Tickled Are the Wakings

Much to my surprise I managed nearly another thousand words once I arrived home yesterday.  Even though I had a rather boozy lunch and took a quick nap and watched Breaking Bad–again–I managed to flesh out the scene I started Saturday.  Actually felt pretty proud that I finally seemed to be getting into a stride again and I hope this continues.

This scene has a rather unusual way of starting, but that’s because it’s unusual in of itself.  Also, believe it or not, there is going to be a lot of history covered in this scene.  Seriously, Cassie, I did not come here for a history lesson.  But you get one whether you like it or not.

However, it starts out in an innocuous way…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


What pulled Annie from her sleep was someone tickling her nose.

Annie swatted at the hand that was lightly brushing a fingertip over her nose and rolled to her left so she was facing the center of her bed. She felt herself drifting back to sleep when the lightest of touches fell first on her nose and then on her cheek.

“Mama stop, please? I want to sleep.” She didn’t understand was why her mother was doing this right now. And it had to be her: Papa would never enter her room while she was sleeping unless there was an emergency.

And tickling one’s nose did not constitute an emergency.

Annie sighed once before relaxing but a second later came the lightest of touches against the side of her nostril. That was enough to rouse her out of her slumber. “Urmurg. Why are you doing this?” She opened her eyes about half way as she brushed hair back from her face. “I want to sleep and you’re—”

Kerry sat on her bed looking down at her with a smile on his face. “Morning, Sweetie.”

Annie lay flat on her back and looked up, paralyzed by shock. “Kerry. What are you doing here?”

His smile grew broader. “Paying you a visit.”

“How is that possible?” She finally sat up, bunching the comforter in her lap. “What time did you get here? How did Mama let you—?” Something at the back of her memory triggered a realization: there was too much indirect light in the room that seemed to come from nowhere. And that meant—  She reached for Kerry and took his hand. “You feel right but this room—” She closed her eyes as she shook her head. “We’re dreaming.”


Once more with the dreams, kids!  These two are really into the subconscious meetings this time around:

Our time together is like a dream, and our dreams together are like--real life? Whoa.

“We’re meeting a lot like this–”  “Well, our life together is a dream…”

Or something like that.

It should be somewhat telling that the first time Annie finds Kerry in her bedroom she wants to know when he arrived at her house and how her mother allowed him up.  We won’t say she’s dreamed of that moment, but it sounds like it’s not somethings she’s imagined once in a while.  For what reason?  Hummmm…  well, we can imagine, though we should keep our minds out of the gutter when doing so.

But remember I said there was a surprise?  Well, here it comes:


“Yeah.” He rubbed Annie’s hand in his. “We are.”

“We haven’t had a shared dream since, well—” She looked down a bit embarrassed. “Since we met her.”

Now it was Kerry’s turn to look a little embarrassed. “It’s been a few months.”

She stretched her shoulders. “What I don’t understand is why we’re here. We’ve never started a shared dream in my bedroom.”

Kerry glanced up as if he were considering Annie’s statement as a question. “That’s because you’re assuming this is a naturally occurring shared dream.”

The moment she saw the smile on Kerry’s face Annie realized the truth. “Kerry… are you dreamwalking?”


Yep, Kerry’s dreamwalking and while this is a first time you know this means there will be more.  Which means once they get better at this they’ll be able to talk to each other every night–

They can even do it while they’re in bed…

Acceptance Into a Dream: Separates Together

To get all the personal stuff out of the way immediately, yesterday’s spa day was a lot of fun.  I needed to sit and get some pampering in, and to be with a friend who doesn’t mind talking about any and everything, and just be ourselves.  There was a lot of laughing going on, and when I arrived back home ten hours after I left, the first thought that popped into my head was, “It was a good day.”

Smiling long before I get my feet encased in melted wax.

Smiling long before I get my feet encased in melted wax.

In only two days nearly thirteen hundred words are written, and the penultimate scene is complete.  Not only did I put this scene to bed, but I passed two hundred and eighty thousand words in the process.  Only one short scene remains and this chapter and part are complete–

And I can most away from Kerry being tortured by Girls From the Id.

And I can then move away from Kerry being tortured by Girls From the Id.

Yesterday morning was the set up of the final dream, and as I mentioned there I needed to bring one other person to bring into this mix to make the scene complete.  And I don’t disappoint:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie took his hand and gave it a squeeze. “I’m right here, my love. I’ll not say anything, but remember I support you.”

He turned and smiled. “I know.” He returned the squeeze. “Not like we’re going anywhere, are we, Darling?”

“Not at all, my love.”

Kerry straightened slightly and stared at the door. “Here we go.” He walked to his computer station and stood facing the entrance to his room. “Come on in.”

Annie saw the door open but didn’t see the girl as she continued standing in the hallway. Annie did, however, hear her soft, lilting voice. “I’m surprised you’re greeting me.”

“It’s not like I don’t know you’re coming.” He motioned his other dream self forward. “Don’t stand in the hall.”


And just like, the final player appears:


The girl entered the room and Annie immediately noticed that she was dressed for sleeping though her attire was slightly different than Kerry’s, as she wore leggings and a cami top. Annie pursed her lips as her mind as she began imagining see this scene while awake. I wonder if Kerry will wear something like this to bed one night soon . . .

The girl gasped the moment she spotted Annie and Kerry rushed between the two girls to forestall any problems. “It’s okay: she was brought in here. You have to know that happens sometimes.”

The girl nodded. “Yes. I remember you both share dreams. I guess that’s why this one feels strange—”

“We must be in our shared dreamspace.” Annie held her hands in front of her. “We both think I’m supposed to be here.”

“Because you’re linked.”

“You know that?”

The girl nodded towards Kerry. “I know what he knows.”

Annie chuckled. “And a few things he didn’t.”

The girl’s cheeks blushed bright red, made even more obvious by the cascading ginger locks framing her face. “I was affected a bit by his block, but I did remember you. Only—” She sighed. “I couldn’t say everything ‘cause—”

“It’s okay: it all worked out eventually.” Annie looked the girl up and down. “What should I call you?”

“I know this will sound strange, but—” The girl’s vision shifted slightly to the left. “Kerry. I mean, that’s the name I was given when I was born, though no one knew that.”

“Because no one knew you.”

Kerry cleared his throat. “That’s gonna sound strange later on when this, um, you know—” He pointed between him and he girl self. “When people finally see you for real.”

Girl Kerry nodded. “I see how it could confuse people.” She glanced down for a moment. “So you are going to let me live.”


The thing Kerry’s been told from the start is that he holds this person’s life in his hands.  We now know what she meant with that simple phrase, and her it comes one last time:  “You are going to let me live.”

I should also point out something that may not be obvious:  Kerry’s given name is, as stated a few times, Kerrigan, and that is a gender-neutral name that is used by both girls and boys.  Is there a reason I’m bringing this up now?  No, not really . . .

Now that all the introductions are out of the way, only one thing remains for these two kids–


Kerry tossed his head to one side. “The way I understand things I don’t think I can stop you. But I’m not as scared now: I was told what this means and what to expect.” He reached out to Annie. “And I have support.”

Annie took his hand. “Always, my love.”

Girl Kerry smiled at Annie. “And will I have your support as well?”

She nodded back. “No matter how either of you look, you’ll be the same person—the one I love.”

“Well—” Girl Kerry chuckled. “I hope I don’t screw things up.”

“You won’t.”

Kerry released Annie’s hand and took a step towards his female half. “I, um, guess we should do this.”

Girl Kerry nodded. “We should.”

Annie moved back closer to the bed. “What are you going to do?”

Kerry had the technical answer. “We have to integrate our auras, so—”

Girl Kerry finished the thought. “We hug.”

Annie glanced between the two. “That’s all?”

Kerry spoke first. “There’s really more than that going on—”

And Girl Kerry completed the sentence once more. “But that’s how it’ll look here.”

He nodded. “You ready?”

She nodded back. “I am.”

“Well, then—” He spread his arms wide. “Come here.”

Annie watched silently as the two came together and embraced each other slowly, with Kerry’s smaller female version of himself enveloped by the taller male version. For a few moments all seemed the same, then she felt a lightness about her body, as if gravity were slipping away. The light in the room changed, growing dimmer and most defused, and Annie realized it was because gray astral mist was slipping into their space and filling in around the hugging couple.

While both halves of Kerry became obscured by the mist Annie felt herself being slowly pulled backwards and away from the room, and her last sight of her soul mate was a sudden flash of violet-purple light from within the cocoon of astral mist—


And there you go.  All that remains now is for–well, something–and then I can get to the business of closing out the school year–

Three parts, six chapters, and probably a couple of dozen scenes.  That’s all that remains.

Acceptance Into a Dream: Waking and Wondering

Here I am, Day 2 of Still Having WordPress issues, though I believe it’s narrowed down to some crap my internet provider is doing and not me or WordPress.  But since I’m going to be out most of the day with a friend, this is something I’ll deal with tonight or, better yet, tomorrow when I log on at another facility and discover that I can get into the WP.

And just like that . . . here come WordPress working in all its glory.  Someone must have seen this and knew I was pissed.

Given that I’m gonna be away from home most of the day, I’ve gotten the next five hundred words out and I’m presenting them to you with little preamble.  There’s no need to go into a lot of detail, because with the kids asleep it’s only natural as to what’s coming next:  Kerry’s dream.  Only logical, right?  And as some have guessed, it’s only natural that he not be alone:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Opening her eyes Annie felt how different everything was. The light in the room was different—not quick full light, but they’d went to bed in near pitch-darkness and now she could see—and she couldn’t see the monitors that should be right overhead. And lastly, she was alone in bed: Kerry wasn’t at her side. It was true that he could have gotten up and headed to the bathroom, but Annie was certain that wasn’t the case.

Beside, there was something else about her surroundings that didn’t fit. There was a wall to her right and Bed #1 was gone. There was a wardrobe to her left. And the ceiling wasn’t high enough for it to be the hospital bay.

It was then that all the strangeness and difference came into focus and she realized where she was. This is a dream— She sat up slowly and confirmed her suspicions. This is Kerry’s dream—the dream.

Sitting upon Kerry’s bed she saw the rest of the room before her. There wasn’t much to see: the doorway to the hall was on her left, there was pretty much a blank wall before her, and Kerry’s computer station was to her right. Kerry, still wearing the pajamas he’d worn to bed, sat before his computer, but he remained still and unmoving, staring straight ahead and seemingly unaware that Annie was present.

Annie thought back to the last time she was in this dream and she applied what she’d seen there to what was before her now. That’s not him, not actually. Kerry’s actually in the girl’s body walking up the stairs right now; this is just a placeholder his mind has created.

His head gave a twitch, then another. The fingers of his right hand began to tentatively flex, as if he were slowly establishing control of a form with which he wasn’t familiar. Annie grinned, as his action reminded her of when they did their marionettes training and how they acted when they began taking control of their puppet. He wasn’t moving like he would normally, but she was certain he was back in his body, or at least starting to return. “Kerry?” Annie stood but made no move to approach her soul mate. “Are you there?”

An awareness began returning to his eyes, though when he spoke it seemed as if he were still not fully returned to his normal form. “Annie?”

She took a step towards him. “I’m here.”

“You’re here?”

“I am.”

He was finally able to swivel his chair towards her. “How?”

Annie couldn’t help but chuckle quietly. “I think you wanted me here.” She took a deep breath as she looked about. “Deep down we both wanted me here.”

Kerry was finally able to stand. “Yeah.” He took a step towards her. “Given everything we’ve been thought today, it wouldn’t seem right for you not to see what’s going to happen.”

She glanced towards the door. “You were in her, weren’t you?”

“Yeah.” Kerry half-turned towards in the direction of the entrance to his bedroom. “I left her out on the landing. She should be knocking on the door any moment now.”


There we are.  The dream is about to go down and all the players are on the stage.

Well, not all of them.  There’s one more person I have to invite to this party–

The Inevitable Answers: Back In the Residence

This has been a strange morning.  I’ve been up since just after five; I went to get groceries at six-thirty, and I started writing at about nine after I’d act breakfast and did a few things around the apartment.  This is how my weekends go:  most of yesterday I did the same, with a bit of napping here and there.

A couple of other things have happened as well.  First, I’ve made a few additions to my time lines, because, well, it was necessary.  In doing this it got me thinking about a trip Annie and Kerry would one day take together, as well as something else that could happen in their lives soon, because as I’ve pointed out from time to time, while I have a lot of metadata for my novels, that doesn’t mean things don’t change now and then, or become developed further.

And in thinking about that second got me to thinking about the third, and that is what sort of fighting style will Annie and Kerry develop?  Sure, they can use magic to drop your ass, but they’re also taking Advanced Self Defense, and that means Professor Chai is probably teaching them styles of fighting that will allow them to become very dangerous without having to resort to bleeding out every jackhole who gives them shit.

What fighting styles will they develop?  Here you go:  Arnis/Kali mixed with Pencak Silat/Kuntao.  What the hell is this?  Arnis and Kali are the same thing:  they’re the national sport and martial art of the Philippines, and it also goes by the name of Eskrima.  You can use it empty handed or with weapons, the most famous of the later being the baston, a fighting stick about two-thirds of a meter, or two foot, long, and used in pairs with one in each hand, and the balisong, or what we in the U.S. would call a butterfly knife.  Pencak Silat is a form of silat found in Indonesia, and Kuntao is an martial art used by Chinese in the Malay Archipelago, Indonesia, and the Philippines, that is so close to silat in its forms that a lot of people can’t tell the difference and usually don’t bother calling it anything but silat.  Pencak Silat also uses weapons, one of which is the kris, a wavy blade knife that is considered magical in some circles, and was traditionally made by infusing poison into the blade while it was being created, and take years to finish as the blade’s metal is folded hundreds of times.

What does this mean?  It means that once they get good at this they won’t need magic to kick someone’s ass, they just will.  And when they start making their own bastons on the fly out of ball lightning sorcery spells, sit back and pity the poor bastards who decide to try and do something stupid to them–like, say, mug Annie and take her purse.  (One day I’ll need to write up the time someone tried mugging Coraline and she kicked him about ten meters/thirty-three feet into a dumpster.  Good times, yo.)

It's also even money she'll beat someone up if they call her "Anniemae".

It’s also even money she’ll take someone to The Manor if they call her “Anniemae”.

But before we get to the point where we need a Rocky-like montage of Annie and Kerry going through their martial arts struggles to learn their forms, we gotta get out of Kerry’s dream and back into the real world.  And wouldn’t you know, that’s happening right now–


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie was barely aware she was back in the library when she was jerked off the sofa by Deanna and fell into her arms. She spun around and found Kerry on the sofa, his eyes closed and his body twitching and jerking while screaming the same phrase over and over in a fighting, high pitched voice. She knew immediately what was wrong: He’s still in the trance; still in the dream

Deanna held on to Annie tightly as she yelled at Coraline. “Wake him up.”

Coraline was hovering over Kerry right away, speaking quickly and clearly in a loud voice. “Kerry, I’m gonna count back from three—”

Kerry continued screaming. “GET OUT.”

“—and when I clap my hands you’ll wake up.”


“Three, two—”


ONE. Clap, clap.”

“OUT. GEtttt Oooouu . . . AhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH.”

Kerry threw back his head and thrust his palms against his eyes as he cried out in as loud a voice possible. After nearly going the whole school year without having a crying jag he let out everything, weeping out whatever pent-up emotions he held. After a few seconds he rolled to his left and collapsed on the sofa, continuing to sob loudly.

Deanna nearly pushed Annie away before she jerked out of her hands. “Go to him.” She was on the sofa in seconds, sliding his head up into her lap. Kerry buried his face against her thighs as he continued sobbing while Annie gently stroked his hair. “Shush, shush. It’s all right.”

He could barely get out his words between tortured breaths. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“I know. It’s all right. Shush. You’re with me now.”


Point of Order, Your Honor:  if Kerry is setting his palms against eyes, what about his glasses?  Well, back when Coraline was hypnotizing him she was supposed to remove them, but, unfortunately I forgot to have her do that.  That made it necessary to go back today and fix a certain paragraph, with additions in bold:


Coraline moved closer to the love seat until she was about a meter away, then knelt down before the boy.  “Let me get these off—”  She removed his glasses and set them on the end table.  “Wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.  Okay, lights low.”  The room grew darker, leaving everyone seated in quiet gloom.  She rested her left hand above her head and made a small pinpoint of light appear.  “Kerry, I want you to look at this light and continue looking at it while I speak.  You understand?”


Now that I’ve fixed that, let’s get on to one soul mate calming down the other, and see what else falls out of this experience–’cause simply based upon things that have happened in the past, it’s likely there’s a few upset people in this room.


Nearly a minute and a half passed before Kerry settled down and stopped his sobbing and he returned to a sitting position. His face was a mess: hair was plastered to his forehead, his eyes were bloodshot, snot trickled from his nose, and his cheeks were wet and red from tears. He started down at the floor, not meeting anyone’s vision, as he constantly and loudly sniffed trying to clear his nose—


He finally looked up and turned to the person who’d spoken his name. He silently regarded Deanna with pain in his eyes.

The seer looked down for a moment and sighed before meeting his stare. “It wasn’t my intention to deceive you, but it was necessary. When this action was discussed earlier in the afternoon, I was the one who mentioned that if you knew I’d bring Annie with me to view your dream, you’d fight being hypnotized, and if you were put into a trance, your knowledge that Annie was dreamwalking with me could cause you to try and alter the dream.

“I know you’ll find it difficult to believe, but Annie needed to be there; she needed to see the struggle you’re having in your dreams. Right now I can’t tell you why, but I’m asking you to believe me when I say she knows as much as possible about what is happening with you.”

She looked down again. “I know this means nothing, but I hurt knowing I needed to talk this step.” She looked at Annie, then back to Kerry. “I only hope that in time you both come to forgive me for my actions.”

As she turned away a strangled voice called out softly. “Deanna.”

She slowly turned back and saw the boy staring at her through teary, bloodshot eyes. “Yes?”

He struggled to speak as he wiped his nose and face with tissue given him by Coraline. “You’re right: if I’d known you were bringing Annie, I’d have fought you. I wouldn’t have agreed to being hypnotized, and if I were, I would have struggled. And . . .” He sniffed back tears for a few seconds. “She needs to know. I haven’t been able to say what is going on with my dreams, but—” He glanced over to Annie before taking her hand. “She needs to know.”

He took a deep breath before clearing his throat. “I forgive you, Deanna.” He managed a weak smile. “There’s no sin.”

Annie turned to Deanna as well. “It hurt seeing those—” She closed her eyes trying to block out the memories of the last few minutes. “—thing, but I know you’re only trying to make him better.”

She nodded slowly. “I forgive you as well.”

Deanna put her hands together and gave him a slight shake. “Thank you, both of you. It means a lot knowing you don’t hate me.”

As Coraline and she returned to her seat Erywin was the first to speak up. “What it what we thought?”

“It was.” She crossed her legs. “He had the mirror dream.”

Kerry’s voice was almost back to normal. “Mirror dream? What are you talking about?”


Kerry’s a mess, but now that he’s had his fit and moment of pain and embarrassment, he can’t hate ’cause he knows Deanna is right about him.  Annie can’t hate either, because she knows Kerry well at this point, and she understands that sometimes you can’t tell him everything, least not right away.  Hey, she was tricked into his dream, and he was tricked into not knowing she’d be there, but why stay pissed off at one of the people who’s looking for an answer someone can’t seem to give?

Also, these kids aren’t–excuse the pun–normal, and they have a maturity not found in most twelve year old boys and thirteen year old girls, the majority of whom would have likely stormed out of the library after calling everyone bitches.  The really scary part is that two members of the school administration–the headmistress and school doctor–and three coven leaders are sitting in a room with a couple of kids who have yellow flagged student files, and they deliberately set in motion a process that was pretty much designed to upset both the scary little sorceresses.  Now, we know Coraline can magically kick ass and Erywin probably has a big weapon stashed away in Hammerspace, but what if both kids lost it and fireballed the whole room?  Notice that Coraline didn’t sit down until Deanna did?  Yeah, she was probably going to give both kids a magical slapping if they got too bent out of shape.

Now that all the crying and recriminations are out of the way–what is the mirror dream?

Notice how I raise these questions without answering them right away?

The Inevitable Answers: The Dream Meeting

Ninety minutes and eight hundred and eighty words of writing later and I’ve finished Kerry’s dream, which left a few people expressing a bit of disbelief that I ended the excerpt where it ended.  Lately I’ve been on a cliffhanger kick, but given all the stuff happening in this section of late, why not lay those cliffhangers out?

But today, since I’m on a bit of a time table, and because this is really the dream to watch, I’m just gonna lay out all of what’s been written in the last ninety minutes with, as we used to say back in the good old Earl Scheib days, no ups and no extras.

Hold questions until the end, class.


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

A crown of ginger hair appeared as the mysterious dream girl made her way up the stairs. Annie couldn’t see her face, but having seen it up close a few dreams back there wasn’t any need. The girl made it to the top landing and paused, staring straight ahead for a few moments before turning to ascended the last two stairs to the first floor.

Annie immediately noticed the discrepancy Kerry mentioned. “She didn’t turn right; it was just as he said.”

“Yes: just as he said.” Deanna gripped Annie’s shoulders as the girl stopped just outside the door to Kerry’s bedroom. “Brace yourself: this may feel a little strange—”

Annie’s vision blurred as they seemed to quickly slid from their spot outside the first floor office door to a spot next to the headboard of Kerry’s bed. The room was the same as she remembered it from their dreams: bed situated under a window to her left, a dresser and wardrobe on the other side of the bed, and Kerry’s computer desk directly in front of her directly opposite the door. Kerry sat at the desk, though he wasn’t wearing his current clothes. “He’s back in his pajamas.”

“That’s because this is an interactive replay of the dream, so a few elements remain the same.” Deanna hovered just to the left of Annie’s head. “Did you notice what the girl was wearing.”

“Pajamas, too.” She scrutinized her soul mate. “Why does he seem frozen?”

Kerry moved ever so slightly in his chair. “He’s not frozen any longer.” A slight creaking came from the door. “It’s about to start.”

Annie fought not to rush to Kerry’s side. “Yes.”

The girl stood just inside the room, just visible beyond the edge of the dresser. She stare straight at the boy seated as his desk before speaking in a sigh. “Kerry.”

The moment he head his name Kerry hung his head and released a weary breath. “Go away.”

“I can’t go away.” She took two steps into the room as the door behind her closed. “You know that’s impossible.”

Kerry half spun around on his chair. Annie saw his face clearly for the first time: he was in pain, almost on the verge of tears. “I don’t want you here; you have to leave.”

“And go where?” She held out her arms as she looked about the room. “Where do I go? You know there’s only one place for me to go now—”

Leave me alone.” Kerry was out of his chair and facing the girl, standing maybe a mater and a half from her. “Just . . . go. Go away and don’t come back.”

“I can’t.”

“You have to.”

“I can’t.” A tone of pleading crept into her voice. “Why are you doing this?”

Why?” His tone became one of exasperation. “You know why. You’re going to screw up my life if this happens. Don’t you understand?” Kerry fought to keep from sobbing. “I’m finally happy: I don’t want to go back to being miserable. And that’s what’s gonna happen if you keep pushing me to do this.” He shook his head. “I can’t do this to my life.”

“What about my life?” The girl held out her hands, pleading for understanding. “Do you know how hard it is to see what you have and not be able to share? To see you have a life? Please, Kerry—” A single tear ran down her right cheek. “My life is in your hands—”

He looked down, shaking his head. “No.”

“Let me live.”


She reached out with her left hand. “All you have to do—”

GET AWAY FROM ME.” Kerry threw himself backwards, stumbling into his desk before he threw up his hands as if to push her away. “Don’t touch me. DON’T TOUCH ME.”

Annie had never heard Kerry scream this way before, but she’d seen this look on his face before: the night of the Day of the Dead attacks, when they were in the hospital and he came out of the dream where he was being chased by the Abomination. He was terrified then and he’s terrified now

Though Deanna told her not to draw attention to herself, Annie couldn’t help her taking a step towards Kerry and yelling at the girl. “Leave him alone.”

The girl turned towards Annie, a look of incredulity on her face. Annie glanced at Kerry and discovered him staring at her the same way. He stepped away from the desk. “Annie? What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here—”

Annie’s breath caught in her throat as she realized Kerry wasn’t the only one speaking: the girl spoke as well—

They stood side-by-side, staying at Annie. “You’re not supposed to see this—”

Speaking the same words—

“You need to leave—”


“You need to get out. You need to get Out Now.”

Annie’s breath quicken as she tried to understand what was happening. “Kerry?”

He and the girl took a step towards Annie, their voices rising. “You Need To Get Out. Get Out. GET OUT.”

Annie stepped backwards as her soul mate and the mystery girl continued screaming.


Hands gripped Annie’s shoulders and she felt herself being pulled backwards off her feet—


There you have it:  what was making Kerry scream.  Though I think the part with Annie in it, that’s only happening in this dream.

The question is now:  what happens next?

The easy answer is I work on the next scene.

The easy answer is I work on the next scene.

The Inevitable Answers:  The Coming of Carrot Girl

First off, let me tell you, there’s nothing more frightening that having someone knock on your door at about eight-thirty at night–or twenty-thirty hours as my kids would say–and when you look out the peephole you can’t see anyone standing there.  And then it goes on for about three or four minutes.  Right off the bat let me tell you:  I live alone, which can be scary enough for some women, but as a transwoman my chances of being murdered are about fifty percent greater than those of a csiwoman, so where there are mysterious knocks on my door at night and I can’t see who’s knocking, I don’t answer the door.

Come to find out it was the Harrisburg police, four of them, investigating a report from the hospital across the street that “someone” there saw “something” in one of the apartments.  Four guys who were a lot bigger than me who instantly got paranoid when they couldn’t see my right hand.  It was a real uncomfortable couple of minutes while they checked that yes, I did live alone, and that, yes, you couldn’t see into my apartment because I keep my blinds pretty much closed at night.  I also got a couple of strange stares from a couple of the officers, who hurried away as soon as they got a call that they really needed to get to the floor below because that seemed to be the location of the action.

I guess the next time when I deal with the police I better get a lawyer in love.

I was told that yesterday’s post was a super cliffhanger.  I guess that’s going to make this one a super-duper cliffhanger, ’cause right here, right now, we are deep in the dreamspace and things are about to unfold pretty much in the way I’ve mentioned in the title to this post.  However, the point of view for this scene has become altered ever so slightly . . .


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

The moment Annie opened her eyes she noticed three things that weren’t normal. The first found her no longer facing a seated Headmistress Laventure, Professor Kishna, or Erywin, and the second saw here no longer seated. The reason for the first two problems were solved by the third: it was clear she was no longer in the library in the Instructor’s Residence. Though after a moment of gathering her wits she immediately recognized the location—


She spun to her right and discovered Deanna standing behind her just out of her peripheral vision. “What is—?”

Deanna put a finger to her lips. “Shhh. Keep your voice down, please.”

While she lowered her voice, her tone remained somewhat anxious. “This is Kerry’s house—it’s his dream.”

Deanna looked round the space in which she stood with her young friend. “True on both accounts, my dear.”

Annie knew the layout of Kerry’s house because she’d been there before in their dreams. Deanna and she stood on the first floor landing with a bedroom door behind her that Kerry had once told her led to an office his mother used when she wanted to work on something away from the office. To her left was the door leading to his parent’s bedroom, one with a large bay window overlooking the street. Directly in front of them were the bathroom doors: the one to the immediate right of the leading to the toilet, and the one facing Annie leading to the tub and the sink.


The layout of the first floor of Kerry’s house it accurate, and I’ve known it for years because, believe it or not, I found floor plans for the exact house his parents “own”, and I’ve had them for–well almost three years now.

And I keep them close buy when writing--like, almost in the same window.

And I keep them close by when writing–like, almost in the same window.

However . . . I actually went to look at the image of the first floor as I had it loaded in the project, and–Damn!  It wasn’t coming up!  I never figured out why it wasn’t appearing in this novel, or in A For Advanced, so I had to hunt around on my computer for a bit to find and reload the image.  That took me all of about twenty minutes, making it another of those, “Wasting time again, I see,” moments.  That and cops at the door are good for killing more time than you can imagine.

Now that we have the floor mapped and out of the way, Annie has a question of her own that needs answering:


The most important door was the one on the left leading directly off the stairs: that was the door leading to Kerry’s bedroom. If what Kerry said about this dream were true—and she had no reason to doubt that he’d lie—he was in there now, waiting once more for the confrontation they were here to witness—

Deanna lay a hand on Annie’s shoulder and leaned closer to her head. “There’s something you need to know—”

Annie turned to her left to address the seer. “Such as how did I get here?”

“Oh, that. Well—” A slight grin came to Deanna’s face. “Coraline was aware that Kerry wasn’t the only one susceptible to being hypnotized, and by sitting between him and you it was a simple matter of crafting a spell that—” She shrugged. “As he was being put into a trance, so were you. It’s nothing that I haven’t done before.”

“But why?” She set her hands on her hips. “Why did you bring me here?”

“Because if this is what we think it is—” Deanna lay her right hand on Annie’s shoulder. “You need to see this. You need to know what’s happening.”



You know, when you can trance-out kids through a little bit of teacup magic, getting them both under at the same time is pretty much child’s play.  It also means that Deanna must be a hell of a dreamwalker if she can find Kerry’s last dream and yank his girlfriend in as well so she can hang out and watch things unfold because she needs to see things.  And Deanna’s being a big vague on the why of things–

Unfortunately she may not have to explain . . .


The answer wasn’t forthcoming for in that moment a sound filtered up from the ground floor. Annie recognized it only because she’d heard her it here once before. Someone’s opening the front door— “She’s coming.”

“She is.” Deanna moved behind Annie and kept her hands upon her upper arms. “From here on we need to be as unobtrusive as possible. We can speak, but only in hushed tones. We don’t want to draw attention to ourselves.”

Annie turned and looked back over her left shoulder. “Why?”

“Because it could be bad for us. By observing this dream we could alter what happens by accident, and it could turn on us if we’re not careful.”

“But Kerry knows we’re—well, you’re here.”

“His conscious self knows, but the unconscious part of his mind that’s already had one bad experience with this dream doesn’t care what his conscious mind want. You’ve already been thrown out of one dream by this girl: given Kerry’s agitation last night things could go far worse for us.” The sound of creaking wood came from the floor below. Deanna leaned close and whispered in Annie’s ear. “She’s here.”


Damn right she’s here, and that’s the part I work on tonight.  We finally get to see what Carrot Girl said to Kerry that freaked him the hell out, and we find out Annie’s response to the aftermath of that conversation.

It’s almost over.

Except for maybe the screaming . . .

Inside a Matter of Trust

We’ve reached the point in the narrative where answers are coming, but in order to find those answers steps must be taken that are, let’s face it, a bit difficult.  Not only are they hard for the people in the story, but it’s difficult for the writer as well–

Last night while I was churning through the twelve hundred words that fall below I was rereading some of the stuff from the first novel, and I happened upon a passage that, about half way through the reading, started the tears a-flowing.  It’s been a while since that happened and it caught me well off guard.  I had to take about ten minutes and regroup because I had difficultly getting back into the current story after that.

I’ve been a little like that with this story, though the feeling is more like dread than anything else.  So far no tears have appeared, but there’s a moment coming in a bit where I think they will show.  And then I can say, “Yep, you cried while writing.”  It happens.  Deal and keep writing.

Maybe that’s why I’m listening to the song below.  Because these are such wondrous stories?

Dream on, baby.  Dream on.

And speaking of dreams, let’s see why Deanna needs Kerry’s trust:


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Kerry started at the instructor as if he couldn’t quite believe what she’d asked. “I do.”

“It’s important you do, because . . .” Deanna’s voice dropped considerably. “It’s necessary to do something that I don’t believe you’re going to like.”

“Yeah.” He looked down and away. “Did you figure out what’s going on with my dreams?”

“We believe so. We—all of us—discovered some new evidence—” Deanna, and the others, had decided long before entering the library, that they wouldn’t mention how they came to discover the new evidence. “—and we do feel it can help us help you with this situation. Only—”

Kerry slowly met Deanna’s soft stare. “What?”

“For us to know if we’re on the right track, we need more detail on the dream you had last night. More than you gave to Coraline.” Deanna sighed slowly. “You’ve had a few hours to go over the dream. Do you remember more?”

He held the seer’s gaze for a few more seconds before glancing downward once more. “No.” He shook his head slowly. “Just what I told Coraline this morning, that’s all I can remember.”

“I asked him about it earlier.” Annie sat forward and look across Deanna at him. “He did try to remember—”

“I know he did, Annie.” She turned her smile to Annie. “I have no reason to believe he’s hiding anything.” Deanna adjusted her position slightly. “Therefore we’re going to need to move on to something that will help you remember.”

An appearance of curiosity filled up his eyes. “What’s that?”

“I’m going to dreamwalk your last dream.”


At the last chapter where Deanna mentioned there was a way to get information, this is what she meant:  they’d sit Kerry down and she’d dreamwalk his butt.  Needless to say, he’s not exactly down with this idea . . .


It was impossible not to see Kerry stiffen the moment the last word left Deanna’s mouth. The curiosity that had taken him seconds before was immediately replaced by dread. He found it almost impossible to speak. “Is that really necessary?”

“I feel it’s the only way we’ll know for certain what in your dream terrified you so much.” She lowered her head and tried to comfort him using a relaxing tone. “This is where you have to trust me, Kerry. You have to believe me when I say this is the only way we can know for certain what happened to you last night.”

He hung his head and said nothing for almost twenty second. He finally looked up with a slight, sheepish grin beginning to form. “I believe you. If you think this is best—”

“It is.”

“Okay, then.” The grin turned to a smirk as he slowly nodded his head. “Does that mean we’re going to do this tonight?”

Deanna couldn’t help the smile that formed upon her face. “In a way, yes: we’re going to do this right now.”

His brow pinched together. “How?”

“Well . . .” Coraline leaned forward in her chair. “That’s where I come in.” She stood up and adjusted her top. “Since we’re aware that you’re susceptible to being put into a trance, I’m going to hypnotize you while crafting a bit of magic that’s going to stimulate your REM functions.”

“And when that happens—” Deanna forward so she was now in Kerry’s line of vision. “I’ll slip into your mind and rummage about until I find the link to last night’s dream.” She noticed the skepticism the arced across his face. “When you are as good at dreamwalking as I, you understand that your dreams never go away: they’re simply hiding.” She chuckled. “In terms you’d understand, your dreamspace is like the Internet, your dreams are like a page, and there’s a URL in your memory that only needs loading to bring up the dream once more.

“Now, something I want you to understand: doing the walk this way allows us to control the situation. I’ll be in there seeing events unfold, and the moment things begin turning bad—” She looked up at the woman hovering over them. “I’ll pop back here—”

“—And I’ll pull you out of the trance.” Coraline crossed her arms and smiled. “It’s that simple.”


Gee, Kerry’s susceptible to being put into a trance?  In the first novel Deanna mentioned to Annie how long she’d been under during their first ever visit to Memory’s End, and since Coraline was sitting right there, it’s even money that she was told about how easy the kids trance up with just simple spells.  And now Coraline is going to do the same to him.  Makes you wonder how much time is going to pass before they start putting him under just to see if he can cluck like a chicken.  Then again, maybe Jessica could actually turn him into one.



“We won’t allow you to suffer.” Deanna leaned close to the boy. “I won’t allow you to suffer.”

Kerry continued staring off into space for a few moments before he looked up at Coraline and then Deanna before looking across to Annie, who had never sat back after leaning forward to see Kerry.

“All right—” He sat back and looked back and forth between the two women. “Let’s do this.”

Annie chuckled. “Let’s.”

“Very well.” Deanna sat back and held her open hand out to Kerry. “Take my hand: we need to have physical contact for this to work best.”

He set his hand in hers. “No sin, right?”

She chuckled. “None at all: you’re not of marring age. Nor—” She glanced to her left. “—if you were of age would you be allowed to marry anyone else. And speaking of that person—” Deanna held out her right hand. “Here you go, Annie.”

Annie looked at the seer with a modicum of skepticism. “Why?”

“Moral support, nothing else.” Annie started into Deanna’s eyes for a few seconds before giving a slight nod and taking her hand. Deanna nodded back, then turned to Coraline. “We’re ready; go ahead.”

Coraline moved closer to the love seat until she was about a meter away, then knelt down before the boy. “Lights low.” The room grew darker, leaving everyone seated in quiet glooms. She rested her left hand above her head and made a small pinpoint of light appear. “Kerry, I want you to look at this light and continue looking at it while I speak. You understand?”

He nodded while keeping his eyes focused upon the small pinpoint of illumination. “Yes.”

“All right, then. Now, I want you to relax, and while you watch the light concentrate on the sound of my voice. I want you to block out all other sounds—” A soft, gentle tone crept over Coraline’s words as she continued speaking. “—so that all you hear are my word and nothing else. You feel yourself growing tired and becoming relaxed—” Deanna had filled in Coraline as to a few of the things she’d done when putting both Annie and Kerry into trances during their times in Memory’s End, and after a less than five minutes Coraline had Kerry where she wanted him—

“Now, I’m going to count backwards from three, and when I reach the end I’m going to snap my fingers and you’ll feel relaxed and wonderful. Here we go and three, you’re drifting away into nothing, and two, you are comfortable and peaceful and wonderful, and one and . . . snap.” Coraline extinguished the light over her head and stood. “Lights full.” The room returned to the same brightness it had possessed before Coraline began hypnotizing the boy.

She hovered over the boy. “Kerry, can you hear me?”

He spoke in a dreamy tone. “Yes.”

“Good. I want you to relax and do nothing: we’ll handle everything from here.” She nodded at Deanna. “Okay.”

Deanna said nothing, only nodding back in reply. She closed her eyes and crafted the spell that would allow her access to Kerry’s memories, that would allow her into his dreams. She didn’t need much time to secure the memories, for when it came to this sort of magic, she was among the best in the world—

She opened her eyes only long enough to gaze up into the concerned look of the school’s doctor. “Be right back—”

Deanna close them once more—


There she goes:  Deanna’s on the walk, and who knows what she’ll find inside this dream of Kerry’s–

The place may even look like this. Or an Arby's. Hard to say. In And Out Burger, perhaps?

The light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps?  No matter:  she will find answers . . .

It’s just that I need to get to those answers tonight . . .

The Questions of Favors

It’s that time to take a few minutes in the morning while I’m having my coffee and pound away on the keys for a bit.  Though the day I managed, yes I did, and into the evening I worked on the writing.  It’s strange that the first paragraph below, the one that begins “Annie entered the library–” took me almost thirty minutes to write, with the exception of the last sentence, which I wrote about two minutes after writing this line.  I write like that at times, and you wouldn’t believe how I sometimes change things as I’m putting these excerpts together.  Usually while I’m listening to music, which I’m doing right now.  And the current song is And You and I.  No, really:  it is.

Oh, man, the stress I feel.  I’m just like my kids.  For some reason I have it in bunches these days.  I really need more of a stress-free life, I do.  Maybe I’m feeling it because it’s what Kerry’s going through right now, and it’s all rubbing off on me.  Whatever.  Let’s get to things, shall we?  And I believe that starts with the headmistress–


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie entered the library first with Kerry right behind her. Deanna noticed immediately that they both appeared relaxed and rested: since they’d slept until almost fourteen-twenty and were excepted from classes for the rest of the day, there wasn’t any reason they shouldn’t. She noticed the strain in their eyes, however, and even disappearing to their hiding spot that was rumored to be off one of the tunnels in the southwestern section of the school hadn’t alleviated the feeling. Annie’s worried, that much is obvious, but Kerry—he skirting the edge between uncertain and frightened. I hope what we have planed doesn’t worsen his mood.  She expected that being told as they returned for dinner that they were expected at the Instructor’s Residence at twenty hours likely accounted for some of the apparent stress—

“I believe you know everyone here.” The headmistress indicated the other four women sitting in a row to the left of an empty chair before motioning to the love seat opposite them. “—and I believe you know where to sit. After all, you’ve been here before, have you not?” Mathilde sat in the unoccupied chair as Annie and Kerry took their place facing her and the others. “Before we begin I wish to make a few comments—

“First, I am here in an observational role only. I have nothing to add to the conversation or findings: rather, I am here to ensure that you are served properly, and that no irregularities occur during this discovery session—”

Kerry turned his gaze from whatever point he had it locked upon to the headmistress. “You figured out something?”

“That’s my next point.” She motioned to her left and mentioned each of the women in their sitting order. “Coraline and Deanna have worked with you on this issue since the beginning of the year. Erywin was brought in about a month ago to offer another prospective on the matter—” Mathilde didn’t pause to go into detail on the exact reason for the instructor’s participation. “—and Jessica was invited by Erywin and the others because of her exceptional problem solving skills.” The headmistress hurried on again least it become necessary for her to explain what exact problem solving skills the Mistress of Transformation offered to this group.

“Now that I’ve had my say, I’ll sit here and watch while the experts take it from here.” Mathilde leaned forward and looked down the line. “Deanna?”


Mathilde is pretty much setting the scene and letting Annie and Kerry know nothing bad is going to happen.  We also know the time of the meeting:  twenty hours, or eight PM for those not on universal time.  Here we see that Deanna has heard “rumors” of the kids having a little hiding place off in the tunnels, and once they were awake they–what?  When out there to blow off steam?  Probably sit silently and try not to think about what happened just over twelve hours before.  It’s even more interesting that if these “rumors” are reaching the instructor’s ears, why is it they aren’t seeing if they’re true?  Hum . . .

Now Deanna’s in charge of the room, and she starts with a little mood setting–


The seer inhaled slowly before standing. “Thank you, Headmistress.” She tapped her palms against her thighs. “How are feeling Kerry?”

He mustered a slight smile. “Better.”

“Did you sleep well?”


“Good.” She looked to the girl on his left. “And how are you, Annie?”

She seemed surprised that she was asked about her current mood. “I’m better as well, Deanna.”

“Did you enjoy a relaxing afternoon?”

A slight blush crept into the cheeks of both children before the half-turned to each other and smiled. Annie nodded twice. “Yes, we did. Given what’s happened in the last few days, it was nice to have time to ourselves.”

“That sort of time is always good.” Deanna arched her eyebrows for just a moment. “But now we need to discuss some of those events: specifically, the one that occurred early this morning.”

Kerry returned to the question he asked a minute before. “Did you guys find something?”

“We may have.” Deanna offered a slight, comforting smile. “The four of us spent the afternoon going over some new material that may hold the answer to your problem.”

Jessica crossed her legs. “We canceled our normal function to work on this, Kerry, and the fact that I’m here and not in Advanced Transformations should tell you that we believe we’ve found something.”

“However—” Deanna stood and took a step towards the young couple facing her on the love seat. “Before we can proceed, I have to ask you both for what is probably the most important favor you were ever asked before now.”

Annie and Kerry once more exchanged glances. Kerry found the nerve to speak first. “What is it?”


Deanna’s asking the most important favor ever asked of these two before?  Ever?  That’s a bold statement.  And what is that favor?


Deanna rested her head to one side as her smile broadened. “May I sit between you?”

The serious expression both children carried into the room vanished as they looked at each other while holding each others hand tightly. Annie spoke without taking her eyes from her soul mate. “Are you doing this to help Kerry?”

The seer held her hands folded across the front of her body. “I am.”

They held eye contact for a second more before each gave a slow nod and let released their grip on the other. Annie slid to her left and Kerry slid to his right. He motioned for the seer to join them. “Come on, Deanna.”

“Thank you.” She sat down a took a moment to relax. “Thank you—both of you.”

Annie looked up and smiled. “You’re welcome.”

“Now Kerry—” Deanna turned just enough to her right so she could seen to boy to her right without difficulty. “I need to ask you another question, and it’s imperative that you answer me truthfully.”

He turned a little towards the instructor. “I will, I promise. What it is?”

“Do you trust me?”


The most important favor you could ever ask these two is to allow you to sit between them, and this is the first time another person of the female persuasion has purposely sat on Kerry’s left since the Chestnut Girl and he got together.  This must be some serious stuff–

"I'm only allowing this because you keep having these freaky dream."  "Otherwise you'd take her to the Manor?"  "Yes."

“I’m only allowing this because you keep having these freaky dream.” “Otherwise you’d take her to the Manor?” “Of course I would, my love.”

And why is Deanna sitting there?  Well . . . I suppose you’ll find out tonight.

I’ll get you there, don’t worry.

Gather Here the Brain Trust: Setting the Scene With the Unbelievable

Yes, this is getting out a little late today, but that’s due to starting on the scene at six AM, writing until nine, getting ready to go out and get my hormones, then stopping to get groceries, and finally getting back here to eat.  It’s time consuming, let me tell ya.

"Do I want to get makeup or make up a blog post?  Oh, I made a funny!"

“Do I want to get makeup or make up a blog post? Oh, I made a funny!”

At least I managed over a thousand words this morning, and after I’m through with this point I’m gonna sit down and take a nap, and then get back into the scene because I’d really love to finish this chapter tomorrow before I sit down and watch the zombies and do a recap for their shenanigans.

All that said, things start out a little slow here, ’cause it seems we’re missing someone–


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

“Said she’d be along shortly. She said there was a bit of business she needed to handle and that we could start without her.” Coraline pointed to the lunches. “Do you want to eat first?”
Jessica removed her suit jacket and hung it over a chair. “I’d rather work first and discuss matters while eating, if you don’t mind.”

Coraline suspected this being the case considering the women present. Erywin was well-known for being able to work while eating, and Jessica’s powers of transformation allowed her to consume and digest any meal in a matter of minutes if she so desired. “Okay, then—” She turned towards the lift entrance to see if Deanna had arrived. “Where do you want to start?”

Erywin scratched her chin. “What happened with Kerry?”

“This is what he said—” Coraline explained the little she discovered about his dream before telling her guests what she’d done for both children.

Jessica nodded. “How much longer are they going to be out?”

“I don’t expect them to wake up before fourteen hours. I have an active motion sensor in their bay, and the moment one of them starts moving around or appearing aware, Bianca or Thebe will get the catheters out and order them lunch—”

“Which I expect they’ll need.” Deanna quickly walked into the room. “Sorry I’m late, but you know how coven business gets.” Erywin and Jessica, both coven leaders, nodded in agreement. “Did I miss anything?”

“I told them about what Kerry said last night—”

“Let me guess: he saw that girl in his dream and it scared him.”

“Pretty much. Do you—?”

Deanna shook her head. “I caught the conversation after came up on the lift; I was standing back there waiting to hear it all.” She stepped back and took in everyone. “We need to move on to this information Erywin has.”

“I agree.” Coraline stepped back as she motioned to the other two instructors. “You have the floor.”


Deanna likes to hang back and listen, and we know everyone is caught up on the sleeping beauties two floors down.  But there’s information to be had here, and Jessica’s about to lay it on everyone.  So, Mistress of Transformation:  what gives?


The two women exchanged a glance before Jessica spoke. “Last Tuesday night my Advanced Transformation class performed their gender change spells, which, if you’re not aware, allows a student to change from their current gender—” Erywin loudly cleared her throat. “Sorry: allows them to change their physical cis forms from one of the binary to the other.” She eyed the woman on her left hard. “Better?”

Erywin smiled. “Better. Continue.”

“Erywin came to me a month ago telling me what she was look for, and asked if I’d give her access to the videos of the class. Naturally I complied, but gives this was Ostara week—” She looked at each of her companions. “You know how busy it gets before the weekend.”

“Why do you wait until right before Ostara to do this then?” Coraline raised an eyebrow. “Wouldn’t it be better to wait until after the weekend events are finished?”

Jessica chuckled as she crossed her arms. “Ostara is all about change—and I consider these spells among the ultimate in change.”

“That’s all well and good—” Erywin set her fists on her hips. “But let’s move on.” She turned to Jessica. “Tell them what you told me Friday.”

“A little back ground first.” Jessicas glanced down for a second as she appeared to think for a couple of seconds. “Because Kerry’s a Mimic it’s necessary to teach him all the components of transformation magic before turning him loose. Just because one can mimic it doesn’t mean one can put all the parts together property.”

Deanna raised her right index finger. “I’m a little unsure as to what a Mimic does.”

“A Mimic interfaces their aura with that of another person, and since an aura is a reflection of a person’s physical aspect, they are copying that information to their aura and using it to alter their physical form. That’s why they need to know the specifics of doing a full transformation before they can craft the magic.

“With Kerry it’s been necessary for me to teach him how to craft a full-body transformation before allowing him to mimic someone. He was performing small mimics before entering class, and I readied him for the full mimics over the last couple of class. Two weeks ago he did his first full mimic on the other boy in class, Fekitoa Naitaku. Fekitoa was a good one with whom to start: he’s from Fiji and he’s somewhat bigger than Kerry, so getting the transformation right would require considerable skill.”

Coraline asked the question everyone wanted to hear. “Did he do it?”

“Yes, and with flying colors. He actually did the transformation so fast that a couple of students gasped. However, I first had him perform a full-body cismale transformation, which he also performed marvelously.”

Erywin leaned towards the transformation instructor. “Tell them what you told me.”

Jessica drew a deep breath. “I wanted to do the same this last week and have Kerry attempt a full-body cisfemale transformation before mimicking the girls in the class. And . . .” She released a slight sigh. “He failed.”


I know what you’re thinking:  Kerry failed?  And you’re not the only ones–


Coraline and Deanna glanced between them before Deanna spoke. “What do you mean ‘he failed’?”

“I mean he was unable to perform the transformation.” Jessica held up her hand to forestall any questions. “By that I mean he couldn’t craft the spell. He wasn’t able to do it at all.”

Coraline’s eyes grew wide. “Not even partially?”

“Not even partially—which is strange because he has performed small csifemale changes before, mostly hands, feet, that sort of thing. When it came to doing a full-body change?” Jessica shook her head. “He told me he couldn’t visualize a girl’s form.”

“Wait.” Deanna held up both hands as if trying to stop something from getting by her. “He couldn’t visualize a girl’s form?”

“That’s what he said.”

“That seems impossible.”

“I agree.” Jessica looked about the room as if she were uncomfortable speaking about this event. “It’s never happened before with him in my class.”

Deanna appeared slightly surprised. “I don’t believe it’s happened to him in any classes. I’ve heard of him having some difficulty at the start of learning a new spell, but—”

“This wasn’t the same thing; he’s shown he can do the transformations on a smaller level.”

Coraline turned to Erywin. “What does that mean to you as far as conducting your due diligence is concerned?”


This is suddenly getting into some strange territory, for saying Kerry was unable to do something that, up to that point, everyone was certain he’d pull off without a problem–it’s troubling.  And you’d think by this point in his life, particularly given his current sleeping situation, he’d have no trouble making it happen.  But that’s not the case, and suddenly things are going sideway.

Where am I going with this?

Off for a nap, if I must be honest.

Hospital Visitation: Bedside Manners

It’s a cloudy morning here in the Burg, but it’s warming up and should get warm enough to wear a jacket before needing to return to the winter coat temps tomorrow.  And I had an interesting walk into work, because rather than head up 2nd Street to my coffee shop, I went a block over to the west and headed up Front Street, which runs along the banks of the Susquehanna River.  It’s a far different experience than heading up what is known in the city as Restaurant Row, which is really about two blocks long.  Chicago we ain’t.

But like Chicago we do have a lot of bridges–

Some that are even unsafe to drive on and have partially collapsed into the river.

Some that are even unsafe to drive on and have partially collapsed into the river.

And we have old buildings–

And quiet drives on one-way streets.

And quiet drives on one-way streets.

We have nice panoramas:

From bridges to buildings to a place where nothing gets done.

From bridges to buildings to a place where nothing gets done.

And, of course, the writer needs to put herself into a few pictures.

The writer outside her normal environment--

The writer outside her normal environment–


And within her environment with a new nail color.

And within her environment with coffee and a new nail color.

Now that all that personal stuff about walking and taking pictures is out of the way, it’s on to writing . . .

The scene is finished.  A few hundred words went down last night, and another eight hundred and seventy fell today, which means there’s just over eleven hundred more that you haven’t seen.  Coraline’s in Total Doctor Mode, and she’s handing out medical orders like she runs the place–which, come to think of it, she does.  The last time she had to get all doctoring and stuff with Kerry, this time he’s just laying there listening, and not trying to convince Coraline he’s okay.  He knows he’s not okay, as do the two female types with him in the bay.

So what’s the plan for the rest of the evening?


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Coraline pushed herself back slightly from Kerry’s bed: it was time to bring this meeting to an end. “Until further notice you’re spending your evenings in this bed. You are on a conditional release, which means during the day, when you’re up, you’re free to leave the ward to go classes, the Dining Hall, and the Midnight Madness. When it’s End of Day and Lights Out, you come back here. You, too, Annie; I’ve already spoken to Holoč. I’ll see to it your uniforms and whatever else you require to get through the day is brought over today.

“But first we need to get you through tonight, and I’m going to take a bit of a drastic measure simply because it’s needed.” She leaned forward. “I’m going to give you something that will knock you out for about twelve hours straight, because you’re suffering from exhaustion and you need the sleep. I know you are likely concerned that the dream you had tonight is going to come back, so . . .” Coraline removed a small ampule from the pocket of her robe. “This will suppress the acetylcholine in your brain, thereby shutting down your REM functions. You won’t dream while you’re asleep.” She clutched her right wrist in her left hand. “You know I can’t keep you from dreaming for long, though: it’s not good for you.”

He looked towards his lap again. “I know.”

Coraline stood and pushed her chair back against the wall. “I’ll be right back.” She motioned for Annie to move from her side of the bed before heading to the storage area where she picked up things she required for her patient and setting them in a carry-all. She returned and found Annie standing on Kerry’s right, holding his hand and looking down at his now-flat bed.

She set the carry-all on the night stand and prepared an IV. “I’ll set the acetylcholine inhibitor in this IV, then I’ve give you the sleep patch.” Coraline set the ampule into a sleeve in the tubbing and set the IV transmission patch against the back of Kerry’s left hand. She removed the patch from her carry-all. “You’re going to start feeling drowsy right away; don’t fight the feeling, just let it come. You’re going to have a relaxing, fulfilling sleep, Kerry: I promise.”

“I believe you.” He gave her a somewhat sad smile. “And thank you.”

“It’s my pleasure.” Coraline prepared the patch. “You ready?” She pressed it against his carotid artery and applied a light pressure as she crafted the spell to start the medication flowing.
He looked up at Annie, trying to hold his smile. “I guess I’ll—” Within seconds Kerry’s eyes fluttered. “Um—” His face grew slack as his eyes close. “I love . . .” His voice trailed away as his body went limp. In seconds he was breathing through his slightly parted mouth while a deep sleep overtook him.


Acetylcholine is a real thing:  it’s what helps you dream, and while that’s going on your body is producing almost as much as it does while you’re awake.  Shut that down and you shut down your dream functions, and the good doctor is doing just that.  I’ve known she was going to do this for a while, but I didn’t get this information until a few days ago because it wasn’t needed.  Now you know.

Now, this thing with Kerry going right out . . . naw, it’s not something Coraline expected–


Coraline let out a long sigh. “Damn.”

“What?” Annie looked up, the semi-pained look still present in her eyes.

“It usually takes about a minute for the medication I gave him to put you to sleep. He was out in seconds—” Coraline checked the status monitors over the bed. “He’s okay, but he must have been tired as hell.” She tisked loudly. “I should have caught this on Saturday.”

Annie continued holding Kerry’s hand. “What did you mean when you said not dreaming for long wasn’t good?”

Coraline waved the carry-all off the night stand and levitated it to the end of the bed. “Going without dreaming for too long has the same effect as going without sleep: in time the beta-amyloid builds up because the body isn’t filtering it out properly—which REM sleep helps do—and before you know it your exhausted, you’re having probably with your memory and concentration—” She gazed down into the carry-all. “You can even start hallucinating. So if he continues to keep himself from sleeping because he fears a dream—”

Annie looked down on her sleeping soul mate. “Would you get him help?”

“I’d have to, but I’d likely have to send him to a facility for that.” Coraline saw Annie’s shoulders slump as the girl grasped her comment. I’ve never seen her suffer so much. Even last year, when she was so desperate to have Kerry remember their time before school, she was never like this. “Annie?”

She didn’t look up. “Yes?”

“It’s okay if you cry.”

Annie straightened before turning to face Coraline. Though her face remained pained, her voice was serious and steady. “My tears are only for him and no one else.”

For Annie to be noticeably shaken a lot of shit has to have went down.  Sure, it’s early in the morning and she was blasted out of a sound sleep by her soul mate screaming, but she’s not reacting well to Kerry’s situation.  And she’s shook up in a way that Coraline’s never seen–but she’d not shook up enough to not let Coraline know there is no way in hell she’s gonna shed a tear in front of her.  The implication is noted:  I may cry for Kerry, but you are not he.  She showed him a tear when they were together in London over the summer, but she’d burn the school down before anyone  else sees one.

So, Kerry’s been more or less kicked out of the tower for the time being–and Annie as well–and he’s down for a twelve hour rest.  What’s next?


Coraline nodded once. “Got it.” She sorted through things in the carry-all as Annie wandered over. “I need to get a catheter in him.”

“You brought two.” Annie looked up. “And another IV.”

“Yes, I did—” Coraline rested against the foot board of Kerry’s bed. “For you.”


“Because you need sleep as well, girl. You’re a moment away from losing it now, and I know if I leave you on your own tonight, you’ll stay up and watch over him and worry—which means come morning you won’t be worth a damn.” She shook her head. “He needs a good twelve hours of sleep, and I don’t see any reason why you should have the same.”

Annie turned to Bed #1 then back to Coraline. “Do you—?”

“Oh, please.” She chuckled for the first time since arriving at the hospital this evening. “I’ve been told I’m a facilitator to your affections, so I don’t see a reason to stop now.” She pointed towards the bed. “Climb in and get comfortable. I’ll get your IV and do the catheters after you’re out.”

There was a momentary pause, then Annie gave Coraline a warm hug. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” She held the girl by the shoulders. “Best get settled before I change my mind.”

Annie slid into bed next to Kerry, getting comfortable in the crook of his right arm, and nodded when she was ready. Coraline applied the sleep patch and watch the tired girl drift off to sleep before getting her IV affixed. Before she pulled back the covers to get their catheters in place Coraline slumped as she considered what had already happened this evening as well as why they needed to do today. I hope to hell we can figure this out soon, ‘cause it may not go well for Kerry if we don’t. She patted both sleeping children on their heads. We can’t fail these two; we simply can’t.


The couple that soul mates together get to do the long nap time together, and Coraline could give a shit if anyone says anything to her.  She’s also aware that they are in this together:  if Kerry is suffering, then Annie’s suffering, ad they’re helping not just one kid, but both.  Or at least that’s how Coraline see this.  Other’s may have a different view of the situation–

In face, in the next scene, someone will have an extraordinarily different view of the Lovely Dovey couple . . .

Hospital Visitations: Patient Questions

It’s been a good, productive morning here in The Burg, even though I wasn’t sure it was going to go that way.  I woke up not knowing if I was going to stay in or go out–you know, “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”  One of the eternal questions that are always asked and eventually answered.

And answer I did, for I finally decided that I wasn’t going to spent time sitting in my apartment, not when I could be outside on a bright, sunny morning.  So I hopped in the car and drove up to the other branch of the coffee shop that I visit on Sunday mornings, only this one is located in old Uptown neighborhood of Harrisburg.

Looks like something you might see in a movie, right?

Looks like something you might see in a movie, right?

Since this place is only a mile and a half from my apartment, maybe I’ll try walking here once the weather gets better.  I can totally do that, I know I can.

Once more we’re back in the Salem School Hospital, Bay #1, and Coraline’s about to speak with her Very Important Patient.  Kerry’s doing a little better than he was when he first arrived, but he’s not one hundred percent, as one might say if they were discussing their racing condition.  Only Kerry’s not racing anyone right now–or is he?


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

The lights were set at half-full, giving the space enough illumination without being too bright. The head of Kerry’s bed was at full elevation, allowing him to set straight up: Coraline took this as a sign he wasn’t ready to head off to sleep. He didn’t have his glasses on as they were still in his room in the tower, left there when Nurse Gretchen brought him to the hospital, leaving Coraline to make a mental note to have Gretchen pick them up in the morning so Kerry would be able to see once out of bed.

Annie sat to Kerry’s left, holding his hand but looking in Coraline’s direction as she entered. She didn’t know if they were talking before she entered the bay, but she figured that they were both sitting quietly, waiting for her to check up on Kerry as Gretchen told them she would. Annie might comfort Kerry, but she wouldn’t question him only to have me question him again. Coraline headed up the center of the bay between the beds so she could check Kerry’s displayed vitals. She doesn’t want to waste time—and it’s likely she already knows the answers to most of her questions . . .

Seeing there wasn’t anything physically wrong with her patient, Coraline pulled out the chair next to the right side of Kerry’s bed and sat where she could see both Annie and him without a problem. “Hey, Red.” She gave him her best smile. “You relaxed?”

His smile was weak. “I feel calm.”

“That’s better than when you came in.” Coraline slid a little closer to Kerry’s bed. “I want you to get back to sleep as soon as possible, but before that happens I need to ask you a few questions first. I won’t keep you long; I just need to know what happened to I can tell Deanna when I see her later today.”

His smile grew a bit brighter. “You’re going to meet with Deanna?”

“And Erywin, too. We’re getting together a lunch to talk about you.”

He turned to Annie. “See? The brain trust is gonna figure this out.”

Annie returned his smile, but Coraline saw the stress in her eyes. “It’s a good think, my love.”

Coraline nodded. “Yes, it is.” She kept her tone relaxed. “You had a dream, right?”


Since Coraline already knows Kerry had a dream, she’s asking a rhetorical question.  Probably because she wants to see what he’s going to say so she can tell “The Brain Trust” makes of his answers.  At least he doesn’t start tap dancing–



“It was one of those, wasn’t it?”

He turned to Annie before turning back to Coraline. “Yeah. She was there. She was in my house.”

While she wasn’t an expert on dreams, this new development led her to believe events were coming to some sort of conclusion.  “What happened?”

He looked down the length of his bed before speaking in a low, dejected tone. “She got in the house. I was on the landing and I heard her come in the front door then come up the stairs. She looked kinda—” He pursed his lips for a few seconds. “She was sad.”

“How do you know?”

“I just do. She got to the landing and sorta stared ahead for a few seconds—” He faintly chuckled. “Funny thing, though—”

Coraline was encouraged that Kerry could chuckle about anything at this point. “What is?”

“She turned to the right when she stepped off the landing. In my want to go into my room you have to turn left off the landing, but she turned right. You do that and you’ll walk into the wall.”

“Did she come into your room?” Though Coraline made a note of this point, she moved the conversation along as she worried Kerry might become fixated on a particular scene.

He began his answer with a sigh. “She did. After she stepped off the landing everything jumbled around—” His eyes closed for a moment. “Way it is in a dream, right? After that I’m sitting in my room in front of my computer and I hear my door open, and there she is walking inside . . .”

Coraline prodded him along as his pause stretched out. “And?”

“We talked.”


He shrugged. “I can’t remember. I just know we talked.”

Annie squeezed his hand. “Tell her what you told me?”

Kerry almost seemed to nod, though Coraline thought he might be fighting to stay awake. “I think I might know who she is now. I keep getting—” He touched his temple with his right hand. “It’s like I know her name, it just won’t come to me.”

“And I’m not going to try and make you remember.” Coraline patted his right arm. “I’ll pass this along when we meet and see if it means anything.”

He pushed the pillow up behind his head and settled back. “Whatever.”


This is the first time Kerry’s expressed the feeling that maybe he knows the name of Carrot Girl–the cute name one of my readers gave to this mysterious dream vixen.  Up until ow he’s said he doesn’t know her, but now–hey, maybe he does.  Or maybe he doesn’t, because the name is there somewhere in his memory and it won’t come out.  Either way you look at it, like Coraline imagines, things seem like they’re coming to a head.  And Kerry seems tired of it all, because when has he ever said to someone, “Whatever.”  Like never, that’s when.

This leads to an interesting discovery, and the need for Coraline to do her doctor thing:


Coraline ignored his dismissal, writing it off as a symptom of the evening’s activities. “Just a few more things and then it’s time to put you to bed, okay?” She didn’t wait for his reply. “Your vitals show advanced exhaustion, so I need to ask this question: have you been avoiding sleep?”

He didn’t try to dance around the question. “Yes. I’ve been staying up late to keep from sleeping.”

“Because you were afraid to dream.”


“How long has this gone on?”

“Since right before Katahdin.” His face grew slack as he continued. “Like the Wednesday before.”

“Why did you do that?”

He met Coraline’s gaze. “Because I felt something coming. That how it felt.” He broke away and stared down at his lap as his demeanor turned dismal. “Like something bad was going to happen.”

“It’s okay, Kerry.” She patted his arm again, trying to comfort. “We’re gonna help you, don’t worry. It’s gonna happen.” Coraline quickly moved on. “Now, for the rest. First, I’m placing you on magic restrictions: no crafting of any kind until further notice. Given your current condition, I can’t risk you trying to craft a spell and having it get away from you. This doesn’t mean you can’t go to class—”

He nodded once. “Just no magic.”

“Right. And don’t let me hear you tried something, ‘cause . . .” She shook her head gravely. “I’d have to do something to ensure you couldn’t do magic, and I don’t want to do that. Okay?

“Second: you’re also grounded until further notice as well. I don’t want you need a broom, and I sure as hell don’t want you on one. And if you’re grounded—”

“No racing.” He pulled his shoulders inward as he hung his head.

“Yeah. Can’t have you racing for the same reasons I can’t have you doing magic. Holoč’s aware, and he said he’ll take care of things with the team.” She gave his right hand a pat. “I’m sorry, but I can’t have you on a course when you’re like this.”

“It’s okay.” He bravely smiled as he lifted his gaze towards the school doctor. “I understand.”


The last surprise to come out of this is that Kerry’s felt something bad is about to happen, and that’s kept him up so he does’t have to dream, that’s serious shit.  And, as you’ll find out when I post the rest of this scene, it doesn’t do him any good.  Coraline’s put the hammer down on him, and maybe another seven, eight hundred words will finish this out.

I’m surprised I pretty much breezed through almost eight hundred and eighty-five words.  I have to admit, it hurts writing this ’cause I’m hurting my kids.  I’m not doing Kerry any good, and I’m damn sure not helping Annie out any, either.  As it was pointed out to me the other day, Annie’s went through a lot with Kerry, and it’s a testament to how much she loves him that she’s put up with so much.  Why?  Because as I said before, Annie has her eyes on the prize, and the prize is Kerry, and it’s Kerry because she loves her little ginger oh, so much.  And she knows that were their roles reversed, he’d be right there for her, too.  Though he’s only had to defend her once from certain death–when he was literally the Last Boy Standing in The Link of Kansas City–Annie knows Kerry would lay his life on the line for her.  It won’t happen here, but believe me:  he would do so.  Because I know so.

Is this the Resting Bitch Face of someone who would lie?

Is this the Resting Bitch Face of someone who would lie?

Nails get done this afternoon, then it’s back to the casa tonight to finish this scene.  And finish it I so want–

‘Cause the scene that follows is going to show something no one–including me–as so far seen . . .

Bewitching Be Ahead

Just when you think you have a cold licked, it decides that it isn’t quite through with you yet.  The sniffly nose and scratchy throat were gone last night but came back while I slept, and I’ll be fighting this off while I go to electrolysis this morning.  Joy.

However . . . something got done.  Would you believe the first scene of the first chapters of the first part of Act Three?

You should:  I don't lie about those things.

You should: I don’t lie about those things.

Yes, the aftermath of Kerry’s “She’s Coming For Me Duh Dun DUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!” moment is here, started last night and finished before Into the Badlands began.  And just like all of what I wrote the last time, here is the scene in its entirety.  With comments from me, of course, but just as I wrote it last night.  And speaking of the night, we pick up not long after Kerry had his latest of bad dreams . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Denna did not believe a little after two-thirty was the best time to ask questions of someone, but given the situation, and the person of whom they needed to ask, she felt it was best to do this now rather than wait until morning and, perhaps, miss something important.

She hurried to the Great Hall as soon as Coraline called, needing only enough time to change out of her night clothes before jaunting to the first floor landing outside the hospital entrance. She greeted Nurse Gretchen as she entered the ward and headed around the corner to Bay #1, which she entered as she was expected.

Kerry was partially propped up in bed: Coraline explained that he wasn’t fully healed and she didn’t want to make him any more uncomfortable than he was right now. Annie was seated on Kerry’s left, holding his hand while watching Coraline and her. Deanna did a quick scan of Annie’s aura and witnessed the flow of muddy indigo running through the light pink. She didn’t need to give Annie’s feelings any further thought: her worry and concern were a given.

With Coraline and her sitting on the other bed Kerry told what he remembered of this current dream. Deanna watched him as he spoke. She heard the fatigue in his voice and noticed the twinges of pain that shot across his face as he related his tale. She appreciated that he was tired and still shaken by what he’d experienced, but at the same time she found his dream fascinating—and not a bit disturbing.

When he finished Deanna allowed him a few seconds to regather his strength and accept some tenderness from Annie by way of a few squeezes of his hand and soft, lingering looks. It was only when he turned back to them that she asked questions. “You say this girl stood in your backyard and simply looked up at you?”

Kerry sighed. “Yeah.”

“Nothing else?”


That’s some pretty scary stuff there, Kerry.  Are you sure she did nothing else?


He looked down towards his lap for a moment. “She waved.”

Coraline twisted the right corner of her mouth upward. “She waved?”

“Uh, huh. Like—” He tried to move his left hand but Annie held it tight and shook her head. He chuckled. “I guess I shouldn’t give examples.”

“We get the idea, Kerry.”

Deanna exhaled slowly. “Did you wave back?”

Kerry thought for a moment. “I don’t—” He blinked slowly, as if fighting to stay awake. “I’m not sure. I don’t think I did.”

Annie spoke for the first time since the two women began questioning Kerry. “Is that important?”


You know Kerry was going for that little Queen’s Wave, with the hand going back and forth so nicely.  Sure, he couldn’t, because broken wrist and all, but he tried.

And now that we got the wave thing out of the way, what does it mean?  Cue our Resident Seer and Dream Expert Deanna–


“Waving is a powerful dream symbolism.” Deanna leaned forward slowly. “For someone to wave at you means they could be looking for support—and given that we know she’s told Kerry that he hold her life in his hands, it would seem to be a continuation of that concept.”

Annie glanced at Kerry for the slightest moment. “And waving back?”

The seer stared off into unfocused nothingness. “One is trying to acknowledge the other person, perhaps recognize them. There’s also . . .” Deanna slowly turned his attention back to Kerry and stared at him with great intensity for a few seconds before she turned to Coraline and spoke in Esperanto. “Mi bezonas vian helpon.”

Coraline replied in the same language. “Kio?”

Deanna kept her tone normal. “Mi tuj demandas al li demandon, kaj mi volas ke vi rigardu sia aŭro kiam li respondas.”

The school’s doctor nodded once. “Certe. Petu for.”


When the adults break out the Esperanto, you know they’re talking about you.  By now Annie and Kerry are smart enough to get this, but they say nothing.  After all, what can they say?  “Hey, you adults, stop talking about us?”  Doesn’t work that way.

I won’t tell you what was asked by Deanna, but I will say that Coraline’s last statement is, “Sure, ask away.”  So Deanna does:


“Okay.” Deanna asked her question. “Kerry, are you certain you don’t know the identity of this girl? That you’ve never met her before?”

This time Kerry shook his head slowly and waited a few seconds before answering. “I don’t know her, really. I’ve only seen her in my dreams, and I have no idea . . .” He closed his eyes and sighed with great weariness. “I don’t know her.”

“Okay, Kerry.” Deanna smiled brightly. “I had to ask, that’s all.” She stood and addressed Coraline. “I don’t believe we’re helping these two by keeping them up any longer.”

Coraline made her way to her feet as well. “You’re right.” She turned to her patient and his most careful attendant. “You feeling okay?”

Kerry settled back against his pillow. “My insides feel like they’re twisting up now and then.”

“That’s those little magical nanoids still doing their thing.” She checked his vitals on the monitors above his bed. “I’m going to have Nurse Gretchen come in and re-medicate you so you can get back to sleep.”

A worried look came over his face. “Am I gonna—?”

“You won’t dream again.” Deanna put as much comfort in her tone as possible to put him at ease. “At least I would think you won’t have that one again. Based upon your other experiences, I think once a night is enough.”

He drew in several noticeable breaths before meeting the seer’s gaze. “What’s wrong with me, Deanna?”

“I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with you, Kerry. These dreams mean something: all we have to do is find that meaning.” She rested her hand on the railing at the foot of his bed. “That’s why I’m here—to help. And I will help.”


Finally Kerry’s starting to thing, or believe, or assume, that there’s something wrong with him.  Remember how Jessica mentioned–in her head, of course–that from here on out the B Levels have to deal with a lot of pressure, both from school and having to come out to their parents?  Now Kerry’s starting to deal with this shit, and it’s starting to mess with his head.

But Deanna assured him that there’s nothing wrong, so he shouldn’t worry.  Right?  Ummm . . .


Coraline moved around Deanna and stood next to the privacy curtain. “Gretchen will be here in a few: I’ll see you both in the morning.” She opened the curtain and waited for Deanna to step into the ward corridor before heading for her office. She instructed Gretchen to re-medicate Kerry well enough to get him through the rest of the night and into mid-morning, and watched her as she went to the supply closet. Only then she did close the door and turn to Deanna. “Were you looking?”

“Of course.” She looked out the office windows towards Bay #1. “The question is, did you see?”

“I did.” Coraline seemed to wither as she sighed. “So what the hell does that mean?”

Deanna shook her head and replied in a low tone. “Damned if I know.”

“What’s our next move, then?”

Deanna hated to take this next step, but she felt there wasn’t any choice. “We need to speak to Mathilde. I believe we’re going to need help—” She glanced at Coraline out of the corner of her eye. “—or at least get a different perspective on this matter.”


What did they see?  Well, as I like to say, I know, but you don’t–not yet.  That comes tonight, when I write the next scene.  Assuming I’m not dying from a cold.