Up In the Anniversary

Interesting times for sure.  Nice dinner yesterday, made it home and caught up on a couple of episodes of Sense8–and let me tell you, I am so glad I have the equipment to stream these days, because I didn’t know what I was missing–and then I hit the editing, and managed to do maybe fifteen hundred words of editing as well.  Oh, and I set up an Instagram account, which means I’ll probably shuffle most of my phone pictures off to that area when I don’t want to keep them on my computer.

Fun times.

It’s first breakfast time on the first full day at the School of Salem, and I can remember how hard it was to write this part back during NaNo 20013.  I’m great at seeing things in my mind, but getting them onto the page isn’t always the easiest thing, you know.  I thought to myself at the time, “Yeah, these descriptions are a little doggy, I’ll fix them later.  Okay, so it took two and a half years, but I fixed them up.

Now, a couple of scenes which were among my favorites because one showed how different things were, and how Annie likes throwing out little jabs that show she’s on a completely different level that Kerry.  Also, we learn something important about her:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

“I don’t know. Over a hundred for sure; maybe close to one twenty-five? Can’t really tell.” He turned back to his breakfast, launching into one of the strips of bacon he’d picked up. “Man, this is good.”

Annie had eaten bacon on a couple of occasions, and while she didn’t mind it she did not possess any strong feelings for the dish. However— “I like pork. There are some marvelous Bulgarian pork dishes.”

Kerry spoke between bites. “I’d love to taste them. I love trying new food.”

“There is plenty of new food for you in Bulgaria—oh.”

The same woman who’d taken Annie’s order only a few minutes before was standing next next to the table with a plate in her hand. “Here you are: two printsessi.”


The girl does not like bacon, though she does like pork.  Mostly in Bulgarian dishes.  Which she would be happy to show Kerry, probably in Bulgaria.  While she’s a Bulgarian wife.  But Kerry hasn’t picked up on this yet, and we have a few hundred thousand more words of him stumbling along before he really knows what’s going on.

And then we get to meet some of the staff and see something that was just touched upon, in the story, the night before:


Kerry recognized some of the people at the tables. There was Professor Semplen, a few tables over on the left, sitting with a woman with long, straight, brown hair. The blond woman from the plane and her friend sat together near the west wall, and the black woman from the Rotunda was sitting with the other dark-haired woman they met on the trip over, and who was also in the Rotunda gathering up new students. Isis sat with a petite woman who looked so young he thought she might be a student—and that was when Kerry realized just how young Isis appeared in the light of day. The same could be said of Nurse Coraline—who sat next to a studious looking guy in a three-piece suit—and a few others up front.

He leaned towards Annie. “Some of those instructors look like they just graduated.”

One of Annie’s eyebrows shot upward, which was something he noticed she did after he’d made a rather obvious statement. “Yes, I know.” She smiled and turned her attention back to the front.


There’s that whole thing again about how young everyone looks, something that doesn’t seem to bother Annie all that much.  And why should it?  After all it’s something she’ll likely have people saying about her one day–

"I'm so qualified to watch over security. I mean, I've killed people with my mind--can you do that? No, I thought so."

“Don’t worry, I’m extremely qualified to do this job. I mean, I’ve killed people just by looking at them–can you do that? No, I thought not.”

Don’t worry, Kerry:  the upside to this is that when Annie is 30 she’ll still look like she’s 18, and that can be cool or creepy, depending on how one looks at things.

Now, on to the quick personal news.  Today,  7 July, 2016, marks my two year anniversary of being under hormone replacement therapy.  My first shot was on this day, and my forty-eighth was last Friday on 1 July.  This means I’ve pretty completely this part of my “real life experience”, and I pretty much hit all the bullet points on the WPATH Standards of Care sheet.

What does this mean?  Well, it means that if I ever get up the money and/or insurance, I can take that next big step, which some call–in whispered tones, of course–“The Operation.”  This is really what I want, but those finances don’t allow for it right now.  So I gotta play the waiting game and hope that at some point in the next few years I win the lottery or something.

When I logged on to my computer this morning the Windows 10 splash screen came up with the time of 5:03, which, as some of you know, reflects my birthday of 3 May.  So it’s a bit auspicious to have my one birth date come up right over the date I sort of consider my other birth date.  I’ll probably celebrate both from here on out, because they are both important dates to me.  And that means I took pictures walking into work:

Here I look a little grumpy.

Here I look a little grumpy.


Here I look much happier here.

Here I look much happier.

And so you get an idea of the changes I’ve gone through in the last two years, here’s a little side-by-side.  The picture on the left was taken the moment I go home from getting my first shot, 7 July, 2014; the one in the middle came after my twenty-forth shot a year ago, and the one on the right I took Sunday morning, 3 July, 2016.

As you can see someone is changing and improving.

As you can see someone is changing and improving.

The most important point, though, is that the picture on the right was taken in public, and there’s nothing in my demeanor to indicate I’m shy or worried about how I look, or that I’m even out.  And that’s because I’m finally comfortable in my own skin.  There are still things I want, and things that make me bothered–

But being a woman isn’t one of them.

Welcome to My Trans World

I’m doing things a little different today, mostly because I promised some people that I was going to answer some questions for them, and this is how I handle that particular request.

As everyone–or just about everyone knows–I’m a transwoman.  I’ve been out online and with friends for about two years now, and in March of this year I began living publicly as a woman.  I started on hormone treatment back in July, and I’ve just passed three months on hormone replacement therapy.

You can imagine that not many people know the ins and outs of what I’m going through.  It’s rare that people other than close friends know anyone trans, and until recently trans people in media were either played for laughs or we were psychos who usually committed the murder in whatever drama was bring presented.  In other words, the majority of people who we might encounter in real life don’t know much about us.

This all came about a few weeks ago because there were people in one of my Facebook groups asking me about the stuff I do concerning my hormone injections.  I was getting other questions asked as well, and it made me realize that, yes, people are curious, and not in a morbid way:  they really want to know about these things that are happening in my life.

Since yesterday was my shot day I decided to put together a few videos that show the steps I go through for my injections, and also answer a few questions that have come up from time-to-time.  So, if you’ll step this way . . .


This is a video going over the stuff I need for my injections, and I actually take you thought the process.  You never see the injection, and I give you fair warning it’s happening in case you want to look away.  As I say you don’t see anything, so safe all around.

The next two videos answer questions about hormones and injections, and–particularly with the second video–I get into the good and bad parts of going through hormone treatments.  I give warning in the second video that discussions may get a little graphic, but only because I’m talking about naughty bits.

Okay, now we get to the one video that’s probably Not Save For Work or Kids.  I get into a rather frank explanation of physical sexual responses, and how mine are changing.  It’s pretty interesting, but as I said, it’s frank, so let me warn you once more:  Sexy Talk Ahead!  That’s even the name of the video.  Click at your own risk.

And last but not least, a video that answers a question that I’ve been asked more than a few time:  why are you doing this?  For me, the answer isn’t surprising.

There it is:  a part of my world as it currently exists.  I hope it’s informative, and that it leads to more questions in the future that I can take time to answer.  Because, believe me, the more people know about the sort of things that led up to my decision, and the aftermath of said decision, the more the stereotypes can be cast aside.

Like I say in one of the videos, once you get to know me I’m really a nice person–

No different than you.