Preparation Great

Oh, my my my, was Sunday a fun day for a writing day.  Got my blogging, got my article, got my editing, got my ideas–

What’s that?  Ideas?  What are you talking about?

As I said, I had writing to do.  I knocked off an eighteen hundred word article on the wonders of powered armor, which is probably being edited as I write this–or not, who knows, because I know it’ll get done and get posted, and I’ll be allowed to work on what is pretty much part two of the same article.

Then there was some editing for Replacements, which involved a lot of cutting of words so issues wouldn’t arise between what I’d once written, and what had been newly written.  It was therefore necessary to do some cutting and adding, to rearrange words and make sentences whole, where once that didn’t exist.  I’d worried that I would somehow screw things up, but some thirteen hundred words later–no problems.  Handled it the way it was meant to be handled:  like a pro.  Or, semi-pro, if we want to get technical.

I thought I was finished for the night, but it was eight-thirty, and I didn’t feel as if I needed to laze about doing nothing, so I looked at the next chapter, thought, “I can do this,” and jumped in.  It wasn’t difficult, it wasn’t trying, and with the focus I still had, I was able to find some obvious mistakes and rewrite some clumsy sentences.  It’s all part of the editing game, where you learn to read your material, and find the stuff that either doesn’t make sense, or is flat-out wrong.

But what’s this about ideas, hum?  Not a problem:  sit down and let me tell ya . . .

During a lull in all the thing that were going on, I decided to take a look at my ideas file.  I have my ideas set up in Scrivener  so when I need something, I made a new folder, give it the meta idea name (like “Orion Story”, which tells me the basic idea), and then set up a text file with a little more information as needed.  For a few of my ideas I already had notes written, so I copied them into the various folders where they can set until I need them.

One idea that I’ve worked on in the past has to do with my Indonesian horror tales.  Kuntilanak is the first, and during NaNo 2012 I wrote Kolor Ijo, the second.  When I was close to finishing Kolor Ijo, I started wondering if there were more stories that could be writing about the horror that is supernatural Indonesia.  The answer was, “Hell yeah”.

I already had some idea about these other stories, and some idea about where they would take place, so . . . all that remained would be to give them a title and some time frame, no?

So I copied out some cards, added titles, gave a time frame, and there I was with four more stories . . . really, four more novels, perhaps three hundred thousand words to work on–

No problem, right?

This is what I get when I say I don’t have ideas.  They come after me until I write them down.

It’s when they make me want to do something more that I get into trouble . . .

The Hooks of Our Lives

Real life managed to get in the way of the fictional one last night, so very little writing was done.  I did begin Chapter Six, which begins with sex, and a little more sex, and just a touch of, “Yeah, there’s the goods, show me what you’re gonna do with them!” bravado that you see in few couples.  It was a great start . . .

But there’s something lurking in the back of my brain.  No, it has nothing to do with plastic wrap and strawberries; get your mind out of the gutter.  It has to do with a story–better yet, the story within my story that I’m writing.

One of the things I’ve considered for my main male character is what novel is he going to write?  I mean, that’s the whole point of having a muse show up and start bugging his butt about getting a story together.  Okay, sure:  so what is that novel going to be about?  It’s a pretty important plot point, don’t you think?

The drive home is always a good time to take what I’ve accumulated throughout the day and put it into practical use.  So it’s time for thought, time for ideas to get put out there and used and/or discarded.  Last night was no different, because I was thinking about this new chapter, and what was going to happen, and how two of my main characters might interact with each other.

In the course of this internal dialog, I decided that Keith, my main male character, would talk about his writing with Elektra, one of my main female characters.  Elektra would throw some ideas out there, and Keith would come up with versions already done of said idea.  However, a point would be reached where Elektra would say something, and Keith would examine what was said . . .

And go, “Hummmm”.

Thus an idea is born.  Not just for him, but for me as well.

The funny thing is, this morning I’m chatting with someone, and they bring up an idea which is pretty much along the lines of the idea I’d come up with last night, and there was this frisson that hits you when you realize that there are other people out there wondering if similar ideas can be done, but they might not have the ability to do them with acquit skill.

Right now it’s just an idea for a story within a story, not a story that will stand alone on its own.  But it is an idea that, perhaps, could become a story were I to do my research and flesh it out.  Not that don’t already have enough to do, but why not have some ideas ready just in case?

Creativity comes at you when you least expect it.  I had this idea last night, and then the same comes at me this morning–what are the odds?  Is it because my circuits are good, and karma is with me?  Or I just know what is going to work?

Or is my Muse somewhere near, while sex scenes play out on the page before me?

I know she’s road with me before, so I’m never alone . . .