Trundle in the Urban Jungle

These next two weeks are going to be super busy.  My time in the hotel is winding down, and by this time next week I’ll be in Packing Mode so I can start moving things over to the new apartment.  By the end of next week I should be living in the city, within walking distance of where I’m working, and that’ll be it until the end off the year.  After that–who knows?  Maybe I’ll get a full-time job, maybe I’ll stay here on contract for a while, maybe a whole lot of things will happen that I haven’t yet imagined.

There’s also my other work . . .

I worked up another scene in my short story.  Just under a thousand words, so the total is a touch over two thousand.  The next scene is going to be short and will involve a bit of explaining, but I should be able to knock that out tonight.  Given how I’ll be putting things together, I may split this scene in half, and make it two.  Even though I sort of took my time writing yesterday’s scene, it worked out nicely.  It would appear that I’m spending more and more time trying to get the first drafts down right, so I don’t have to go back and do a tremendous amount of editing later.

It slows me down considerably:  I’m not churning out fifteen hundred words in an hour these days, but rather, I’m using an editing eye as the story is written.  Many would say, “Don’t do that!’ particularly with NaNo coming up, but this is something I’ve always done, just not to the extent I’m doing it now.  And I’ve always edited during NaNo, so there.  i can make my fifty thousand this year, no problem.  Hell, I may even finish the novel before December rolls into town.

I’m also devoting an hour or so every night to editing.  Never knew what it was really like to edit, and I’m getting a great feel for it.  I’m never going to be a professional editor, but this is an area where I’m improving as well.  It’ll help with my work, and it’ll help if I’m ever asked to look over another person’s manuscript.  Mostly it’ll help with mine, because I want to keep the errors off of the page before something gets published–

I still hope to publish something else before the end of the year.  I realize I have three stories in a first draft condition, and one of them goes all the way back to last year’s NaNo.  I need to get this backlog fixed and out.  They do me no good sitting on my computer, so edit and out, I say.  I have to do this; I need to get these published.  Maybe they won’t sell, but at least they’ll see the light of day.  And if they see the light of day, there’s always the chance that someone will buy it–

They might even enjoy it.

That’s the payoff that we all want.