Ten For Fourteen

It seems like a lot of people are writing up their “Best Of” posts, and why shouldn’t I do the same?  After all, new year, new ideas, new . . . story?

Here I am, New Year's Eve, getting wild . . . writing.

Here I am, New Year’s Eve, getting wild . . . writing.  Exciting, huh?

Without further ado, here are my top ten blog posts of 2014, starting with Number Ten and working up to the top Post.


#10.  To Map, Perchance to Plot.  February 28.  217 Views.

We start with one of two that I wrote in February.  This was the post where I wrote about how I use mind mapping, time line, and Scrivener to help develop characters, work out time lines, and plot out my current novel.  It was a fun post to write, and shows the sort of crazy detail I get into at times.  It’s also, believe it or not, the only post on this list without any comments.  Guess I just stunned the hell out of people.


#9.  Count the Ways to Count the Story.  October 19.  222 Views.

This post was written in the run-up to NaNoWriMo 2014, and it was a long view of how to determine word counts in Scrivener.  The idea was to help out those who were writing their novels in Scrivener to keep track of their daily counts.


#8.  Living to Write Another Day.  June 7.  248 Views.

This was about my travels back to Indiana in early June, and how I almost fell asleep at the wheel and nearly crashed and burned.  A strange slice of life that I could have done without.  Also notable about the post was the picture of me in my auburn wig looking like I had no idea where I was.  Which I didn’t.


#7.  Cleaning Out the Fridge.  April 30.  255 Views.

This post started with a short conversation I had concerning the number of female characters in my current novel, The Foundation Chronicles, Book One:  A For Advanced, and their ethnic and religious diversity.  Another great post, and it made me proud to know I’ve gone all over the world to bring people together for this story.


#6.  Enter the Death Test.  May 29.  260 Views.

Strangely enough, of all the posts I’ve written about my novel this year, of all the excerpts I’ve posted, this is the only one that made it into the top ten.  This was just a small part of a scene in Act Two that I titled The Walking Test.  It was the last day of September, and Annie and Kerry were in self-defense class fighting zombies.  It was a long scene–it ran over eight thousand words, making it a short story–and was cinematic as hell.  It was also gory, which was pretty cool.  There’s a moment right at the end that makes me wish I could draw . . .


#5.  Killer of Dreams.  August 31.  263 Views.

A post about how burned out I was getting with writing–and other things that will pop up in another post here–this is the first one that shows on the list where I posted a video within the post.  I haven’t done that in a while, so something tells me I should.


#4.  Travels of a Crocheting Groupie.  September 27.  298 Views.

A long post, and one that I spent more than a month thinking about, planing, and executing in terms of travel, taking pictures, and shooting video.  All so I could post birthday wishes to my best friend Tanya.


#3.  The Time of Their Lines.  February 23.  309 Views.

The oldest post on this list, it deals with the time lines of the main characters of my current work in progress novel.  I lay out basic ideas of what each one of their school years will involve, and in the eleven months since writing this post nothing has changed there.


#2.  This Sorrowful Life.  November 15.  329 Views.

I don’t hid the fact that I suffer from depression, and I’ve struggled with suicidal tendencies.  This is the newest post on the list, only about six weeks old, and it’s about a true low point in my life where I thought, for a couple of days, that those were going to be my last days.  They weren’t–I’m still here–and while I still suffer from both the maladies mention, I’ve gotten better.  I can even find things to smile about now and then.


And now we reach the top, and what do we find here?


#1.  Welcome to My Trans World.  October 11.  600 Views.

This was written for Coming Out Day (10/11/14) and answers the questions, “So why are you are transwoman, Cassidy?  How did you get there?  And where are you going?”  It’s mostly a video post, and it took me a couple of days to get everything put together.  With the recent suicide of Leelah Alcorn, it becomes extremely important to help people understand why I am trans, where my journey is taking me, and why accepting us for who we are it really one of the major goals in our lives–just like it’s a goal in everyone’s life.  Remember, I’m not a witch:  I’m just like you.  Okay, maybe I am a witch . . .

But if I am, I’m a trans witch, and proud of that fact.


There you have it:  my top ten for the last year.  Who knows what will be there next year?

Four on the Floor

No, this isn’t a confession to the Wonderland Murders, though you never know, do you?

A friend of mine, Peneleope Price, the very nice author and owner of the Priceless blog, tagged me in a post.  She tagged me and said, “You have to do this Meme of Four, Ray.  You have to write out four things in each group and tell people about yourself.  You must do it!  Do it, or your immortal soul is mine!”

Well, now, not that I wouldn’t hand over my soul to Penelope–only because that’s such a sexy name–but (1) I don’t have a soul to give, and (2) if I did have one, My Muse took it, long ago, she hides it in her heart, and she will kick your ass to keep it there.  So, nah!

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk about these things.  After all, my life is both interesting and boring, and some people may get a kick out of the answers I set out below.

So, without further ado . . .

Four Places I’ve Worked/Jobs I’ve Had:
a. Akzo Chemicals, North America
b. United Technology Corporation
c. Hover Trucking
d. Playboy Enterprises

Four Places I’ve Lived:
a. Cedar Lake, IN
b. Hammond, IN
c. Merrillville, IN
d. Indianapolis, IN

Four Movies I Could Watch Again & Again:
a. Forbidden Planet
b. Them!
c. Apocalypse Now (either version)
d. Inception

Four Television Shows I Watch:
a. Doctor Who
b. Project Runway
c. Sherlock
d. Real Time with Bill Maher

Four Authors I Enjoy:
a. Arthur C. Clarke
b. Stephen Baxter
c. China Miéville
d. Charlaine Harris

Four Places I Have Travelled To:
a. Hong Kong
b. Amsterdam
c. Paris
d. Bruges, Belgium

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
a. Facebook
b. The Mary Sue
c. Cracked
d. The Rude Pundit

Four of My Favorite Foods:
a. Cheesecake
b. Steak
c. Peppers stuffed with black beans and cheese
d. Italian sausage and peppers.

Four Places I’d Rather Be:
a. Working on a novel
b. In the mountains
c. Hanging with my Muse
d. Gaming (yes, I am a gamer; yes, I’ve been doing it since 1974; yes, I haven’t went insane and killed dozens of people because the devil managed to get to me through my D&D dice and tell me how I can rule the world . . .  though I did date a gamer girl once.  Does that count?)

Four People I Want to Tag:

Ah, and here’s where it gets tricky.  I’m not much for tagging, and I really want to know a blogger before I go laying the tag on them.  For now I’ll say, “I’m thinking about it,” and leave it at that.