The Stroll Back: What, Who, Why

Here I am and, believe it or not, it’s Excerpt Time!  Really, I started working on the last scene of Chapter Twenty and decided, hey, it’d be nice to put out what I wrote tonight before I go to dinner.  So here it is–

Although I have to talk a little about my league’s Recruitment Night on Wednesday, which went really well.  We had about 15 people show up and if the last Recruitment Night is any indication, we’ll end up keeping about a third of them.  I wouldn’t use my Recruitment Night as an example as I’m the only one left over from that evening, so here’s keeping our fingers crossed.

We had so many new people come out we didn’t have enough equipment for them all, and a couple of the OG removed their gear and loaded it out.  We also got buddies that we are to stick with and help through the process of leaning to become a derby girl, and mine is Niki, who was really shaky in skates at first, but managed to make it through about half a pace line before rolling off to rest.  I’m looking forward to seeing her again on Monday, and do Fresh Meat practice on Tuesday.

Oh, and we got a group picture, just like last time.

Who’s that green haired woman on the left? She looks fetching!


Yeah, there I am on the left with the white socks.  Geez, I gotta fix that this weekend.  Really.

So, excerpt time.  The kids have left Memory’s End and are heading back to The Pentagon.  And they’re talking.  About?  What do you think is the topic of discussion?


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017, 2018 by Cassidy Frazee)


They were on the long path back to the History and Arts Building, perhaps midway between the paths leading to Orchestra Hall and Gwydion Manor, before Annie decided it was time to speak about their vision. Since leaving Memory’s End Kerry hadn’t spoken once, but it was easy for Annie to see there was not only something on his mind, but it was disturbing him. “My love?”

Kerry continued looking straight ahead as he answered with his own question. “You don’t believe about what I said concerning Precognitive Amnesia, do you?”

“I believe it’s a real thing, otherwise Deanna would have called you out for lying.” Annie rubbed her fingers against the palm of Kerry’s left hand. “I don’t believe that happened to us, however.”

Kerry nodded as he slowed his pace. He looked about to see if they were alone, then continued. “When Deanna asked if you knew knew who the woman was, you said you couldn’t remember her name—”

“That’s correct.”

“But do you remember what she was?”

At that moment Annie realized what Kerry was saying. “Yes, I do—the same as you. You know, don’t you?”

“Yeah.” He looked straight ahead for a moment before glancing back at Annie. “You want me to say it?”

The corner of Annie’s mouth curled upward into a smile. “You know what I’m going to say—”


Well, dammit, then say it!  Stop playing this out!


“I do.” He gave Annie’s had a squeeze. “She was one of the Seven Sisters.”

Annie looked off to her left. “It was.”

Kerry swallowed once. “Did you try to say that when Deanna asked?”

The response was quick. “I did, but I…” She cast her gaze downward. “I couldn’t.”

“Neither could I. And since I didn’t think I could convince Deanna that I did know who it was, I just couldn’t say the words—” He signed. “I brought up the Precognitive Amnesia. I knew she’d believe that.”


If you need a refresher, someone mentioned that there are seven really powerful spirits located on different continents and that they go by the name The Seven Sisters.  Is there one in North America?  Surely you jest:


The feeling that the name was just on the tip of her tongue, but she was unable to speak, had bothered Annie tremendously when they were being questioned. Now that they were finally able to discuss the matter, she felt a way of relief. “I’m glad it wasn’t only me.” She looked back to Kerry. “It felt just like the day after our E & As.”

“Yeah, wonder why?” Kerry chortled as his mouth turned upward in a smirk. “I mean, who here at Salem would have an active interest in keeping the mention of a hugely powerful spirit out of our conversation with the school seer?”

The answer to that question was easy for Annie. “A concerned family member?”

“That’s my guess.” A loud exhale slipped from between slightly parted lips. “Why would she do this?”

“Because if we do meet with one of the Seven Sisters in twenty years time, it’s because something bad is about to happen.” She half-turned to Kerry as they continued walking.

“Why else would a spirit gust as powerful as The Phoenix appear in the Physical Realm so they could speak to a couple of humans in a restaurant?” Annie’s exhale was as loud as Kerry’s. “As you said, we were being called upon to save the world—”

“Which, if you think about it, is a scary thing if something like The Phoenix needs help from us.” Kerry chuckled again, but this time he sounded far more upbeat. “I think she’s letting us have this conversation now.”

“I do as well.” Annie tightened her grip around Kerry’s hand. “But why?”


The kids are thinking that, yeah, they did meet up with one of the Seven Sisters, and Sister North America–aka, The Phoenix–is jacking their memories around.  Because… well, it’s what she does.

At least that’s what the kids think–

For now.


Back From the Vision: When Reality Strikes

Wow, another excerpt!

Yep, it is.  And not only that, but I finished the penultimate scene of Chapter Twenty and I’m ready to set up some stuff that will likely come off being a little strange and unusual, as well putting the story off in a direction far different from what I’d envisioned years ago.  But that’s how stories go, right? You evolve, they evolve.

But before we get into that, would you like to see a picture of me with a mask?  Sure you would–only it’s not that kind of mask:

Okay, I've got my mask: let's cook! I mean, paint! #HARD #PaintTheWFTDA

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Next Monday the team is gonna tape down the floor at the rink and repaint the outlines of the WFTDA track, and since I’ll be in a room with paint fumes I was told if you didn’t want to smell them–or get light headed as fuck from them–it was best to get a paint mask.  So I did.  And there it is.

And if you don’t believe that I’m not going to lay a few Breaking Bad lines down when we’re painting, you don’t know me…

Yeah, I’m for sure saying this.


Now, about Annie and Kerry–

Yeah, they had a great vision, but they’re forgetting parts of it for some reason. So lets go back to the part where Kerry thinks he has an answer:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017, 2018 by Cassidy Frazee)


No one said anything for at least ten seconds as the implications of the latest revelation were considered. Kerry was the first to break the silence. “Precognitive Amnesia.”

Deanna shifted on her pillow. “I have to agree.”

Annie glanced from her soul mate to her instructor. “What’s that?”

Once Kerry realized Deanna was allowing him to answer, he spoke. “It’s from one of the books you had me read when we were A Levels. Sometimes you have a vision of an event that’s so big, it’s like you’re not supposed to have seen it, you know? So your mind started shutting down you memory of the event—” He glanced over to Deanna. “Though some seers say it’s not your mind affecting you, it’s really reality stepping in and making sure you have no recollection of the event.”

“I happen to be one of those seers.” Deanna folded her hands in her lap and intertwined her fingers. “I think it’s more like a mild case of Blowback, with your memory taking the brunt of damage instead of your body.”

“That’s kind of how one book put it: you mind takes the hit and scrubs your memory.”


And there you have it: sometimes you have such a big vision that Reality steps in and says, “Hey, you know what?  There are some things people were not meant to know–and this is one of them.  Sorry.” And then you suddenly begin forgetting shit.  At least that’s what Kerry and Deanna believe.  Although–


Annie still found the answer a bit nonsensical. “I can still remember parts of the vision, though.”

“But not the important parts.” Kerry leaned closer to her. “We know we visited that town before, right?”


“What’s the name?”

Annie pondered the question for a few seconds before answering. “I can’t remember.”

“Same here. I can’t even remember the name of the café now.” He shrugged. “It’s the same thing as having an extremely vivid dream: while you’re dreaming you’re certain that you’ll remember everything, then you wake up and…” He held up his hands. “You can’t recall anything but a few moments.” Kerry looked at the floor. “That’s what’s happened to us.”

In that moment a quick chill ran through Annie. It wasn’t that she’d never experience Blowback before: in the years before coming to Salem she’d had spells go wrong and hurt her, and a few times during the last two years she’d taken a couple of hits from Reality. Now she understood that Reality could come at her and render her incapable to remembering things—and she wasn’t enjoying the feeling. “It’s a bit unnerving. I mean, we know something important is going to happen—”

“You mean you’re going to save the fucking world?” Deanna smiled when Kerry winced. “Again?”

Annie couldn’t help but smile at Kerry’s discomfort. “Yes, that. But now, to have everything just fade away—”

Deanna gave her student a concerned look. “Annie, think about it. If you are going to become involved in something that incredible, do you really want to spend the next twenty or thirty years worrying about what comes next?” She shook her head. “I know I wouldn’t.”

“Neither would I.” Kerry sat up, looking a bit uncomfortable. “Just knowing we had this vision is enough.” He let out a long sigh. “Professor, do you need us to stay for the rest of the class?”

Though she was about to release both students, Deanna found it a bit strange that Kerry was asking if they could be dismissed. “No. You’re both free to leave.” She didn’t move as both students stood, gathered their things, and left the room hand-in-hand with only a goodbye once they were at the door. Though she suspected both kids were somewhat bothered by what they’d just discussed, their auras painted a completely different picture. Something’s bothering them both—and I have a good idea what that is


–It may seem as if Kerry is starting to thinking differently, and maybe Annie’s there as well.

And as soon as I write the scene you’ll know what that thinking is.  I think.

Back From the Vision: ¿Que Otros Cambios?

And a good morning to you!  Yes, it is morning, and yes: I’m down to the coffee shop writing again.

Do you need proof? Here it is.


Yes, I decided to haul my ass out of bed and head down to Little Amps and get a cuppa while writing.  Because staying cooped up in my apartment was getting old and it helps to get out and have a little human contact, even when the ten minute walk to the shop is done in 12 F/-11 C temps.

But that’s not the only time I’m getting out.  Later today I’m going skating–again!–and as I mentioned in yesterday’s video post, I’ve been hard at work over at Planet Fitness doing HIIT–High Intensity Interval Training–and working on some moves to help with my 27/5.  Which I posted about on Friday–


I was referring to a video posted by one of our refs, Registered Curse, showing how to strengthen your left leg so you have more power on your crossovers while skating through the turns.  The video is below:


But enough of the workout and skating shit–let’s get to the writing!

Yes, I’ve continued into the last scene we had where Annie and Kerry were describing their vision to Deanna. We know it happens at some point in the future and my kids have grown up and are–well, they sure as shit aren’t the same kids we know today, what with their different hair styles and tattoos and piercings.  But those aren’t the only different things where my kids are concerned–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017, 2018 by Cassidy Frazee)


Though she found the conversation interesting, Deanna wanted to move on and point out something that concerned her. “From listening to what was said, it seemed as if you were meeting someone and that you were having a conversation.”

Annie nodded. “Yes, we meet with a woman.”

Deanna paused for just a moment. “Did you realize you were speaking throughout most of the vision in Spanish?”

Both children glanced at each other, with Kerry answering. “No.”

“You didn’t realize that at all?”

“No.” Annie shook her head. “It seemed like we were speaking normally.”

“You were, but when you were having your conversation, nearly all of it was in fluent Spanish.” Deanna finally sat down on one of the big pillows. “Felisa was translating at first, then I brought Sabrina online and had her translate.” Felisa Ledesma, a Blodeuwedd from Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, was the only member of their level who spoke fluent Spanish.

Annie shook her head a couple of times. “I know some Spanish, but I wouldn’t say I’m a fluent conversationalist.”

“I know uno, dos, tres, stuff like that.” Kerry shrugged. “That’s about it.”

“For now.” Deanna leaned forward. “As you said, Kerry, you have no idea what you’re going to be like in twenty years. If you both continue on your current path, as Guardian operatives it’s likely you’ll become fluent in several languages others than your own.”

Annie and Kerry once more exchanged glance, both knowing there was a certain modicum of truth to the seer’s statement. Besides her native language, Annie was fluent in English, French, and German, as well as knowing a bit of Spanish as well as a few phrases in Esperanto. Though Kerry was only fluent in English, he was picking up Bulgarian and Gaelic quickly and knew as many Esperanto phrases as Annie. Neither discounted the possibility that with another twenty years behind them they’d develop a fluency in several more languages.

“Tattoos and languages.” Annie’s chuckled quickly became a laugh. “It’s somewhat comforting that we’re going to change as we grow.”

Kerry nodded. “If we didn’t, we’d be boring, yeah?”

“Most assuredly.”


Now we learn that the kids were se hablaing that Español like it was no big deal and everyone heard them speaking that way.  Which has to be a bit of a freak out ’cause right now neither kids is convenient in the language, so hearing them carry on that way shows that, yeah, they were channeling a version of themselves from the future.

In this segment we finally discover that Annie is fluent in four languages and it working on two others, while Kerry is busy working on three others.  It probably won’t be long before Kerry becomes fluent enough in Bulgarian that Annie and he can carry on a conversation, and who wants to place their bets now that these two become the first of their level to start chattering back and forth in Esperanto?

All this news is great–but what about this women with whom they were speaking?  I’m sure the kids have plenty to say about her:


Deanna wasn’t as interested in their future growth, however, as much as she was interested in the contents of their vision. “Concerning this woman you met, did you know her?”

Annie looked up. “Yes.”

“Who was she?”

Annie’s mouth opened slightly before she froze. She started off towards a corner of the room before leaning forward slight. “I—”

Deanna turned her head slightly to the left as she furrowed her brows. “Annie?”

Without looking directly at Deanna Annie began to slowly shake her head. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know what?”

“I can’t remember her name.”

Deanna turned to Kerry, who also had a puzzled look upon his face. “Do you remember?”

He shook his head. “No. I mean, it’s like I know her, but—”

“You can’t come up with a name.”


Deanna tried another tactic. “Do you remember her appearance?”

Kerry searched his memory but shrugged after about five seconds. “I know she was a woman; that’s it.”


She shook her head. “No. Other than being a woman, I can’t recall any details.”

No one said anything for at least ten seconds as the implications of the latest revelation were considered. Kerry was the first to break the silence. “Precognitive Amnesia.”


For the first time they get into describing their vision and… they can’t remember something.  Or, should I say, someone?  And what is this Precognitive Amnesia?  Well, it’s–

You know, it’s something for another time.

And that time is coming soon.

Back From the Vision: All Those Changes

I was going to get out an excerpt yesterday, except… well, I had to go wheel buying and then I had to head to the rink and try them out, so by the time I got back to the apartment and bathed, it was getting dark as well as growing close to the time to eat.  Which means by the time I ate it was getting on towards 6:30 and that’s when I started writing.  Since I didn’t want to get out a new excerpt late at night, I reblogged something.

But I had a good time skating:


And I even shot video of skating fast, avoiding kids, and eating the wall once when I couldn’t avoid someone:


The great thing is that from last night to this morning I’ve written about twelve hundred words for the new scene, which happens as the vision ends.  Which means I have a lot to relate here.

So stop talking and start showing, yeah?

Sure will–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017, 2018 by Cassidy Frazee)


“…To save the fucking world?” Kerry froze as the sound of his words faded when he realized he was no longer in the vision, but seated in Deanna’s class, staring across the crystal ball at Annie, while his levelmates stared in their direction. He swallowed once as he gazed down at the sphere. “I… said that aloud, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did.” Deanna voice broke through the silence while a small grin began forming on Annie face. “But you can’t be held responsible for something your future-self may or may not say.” She clapped her hands. “All right, everyone. Let’s take a twenty minute break. Get up and stretch your legs. You’re allowed to leave the room, but do no leave the building, and do not attempt to enter any closed room. Go.” She move closer to Annie and Kerry and spoke in a low tone. “Grab your things and come with me.”

Annie and Kerry gathered their things and followed Deanna down the hall not to her office, but to another classroom on the ground floor. Once inside she sealed the door and put up a privacy screen around the room. “There: no chance anyone will eavesdrop on us.” She turned to her students. “Relax and tell me what you saw.”

Annie set her bag down next to Kerry’s backpack and turned to Deanna. “Kerry and I were somewhere—in the future.”


“I don’t know.” She sat down. “It was sunny but cool, not cold. We were walking along a road and there was as town on our right and a large body of water on our left.” She shrugged. “It could have been a bay—”

“I think it was a lake.” Kerry sat down with a sigh. “There wasn’t a lot of wave action: it was smooth. You usually don’t get that with an ocean.”

“You’re probably correct.”

Kerry stared off into space. “We were going to a restaurant. We were meeting someone.”

Annie regarded the boy to her right. “I distinctly remember that part. It also felt as if we’d been there before—to that town and eatery.”

“You mentioned that as you participated in your vision.” Deanna turned back to Annie. “What else did you notice about your surroundings?”

Annie gave the question a few moments of thought. “There weren’t any trees. Everything was rather barren.” She glanced at Kerry. “He was different.”

He chuckled. “There’s a surprise.” He looked up at Deanna. “It felt like we were a lot older than we’ve been in any other vision.”

“Really?” Deanna found this interesting as the furthest out they’d seen was to their wedding night, which they assumed happened while they were older teenagers. “How old?”

“It felt like we were at least twice our current age, like late twenties or early thirties. It was the way Annie looked: it was like she wasn’t a teenager anymore and maybe young twenties.”

“That would be about right for early to mid-thirties.” Annie chuckled. “You certainly looked older.”

“How so?”

“For one, your hair was longer: about shoulder length.” Annie grinned as she added the next detail. “And somewhat wavy.”

Deanna couldn’t help but grin as well. “That sounds somewhat familiar.”

“He also had earrings.” This time she looked directly at him. “Two in each ear. Diamond studs.”

Kerry gave his soul mate a quizzical look before allowing a nervous guffaw to escape. “Really?”

“Yes. And they were for pierced ears, so…” She dipped her head in his direction.

“Sounds like I’ve gotten comfortable with—that.” He nodded a couple of times while looking at Annie. “You had two hoops as well and a couple of piercings—” Kerry touched about half-way up his ear. “Two hoops here. I think they’re called helix piercings.”

Annie found this surprising as she’d never considered getting anything pierced except for her earlobes. “Two?”

“Yep. They were easy to see ‘cause you had you hair cut in a short bob.”

“What?” Annie found this news somewhat surprising. “My hair was short.”

“Like I said, in a bob.”

“I’ve never had short hair.


Now we’re getting into some strange territory here.  The kids know they were older–a lot older.  Maybe like fifteen, twenty years older.  I do know the approximate time frame of the vision, which means I know how old they really were… and I’m not telling.  It may or may not give away something.

Not only does Kerry have long hair and earrings, but Annie has short hair, two earrings, and helix ear piercings.  What do those look like?

Like this.


That’s pretty much a good look at what Annie’s ears look like.  And it was even mentioned in the vision, because Annie did, at one point, give one of her piercings a little tug.

Yeah, but if you think that’s the end of strange things with this kids, just wait!  There’s More!


“Well, you will in the future.. And there was something else—” He paused for a couple of seconds. “You had ink.”

“I had what?”

Deanna was also puzzled. “What do you mean?”

He looked down for a second with his chin cupped in his hand before speaking with Annie. “You remember you were wearing a flannel shirt over a blue tank top?”

Annie nodded. “Yes, I do remember.”

“When we got to the restaurant and you took off your backpack—”

“What?” Deanna was once again a bit perplexed. “Annie was wearing a backpack?”

“I guess she picked that up from me. Anyway—” He turned back to Annie. “When you removed your backpack and set it down, your shirt pulled back off your shoulders and…”

Kerry touched his right shoulder. “You whole right shoulder and upper arm were tattooed.”

“I—” Annie stared back at Kerry with an incredulous look on her face. “What was it like?”

“It was all intricate patterns in black and white. It reminded me a lot of Helena’s tā moko. There was one thing I recognized, though.”


Kerry touched the upper part of his right bicep where it met the shoulder. “Right here, you had a pentagram.”

Deanna laughed while Annie sat quietly looking shocked. “Well, it makes sense a witch would have that.”

Annie said nothing for several seconds as she tried to imagine what Kerry saw and realized the impossibility of her task. “I simply cannot imagine doing that to myself.”

“It is possible, though. I mean, I saw it.” He shrugged. “We have no idea what we’re going to be like in twenty years. Well before then you are probably pretty comfortable with those kinds of body modifications.” He grinned. “Just as you guys figure I’ll be comfortable with my other half.”


Annie, you rebellious little scamp!  Not only does she change her hair style and get some piercings, but she takes after her mentor and gets a half-sleeve on her right arm.  And also goes Full Stereotype Witch and has a pentagram inked on to her shoulder to–what?  Remind people of her alma mater?  Any way you look at it, Annie getting tattoos is something one would never expect of this fourteen year old Dark Witch, but as Kerry says, who knows what sort of people we’ll be in twenty years?  Any way you look at it, there’s no way the kids we see in this book will remain the same in twenty years–hell, they haven’t remained the same in just two years!

There’ll be more coming tomorrow, but for now you have a lot to enjoy–

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to study for a test.

Skitty, Skatty, Writty, Whitty

What does this mean?  It’s all crazy.  Just like me.  And here’s the video to prove it!



Walking the Vision: The Mystery Guest

Believe it or not, I did something I haven’t done in quite some time: I wrote over a thousand words in a few hours and finished the scene I started yesterday with a total of nearly seventeen hundred words.

Yeah, I’m a little surprised myself, but the thing is, as I started in on this back end of the vision Annie and Kerry are sharing, I got to about five hundred and fifty words and decided I couldn’t stop there, that I had to see it through to the end.  So I kept at it and added another five hundred words–and brought the scene to an end.

So, we saw Annie and Kerry arrive at a cafe to meet with someone–a woman from the sounds of things.  Now, if you will, sit back and enjoy the rest of the vision, presented without interruption.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017, 2018 by Cassidy Frazee)


You remove your backpack before you sit and address the maitre d’ before he leaves. “Do you still have those amazing limeaids?” He says they do. “Could we have two, please?” He takes your order and departs while you both sit. You tug at the helix piercing in your left ear. “How long before you think she arrives?”

Kerry sets his backpack on the ground next to yours. “I’m surprised she isn’t here already.”

“I don’t imagine we’ll have to wait long—”

Just then the waiter approaches with your limeaids, only there are three on his tray. There’s a reason for that: as he sets the glasses down he announces that your guest has arrived. You stand as your guest also removes her backpack and sets it down across from you, which gives you time to examine her—

She’s dressed no differently that you: comfortable slacks, tee shirt and loose jacket, well-worn hiking boots. She’s about Kerry’s height, with jet black hair and a rich, light brown complexion. If you’d seen her walk by on the street you might not have even noticed her, but here it’s easy to see that she carries herself in a way that indicates she’s used to being in charge.

As you all sit you cast a glance at her eyes. They are a dark brown bordering on black and that makes the colored flecks you’re looking for even easier to see. Yes, she’s exactly who you believed her to be—

The woman speaks as soon as the waiter is gone. “I went ahead and ordered a selection of small plates for us. I hope you don’t mind.”

Kerry shakes his head. “Not at all. I mean, this is your meeting.”

“Yes, it is.” She looked at you then back to Kerry. “I wasn’t certain you’d come.”

“I never pass on a cryptic meeting request.” You rest the left side of you fast against your propped-up hand for a moment. “I mean, how could we pass up this opportunity?”

“And why do you consider it an opportunity?”

You ignore the question and ask the one on your mind. “Why did you want to see us?”

Your guest gets right to the point. “There’s something I’d like you to do.”

Kerry feigns surprise. “Us? Why would you want us?”

The woman takes a sip of her limeaid before answering. “I need a pair of highly skilled Foundation operatives who have—shall we say, a particular skill set that will come in handy for the operation in question. And I know you two are up to the task—” She takes another sip and looks to see if anyone is listening. “You come highly recommended.”

Though you already suspect the answer you ask the question. “Recommended by whom?”

Your guest doesn’t even try to avoid the question. “A couple of family members.”

You exchange glances with Kerry, who also isn’t surprised by the revelation. He clears his throat before speaking. “Once again, why do you want us? Isn’t this something you can handle?”

“Contrary to what you might believe, I can’t do everything—” The woman seems on the verge of a chuckle, but doesn’t. “Just like you I can be stretched thin, which makes trying to handle every problem that comes up a problem unto itself. And one such problem is coming up. As much as I’d like to handle this myself, I find it might not be possible. Ergo—” She holds out her hands, indicating you both. “I find it necessary to—what’s the word you use? Subcontract.” She smiles as she give a quick nod. “That’s it: I’m subcontracting this problem.”

A sickening feeling hits your gut as you consider the times you’ve encountered members of your guest’s “family” and you wonder about the task she has for you. “So what is—what is this problem?”

The woman holds out her hand towards Kerry. “May I see your phone?” Kerry hands it over without question and she begins tapping the screen, obviously pulling up information. After twenty seconds she returns the phone to its owner. “In forty-eight hours—give or take an hour—I need you at that location.”

Kerry examines the phone as his fingers move over the display. After a few seconds his eyebrows raise while a skeptical look takes over his face. He glances up at your guest. “You’re shitting me.”

Your guest shows no emotion. “I assure you, I’m not.”

He hands the phone to you. “Look.”

You examine the display and recognize the location pinpointed on the map. “You want us to go there? Why?”

“Because it’s necessary.” For the first time your guest seems slightly perplexed. “I can’t say for certain what’s going to happen, but I know that forty-eight hours from now, you need to be there to prevent whatever it is that’s going to happen.”

You raise your hands in a questioning shrug. “And how are we to stop something if we don’t know what it is we’re supposed to stop?”

“That’s a good question—” It’s also one your guest doesn’t answer, at least not directly. “I would suggest you get there early and take backup. I’m certain that with a bit of arm-twisting you can probably get a company of Marshals to help out.”

Kerry snorts. “Oh, yeah, The Foundation just hands those out like it’s nothing.” After a soft sigh he speaks with less sarcasm. “If we don’t go, what will happen? Do you know?”

A few moments of silence fall over the table as your guest considers Kerry’s questions. When she decides to answer, it’s in a low, tense tone. “I don’t know what will happen exactly: all I’ve been told is that it’ll be bad.”

Kerry jumps in before you have a chance to speak. “I’m a little fuzzy on the bad thing. What exactly does that mean?”

“It means whatever is going to happen will expand beyond the confines of that location not long after.” Your guest’s tone become even softer and more dire. “It means there will be implications that will affect not only you witches, but Normal humankind as well. I means if you decide not to act, millions—maybe tens of millions—will die.” She gives her head a slight tilt as she raises one eyebrow. “Does that give you a better understanding of the meaning of bad?”

Kerry nods slowly and gives a half sigh, half chuckle that you find slightly worrisome. You touch his left hand. “Is something the matter, my love?”

“No. It’s just—” He looks up with the touch of a smirk on his lips. “Why is it when something like this happens, we’re always the ones who are called upon…”


And there you have it–although, what was that Kerry was saying at the end.  Well, if you know me–and I’m certain you do–it means that Kerry’s likely to finish that statement in public as he comes out of the vision.

Or… maybe not.

I guess you’ll have to wait until I post the start of the next scene.