Bridging Night Witches

Crazy night, let me tell you.  Went out, visited with a friend, watched TV, drove home under a clear, moonless night, then headed off to bed–

That’s where the craziness became epic.

Sleep alternated between laying in bed, tossing and turning, loving the cool air, and having some incredibly vivid dreams.  Of late my dreams have become brighter, more detailed, and filled with some low level insanity.  Here is a prime example:  I seemed to be in Asia, probably China, because most of the buildings I walked through with others looked like something right out of Kowloon Gate.  Having spent some time in China, I have some familiarity with the architecture of a few of the older buildings.

But I was surrounded by Japanese women.  I know how Japanese sounds, and whenever a woman came up to me, she was speaking Japanese.  Most of them were cursing me, for some reason:  one accused me of stealing her purse, which I didn’t, because the item she picked out was filled with pictures of me posing with other women.  I finally told her–well, the Japanese is, “Kusokurae!”  Look it up.

I was also there to check out all the long bridges.  I mean, huge suckers:  we’re talking miles-long suspension spans, much along the lines of the Gibraltar Bridge as described in The Fountains of Paradise.  It was like there was a huge display of them, where I could stand upon a beach and see them all at once.  Nice trick, since they were suppose to be all over the world.

Oh, and lastly–actually, it happened before my trip to the Land of Cussing Japanese Women and Bridge Viewing–I had lesbian sex with Hermione Granger.  She even brought me a wand and a pointy hat, and combed my long, ginger hair–which she loved, by the way–before we headed off to bed.  That was nice of her, don’t you think?

It’s been like this for a few weeks now, the return of the vivid dreaming, but it seems that I’m getting more and more interesting vision during the weekend.  I’m not complaining:  in fact, I find them extremely interesting.  There is something going on, I know this.  Perhaps my mind is finally breaking free from the stress I suffered throughout the summer, and it’s channeling a lot of suppressed ideas out of the basement of my mind.

Or it could be my Muse taking over, once more asserting her authority over my imagination.  The Hermione thing–yeah, that kind of sounds like her.  Sort of.  When I think about it, however, I think she’d be a little jealous, ’cause she doesn’t like to share . . .

Or it could be the chili dogs and coffee I’d had a few hours before.  That’s as good an explanation as any, right?

Having taken some time off from original writing–save the new chapter I wrote for my story Replacements this morning–it could be my imagination is feeling like it’s being ignored, and it’s coming on to me in my dreams, showing me what I should be doing, and not what I am doing.

Though I don’t think a Hermione Granger fan fic is in my future.

The hat was nice, though.  She probably wanted me to have it for my Halloween story . . .