Awake Time, Emma Makes Her Case

It’s been a busy morning for me, and here it is, just a little after eight AM, and I’m now getting around to writing my blog post.  That’s because I finished up the Awake scene, writing about six hundred and fifty words last night, and then finishing up with five hundred and thirty this morning.  I really wanted to get it out of the way, and considering I wrote nineteen hundred words in three days, it shows.

I think it’s due to coming up on the last three scenes in the chapter, when things sort of get crazy for everyone.  Not to mention, the next chapter is really important for my kids, and there’s one scene, Dreams on the Ward, that I’ve been waiting to write for a long time.

I see you hiding there.  Won't be long before I make you give up your secrets.

I see you hiding there. Won’t be long before I make you give up your secrets.

The last time we were here Emma was feeling a little uncomfortable with their hiding arrangements.  How are they doing now, you ask?


(All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

He really didn’t want to discuss the matter. “Emma, we’re fine. As long as we stay here, we’ll be okay.”

“Someone could find us.”

“No, they can’t.” As painful as it was to move his leg, Kerry rolled on his right side so it was possible to more or less face his wingmate. “There’s fifteen square kilometers of land inside the school walls; that’s about nine and a half square miles.” He shook his head. “No one’s going to find us if we don’t want to be found.”

The produced a silence that lasted all of twelve seconds. “It’s gonna get cold, though.”

Kerry chuckled, trying to keep the mood light. “We’ve been flying in cold conditions all day. It was this cold when we took off this morning, and the wind chill made it colder.” He tugged on the wool collar of his flight jacket. “These’ll keep us warm until we’re told what to do.”

“But what . . .” Emma looked worried. “What if they don’t?”

“Why would that happen?”

“What if there’s no one—” She started at the ground near her knees. “What if something happened?”


“What if there’s—”

“Emma.” It wasn’t as if Kerry hadn’t thought about this possibility, but there were too many things happening that made it seem impractical. “Have you heard anything bad happening?”

“No, but—” She appeared a bit sheepish. “We were asleep.”

“Are you hearing anything now?” Kerry slowly looked around their hiding spot. “It’s quite. If there was a war going on out there, we’d know.”

“Would we?” Emma chuckled just a little. “We didn’t hear those drain things go off.”

Kerry didn’t meet Emma’s gaze as he tried to come up with an answer, but couldn’t. She has a point; they didn’t make any sound. And if they didn’t— “I would think—”

“And we didn’t hear anything when those things were slamming into the defense screen.” Emma leaned closer to Kerry and spoke in a loud whisper. “We don’t know what sort of magic they’d use to break into The Pentagram. For all we know—”

He shook his head. “No, that hasn’t happen.”

“You don’t know.”

Yes, I do.” Kerry wanted to believe that The Pentagram was safe, that no one was attacking, or had attacked, it, and that it was still standing. It has to be okay, ‘cause . . . “It’s there. I know it is.”


Don’t go talkin’ about The Pentagram blowing up, Emma; you’re gonna get Kerry all upset.  And you don’t want to see him when he gets upset.  It’s telling, though, that bringing up mention that a certain someone may be in danger doesn’t set well with Kerry.  One would almost think . . . nah.  Not going there–

But that gets Kerry thinking . . .


Emma was way ahead of him, however. “Now that there are bad guys on the grounds.” She chucked. “If they’re locked down, why aren’t we?”

Kerry didn’t have a good answers for this question, either. The simply answer was to stay put, but Emma was quickly changing her mind about that. She wants to go and she wants to do it soon. He knew she was worried about being in the open, maybe even a little scared, but moving now wasn’t a good idea—Not to mention I can’t walk.

There was something else, too: a promise he’d made before leaving the Dining Hall. If you’re paired with Emma, don’t let her talk you into anything. He didn’t want to break that promise, not if he knew he was right. “I can’t move around well.” He slid his hand down his left leg. “You know?”


Yeah, don’t listen to that crazy ginger girl, the one that already tore up the knee you’re having trouble with again.

Unfortunately, she has a captive audience, which gives her the opportunity to chat on:


“But we have the brooms enchanted now; we don’t need to walk.” She moved closer to Kerry, under her head was next to his. “I have an idea; would you like to hear it?”

Everything was telling him, No, I don’t, but Kerry knew it would be rude not to give Emma a listen. “Sure.”

“Okay, okay. I’m thinking we could make our way over to The Diamond.”

“Whoa.” The Diamond was the huge indoor racing complex located away from everything in the southeast corner of the school grounds. Kerry had flown over it several times, and with racing season under way, he’d been there on a couple of occasions to watch the PAV oval racing. The Flight Class had been there at the beginning of October, touring the facility so they could familiarize themselves with the layout before they started flying there later in the year in order to learn the basics of racing. “That’s like a kilometer from here.”

“Yeah, but here’s what I’m thinking. You know how there’s a gap between the wall and the tree line?”

“Yeah.” Kerry had seen that line plenty of times flying around the school.

“Right. So . . . we can make our way over to the wall, and then fly south until we hook up with Reservoir—

“I see.” Reservoir was one of the main turns on the Green Line. It came out of the central woods, flew over the Cove Path, then turned close to the wall and hopped up over Cove Path again as the course turned east along the south wall. “Then once we’re over the path—”

“We’re on Gloucester Bend, and we open it up all the way to Chicane.” Emma face lit up for the first time since they’d fallen out of the sky. “It might take us like ten minutes to get there.” She pointed at Kerry’s PAV. “And since you got the brooms working for us again, we can make it.”


Kerry should look up the expression, “Hoist with his own Petard,” because he just did that.  Sure, totally not the same as being blown up, but you can bet this isn’t gonna go well for Kerry.

Then again, who is gonna get hoisted in the next scene?