Trials and Triskaidekaphobialations

We’ve made it through another full moon, the Honey Moon or Strawberry Moon–take your pick–this time, and not only that, but it was a Friday the 13th as well.  (Neat fact:  the last time there was a Honey/Strawberry Moon on Friday the 13th was in 1919, and there won’t be another until 2098.  If you missed out last night, you’re gonna need a TARDIS to see the next one.)

I never pay attention to the Friday the 13th stuff.  Generally I’ve had good times on that date, and since it happens more frequently that you’d imagine (only one this year, but last year there were two and next year there will be three, with two of them happening in February and March, back-to-back), I figured it’s best to just get on with your day than live your life waiting for something bad to happen.

I got a lot done yesterday.  One, I blogged, which is normal.  Two, I did some shopping with my daughter, which isn’t as normal as it used to be, since I’m only back home in Red State Indiana about three to four weeks out of the year these days.  She bought lots of manga, then we chatted over coffee and sushi, and she woke me up when I started to doze during Pacific Rim, which I just had to see–again.

You can't see it clearly, but I'm holding a Sailor Moon manga with Sailor Mars on the cover.  Gotta love a school girl who kicks ass in heels.

You can’t see it clearly, but I’m holding a Sailor Moon manga with Sailor Mars on the cover. Gotta love a school girl who kicks ass, with fire, in heels.

I also wrote–a lot.  I wrote close to a thousand words before making my post yesterday, and then I not only did I finish the scene before going to bed, but that was also chapter and part as well.  So Part Four, Chapters Thirteen and Fourteen are in the bag, and Part Five, Chapter Fifteen awaits.

A lot of "First Drafts" behind, a bunch of "To dos" ahead.  It almost looks like I'm really writing.

A lot of “First Drafts” behind, a bunch of “To dos” ahead. It almost looks like I’m really writing.

In finishing the scene, my calculations indicate that I wrote close to two thousand words yesterday.  That’s a lot for me–in fact, that’s what my daily totals used to be when I was writing full time and not having to screw around with this thing called “work”.

My only concern at this point is, believe it or not, word count.  Part Four ended up at 31,646 words.  I’ve a few parts ahead–four to be exact–and Part Seven is gonna get, in the words of a certain person I used to know, “wordy”.  I would not be surprised if the six chapters there end up well beyond thirty thousand words, though I will do my best to keep the scenes short and sweet.

Act One ran one hundred and fifty thousand words; it’s looking like Act Two is gonna be about the same, and I’m already a fifth of the way there.  I mean, I suppose I could count this as a good thing, because it means I have a long, complicated story with lots of detail and a couple of protagonists who love to hug after their zombie killing exploits, and I’m not afraid to get there out there.  It’s a hell of a lot better than saying, “I got nuttin'”, right?

Yeah.  I’ll see if I’m still telling myself that in another seventy thousand words . . .