The Tower Life

The Soundtrack of my Writing was short last night.  First was Gold:  Greatest Hits by ABBA, followed by Close to the Edge by Yes.  There you are:  about as close to polar opposites as you can get, though I could have listened to Trout Mask Replica instead of Yes.

I was actually pressed for time last night because just as I was about to start writing I got a phone call.  And we talked.  And talked.  And so forth and so on.  And before you know it, it’s eight-thirty PM and I’ve burned up an hour and a half of writing time.  Oi.  Just when you want to write, you can’t.

But then, that is a bit of a blessing in disguise, because once you know you only have a couple of hours, or so, to do your things, you get to doing it.  You focus on the words and you get to rapping them out.  You throw on the music and just start writing.  Or not, if that’s how you roll.

My kids are in their tower and in their room.  There aren’t a lot of them, but I already knew that because I figured out the attendance some time back.  I did a quick run through of the commons, of the floors, and a little of the rooms.  I got them to bed and I finished the chapter.  Up next is Chapter Five, and the grand reveal.  Tonight will get me close to fifty thousand.  I won’t hit it, but I’ll be very close.  Tomorrow I should hit the mark, and I can sort of call myself winner.

Fifty thousand words, and I’m just getting into the school activities.  Yeah, that happens some times.  Oh, and I sort of introduced someone that’ll be kind of a pain in Annie’s butt for a while.  It wasn’t much of an introduction:  just a passing glance in the dimness of the Great Hall Rotunda.

Just wait until later.

The locals are pretty much set now.  Most of the action for the rest of the novel takes place at the school.  In fact, a good portion of the rest of the novel is placed here.  I trip off to a couple of other places later on, but everyone’s “home”, safe and sound, after what was a very long day.  I should check the word count on just getting them from Amsterdam to the school.  Probably fifteen thousand words, at least.

My thoughts are this:  I’ll his fifty thousand on Thursday.  I’ll reach my NaNo goal of fifty-four thousand by Sunday.  I feel that by Thanksgiving I’ll be around the sixty-thousand mark, and I could end the month with sixty-two to sixty-four thousand words.  Which really isn’t bad considering the morning blogging, the daily job, and a little bit of decompressing in the late afternoon before getting into the word making.

And come December, it’s keep writing.  Maybe hit fifteen hundred every day, but I’ll hit it.  If I can do that, it’s ten thousand words a week.  At that rate I could easily finish this novel by the end of January.

Yeah, three months.  That’s a good amount of time to pen any kind of story.

Daily word count:  1,845.  Total word count:  47,233.