No, not the Ken Russel movie, but rather “What do I have ahead of me today?”  More like this weekend, but tomorrow I believe I’m going to blow off the near noon hours and see Gravity.  Yes, I know there are issues where the ships seem to have more delta-v than possible, but the chances are the person telling me this not only watched Armageddon but liked it, so they’re in no position to tell me how space works.  Hey, Saturn 3 is on:  go check out Kirk Douglas’ naked ass.

So–novel.  NaNo Novel.  I didn’t do anything last night because I reconnected with some friends I know on Second Life, and that took a bit of time between the viewer crashes.  Today is names and plotting, so I can put this sucker to bed and spend October working on other things, and begin writing when I’m ready to write.  This year it’s about doing it right, not just doing it because there’s some goal at the end of the rainbow–which is probably a unicorn, ’cause who doesn’t want a unicorn?  Or maybe it’s Twilight Sparkle after she becomes an alicorn . . .  Pomf!

So, names and plotting.  Oh, and I need a A Level roster of students and where they come from.  Oi!  How did I put myself in this mess, with all these people and all the stuff I need to track.  Such a crazy level of detail for something so simple as sending a bunch of kids off to school.  I really should do something else, but I’m not sure what.

The one thing I won’t work on is the spell list.  When it comes, it comes.  Spells be spells, mon, and you let that flow into you, right?  Jah loves, ya know, it all be comin’ in time.  Therefore it’s in the back of my mind, and when things pop up I’ll thrown them in.  I’m good there.

I have an article I want to start.  I know what I want to say, and how to say it.  It’s just a matter of reading, research, and writing, then posting the sucker up where it will be seen.  I figure getting one of these off a month is a good deal, and it keeps the mind fresh and limber.  Not that my mind needs to be too limber, ’cause it’s already all over the place.  But I need to keep the ideas coming, and getting yourself rooted in some article goodness is one way to do it.

And lastly:  I have to get some notes from another person for–here it comes–a story.  It appears I’m attempting a collaborator with another writer, and we’re either gonna come up with some crazy shit, or some shit, period.  I think it’ll be crazy shit based upon some notes I passed along, and as soon as I get permission to go crazy in her Google Docs, I’m gonna start doing my thing.

Yeah, writing before NaNo start.  Brilliant!

Eh, probably not, but what the hell else is there to do?