the system, while my argument was that The Foundation couldn’t call themselves a “world wind organization” if they were using a measuring system used in only three countries in the world–and that argument I one simply because it’s my story.  Nener, nener, nener.)

But this is really the first scene where we hear the terms “Legacy” and “Normal” with a Big Freakin’ N, and if you’re playing attention you realize there’s something going on with this Ms. Rutherford woman, and that Annie isn’t quite like the other kids.  And this is the beginning of the first time Annie began making her play for The Kid From Cardiff, and a question was asked:

The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, 2015, by Cassidy Frazee)

“What are we gonna do if we go out?” All Kerry had with him was £50 he’d hidden away over the last couple of years: there wasn’t any way he could get around London on that amount. “How we suppose to get around or do anything?”

Annie patted the envelope with her left hand. “Ms. Rutherford left prepaid debit cards with £200 on them for each of us to use. No need to worry about money for the day.”

“Oh.” Kerry’s stared off to a far corner of the room as he seemed to consider Annie’s comment.

Seeing the indecision on Kerry’s face, Annie knew the time had come to push the forty-four percent odds towards her favor. She reached out and touched his left hand: Kerry’s head swiveled around to face her. “Would you like to do something? Would you like to go somewhere with me, Kerry?”


There’s the question we’ll hear some, oh, three hundred thousand words from now, but here it gets asked three times, and this is also the very first time we see her do something to Kerry she’s never done before:  she touches his hand in a non-handshaking way.  Of course this  makes Kerry nervous, because girls, and this leads to a discussion of why she’s asking Kerry, and why she’s not asking the other two students with them.  Because Annie is a little girl who knows what she wants, even this early in the story.

And we get this right near the end:


She realized she’d made Kerry a bit uncomfortable, but there was also the possibility that he was completely focused on her, and if she asked him that question again, there was a good chance his mind wouldn’t wander this time.  “Would you like to do something?  Would you like to go somewhere with me, Kerry?”  She leaned every so slightly towards him.  “I’d rather not spend all day in the hotel, but I’d also rather not wander about London by myself.  I’d like you to join me.”  She sifted in her chair, sitting back while never allowing her gaze to drift from him.  “Please?”


That Annie:  such a forceful eleven year old girl.  If one didn’t know any better, one could say she was about to lean in for a kiss, but we know she’d never do that in public.

So much more to go, and the PDAs are already starting.

So much more to go, and the near-PDAs are already starting.

As the next scene is well over five thousand words long it’s likely going to take me a couple of days to edit.  But that’s the one where we get to see them walking around London–

And we know what these kids are like when they are left together on their own.

Coming to a Theater Near You–Again

After a night of interruptions–including a couple of romance scammers who spent well over an hour trying to convince me that I was the one for them–I finally finished the “movie trailer” for B For Bewitching.

This was a real undertaking, let me tell you, for my mind wasn’t actually seeing things as clearly this time around as last.  I should say I did see things clearly, but for some reason I didn’t bring them to life as well as I did the last time I posted one of these–which was only a week and a half short of six months ago–and I know that because I posted it for another writer friend who is in the process of trying to market her first novel, and she’s got the growing pains that come with trying to market yourself.  Of course, because her last name is Noble I like to call her Doctor Donna, because I’m like that.

What’s different this time around?  A couple of things.  First, this time around I left off a lot of the screenplay marks like “EXT. LAKE SHORE — DAY” and “EXT. TRAIN STATION— NIGHT”, because this was taking me a whole lot of time to write, and I was forgetting these things, to be honest.  Yes, I know, I’m bad.  Therefore, this is more like a first draft of a screenplay, with most of the camera set ups loaded inside the descriptions.

The other thing I did was include music, and this is where I really spent most of my time trying to tie scenes in with specific lyrics.  That’s what took the longest time, listening to the songs over and over and figuring out what scenes should go where.  That’s why you’ll see lyrics posted in the areas where the scene descriptions are located:  in a “real” trailer you’d hear the music in voice over (or here, V.O.) as the scenes plays out.  Not only did I include the lyrics, but I’ve also included the songs themselves at the appropriate areas, but there are two songs used, and they definitely show a change in the mood of the trailer.

I should also point out that neither song is played in its entirety;  about half the lyrics are missing from the first song and the whole second verse of the last song is missing.  Because no one is going to sit through like nine to ten minutes of trailer.  Five on the other hand . . .

Either way, you might want to give the songs a listen as you either read through, or before hand.  Just a suggestion.

During the reading you may encounter the phrase “beauty pass”.  This is a term where there’s a tracking shot over something that’s meant to show it off.  In Star Trek:  The Next Generation majestically sailing past the camera now and then was a beauty pass.  It’s also a term used in CGI rendering and for getting your hair and makeup done in New York City, but I’m doing neither of those.

Also, you’ll notice that a few people who are among “the hated” show up in this treatment, and they even have lines!  There’s also a character who you’ll recognize instantly–

Then, for better or worse, there’s the “movie trailer” for the second novel.  Enjoy.


The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)



The log drums intro of Crowded House’s Private Universe begins as the camera pulls back revealing KERRY MALIBEY laying in bed with the covers pulled to his chin. Once his face is in full frame his eyes open, but he seemed unaware where he is.


The music continues as the camera focus across a room. ANNIE KIRILOVA sits up wearing a black cami top, her hair slightly mused, appearing slightly confused while looking at something just off camera.


ANNIE and KERRY are standing together in the bedroom, both in their night clothes moving towards the camera as she waves her hand.

“No time, no place to talk about the weather.”


Camera POV from behind ANNIE and KERRY as they look out an opening door, revealing a sunny yard beyond.

“Promise of love is hard to ignore.”


KERRY and ERYWIN SLADEN walking across a open plaza.

“Who said the chance wasn’t getting any better?”

“It sucks. I hate being home.”


ANNIE and KERRY alone on a sofa.

“Labor of love is ours to endure.”

“I hate being thirteen.”


Camera POV making a beauty pass over the SALEM SCHOOL Pentagram and Great Hall.

“Highest branch on the apple tree.”


ANNIE and KERRY siting on the second floor of Cernunnos Coven at night with PENELOPE RIGMAN, ALEXANDRIA CHORNEY, and JAIRO YBARRA.

“It was my favorite place to be.”


ANNIE appearing serious and deadpan with KERRY standing in the background as she’s yelled at by LISA GLISSANDI.

“I could hear them breaking free.”

“Don’t you get it? No one cares what you want.”


ANNIE dressed in her night clothes floating out of a multi-colored, iridescent fog.

“But they could not see me.”


ANNIE, PENNY, and ALEX watching red blips inside a holographic bubble.

“I will run for shelter.”


ANNIE and KERRY standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

“Endless summer lift the curse.”


KERRY lifting ANNIE around her waist as she holds her hands over her head and cheers.

“It feels like nothing matters.”


ANNIE and KERRY dressed in summer clothes standing with bicycles in the middle of a country road on a sunny day.

“In our private universe.”

The instrumental bridge begins to play as we cycle through a number of scenes:


DEANNA ARRAKIS is sitting in a room with ANNIE and KERRY.

“There’s something I’d like to discuss.”

“Does it involve tea?”


ISIS MOSSMAN twisting around in mid-air and lightly hands on her feet in front of ANNIE and KERRY while they stand inside the Aerodrome.

“Do you want to be a mermaid?”


ANNIE wrapping KERRY in dark ribbons of shadow as she levitates him in front of Sorcery Class.


KERRY on his broom alongside PENNY and ALEX on theirs as they enter The Diamond, a large, enclosed racing structure. All look up at something and break into smile as PENNY leaps off her broom.


A blond KERRY and an aqua-colored hair ANNIE standing in the Pentagram Garden late at night. She kisses him on the nose.

“It’s been such a special night.”

The song picks up as scenes continue:


KERRY is in Queens, New York, standing in the World’s Fair grounds with EMMA NELSON. They are both in their flight gear, and the Unisphere is in the background. He turns to her as she speaks.

“I will run for shelter.”

“What is wrong with you? You’re twelve years old and you talk like you’re married.”


ANNIE and KERRY walking along a lake in the gray misting light rain.

“Endless summer lift the curse.”

“I wait to stand by your side.”


ANNIE and KERRY in their school uniforms standing close together in a large room with several students standing in the background.

“It feels like nothing matters.”

“I’m gonna stand over here and watch you kick this guy’s butt—”


ANNIE smiles at his comment.


ANNIE is floating over KERRY, who is in his night clothes, as is ANNIE. All around them multi-colored mist beings to take shape into recognizable shapes.

“Come to me. Come be with me.”


“In our private universe.”


ANNIE and KERRY are sitting in an airport lounge with darkness beyond the windows. He hands a small, gift wrapped package to her.

“And it’s a pleasure that I have known.”


ANNIE and KERRY are walking down a street wearing jackets on what seems a chilly day.

“I’ve never had people tell me that didn’t want me around.”

“You can do two things, then: either change and be what they want—or ignore them and continue being yourself.”

“And it’s a treasure that I have gained.”


ANNIE waking up inside a dark aircraft cabin. As the lyric is sung the camera POV shows her face rising up over an armrest.  The music comes to the foreground.

“And it’s a pleasure that I have known.”


As the song moves back into the instrumental with an increased tempo KERRY is squirming in his sleep, mumbling.

She’s not your CONCERN.”


ANNIE is speaking with KERRY aboard the same plane.

“What were you dreaming about?”

“I was talking to a girl.”


ANNIE meeting with DEANNA lying on their backs, looking at a video. We cut to the video showing a scene from the year before, where ANNIE and KERRY met with DEANNA the first time. This time there are colorful outlines around bodies.

“Why does mine have that bright yellow border?”

“Bright yellow indicates a fear of something—losing control, losing respect—”


ANNIE appearing a bit sad.

“Losing someone you love.”


KERRY sitting up in a hospital bed unable to move as ANNIE feeds him breakfast.

“Were you speaking with that girl again? The one you mentioned the last time?”

“Yes, I was.”

“Who is she?”

“I don’t know.”


KERRY standing in a stark, gray fog, wearing his pajamas as he looks around.

“You’re not Annie.”

A GIRL speaks but is not shown.

“No, I’m not.”

“Who are you?”

“You know who I am”

“Why do you want me to know everything about you?”


The music stops as the screen goes completely black. There’s a pause before we hear the girl speak.

“Because you hold my life in your hands.”

The screen remains black as we hear a high hat strike before the famous eight-note bass intro of Queen’s Under Pressure begins.


POV from across a large mat with a large circle in the middle. The camera looks over the shoulder of a student as we see ANNIE in her school uniform, her feet bare, standing in an outlined box opposite the camera. The mat is surrounded by students.


CORALINE GALLAGHER is with DENNA in a comfortable looking room. CORALINE is dressed in a sweater and jeans; DEANNA wears a light blue abaya.

“Did you notice the one connecting thread in those dreams?”

“You’re talking about Annie—”

“She could probably be considered a trigging factor.”

“Five times is too often for it to be a coincidence.”

“You think it’s a vision?”


A group of students in heavy winter gear are flying on PAVs through the darkening sky, with a touch of the sun to the right of screen.

“Um ba ba be, Um ba ba be, De day da.”

POV over two students as Cape Ann is scene in the distance.


We are in the headmistress’ office, where MATHILDE LAVENTURE is speaking with CORALINE and DEANNA. Until otherwise noted the song plays in the background.

“I have to assume the student in question is Kerry Malibey.”

“Pressure pushing down on me.”

“Given what happened last night with Kerry, we’d like to have Erywin help us.”

“Pressing down on you, no man ask fore.”

“So have her help you.”

“Under pressure.”

“We’re asking for her official assistance.”


ANNIE and KERRY are in light blue coveralls getting into rigging hanging from the ceiling. RAMONA CHAI and HELENA LOVECRAFT are with them, helping the prepare.

“That brings a building down, splits a family in two.”

“Both signals are over the red line.”

“How are you feeling?”

“Puts people on streets.”

“I’ve been looking forward to this since last night.”

“I can’t wait to start.”


POV CLOSE UP on the face of someone that looks human, but is hairless. It’s gasping for air and appears confused.

“Um ba ba be, um ba ba be.”

“Don’t try to talk, just nod—”

“De day da, ee day da—”


POV showing the upper torso of the human-like thing looking towards the camera as HELENA stands next to it, helping.


POV showing another human-like thing looking towards the camera with RAMONA alongside. It smiles back.

“That’s okay.”


CORALINE and DEANNA are meeting with ERYWIN in a library room, with comfortable sitting chairs, end tables, and subdued lighting.

“It’s the terror of knowing what the world is about.”

“Do you believe he’s a danger?”


CORALINE and ANNIE are next to KERRY’S bed in the school’s hospital. CORALINE stands over him as ANNIE sits to his left. He appears almost terrified as he closes his eyes.

“Watching some good friends screaming—”

KERRY (In a near whisper)
“She’s coming for me.”

“Let Me Out.”


Two racers on PAVs collide at the start/finish line; one slams into the ground as the other flies off their broom and towards the camera. At this point the song comes out of the background and plays over the scenes.

“Pressure on people, people on streets.”


DEANNA standing in a ghostly version of the school while dressed in ethereal armor. She throws up a glowing shield as an flickering, orange light bathes her face.

“Turned away from it all like a blind man.”


CORALINE, DEANNA, ERYWIN, and JESSICA KISHNA stand looking incredulously at something off-screen. ERYWIN shouts out something as she throws up her hand.

“Sat on a fence but it don’t work.”


ANNIE in the hospital standing over an unconscious KERRY laying in bed while CORALINE stands at the food of the bed.

“Keep coming up with love, but it’s so slashed and torn.”


The air in front of ANNIE shimmers slightly as she is hit by a fireball that dissipates; she pulls back her right hand and looks down at something as a dark mass forms around her open palm.



Three racers in black with green piping drop down over the top of trees at high speed as they race past the camera’s POV.


As the third “Why” in the song stretches out—


ANNIE being held from behind as she looks on frightened.


KERRY in a room screaming at someone or something.



ANNIE in her night clothes running out of her room into a dark, coven corridor.

“Love, love, love, love, love.”


Overhead POV as the camera follows a racer in their black uniform with green trim traveling over a rocky surface in snow before plunging over the slide of a mountain into a whiteout and vanishing.

“Insanity laughs under pressure we’re breaking.”


POV on KERRY on a busy street as he turns to face the camera.

“Can’t we give ourselves one more chance.”


POV on ANNIE sitting at a table in a restaurant, waving with a slight smile on her face.

“Why can’t we give love that one more chance.”



“Why can’t we give love give love—”


ANNIE with KERRY on a sofa inside a room as he kisses her.


To Be

“Give love give love give love—”


ANNIE in the dark with KERRY, both wearing winter gear, as she seems to float above and to his side. She leans in to kiss him.



“Give love give love give love give love.”


POV CLOSE UP on ANNIE with KERRY standing in a court yard and dressed for a cool day. There are tears on his cheeks as she holds his face between her hands.

“Because love’s such an old fashioned word.”


POV CLOSE UP on ANNIE standing in a bedroom dressed in her night clothes as she smiles softly at something beyond the camera.

“And love dares you to care for—”


POV CLOSE UP on A GIRL WITH RED HAIR in the same bedroom and dressed in her night clothe, smiling back at the camera.

“The people on the edge of the night—”


ANNIE and KERRY sitting at an outside table at a cafe with PENNY, ALEX, JAIRO, and KAHOKU SAYASONE. All are smiling and laughing.

“And loves dares you to change our way of—”


POV ANNIE and KERRY, at night, sitting on a bench under a covered walkway. It’s cool outside; he’s in a hoodie and she a sweater. ANNIE stays nestled against KERRY with is arm wrapped around her. They both look happy and content.

“Caring about ourselves; this is our last dance—”


An aqua-haired ANNIE and blond KERRY dancing: he with his arm high over his head as he is yelling out, while ANNIE dancing wildly near him.

“This is our last dance.”


POV ANNIE and KERRY, both in winter gear out on a gray day. He’s on his broom; she’s flying free. She waves for him to follow, and they head towards the camera. It turns and follows them as they fly out over a gray, churning ocean and quickly dwindle into the distance

“This is ourselves. Under pressure.”


The Foundation Chronicles: B For Bewitching

“Under pressure.”


KERRY sitting in a chair in what appears to be a family room. He speaks over the piano.

“Mom, Dad . . .”



As the song plays out POV ANNIE standing before a closed privacy curtain.

“You’ve yet to see me angry.”

POV KERRY sitting up in a hospital bed.

“Uh, huh. And if you had been angry?”


POV on ANNIE in her school uniform as she floats down from above, a cold loon on her face, a shimmering ice blue sphere in one hand, as purple-yellow ball of energy in the other. She comes to a hover half a meter above the mat—


Classes Start This Fall



And there you are;  three days of work that I hope were worth it.  And just think:  there’s another coming.

Maybe even before I age another month and reach my two year anniversary on hormone treatment, which is a month from yesterday.

Maybe even before I age another month and reach my two year anniversary on hormone treatment, which is a month from yesterday.

See you around the magical campus, kids!

How I Ended Before a Summer Vacation

We all know what’s going to happen today, don’t we?  It’s the end of the line for a certain story, just as I promised.

I do my best to keep my word even when it's not wanted.

I do my best to keep my word even when it’s not wanted.

Last night and this morning I wrote just one word short of fourteen hundred to finish the story of my kids and their B Levels, and because this is the last of that story, you’re getting it all with few interruptions.  Well, one of two, but that’s it.  And as stated before, since Kerry started this novel, it’s up to him to finish it . . .


The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

The car was outside Cardiff Central Station when Ms. Rutherford and Kerry exited the train station not long after jaunting in from Berlin. Though the sun was still up—with it now a little after twenty hour, it wouldn’t set for another hour—it was falling behind the building of central Cardiff.

They didn’t stay long at the station. The boot opened as soon as they exited the station; Ms. Rutherford got in behind the driver as Kerry put his luggage in the back and closed the lid, and as soon as he was inside with Ms. Rutherford and his seatbelt was locked, the Mercedes C300 Sedan pulled away from the entrance and merged into early evening traffic.
They were only thirty seconds away from the station when Ms. Rutherford handed Kerry a small, button-like object. “This is your panic button. You know how they work.”

Kerry immediately picked up that his case worker was not asking a question but making a statement. “Activate the enchantment and you’ll teleport off to a predetermined location.”

“The spot picked for you is safe and secure, and you can go there any time, day or night. Once that’s activated someone will be with you within five minutes; I’ll arrive within fifteen. Ms. Rutherford gave Kerry a sharp look. “You need to either keep that on you at all times, or somewhere close by where you know it won’t be disturbed.”

Kerry opened one of the small, side pockets of his backpack and slipped the enchanted device inside. “It’ll be safe there.”

Silence filled the back of the Mercedes for almost another minute, the Ms. Rutherford glanced out the window at the passing scenery. “I know about your Gifts.” She turned to the boy on her left. “Both of them.”

He nearly did a double take with his case worker. “They told you? About . . .” He shrugged. “That?”

“The one that requires you being monitored?” She half smiled. “Yes.”

“Because you’re my case worker?”

“That’s one of the reasons.” Ms. Rutherford slid around in her seat as best she could with the seatbelt on so she could better see Kerry. “Because we sometimes have to hear secrets about our characters, my division is attached to the Protectors and not the Educational Council. That’s one of the reasons why I’m aware of your Bigender Gift. Also—” The half smile softened into something comforting. “I’ll be with the group that will come to get you should you have your first transition over the summer. I asked to be included as a member of Doctor Gallagher’s group as soon as I learned of her plans.”

“When was that?”

“A couple of weeks after your monitor was attached.” She face forward once more, softly chuckling. “Coraline agreed that it’d be best to have me deal with your parents while they prepared to move you somewhere—” She looked at Kerry out of the corner of her eye. “Well, where they can make you more comfortable.”

Kerry was made aware of this situation weeks back when all the B Level were given their “Returning Home” orientation. He knew he could call or text Ms. Rutherford at any time—he had her number in his phone—but the panic button was a special situation in case things at home took a turn for the worst and the student in question found it necessary to leave right that moment.

He was surprised by the revelation that Ms. Rutherford would be the person to speak with his parents should he have his first transition while home for summer holiday. Just that little bit of knowledge left him feeling that much more reassured that if the event did happen while he was home, he’d find himself being taken care of by people who cared. “Thank you, Ms. Rutherford. That means a lot.”

“It’s the least I can do for you.” She settled back in her seat. “It’s also my pleasure and honor to make certain you’re handled in the best possible fashion.”


I wanted to get a feel for how it looked in Cardiff as Kerry returned home, and found some new landscapes for Stellarium, and the one I found–well, it’s not in Cardiff, it’s actually from Sofia, Bulgaria, which must be come kind of strange coincidence.

Does this mean if you look hard, you'll see Annie and her mom out shopping?

Does this mean if you look hard, you’ll see Annie and her mom out shopping?

But it’s a good enough view, and I’ll stick with this.

This is also the first time we learn that Ms. Rutherford is actually a Protector, who are like The Foundation’s own police force.  If you want a comparison, The Protectors are like the FBI, The Guardians are like the CIA, and The Marshals, who haven’t really been discussed, are like The Foundation’s own special forces unit comprised of witches with military-grade, magically enhanced bang-bang.  She knows a lot of things, but not everything, about Kerry, because while she has a security clearance, it’s not as high as the one Kerry already has.

We also see the magical “Get Out of Dodge” piece of this homecoming:  every student gets a panic button just in case things at home suddenly go sideways and they need to beat a hasty retreat.  And you can bet someone will be checking up on Kerry over the summer, for should his parents go all tyrannical on him, he could just blast them through a wall and burn down the house.  People in The Foundation would much rather he just jaunt out of a bad situation rather than go full-on Natural Born Killer on his folks.  And given that the family abode is empty at least three days out of the week, how hard would it be for a team of Protectors or Guardians to jaunt inside and set up some of those bugs Helena once checked for in a motel room in Kansas City?  The answer is, “Not very.”

Speaking of the Malibey Home, we’re almost there:


Neither spoke during the remainder of the short ride home. It wasn’t until the car pulled up in front of his house and came to a complete stop that Ms. Rutherford spoke. “Remember, Kerry: if the situation should turn ugly in the next few minutes, it is not a reflection upon you. Who you are, what you are, should be judged on your attitude and behavior, not fear.” She gave his hand a slight pat. “Just be yourself and nothing more.”

Kerry looked up the path to his front door hoping that everything went well and didn’t degenerate into any of the worst case scenarios he’d worked out in his head over the last few weeks. “I’ll remember that.” He looked ahead at the seat back in front of him. “I guess we should get this over with—” He threw open the passenger door and stepped out into the cool, clear, Cardiff evening.

He was half-way up the walk when the front door flew open to reveal his mother ready to receive them. “Kerry.”

“Hi, Mom.” He immediately picked up on the tone of her voice: he was worried. Kerry wished he knew what she’d been told about his return, but I was impossible to ask that in front of her.

Ms. Rutherford held the outside door for Kerry. “Good evening, Mrs. Malibey.”

“Good evening, Ms. Rutherford.” Louise Malibey stepped back so Kerry could enter. She addressed him as he set his luggage on the ground floor landing. “How was your flight?”

“It was good, Mom.” He looked behind her and gave a slight wave. “Hi, Dad.”

“Welcome home, Son.” Davyn Malibey joined his wife. “Hello, Ms. Rutherford.”

“Good evening, Mr. Malibey.” She closed the door behind her and turned toward Kerry’s parents. “I’m happy to see you both.”

“Well, you did ask us both to be here when he came home.” Louise turned to her son. “Is everything all right?”


Being a mom, Louise Malibey goes right to the “What’s wrong?” option for his meeting.  Because we know something must be wrong if Ms. Rutherford wants to talk to his parents, right?  We know that’s not the case, and Ms. Rutherford step in to chill this shit out:


Ms. Rutherford cut off Kerry before he could reply. “Is it possible we could all sit down and talk?”

Davyn pointed down the hallway behind him. “We can all sit in the family room. Come this way—”

The family room was large room with lots of windows in the back of the house, situated between the kitchen and dining room, and the sun room leading to the back yard. Louise and Davyn sat on the sofa facing the television: Kerry and Ms. Rutherford pulled the chairs from either side of the sofa and place them so they could set facing his parents. As they were sitting Louise expressed what she was feeling. “Ms. Rutherford, when we got your message I got worried. It sounded so important, and yet—”

“I didn’t give you any details?” She set her bag on the armrest and crossed her legs. “It was a rather generic email, and for that I apologize. I didn’t mean to cause undo concern.”

“But the tone made it sound like there’s something important you needed to discuss.”

“And there is. But first, I need you to understand—” She looked at Kerry, sitting to her left. “This meeting has nothing to do with Kerry’s academic standing at school. He remains one of the best students in his level, if not in the entire school.” She gave him a broad, pleasant smile. “There’s only one other student I know of who is Kerry’s equal.

“This also has nothing to do with his behavior, either. Kerry’s disciplinary record is clean: it’s actually quiet outstanding. One might say—” She gave him a knowing look. “—he’s done far more than most students over the last two years to help out around the school.”


Hum, I wonder who this other student is who’s Kerry’s equal?  Maybe a soul mate from Bulgaria?  We’ll discuss that matter later:  right now, we’re getting down to the big moment–


“Then this is about what?” Davyn seemed perplexed that whatever the reason was for being in this discussion had nothing to do with his son’s grades or discipline.

Ms. Rutherford looked thoughtful for a moment. “This is more of a—you might say, a personal matter.”

“Oh, God.” Louise held her forehead for a moment. “Kerry, what did you do?”

Kerry turned to Ms. Rutherford instead of replying to his mother. “I should tell them.”

Ms. Rutherford nodded. “It’s time.”

“Yeah.” Kerry scooted to the front of his chair and leaned forward, resting his forearms on his legs. “Well, then: here goes.” He swallowed once and exhaled slow as he looked at his parents. “Mom, Dad . . . I’m a witch.”

The End


And that’s it:  that’s the end of the novel.  It’s over, it’s done, it’s 327,931 words written in 422 days, for an average of 844 words written per day.

There's the tale of the tape for all to see.

There’s the tale of the tape for all to see.

But wait!  What about Kerry’s parents response to his coming out?  What is that “The End” crap up there?  Well, you see, I’m leaving what happens after the reveal for the beginning of the next novel.

And I expect this to be the look on some faces while they do.


Yes, afraid so, folks.  I knew the ending of this novel before I ever began writing, and that ending had Kerry announcing his witchness followed by the words “The End.”  I also knew that the next novel, C For Continuing, is where the reader discovers his parents reaction, and this is something I’ve had planed since the days when I was laying out the time line for A For Advanced.  Yes, as Skye Hegyes commented about a week and a half back, I’m being a bad witch by ending the second novel on probably the biggest cliff hanger I could find, and I’m not doing it to be mean–that’s just the way this story rolls.

Don’t worry, though:  you’ll only have to wait a few months to see how this is going to turn out.

I mean, it’s not like we’re talking forever . . .

Semilive From The Burg

It’s one of those “Time is the Tyrant” things again, and I haven’t been able to do the things I’ve wanted to do this morning.  So what did I do?  Why, I made you a video!  Yes, I found time to make and upload a video, and in it you’ll see I have my eye on the prize, making me just like a certain girl living in the mountains of Bulgaria.

Here I am in all my early morning glory!

See you later when all the stuff and things are done.

Back to Berlin: Our Summer Goodbyes

Yesterday I was in a great deal of pain.  Right about seven-thirty in the morning I pulled a muscle in my left calf–the one that gives me a lot of trouble every so often–and spent the day hobbling around in pain.  Believe me when I say it made the mile walk from work really interesting and slow.

So went I finally made it home I spent most of the time with an ice pack wrapped around my leg, or with one of those portable head packs stuck on my calf.  I have the ice pack on now, and I’ll take it and a heat pack with me to work because baby gotta make that money.

But that gave me a lot of time to write, and I cranked out nearly twelve hundred words to put the penultimate chapter to bed.

There it is, snoozing away peacefully.

There it is, snoozing away peacefully.

As you can see there is one more scene, and the binder on the left tells the tale of the tape:  there aren’t any other acts or parts or scenes to follow.  The end really is here, and it’s likely coming this weekend.

Right now it’s time to get off the plane, ’cause there are people awaiting–


The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

They proceeded slowly down the walkway, keeping in step and looking straight ahead the all the way to the terminal. Just as they’d done in Vienna they didn’t release their grips on each other’s hand, not even when they spotted Pavlina Kirilova chatting with Ms. Rutherford, both whom turned toward them as they approached.

They stopped when they were about four meters from the two women. Annie turned to Kerry. “Watch my luggage?”

“I got it.” He nodded towards her mother. “Go on.”

“Thank you.” Annie quickly covered the rest of the distance and threw her arms around her mother. “Mama—”

“Dobre doshŭl u doma, Anelie.” Pavlina hugged her daughter tight. “Mnogo mi lipsvashe.”

Annie looked up, smiling. “Az propusnakh Papa i ti sŭshto—”

While the Kirilovas were reuniting, Ms. Rutherford strolled over to her charge. “Welcome back, Kerry.”

“Thank you, Ms. Rutherford.” He spent a few seconds appearing sheepish. “I guess I’m glad to be back.”

“Hum.” She patted his cheek. “There are more than a few of us happy to see you home. And I’m certain your parents want to see you as well.”

“Yeah—at least for a few minutes.”

She leaned closer and allowed her voice to drop to a whisper. “Let’s try to keep a positive attitude. Now isn’t the time to sink into despair.” She lay a hand upon a shoulder. “Yes?”
Erywin appeared at his side with Helena behind her. “Listen to her, Kerry. She’s looking looking out for you.”

Ms. Rutherford smile. “I am.”

“I know this as well.” Pavlina and Annie joined the three women gathered around the young boy. “How are you, Kerry?”


The Kirilovas have a nice little reunion while Ms. Rutherford comes over and welcomes him home and gives him a little encouragement not to get down on himself without reason.  He’s worried about what’s coming next, and who can blame him?

Now even Annie’s mom is getting in on the act–


“I’m fine, Mrs. Kirilovi.” He smile, happy that Annie’s mother was actually concerned about his well being.

She seemed pleased with the answer. “Did you enjoy the rest of the school year?”

“Oh . . .” He glance over to Helena and Erywin before looking at Annie. “It was certainly a lot different from last year.”

“Just wait until next year: the C Levels tend to be even more difficult than the B Levels.” She wrapped an arm around Annie’s shoulders. “I’m quite certain you’ll both do better than expected.”

Annie looked over and up. “I certainly hope so, Mama.”

Kerry had to work at not laughing at Annie’s comment. “Where’s Mr. Kirilov? I thought he might be here.”

“He’s in Canada, believe it or not; Canadian Grand Prix is this next weekend, and his team is doing some testing in Montreal.” She looked at Annie. “He should be arriving home in about thirty minutes.”

“I understand, Mama.” A moment of sadness passed between Kerry and her. “We must be going—”

“But not just yet.” She released Annie and motioned towards the other three women. “I need to confirm a few things with your instructors about your ‘lunch dates’ this summer, and I think Ms. Rutherford should be a part of this as well. It shouldn’t take long.” Pavlina stepped away from the group. “Ladies, I think it’s quieter over this way . . .”


The date on the Canadian Grand Prix is correct:  it happened 9 June, 2013, the second Sunday after Annie came home from her B Levels.  And this is the first hint that things are going to be harder in the following school year, though at this point there’s no reason to believe it’s going to be that way.

Now, what is Mama Kirilova discussing?  Probably not much, but the kids pick up on this right away–


While all four women huddled together about five meters away, Annie slipped up next to Kerry. “That was nice of Mama.”

The smile on Kerry’s face found its way to his eyes. “She’s giving us a change to really say goodbye.”

“Yes.” A crestfallen look came over her face for a moment. “I know we’ll see each other in a few weeks, but—”

“I know.” He slightly lowered her head. “I don’t want to leave you.”

“I don’t, either.” She looked down for a moment. “I will miss you ever second you’re away, my mlechna banitsa.”

“And I will miss you, my malko sarmi.” He glanced over Annie shoulder to see if they we being watched, then looked upon Annie’s eyes and smiling face. “What?”

“If you’re going to kiss me, my love—” She grabbed the folds of his tee shirt. “Then kiss me.” She leaned in and kissed him slow and tenderly upon the lips. “After all, I am your wife.”

He chuckled after kissing her back. “About that—”

“I’m not ready to tell that to Mama. I’m certain she’d understand, but—” Annie shook her head. “Maybe in another year. Besides, it’s something I’d like you present for when that happens.”

Kerry instantly imagined him sitting with Annie and her parents, probably at a dinner, perhaps at her house. “I agree. And I’d like you present when we tell my folks as well.”
“Something else to plan for next year.” She pulled Kerry close once more. “I love you, Kerry.”

“I love you, Annie.” He held her by the shoulders as he leaned in and kissed her lovingly once more—



Yeah, Kerry:  you’re supposed to kiss your wife goodbye!  What’s wrong with you?  Also, you should get reminded probably, oh, once every day that Annie considers you guys married.  Then again, Kerry accepts that, so no big deal there, right?

But who caught these two in a kiss?  Only one person–or four:


They both broke their embrace and found Pavlina, Ms. Rutherford, and Helena and Erywin standing a few meters away. Annie acted as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. “Yes, Mama?”

“We must go.” She held out her right arm. “Dinner awaits.”

“Yes, Mama.” Annie gathered up her luggage and took a moment to touch Kerry’s face. “I’ll see you in three weeks—” She turned to the instructors. “Is that right?”

Helena shrugged. “About that long, yes.”

Annie let her fingers glide down Kerry’s cheek. “I will see you then.”

“I’ll see you then—my love.” He took her head. “And in my dreams.”

“Mine, too.” She moved next to Pavlina and gave Kerry a small wave before they walked off and vanished into the terminal crowd.

Helena and Erywin waved to Kerry as Ms. Rutherford took up position on his right. “Take care, Kerry.” Erywin gave him a warm smile. “See you in a few weeks.”

“Take care Kerry—” Helena offered a smile and a nod as she took Erywin’s hand. “Have a good summer.”

“I will. Thank you both.” He waited until they both vanished among the Berlin crowd before turning to Ms. Rutherford. “At last: just you and I.”

“Yes, it is.” She motioned them forward with a nod. “Shall we?”

He gave a nonchalant shrug. “Why not?”

They were about twenty seconds into their stroll when Ms. Rutherford offered an observation. “You’re better than last year.”

“You mean I’m not an emotional wreck.” He glanced over with a smile. “It’s okay. I was a blubbering mess last year.”

“And you’re not sad now?”

“I’m sad, it’s just—” He touched his heart. “That part of Annie you told me about is right here, and I know a piece of me is with her. There’s a hurt, but—” He remembered Eyrwin’s words from a year and a half ago. “It’s a good hurt.”

“I can hear it a little in your voice.” Ms. Rutherford slowed her pace. “Do you want a minute before we go on?”

He closed his eyes for a second as the emotions he tried admitting weren’t there began to welling upwards. “It might not be a bad idea.” He stared off into the distance. “Given what’s going to happen in the next thirty minutes, it’s better to have a good cry now than later . . .”


Annie gets busted and just blows it off like it’s no big deal.  Everyone says their goodbyes and leaves Kerry with Ms. Rutherford.  And Annie vanishing into the crowd of Terminal A is the last we see of her this novel:  she won’t show again until she opens the first scene of the next novel.  Kerry’s not a “blubbering mess” as he was last year, though he’s letting Ms. Rutherford know he’s probably going to need a moment to have a cry.  For he’s only a quick jaunt away from Cardiff–

Yes, the end is just about here.

Now to get Kerry home for that most important meeting . . .

Back to Berlin: The Almost Final Farewells

It’s Penultimate Scene Time and the living is easy.  Or so I imagined before I blew out the only light bulb I had in the house and had to use a few of the light in the apartment to get around.  It wasn’t that bad, but it was a lot dimmer than I usually have in the joint.

 On the other hand, it sets the mood perfectly if you wanna be goofy and work on your heart hands display.

On the other hand, it sets the mood perfectly if you wanna be goofy and work on your heart hands display.

The flight is over, and my kids are on the ground, more or less, out of their seats and ready to take the last few steps to the terminal.  But while they are ready, they are hardly willing–


The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Outside the plane the sun was setting and twilight would soon come to the city of Berlin. None of that was of concern to Kerry: at the moment he was standing by his luggage not far from their seats in the nose of the A330-300 and waiting with Annie as they watch the other students file out of the aircraft and head down to the walkway to Gate A10 of Terminal A of Tegel Airport.

Neither Annie or he were in a hurry to leave the aircraft. Once they were out on to the walkway it was a thirty second stroll to the terminal, where Annie’s mother and Ms. Rutherford were waiting for them. Once they were with them they would likely have another couple of minutes together, and like that—poof. They’d go their separate ways and not see each other again for—well, not the entire summer as they had expected last year, but a few weeks would pass before they could spend half a day together having lunch, strolling through London, and missing each other completely.

This was one of those moments when Kerry wished he could go home with Annie and spend the summer living out of her lake house, though he knew that dream was impossible.


I know what you’re thinking:  why doesn’t Kerry go spend the summer with Annie?  Just tell Ms. Rutherford he doesn’t want to go home and head for the mountains of Bulgaria, right?  One, it doesn’t work like that:  unless The Foundation thinks his parents might just kill his ass the moment he outs himself, he still has to go home and tell his folks the true.  And Two:  if you were Annie’s mom, would you want The Ginger Hair Boy of your daughter’s dreams sleeping four hundred meters away from your child?  While she might trust them not to do, um, things, maybe she doesn’t want Annie out there playing sucker face with her boyfriend all the time.  “Mama, I’m going out to the lake out to, um . . . work on spells.  Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do.”  Mama Kirilova isn’t stupid, you know.

Right now they are siting at Gate A10, which is right below, in the lower center of the picture, where the plane closest to the center line is parked.

From one international terminal to another.

From one international terminal to another.

And I got to use my neat astronomy program as well to see what the sky was like–

Even left the date and time in place to prove I've in the right space/time coordinates.

Even left the date and time in place to prove I’ve in the right space/time coordinates.

Strangely enough, the first paragraph had me setting the time about an hour later, cause I wrote in the first paragraph that it was almost dark outside and the light were doing a great job of holding back the darkness–and then I thought, “I should check the sky, just to be sure.”  And . . . I needed to rewrite that first paragraph, ’cause I would have looked stupid if I’d left that line in place.  And I don’t want to look stupid.

Now that all the geographical stuff and reasons for Kerry going home are out of the way, let’s see what my kids are about to do–other than be sad, that is:


The last few students deplaned as Kerry looked down at the floor. “About time to go.”

“Yes, it is.” Annie hooked her arm around his. “You know what to do, my love?”

He nodded. “Don’t cry in front of your mother, and write to you: not type, but write by hand.”

She stood before him and kissed his lips. “You are too good to me.”

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “You’re supposed to be treated good all the time, so I do.”

“Hey, you two.” They turned and saw Helena standing in the doorway to their section of the cabin. “You’re the last on the plane, and these people want to go home as well.” She motioned at them. “Come on, party’s over, let’s go.”

They headed out towards the entrance, Annie leading the way. Helena stepped out of the way so they could make their way into the plane’s entry area. Erywin stood on the other side of the open door. Annie sigh was full of sadness. “It is time to go, isn’t it?”

“’Fraid so, Deary.” Erywin walked over and gave Annie a gentle hug. “Don’t worry: we’ll get you back with your ginger boy soon enough.”

“And for that we thank you guys.” Kerry looked at Helena as he spoke. “You guys are doing so much . . .” He started to choke up as his emotions started getting the better of him.

Annie reached for his hand. “My love—”

Kerry quickly wiped his eyes and nodded. “I’m okay.” He took three deep breaths so he could regain his composure. “Really, I’m good: I won’t lose it.”

Helena wrapped an arm around Kerry and gave him a solid hug, then did the same to Annie. “Come on, let’s get the hell out of here.”

“Yes, let’s.” Erywin went over and gave Kerry a final hug. “You remember, if things go bad at home—”

“I won’t forget, Erywin.” He managed a slight smile. “I’m certain Ms. Rutherford won’t either.”

“She better not.” The Formulistic Magic instructor stepped to the side of her sorceress partner. “We’ll follow you out.”

Annie smiled at them. “Thank you.” She turned and held out her hand. “Shall we, my love?”

He took her hand. “Let’s do this.”

She nodded once. “Let’s.”


If there is anything you can say about The Mistress of All Things Dark and her Don’t Call Her the Potions Mistress partner, it’s that they do care for these two a great deal.  As has likely been noted, and even pointed out, Helena and Erywin are kind of the father/mother figures both kids are looking for, because for all her hard ass attitude Helena is quick to heap praise on Annie where it’s deserved, and for all her snarkiness and “don’t give a shit” attitude about most things, Erywin is the one who knows how to comfort Kerry and, yes, even show him affection.  If you don’t believe this “Come Live With Us, Kerry” move wasn’t Erywin’s doing to start, you’re not paying attention.

Sure, Helena agreed to it because she, too, likes Kerry, but she did it partially because Erywin probably wanted it, and partially because if she’d said “no”, she’d have had a pissed off little Bulgarian sorceress giving her stink eye.  And we can’t have that.  It’s the same with getting them together over the summer:  Helena knows how much it means to Annie, so . . .

So the goodbyes from the Favorite Instructors is over and the plane is finally empty.

All that remains are the last goodbyes . . .

Atlantic Crossing: Sleepy Time

Well, it wasn’t a big scene, which means I knew it wouldn’t talk long to write.  Which is why the scene I started yesterday is now complete.

For I have the evidence right before me.

For I have the evidence right before me.

It didn’t take long to get to the point.  In fact, it starts out with a distracting memory:


The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Kerry finished the last of his mango juice and set it aside for the hostess to take. “Won’t be long now.”

“No, not much longer.” Annie’s memory drifted back to their first flight to Boston on their way to their A Levels. She’d adjusted before whenever she’d crossed multiple time zones, but had never called it that: Mama had always given her something to drink and then told her to take a nap so she’d feel rested.

That was why their first time adjusting took her by surprise; she hadn’t expected the adjusting mixture to be cooked into their food. It was why she suddenly felt sleepy and she lay back in her chair and stared into Kerry’s eyes as hers closed, his face the last thing she saw—”


She shook herself out of her trance and turned to Kerry. “Yes, my love?”

“Umm—” He pointed up at the hostess holding their adjustment mixtures. “It’s time.”

“Oh.” She giggled as she reached for the glass held in her direction. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s quite all right, Annie.” The hostess waited for both students to finish consuming their beverages before taking them with a smile. “I’ll shut off the lights now. Have a good sleep.”

“Thank you.” Kerry popped out of his seat and retrieved two pillows and blankets, handing one of each to Annie. “I’m all ready starting to feel this.”

“Me as well.” She stifled a yawn as the cabin went dark save for a few strips of illumination. “Are we still going to do this?”

“You know it.”

Annie released her seat belt and moved to one side of her wide chair. “Then we better hurry.”

Kerry fought not to yawn as he levitated himself over their jointed armrests and slid in behind her. Annie held up one part of the seatbelt as Kerry clicked the other into place, then he levitated over his pillow and blanket. While he put the pillows into position Annie set the blankets over them. At last they lay down together as they both pushed the chair the rest of the way down so it functioned as a bed.

Annie moved around until she was comfortable. “A bit snug.”

“Like we were in a sleeping bag.” This time Kerry couldn’t hold the yawn back. He pulled back her chestnut hair and kissed her just behind her ear. “Leka nosht, Annie. Obicham te.”

Annie slowly closed her eyes. “Good night, Kerry. I love you.”

Both fell into dreamless sleep as their flight continued eastward over the Atlantic—


In a way the scene is almost a throw away, in that it’s really not needed, and in the edits I may do exactly that.  But one of the reasons I wanted this in was to bring about a moment, one which started back in Berlin.  For when they left Germany everything seemed fine, but once they started coming out of adjustment, that’s when Annie encountered Kerry having the second of several dreams that would eventually lead up to the unveiling of one of his two Gifts.  They basically went from a time of happiness to a time of happiness to one where, over a period of time, some uneasy filtered in, and set itself up with a few of the other trouble that eventually came into their lives.

Now it’s a little more of the same.  They had a lot of happiness in the last couple of months on top of a few life-changing moments.  Now it’s time for home and a summer away from each other, and there is a certain amount of insecurity on both sides now, though Annie is better than Kerry at hiding these feelings.  They want this time together, even if they are deep in torpor for the next few hours.  At least they’re pretty certain no one is going to come along and separate them.

That’s why it feels like a bit of a throwaway:  what happens doesn’t actually do much to the story in terms of development.  But it’s a little more in that “character building” are I’ve discussed, where both my kids need a little comfort before leaving each other for a while.

After all, isn’t that something we all like now and then?

Atlantic Crossing: What’s For Breakfast?

Yesterday I was more in a mood to lay about and watch TV, though after a fashion I wasn’t even into that, as whatever was on I’d seen a dozen times already.  But after resting up and having a late snack, I watched the rain off and on–we did get it–and then started on the next scene.  It wasn’t a lot, mostly because there was research involved, and that always takes up time when I’m putting down words that need to make sense.

It’s almost two hours later and according to my calculations–and measuring things out on a map–they have just passed over Newfoundland and are leaving North America behind and have nothing but water ahead of them for quite a ways.  Since there isn’t much to see–

I checked:  not much out there.

I checked: not much out there.

–that means it’s time to get the kids settled in for the long flight:


The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

The hostesses were going through the aircraft drawing the window shades, and the light were were at about half of normal illumination. Breakfast trays had been retrieved ten minuets earlier, and Annie suspected it wouldn’t be long before their adjustment mixtures were handed out and they’d likely spend the next four to five hours sleeping as their bodies adjusted to the time zones of their homes.

After the immediate sadness they both felt after taking off from Boston their moods lifted considerably, particularly once breakfast was served. She asked for two printsessi, slices of tomatoes, and a large glass of carrot juice, which she’s continued drinking off and on over her B Levels. Not to her surprise Kerry ordered the nearly identical breakfast, drinking mango juice with his meal.

She’s remarked once about a month after returning from Yule holiday that Kerry’s appetite was more like that of a Bulgarian than a Welsh person, there were several things she’d yet to allow him to discover—but she planed on changing that next school level. She wanted him to try lyutenitsa, a traditional relish of tomatoes and spices, the way she ate it at home: spread on bread and sprinkled with sirene cheese, which he would likely recognize as feta cheese.

There was also musaka, made with potatoes and minced pork, and, in her opinion, one of her mother’s favorite dishes. Annie liked to follow that up with a bowl of tarator, the yogurt soup filled with cucumbers, garlic, dill, and walnuts, but this was also a dish she ate nearly every hot day at home—she could even make it herself, and often did when she was in the mood.

It was Annie’s plan to introduce musaka and tarator to Kerry during his first time visiting her in Bulgaria. While that might not happen this year, she hoped that once they could begin using The Foundation jaunt stations, it might not be long before a visit were possible—


And here we go again, with a side tour of Bulgarian Cuisine!  Lyutenitsa is made with peppers, carrots, eggplant, onion, garlic, black pepper, vegetable oil, sugar, and salt, and tomatoes, and that means it’s thick and spicy, and it is apparently a spread that a lot of kids love as a side.  Kerry likes spicy food, though it’s hard to say if he’ll enjoy a chutney like this.  Musaka, or as it is better known, moussaka, and throughout most of the former Ottoman Empire eggplant is used instead of potatoes for layering.  And tarator is made of yogurt, cucumber, garlic, walnut, dill, vegetable oil, and water, and sometimes Bulgarians like to throw in a little vinegar and walnuts, just as Annie indicates she’s had this dish.

It would appear that Annie believes in the old tradition that a way to a boy’s heart is through his stomach, though in Annie’s really cut out the stomach part and just hooked her lifeline into Kerry’s heart and was done with that.  Probably more likely that if she can get him interested in these dishes she’ll never have a problem finding something they can enjoy together.

They aren’t getting any of that now.

It’s about time for lights out.

Leaving it All Behind Once Again: Departing is Such Sweet Sorrow

It’s been a long, busy morning.  And a lot of writing, believe me–over three hundred and fifty last night, and almost thirteen hundred this today.  I’ve been up since 5:30, made a few calls, did my laundry, and lunch is a-cooking.

Busy little bee, am I.

The writing yesterday and today has put an end to the first scene.  The next scene will likely be a short one, then the scene after that has everyone getting off the plane in Berlin and saying whatever goodbyes they have to say before going their separate ways.  Lots of thing still to come.

Lots of changes coming, mostly of a time kind.

Mostly of a time kind, it seems.

First, however, there’s a goodbye that needs to be said right here and now.  And the person saying the goodbye is . . ?


The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie turned towards their visitor and gave her a slight yet warm smile. “Hello, Anna.”

“Hello, Annie.” The German girl from Åsgårdsreia turned her head to her left. “Hello, Kerry.”

Kerry relaxed as he faced Anna, keeping Annie’s hand in his left. “How you doing?”

“I’m . . .” She shrugged with an embarrassed look on her face. “I’m as good as could be expected right now. I didn’t get a chance to meet with you at school, but I wanted to say goodbye and wish you both a great summer holiday.”

Annie was truly touched. Though they’d had little contact with their levelmate the year before, she’d begun noticing a change in her behavior not long after her judgment battle with Lisa’s champion, and saw how much more open and friendly she’d become after being promoted to her coven’s racing A Team. “Thank you, Anna. We hope you have a great holiday next year, too.”

“Thank you.” Once more the look of embarrassment came over her. “I also want to thank you both for showing what Lisa was really like. It—” She cast her gaze towards the floor.

“It’s hard to admit she had me fooled so badly last year.”

Kerry was the one to speak after a quick exchange of looks. “I know all about doing things that make you feel dumb; I’ve done that more than a few times.”

Anna seemed to consider how she should answer that comment, finally making a decision five seconds later. “She actually had me thinking that she cared for me.” She looked right at Kerry as she spoke. “You proved that otherwise during Sorcery class last year.”

Now it was Kerry’s turn to look embarrassed as he recalled that particular Sorcery class lab and his successful use of the Draught of Submission on Lisa—which resulted in her subsequent outing as a possible lesbian. He’d felt a great deal of guilt for a week afterwords, but was reminded several times that it remained Lisa’s choice not to say anything and that she could have stopped the incident at anytime. “I’m sorry if I caused problems for you—”

“It didn’t.” Anna looked across the terminal for a moment. “We were sharing a room at the time, and that night she was pissed; she wouldn’t let what happened in class go. I asked why she didn’t just say my name that . . .” She glanced upwards. “I found out later it wasn’t me that she thought of in those moments.

“Then this year she starts hanging with Franky more, which I didn’t mind, but then when we made the B Team, she was pissed at me that I tried out without telling her. It was as if she didn’t want me on the same course with her, that I was going to somehow—”

“Show her up?” Kerry chuckled. “Might be because you’re a better racer.”

“Danke. Then after Annie beat up her champion she went nuts.” Anna glanced at Annie. “She wanted me to challenge you.”

“What?” Annie’s eyes went wide in disbelief. “Why?”

“She told me some BS about being able to hurt you in the ring—” Anna shook her head. “I told her if she were so eager to go after you, she should call you out and do it herself. It wasn’t long after that I asked for a new room and we were separated.” Her sigh was quite loud. “She really hates you both.”


Anna, who has remained mostly in the background for most of two novels, is stating to come out into the open.  We find out that Anna was used by Lisa, and that she even wanted Anna to challenge Annie to a match, which would have involved Anna getting her butt kicked hard.  And we hear that Lisa hats the Lovey Dovey Couple?  Color me surprised.

And with this in mind, we hear something surprising, as well as some personal information about Anna:


“I’m not surprised.” Annie stepped forward and placed a hand on the German girl’s arm. “I’m sorry you went through that, Anna. I’m also glad you’re doing better, too.”

Anna’s smile contained a touch of sadness. “I am.” She looked at Kerry. “Now to get through what’s next.”

“We will.” He patted her shoulder. “We don’t know what’s going to happen until it happens, so best not to give it a lot of thought.”

“Well, that’s why I can’t wait to get on the plane and sleep most of the way home.” Anna turned and saw activity at the gate. “Shouldn’t be too long now.”

After Anna’s confession Annie felt there was only thing she could say at this moment. “If you ever want to hang with us, consider this an invitation. You can—” She smiled. “—whomever you want to bring.”

“Really?” Anna’s face brightened. “I’d like that.”

Kerry began chuckling. “Though it might get a little confusing with the Annie/Anna stuff.”

Anna laughed at the comment. “Well, you can always call me Sabb.”


“That’s my nickname. It’s short for Sabine; that’s my middle name.”

Kerry immediately perked up. “Like Sabine Schmitz?”

Anna’s face broke into a surprised smile. “You know her?”

“Yeah, the Ring Queen. Everyone knows her.”

“I didn’t think many people outside Germany knew her.”

Kerry nodded. “If you follow racing, you do.”

“Yes, you do. My father and I rode with her around the Nordschleife three years ago, right before she stopped driving.”

“Wow.” Kerry was about to ask about the right when he noticed the playful look he was getting from the person on the right. “Maybe next year we can talk about that.”

“I understand.” Anna glanced between Annie and Kerry, grinning cheerfully. “I hope to see you when we arrive in Berlin, but if I don’t, I’ll see you next year. And if you ever happen to be in Berlin, or any German city, let me know: I’d love to meet up.”

“We’ll do that, Anna.” Annie folded her hand against her stomach. “Have a good flight.”

“You, too.” After giving a wave to Kerry Anna turned and headed for her luggage.


Anna Sabine Laskar:  we have her whole name, and she’s the first student who’s full name we know other than Annie’s and Kerry’s.  And the back and forth between Anna and Kerry is legitimate:  Sabine Schmitz is a real person, as anyone who follows racing and/or the BBC program Top Gear knows.  One of her nicknames is “The Ring Queen,” and during her time driving a BMW M5 “Ring Taxi” around the gigantic Nordschleife road course–essentially she was hired by people to drive them around the course as fast as possible–she believes she drove twenty thousand laps, which is a lot of driving.  She’s won the 24 Hours Nürburgring twice in a BMW M3, and once on Top Gear drove a van around the 20.8 kilometer course and almost brought a ten minute lap doing so.

Yeah, you can bet Kerry’s found someone new to talk racing with next year.

The nice thing about Annie’s invitation is that she kept open the gender of whatever “friend” Anna might want to bring.  She doesn’t care with whom she shows up, and honestly, at this point, Annie’s going to have to deal with the idea that one of these days in the future she’s gonna show up at one of these get together with a girlfriend of her own.

All of this sparks some curiosity, but before they get too far–


It wasn’t until the girl was out of hearing range that Annie spoke. “That was unexpected.”

“I’ll say.” Kerry eyed the woman standing behind the ticket counter at the gate. “At least we know Lisa’s actively looking to get back at us.”

“It’s not as if we didn’t believe that—”

The woman Kerry was watching picked up a mic and spoke. “You attention, please. We are ready to board passengers for the Air International special charter to Berlin, German. Will all passengers holding a pass for this flight come to Gate E7B. We will begin boarding in a few minutes. Thank you.”

Kerry grabbed on to his luggage handle “That’s our cue.”

“Indeed.” Annie began walking toward the gate with her luggage in one hand and Kerry’s in the other. As there were fewer than two dozen students and instructors taking the flight back to Europe boarding proceeded quickly. After the woman at the gate—who Annie recognized as one of the air hostesses from their flight at the start of the school year—quickly scanned their boarding passes Kerry and she proceeded down the gangway to the aircraft entrance.

Trevor Parkman, dressed comfortably in jeans, polo shirt, and sneakers waited for them just inside the airframe with a tablet in hand. “Ah, we meet again.”

Kerry nodded as he let Annie pass through the doorway first. “Seems like we saw each other just yesterday.”

“So it does.” Trevor asked their names and took their palm prints. “By now you’re experts with these flights—” He held the tablet close to his chest. “Have a good flight home.”

“Thank you, Mr. Parkman.” Kerry nodded towards the front of the aircraft. “First class?”

Annie raise a questioning brow. “Do we travel any other way?” They made their way into the spacious front cabin of the aircraft, allowed the hostess to stow their luggage, and gave their drink orders before selecting two seats in the middle of the cabin.

Kerry snapped his belt into place and left rest loosely in his lap. “I don’t imagine we’ll be here long.”

Annie accepted her tomato juice and took a good sip before speaking. “Be like when we were in Berlin.”

He checked the time on his phone. “It’s six forty-one: Helena say last night we were supposed to be wheels up at six forty-five—”

A woman’s voice came over the speakers. “Attention, this is your pilot. The doors are closed and we are about to push back from the gate. We have been given priority takeoff clearance on Runway 22 R and should be airborne in a matter of minutes. Flight crew, secure for takeoff.”


Now it’s time to go, and here’s the route the plane is going to take as my kids get ready to leave:

I have pictures of everything!

I have pictures of everything!

According to weather history, the wind is coming out of the southwest this day, so the planes taking off can leave the terminals and leave on the right runways, while the inbound planes land on the runway on the left.  This is the way you run an airport, although Boston may run their own differently.  I prefer my way, because it’s my world, yeah?

All that’s left now is for my kids and sit back and enjoy what’s coming next:


Annie set her right hand on the armrest between Kerry and her. “You were right; they have nothing to hide now—”

“So why wait?” He set his left hand over Annie’s. “A little over eight hours and we’re back in Europe—” He half-looked at Annie. “Back home.”

“No, my love.” She turned her hand palm-up and entwined her fingers around Kerry’s as the plane made its way to the end of the takeoff runway. “We’re going back to our families; it’s our home we’re leaving behind.”

They sat in silence as they made the final turned to get into position for takeoff, and as had happened three times before the engine sound subsided for only a moment before they were set to full thrust and the A330 was propelled forward. Maybe twenty seconds later the nose came up,and the vibrations caused by the runway vanished as the landing gear thumped into place. The plane made a climbing turn to the left and only leveled out when the sun was no longer visible in either window.

Kerry pointed towards the windows on the left side of the airframe. “Look: you can just make out Cape Ann.” He gave a small wave. “Goodbye, Salem. See you in a few months.”

Annie gave Kerry’s hand a squeeze as she imagined the now-empty school greeting the new day upon the barely visible island. “Farewell for now.” She turned to Kerry with a smile upon her face. “We’ll be home soon.”


There we go:  the plane is in the air and heading back to Berlin.  And can we see what the kids see?

Of course they can, 'cause I figured it out.

Of course they can, ’cause I figured it out.

It would be some ways off in the distance, but Cape Ann could be see on a clear day–and this is a clear day.  And the next scene is going to take place somewhere on this picture:

Likely a lot more on the left side of the line than the center or right.

Likely a lot more on the left side of the line than the center or right.

I may even state that tonight.

Leaving it All Behind Once Again: Looking Back at Logan

To paraphrase Carnac the Magnificent, I have before me the final chapter.  And I have added words to the first of four final scenes.  Yes, folks, the end is almost here.

Not quite yet, but it's coming.

Not quite yet, but it’s coming.

Last night I didn’t get into any writing, though I did play with Aeon Timeline a lot, and played with imaging the sky at different location around the world at different times, because it’s fun.  Also, I discovered I not only have a way to burn my old CDs to a digital format on my computer and listen to them while I work, but I have found a few of my old albums as well online for less than I paid for them originally–after you adjust for inflation, naturally–and this could see me buying some of the music I used to list to all the time. getting it down on my PC, and rocking out as I work.

As you can see.

As you can see I’m doing right now.

So everything in this chapter happens during the day of 1 June, 2013.  Just as with the last novel there’s a lot of goodbyes being said, and there’ll be a lot of sleeping as well, since my kids will be adjusting off Eastern Daylight Time to whatever time zones they live in at home in Europe.  And as I promised I moved the location of the first scene, which I originally planed as happening at breakfast at the Sea Sprite Inn, to the present location.  And where is that?  Why, it’s . . .


The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Terminal E at Logan International Airport was far brighter than Annie anticipated, though the crowd this early on a Saturday morning met her expectations, particularly given the small size of the international terminal.

It was close to six-thirty, and Kerry and she had already been up nearly two hours. They were up, changed and repacked, then down to the Sea Sprite Inn’s dining area for a five-thirty breakfast. At six-ten they finished breakfast and Helena, Erywin, Deanna, and them jaunted directly to a safe spot in Terminal B before making their way to their present location. Trevor didn’t met them for breakfast, nor did he stay with them: he was with the rest of the B and A Levels in downtown Boston, and met them at the airport before heading off to help with departure protocols.

Just like last year everyone looked a bit tired, as if none of the returning European, African, and Western Asia student slept much. Their fellow B Levels also appeared slightly on edge, and given how Kerry had begun taking on an air of dread during breakfast, Annie guessed that nearly some twelve hours from now.

Kerry stood silently at her side; she saw his eyes were locked upon the doorway of their departure gate, E7B, and the Airbus A330-300—an aircraft they’d never flown—visible beyond the window. Annie gently touched his left hand. “My love?”


These kids are hitting a lot of airports this novel, and here is the third one, Logan International Airport in Boston, which was not named after an old Canadian mutant with a bad attitude.  And the scene is currently taking place in Terminal E, the airport’s international terminal.

Nary a mutant in sight, just a lot of young witches waiting to go home.

Nary a mutant in sight, just a lot of young witches waiting to go home.


The departure gate, E7B, is actually the one at the lower center portion of the image above, the one with the aircraft hooked up to the boarding ramp.  One could almost imagine that’s the flight The Foundation has ready to take all the Salem A and B Levels home, and who’s to say it isn’t?  Well, probably me for one, but it’s nice to dream.

Kerry’s nervous, and who can blame him?  However, there’s a certain witch who’d like him to not be nervous, and her soul mate knows not to answer when she calls–


He turned his attention away from the gate. “Yes, Sweetie?”

“Do you remember what Erywin told you at breakfast?”

He looked at the floor as he sighed, but when he looked up there was a smile on his face, as if he knew he Annie wasn’t trying to mean. “She said that since I have no idea how my parent are going to react, or what they’re going to say, until I tell them I’m a witch, there’s little point in getting worked up over what could happen.” He turned to her. “Because right now no one knows what’s going to happen.” He glanced over Annie’s shoulder. “Except maybe Deanna.”

“Except maybe her.” Annie held both his hands in hers. “You’re not going to come out to your parent for another ten hours. Instead of worrying about what may happen, let’s concentrate on our time together and what will happen.”

His mouth formed something between a smile and a smirk. “I know, I’m being bad.” He kissed her quickly upon the lips. “I’m not going to ruin this day for you.”

“Thank you, my love.” She kissed him back. “Just remember, after I leave you in Berlin I’m going to worry about what happens in my own way.” She gave him her best smiling smirk in return. “I have to sit there at dinner with my parents and pretend I’m not concerned that your parents are being mean to you.”

“That’s a concern of mine as well.” He laughed as he kissed one of her hands. “I love you so much; even when you’re not there for me physically, you’re still there for me.”

She slightly bowed her head. “Of course I am: I’m you wife, and that’s what a good wife does for her husband.”

“Particularly the witchy wives.”

“Especially those—”

Their joie de vivre was interrupted by a girl’s voice from their right. “Hi.”


It appears those Public Displays of Affection are not confined to the school grounds, and no one is safe from these two letting their romance flow.  And they are publicly calling each other husband and wife, and outside of school as well, which means it’s likely just a matter of time before that blows up in their face and their schoolmates start giving them the crazy eye the first time they do this at school.  Unless there are students doing this in the terminal now, which would be funny as hell when you think about that happening.

But who is this girl interrupting them?  Hummm, Girl Interrupting.  That could almost be a movie title, one that had film locations not far from where I’m sitting right now.  You’ll find out who this mystery girl is tomorrow, for I have no recaps to make note for tonight, which means I can maybe finish this scene, or at least make a dent in it.

Just like my witches, every moment brings me closer to the end . . .