Where, Oh Where?

Hi there! I’ll bet you’re surprised to see me. Particularly since the last thing I did was a video back in August. Well, a whole lot has been going on.

Not all good.

First, I was homeless for a while. Three weeks, actually, living in my car and spending my evenings in the parking lot of a 24 hour Wal Mart. Believe me when I say staying in your car isn’t a lot of fun.

Then I ended up in a mental hospital again. You don’t need to know the why, the how is I spent 11 days in “The Unit” back in October and I’m much better now. I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll be on med all my life: I don’t have a choice. If I go off my meds, I go back to the hospital. It’s not gonna be fun.

But here’s the good thing–

I’m writing again.

I’m doing NaNoWriMo for the first time in years and I’m 30,000 words into my novel. And what novel is that?

Why, C For Continuing.

Yes, I’m writing about Annie and Kerry again. I’ve finished Christmas in Pamporovo, I did almost 17,000 words of Annie’s adventures with the Guardians, and I’m about to start on Emma and Kerry alone in the wilds of Canada for the Polar Express. It’s going and I’m going to win NaNo ’cause I’m ahead right now.

And then… we’ll see, won’t we. Right now I want to write.

Also, I’m over on Wattpad. I’ve got one of my mermaid stories, but more importantly, I have an unpublished novel that I wrote back in 2012 called Suggestive Amusements. You can find it right here and I hope you go out and read it while it’s free. I’ll warn you now, there’s swearing and sex in it, so don’t be shocked.

Last but not least… I played my last derby game of 2019 on 5 October. I was jammer three times. The first two times–well, I didn’t do all that great. The third and last time it was the last jam of the game and I not only got through on my initial pass, I was lead jammer, I scored one point, and I called off the jam to end the game.

One point doesn’t sound like a lot, but I became the oldest jammer ever for DDR to score a point in a legit game and probably one of the oldest in WFTDA for 2019. I consider that quite an accomplishment. Below is a photo of me getting lead.

So have fun, get sleep, and enjoy reading.

I’ll try not to be a stranger.

Bright and Cloudy Aprils

Which means it’s time for a video!

The link for Monsters and Critics. Look for my name to find my articles.

And if you want to see what the Thetan from the episode Architects of Fear looked like, here’s a photo taken of how it looked in the episode:

There’s actually a guy in the body walking on stilts, which are the legs.

And how it would look as a model:

Skatin’ Away

And here we are!


My teammates and me getting ready to leave.


And a few pictures from Battle of the Freshies.  I’m in a black jersey with 882 on the back and wearing mermaid tights.


Two photos of me and Tiny Tina.  The first is to give you an idea of our sizes and the second is the hit I put on her.


This was me running down a jammer in the last segment of the night.


And a few photos of me in Jammer Hell.  It wasn’t my happy place.


The Black Betties Team Photo.