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Visions Most Possible: On the Ball

Yeah, it’s a couple of days after the last excerpt was published, and what do you know?  Here’s another!

We get into a continuation of what began as Deanna explaining something to her class.  What, exactly?  Well, it must have something to do with divination, right?

You got that right.

She was also about to foci and that means she’s probably got them out for the kids to use.  You’d be right there, too: she does.

And here they are.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Deanna pointed to the object on her desk. “The crystal ball.” She waved her hand over the sphere and levitated it until it lay shoulder-high next to her. “Nearly everyone Normal think of this as the most used prop used by those claiming to be able to see the future, but for those Aware who are in the know, this is one of those foci that actually help with the function of pre-cognition.

“While no one can say with any certainly why a crystal balls helps, it is known that it somehow allows people to ‘focus’ their Sight and even have it interact with the Sight abilities of another witch. This is one of the reason why when a crystal ball is used by a true Seer, they’re able to reach the meditative state used by those with Passive Sight far easier, as well as being able to tap into the Sight ability of another with ease.


Yep, she’s brought out the crystal balls and wouldn’t you know it, they really work!  Well, they work for the right people, aka witchy witches who have Sight, or at least a semblance of that talent.  So a crystal ball is gonna help you get in the right frame of mine when it comes to Seeing.

And it’s not just all balls Deanna’s brought out–


“Just as some constructed items work better due to the craftsmanship and material, crystal balls are no different. Crystals mined from different locations around the world interact with Seers in different ways, and the manner in which they are crafted help improve those natural abilities. This sphere—” Deanna held out her left hand and the ball floated into her palm. “—and the ones before you, were created with crystal mined from a small range on the border of South Australia and Northwest Territory in 1938 and crafted by native Australians over the next three years. The school owns fifty of the batch of seventy-seven created by from mining and when I’m looking to introduce students to their first possible vision, these are my go-to foci.”

She levitated the crystal sphere back to its base before stepping away from her desk. “Today’s exercise is simple: you and your partner will work with the crystal ball you were given and attempt to activate your Sight. Now, some of you have expressed concern as to why I have paired you with people to whom you feel you have no connection. That’s simple: my observations and my data indicate the couples around each crystal ball have the greatest chance of experiencing visions.”

“Is that why those two are together?”

Deanna didn’t need to look to where Fidele Diaz was pointing to know which couple he meant. “You worry about working with your own partner, Fidele, and not whom else I’ve put together for his lesson.” She cocked her head slightly to the right. “Am I understood?”

Fidele gave a half-hearted shrug and sighed. “Yes, Professor.”

“Good. Now, if there are no other interruptions—” Deanna stared down Lisa, who looked as if she were about to speak up. “Let’s begin the lesson.” She pointed at the two students close to her, Kalindi Kartodirdjo and Usha Soedjatmoko. “Usha, Kalindi and you are first.”


Depending on the crystal ball before you, one could have nothing, or a slight vision, or a really good vision.  From the sounds of things Deanna’s brought out the kick-ass crystal balls, which means visions are gonna get real.

At least for a few people, I’d imagine.

So get ready for the Students at Memory’s End to get their eenie meenie chili beanie on and look into the future–

Though anyone who showed up to class looking like this is probably in for some detention.

Visions Most Possible: Fear For a Day

Yeah, I know I said I was going to post some excerpts yesterday, but… no, I didn’t.  See, things happened and there was a lot of stuff going on.  Things, stuff… yeah, it’s all me.

Also, I went skating–again!–yesterday, only this time an old teammate joined me:

Look who came out to skate!

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Pixie Panzer came out to go around and ’round with me and we had a great time chatting and skating.  She remarked how it was the first time in a long time she went skating where all she wore were skates and how different it felt, and it didn’t hold her back from taking off for a little cardio run a couple of times when there were only a few of us on the floor.  There was also a point where I we were skating together and I was doing my crossovers.  Every time we went into a corner I could sense Panzer going just a little faster as we went through, so I’d have to pick up speed to keep up with her.  That went on for a few laps–two laps, maybe three?  I didn’t count because I was having fun.

But we’re not here to talk skating: it’s writing, yeah?

I’ve been sleepy today, but I’ve finally managed to get some writing done.  And we’re on to a few days after Kerry’s Big Change and back to a regular schedule at school.  That means it’s Tuesday morning and a certain teacher has some concerns about an upcoming lesson:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Deanna always grew nervous when it came time for her class to participate in their first vision attempt. Up to this point in their divination instruction it had all been theory and possibilities and what one could expect should a vision occur.

Now, it was all about the doing.

Deanna grew nervous because she understood that most of her students wouldn’t have a vision. Based upon what she’d already seen, at least two-thirds of the class of twenty-four wasn’t Sight Sensitive in any fashion. Deanna could spend an entire day working every trick she knew to get them to experience a vision and they wouldn’t. As her instructor might say, they were Dead to The Sight.

Of the other eight children five seemed slightly sensitive: given the correct circumstances and prodding there was probably a 1 in 100 chance they’d have a minor vision, something that could foretell an incident happening in their near future. One, Kalindi Kartodirdjo, appeared far more sight sensitive, but Deanna pegged her as a Dream Seer and felt that perhaps 1 dream in 50 might possess elements that would end up being construed as a vision.

And then there were her last two students…


So Deanna’s worried about two students in her class.  I wonder who?


During the whole of October Deanna felt a bit of dread knowing that just as with the other students, Annie and Kerry would participate in the same vision exercises as the rest of the class—only in their case, Deanna was certain they’d fall into a trance and experience a vision. The big difference between any visions the other students might experience and those seen by Annie and Kerry is that Deanna was intimately familiar with their visions and knew they almost always spoke during their vision and sometimes acted out some parts—like the time Kerry began helping Annie remove her top during their B Levels.

It was for these reasons that Deanna approached the upcoming lesson and exercise with a bit of trepidation and hoped that whatever they experienced wasn’t too unusual. After all, there were things far more embarrassing than almost undressing that could occur—

Standing before her class, however, she understood now was far too late to worry about whatever may happen during the next few hours. The moment they were placed in this class the possibility of an animated vision existed. Deanna rose and stepped towards the desk at the front of the classroom. All I can do now is wait to see what happens.


Given what the readers know about Annie’s and Kerry’s visions, them having a vision in front of their fellow levelmates could either be interesting or embarrassing–maybe even both.  After all, the first time Annie had a vision in front of Deanna she also had an orgasm, which could lead to some conversations between people Annie would probably call out in a fast second the moment she heard about those conversations.

But like Deanna thinks, there’s nothing that can be done: they’re in class and she can’t say, “No, I don’t want you doing this lesson, not now,” because that would lead the other kids to really believing they’re special.  They are, but that’s beside the point: Deanna doesn’t want to make that a known point.

So it’s time to teach–


“There are several forms of magic where foci are discouraged.” Deanna began her lecture by facing her students and smiling. “By now you’re all well aware of Professor Douglas’ disdain for using wands to craft basic spells, and Professor Kishna has also made it known that trying to transform one’s self—as well as others—using foci is heavily discouraged. And when it comes to sorcery—” A small chuckle escaped the seer’s lips. “Professor Lovecraft will explain rather clearly that sorceresses who use foci for a first time likely don’t remain alive long enough to use them a second.

“But not all magical disciplines are that way. Formulistic Magic uses foci of a particular nature—if you can call chemistry equipment foci. Professor Chai has instructed many of you on how weapons are also employed as magical foci. And if any of you are ever able fortunate—or unfortunate, depending upon your point of view—to take instruction in Demonology, you’ll discover that under certain circumstances foci are not only necessary, but essential.

“But in divination, foci are not only not discouraged, but in many ways a necessity.” She turned towards her desk. “And today, in order to help many of you experience a vision, we’re going to use one of the most widely-known foci in all of history…”


And now it’s up to me to write about that foci.  Which I may do tonight.  Or tomorrow.

Anyway, it’s Christmas and I’m home watching Doctor Who and waiting for the Christmas Special.  Hope you’re having a good time as well.

It's Christmas and I'm chillin' like a villan.

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Enjoy the day, kids.

Laying Down the Future

Tuesday night was another night for laying out chapters in C For Continuing, but it was time to get down into the detail and look at what needed writing.  That meant opening up Chapter Twenty and setting up each scene that occurs–

But while I was at it I decide Chapter Twenty-One needed opening as well.  So I jumped in there, too.

When writing gives you two for one.


Chapter Twenty has four scenes.  The first, Seeing On the Ball, is the setup and happens in class.  Will anyone other than Annie and Kerry have visions?  Maybe.  Visions on Duty is the whole vision that the kids have.  Rather than embed it inside another scene, it gets one of its own.  Public in Private concerns Deanna discussing what happened from her point of view as well as learning as much about the vision from Annie and Kerry as possible.  The last scene, Wonders and Discoveries, is all Annie and Kerry discussing the vision as they return to the Great Hall because… well, just because, yeah?

I expect the first scene to be the longest, but none of these scenes should go longer than fifteen hundred words–maybe two thousand for the first one.  Even so, it’s setting up the chapter to be about five thousand words–which isn’t a bad average if you think about it.

Now, Chapter Twenty-One is a little different.  Personal Projections will take us into something that hasn’t been touched on up to this point–and that’s one of the kids attempting to perform an astral projection.  Preparing to Project is the setup and Walking On a Thread is the actual projection, which means–surprise!–one of both kids manage the spell.

Bu there’s Something in the Winds… remember how Deanna said there are things in the Astral Realm that people need to avoid?  Guess what?  We may get to see one of those things.  No matter what, Return to Base gets us back to the end of the session and whatever danger there was is likely gone and/or bested.  And we get to hear how the projection went, right?  I’m sure that will happen.

Since it’s likely I won’t head to practice tonight–the cold is trying to return and my back is still sore–I’ll likely map out Chapters Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three.  After I get some food in me and maybe take a nap.

Gotta be rested if I’m gonna think about the future in the past, right?

Seeing the Parts to Come

About last night–  Hey, that would make a good title for a movie or a book, yeah?

Anyway, as I said I would do, last night I began plotting out Part Six.  Well, not actually plotting it out: that requires setting up the scenes for what’s to come in the chapters.  But I’m getting there and I expect this week to see me finishing out the plotting, because these characters aren’t gonna plot this sucker out by themselves.

What do I have, then?  Well, for Part Six I’ve got this:

Lookie! It’s another part!


Part Six is Our Winter of Discontent and this is leading the kids into the last couple of months of school before Salem shuts down and 2013 becomes one with the history books.  So things are gonna start getting a little sticky for the kids and probably get a little worse as time goes by.

First up we have Public Visions and as I indicated, deals with Annie and Kerry doing a class exercise with Deanna and having a vision–oh, should I have said Spoilers?  Like you didn’t know that would happen.  Well, it’s coming next and it’ll be fun.

Then there’s Personal Projections.  What’s that?  It’s Annie-centric and all I can say is that she decides to do something she was told not to do, but you know Annie, right?  It’s also gonna be interesting.

Third up is Recruitment Night and this begins the creation of a derby league in Salem.  Annie’s off to become Fresh Meat and not turn into Rotten Meat like me, since I’ve been uncertified for more than six months.  My guess it’s quite likely that before you know it, she’s gonna be hittin’ bitches in the wall.

Just follow my advice, Annie.


And last is Racing Rudeness and hell, we know what that means.  I mean, it’s about time Kerry got into a wreck, don’t you know, and now’s the time to lay that on him.  Expect a certain soul mate to be pissed, too.

So that’s Part Six–

But wait!  There’s more!

Yes, I decided I’d lay out Part Seven as well because, well, I already had part of it laid out.  What’s that you say, Cassidy?  Yep, I did.  Because I’ve showed it to you before.

Part Seven is titled Travelogues and, as you might guess, it deals with traveling and the aftermath.  Like–

All this travel.


The first chapters is Yule in Pamporovo and if you don’t know what that’s about, you be trippin’.  Annie goes home for Yule and she’s got company, ’cause Kerry is gonna stay with the Family Kirilovi.  Kerry gets to see how Annie lives as well as having plenty of time to get to know his future in-laws.  Which is probably not a bad idea since he’ll likely see more of them than his family.

The next two chapters are Weekend with the Girls and The Polar Express.  The first is Annie going off with Helena to do some Guardian stuff while the second is Kerry going off with Emma to fly and freeze his butt.  If I haven’t made it clear up to now, both of these happen at the same time, so there won’t be scenes of Annie mopping around Salem wondering where Kerry’s at.  Which is for the best because who really wants to see that?

And last is Post Mortums, which deals with the aftermath of both excursions–sort of.  Kind of.  Maybe.  Things will happens that require discussion, so this is the time for that to happen.  And they will.

There you have it: the next few–or many–months of writing.  And what comes after that?

I guess I’ll have to plot it out.


Inside the Walls: The Rest of Your Life

Hello, kiddies!  Good to see you again and, boy, do I have a lot to tell you!

First off, I did my get my skating in yesterday.  I worked on my crossovers and was starting to feel them coming together–all the while dodging little shits who were all over the goddamn rink.

This is the face of someone who now knows how to get through a pack–of kids.

I only had one instance where I feel down, when a kid decided to take a hard right and went right into me.  I also ate the wall a little to avoid hitting a little girl who decided she might move in front of me.  And there was one last time when one kid–who’d spent most of the time skating around not paying attention to where he was going–rolled right in front of me, stopped, and then froze when he realized I was only about a second from rolling over him.  I went into a lower derby position, grabbed him by the shoulder, and moved myself around him while slowing only a bit.

Yeah, in six months I’ve learned a lot about skating.

Now, about writing…

Today I finished the last scene of Chapter Nineteen, which only needed about a thousand word.  That means Chapter Nineteen is a done deal–but wait!  There’s more!  See, there were only three chapters in Part Five–the part that dealt with Kerry’s transition–and with the completion of Chapter Nineteen, Part Five also comes to an end.

So many ends coming together today.

Today I need to lay out Part Six, which is going to encompass the end of the calendar year.  There will be a little class, a little racing, and a little derby before we follow Annie and Kerry to Yule bliss in Pamporovo and their return to Salem to finish out their C Levels in 2014.  This will likely be a large part with most of it taking place in December, and I know it ends with the kids coming back to school because Part Seven is all about Annie going off and doing Guardian stuff while Kerry goes off and does The Polar Express.  And that part will be big as well, kids.

Trust me, I know.

So how do we end off Kerry’s Longest Day?  Like this:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie lay back on the large bed and watched Kerry return from the showers. While the third floor area wasn’t brightly illuminated at the moment, she detected a difference in his walk, in the way he moved. He’s walking with a bit more confidence, but… She smiled, knowing he couldn’t see it, not yet. His gait is different. His feet aren’t as close together now.

He reached Annie’s side of the bed and stopped, placing his hands in the pockets of his robe. “What?”

Annie sat up just a little. “What do you mean?”

“What are you smiling at?”

She shook her head. “Nothing. Just—” She reached for him and took his hand the moment he held it out. “Just watching you.”

“I hope you like what you see.” He gave her hand a squeeze before rounding the foot of the bed to the left side. He took off his robe just as It’s Time by Imagine Dragons began playing on his computer, then crawled on to the bed, throwing the comforter over his legs as he slid towards Annie. “There. Much better.”

Annie wasn’t certain what he meant with that remark and felt she needed clarification. “You mean you’re comfortable. Or is there something else?”

He sighed as he wrapped his right arm around Annie’s shoulders. “A little of both, I guess. It’s nice and warm here—and quiet—”

“It was nice that Coraline is letting us spend the night here.”

“Well, continued monitoring and all that, it’s easier here.” Kerry removed his arm and snuggled against Annie. “At the same time I like being back to my old self.”

Annie slowly placed her left arm around Kerry, patting his arm as he got comfortable. He never snuggles like this with me: I’m the one always snuggling against his body. Maybe he’s not quite his old self as much as he thinks. “Well, while I like you this way—” She kissed his forehead. “There was quite a lot to like about the new you.”

“Yeah, well…” Kerry stared off into towards the foot of the bed. “I hope you got enough of the new me, ‘cause you’re not gonna see me like that again in a long time.”

Though she said nothing, Annie had worried that Kerry was going to have this reaction to his experiences of the last twenty-one hours of his life. While he obviously managed to handle the physical changes to his body with little difficulty, she’d worried that he would reject the experience once he was, as he said, “back to his old self”.

While she hadn’t expected him to fully embrace his newly discovered female side, Annie had hoped that he wouldn’t reject his new Gift completely. And while he didn’t say he would never transition again, his statement seemed to indicate some time might pass before he used it again.

“I understand, my love.” She stroked his hair. “Just know that at no time today was I disturbed by the ‘new you’, nor would I be upset to be with you again were you like that.”
Kerry glanced up at Annie. “I know, Sweetie. But…” He gave a slight shrug. “I’m not a girl. While it’s easy for people to say I may want to experience living that way for a while, I don’t think I’d pull it off well.”

Again Annie held her tongue, because at no time during the last day did he ever act like someone appeared uncomfortable with their new body and how it affected them. He may not have acted like a girl, but he certainly wasn’t acting like a boy trapped in a girl’s body. He was too close to the issue to see it wasn’t affecting him that greatly.

She patted his arm once again and pulled him close. “Don’t worry, my love. You have the rest of your life to adjust to this Gift; it’s not necessary for you to start using it again next week.”

“You don’t have to worry I’m going to do that.” He sat up and stretched. “Probably the next time I’ll transition is when I get my biannual physical in April. I won’t have a choice.” Kerry turned towards Annie. “Enough about me: what about you?”

Annie chuckled. “What about me?”

“I know you said you weren’t bothered, but…” He held his thumb and index finger about a centimeter apart. “Not even a little?”

She shook her head. “As I said, not once. Actually—”


“It seemed almost—natural. Like spending time with a girlfriend you’ve not seen in a long time.”

“Yeah, but you’d never seen me like that except when you were in my dreams earlier in the year.” He cocked his head slightly to the left. “Neither of us knew this would happen when we first started seeing each other years ago.”

While she knew this as a fact, Annie couldn’t dismiss the nagging suspicion that Kerry’s statement was entirely true. But without proof to confirm her suspicion, there was no point in giving it a voice. “Yes, that’s true.” She took his hand. “It was probably more a part of me that wanted something like that. After all, I’ve been you in some ways, and not having a lot of friends is one of those experiences we’ve shared.”

“Well, we’ll always have each other.” Kerry raised both of Annie’s hands and kissed each. “Always.”

“We will, my love.” She slid against him and felt comforted by Kerry holding her. “Through whatever comes our way, good or bad, and always with love in our hearts.”

He waved at his computer and the music stopped as it shut down. “Better get to sleep. We do have classes tomorrow.”

“Yes, we do.” She pulled down the front of his sleep shirt and touched the still-glowing medical monitor on his chest. “These will only be with us a few more days.”

“Yeah, well—” Kerry touched Annie’s, which was peeking over the stop of her cami. “To be honest I’m gonna miss it when it’s gone. On you it looks kinda sexy.”

“As it does with you.” Annie smiled as the memory of Kerry standing naked in ICU looking at her body came rushing back, bring forth the thought, And it also looked sexy on the other you as well, strangely enough


There you go: Kerry is back to his old self and Annie has picked up on a few changes in her soul mate that he may not notice.  We also get a bit of–shall we say “sexual confusion” from Annie, who may or may not be feeling something that’s remaining unspoken.  At least for now.  Maybe.  You never know with me.

Oh, and one other thing: though I hadn’t realized it, last week I cleared 225,000 words, which means I’m about 100,000 words short of the B Level novel and at about half the length of the A Level novel.

Trust me, all the words are there.

I knew this was going to happen, but it was just a matter of being tired last week that kept me from seeing all the stuff I’d done.  With this benchmark out of the way, how long until I hit a quarter of a million words? We’ll see.

Now that we’ve gotten to know The Other Kerry, it’s time to head out to Memory’s End and see what sort of crazy Deanna is about to unleash…

Inside the Walls: Try It Baby, One More Time…

I know what you’re thinking:  you’re getting a blog post out now?  You know it, baby.  And the reason for this is I’ve been feeling under the weather for most of the day.  Even though I was out on a busy day yesterday–breakfast, practice, helping a teammate with new skate, going to a movie and catching up on old news with a former teammate–today the cold I’ve been fighting off for the last week decided it was time to hit.

So I’ve been coughing and sneezing and dealing with a runny nose that doesn’t seem to know when to stop.  I hope this means my sinuses will have dried out by tomorrow morning, otherwise I’ll need to deal with this shit at work.

As for writing–

I began writing this morning and ran out of steam after about four hundred words.  I was going to finish up during the afternoon, but feeling run down has a way of making you not want to do anything.  Finally, after eating, I cranked out another three hundred words and finished the scene.

That means the kids are back in the Great Hall and on their way to the hospital–right?



(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


They quickly headed to the main hospital entrance and proceeded to the third floor, where Coraline, Deanna, Erywin, and Jessica were waiting for them still attired in the casual clothing they wore to dinner. Erywin spoke as they entered the main space. “Did you enjoy your time outside?”

Kerry nodded. “Quite a lot. It was nice being away from here even if it was a little cold.” She turned to Coraline. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” Coraline shook her head. “I can imagine you were getting a little buggy after having been kept here all day.”

“Just a little.”

“It was more than ‘just a little’.” Annie took Kerry’s hand. “I experienced her moods before and after going out. She enjoyed the experience immensely.”

“Well, how about a little more fun?” Coraline flashed a bright, wide smile. “Let’s try another transition before I put you guys down to bed for the night?”

Kerry nodded. “Yeah, why not?”

Annie touched the ginger girl’s shoulder. “It’s been almost a day; maybe you’ll have control now.”

“Let’s hope so.” Kerry pointed at the partitioned area about five meters away. “Change back there?”

While Kerry changed Coraline prepared the dais and recording equipment used in the six previous controlled transition attempts. By the time Kerry emerged from behind the privacy partition dressed in her smock and socks everything was ready for her. The school’s doctor perked up as her patient approached. “Since you know the drill we can get right to the test.”

“Right-o.” Kerry stepped up upon the dais as shook herself once as she relaxed. “Ready to go her, Doc.”

“Then let’s get to it. Begin recording.” Coraline’s voice shifted into the professional tone she used in the other attempts. “It’s 27 October, 2013, time 21:53. I am Doctor Coraline Gallagher and this is Attempt Number Seven of Kerry Malibey’s attempt to control her Bigender Gift. Kerry is in position and ready to go. As before, witnesses are Jessica

Kishna, Deanna Arrakis, Erywin Sladen, Isis Mossman, and Anelie Kirilova.” She looked in Kerry’s direction. “You ready?”

She nodded. “Ready as ever.”

“Then let’s get started.” Coraline stood upright and looked about the room before focusing on Kerry. “As before, attempt transition on my mark. And… three, two, one—Mark.”

Kerry closed her eyes on three, squared her shoulders on two, and slightly dipped her head on one. At mark her brow furrowed as she concentrated…


So it’s time for the test–the seventh.  And Kerry’s on the podium, dressed and ready to change.  And does she?


An eye blink later the boy who was at the Samhain Dance with Annie only twenty-four hours earlier stood on the dais.

For a moment no one said a word nor reacted. It was finally Kerry who noticed there wasn’t any hair lining his face before looking at his hands. After a couple of seconds of scrutinizing them his chortle sounded like an explosion. “Holy shit.”

While everyone behind her began exclaiming over the success of the voluntary transition, Coraline remained intent on the test. “Kerry—Kerry.”

He quickly focused. “Yeah?”

“We need to see if you can transition back to…”

He shrugged. “To a girl?”


“Okay.” He squared his shoulders. “Give the word.”

“You know what to do—” Coraline waved her hands to hush everyone. “Go on my mark.” She swallowed. “And… mark.”

In the same blink of an eye moment Kerry changed from the Ginger Hair Boy back to the girl he’d been for nearly an entire day. She reexamined herself. “I think I got this.”

Coraline began chuckling. “I think you do. Go ahead and—”

Kerry instantly transitioned back into his male self. “Change?”


Annie moved away from everyone and stepped up next to the dais. “How are you feeling?”

“Feeling?” Kerry stepped off the dais without permission and stood next to Annie. “I feel great.” He took her right hand and kissed it. “You might say, I feel like my back to my old self…”

There you go.  You knew it had to end sometime during this day, and we can finally get back to using “he” pronouns and not get confused if she is meant to be Annie or Kerry.

But, you know, the day isn’t quite over yet…