The Forgotten Light

Strange morning today, this Boxing Day that we don’t celebrate in the U.S..  There’s snow coming down, but it’s not going to stick.  It’s also very light, so it’ll be more of an annoyance than anything else.  I’ll pretty much be one of the only people in the IT department today, and it’ll be another light day at work.  All in all, it’s one of those days where I should be home working on something else besides work.

Can’t have everything, I suppose.

I didn’t write as much as I thought.  I got to talking to people on line yesterday, which helped keep me from slipping off into the darkness.  Even still, I managed over eight hundred words, which got my total up over eighty-five thousand, which means that sometime tonight I’ll reach the pinnacle of second biggest novel.  Which may or may not mean anything, but still gives me something to shoot for.

Still, it was a tough write.  Things I wanted to say weren’t there.  I was suppose to say something, but what I wanted to say seemed to be locked up inside my head and fighting to come out.  So it was writing in little spurts all the time, here and there, word by word until I had what I wanted.

And even then . . .

I finally got to bed about eleven, and as I was crawling under the sheets I started thinking about the scenes I’d just created, and no sooner was my head against the pillow that I thought, “I forgot the red lights.”

Allow me to explain:

The scene I was working on had to do with my kids getting to their night class at the observatory.  I’ve already posted part of that, but if you pay close attention I’ve never mentioned the lighting.  This is something important, because when you’re working at night like this, the lighting should be red, to help preserve your night vision.  Since it was dark outside when they arrived, there should have been a mention, probably in the first paragraph when they entered the observatory tower, I should have mentioned the red lights being on.  In fact, they should have seen that before they entered the tower:  there should have been a red light hanging outside, illuminated to indicate that the lights inside were red as well.

Tonight, then, I need to go back and rewrite something at the beginning before I continue on with the rest of the scene.  Not a big deal:  in fact, I’ll probably think about what I’m going to write throughout the day, and pen that sucker up before I get on to writing the good stuff.

I should have remembered it, because all the time I was thinking of this scene I had red light in mind.  Blame it on distractions.  Blame it on whatever I like.  At least I caught it before it got away from me.

This is how I go at times, forgetting little details and then remembering them at the craziest times.

Who knows what I’ll forget today.