A Better Saturday

Yep, it’s finally time to get that video out.  Enjoy!


The Rune Vision: Together Again and Waiting

Another morning, another getting up at 6:30 and wondering where the day was going to go from there.  Actually, it went just about where I wanted it to go–

It’s been cold here in The Burg due to the high winds we’ve had all week.  It seems like every time you’re out, you’re having to fight the extremely brisk wind shooting down the Susquehanna Valley like it’s in a hurry to get down to The Shore.  Given that I’ve been out in that mess the last couple of days, I decided to stay in and enjoy some warmth.

Now, even though I watched Wind River–which is a great but albeit depressing movie–I managed almost another six hundred words today. I did so while listening to the original 1970 recording of Jesus Christ Superstar, because it’s a great album and is one of the few where I know all the lyrics.  Really: when I was in wood shop in high school I used to pass the time by singing it to myself, because I certainly didn’t care to be in wood shop.

We’re back in the Rune Vision and things are starting to shape up with what my kids are up to.  And it’s not stuff relating to school–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017, 2018 by Cassidy Frazee)

“Don’t congratulate yourself too much—” She checks her appearance again in your mirror. “That’s about all I remember after a decade of your quotes.” After quickly touching her hair into place she glances towards you. “Do you think they’re going to give us any time together after tonight?”

You levitate your tuxedo jacket towards you. “Hard to say. I’m still surprised they let us drop what we were doing nine months ago to go to the wedding together.”

“In that instance someone above our handlers were calling the shots.” Annie picks up a pair of emerald stud earrings and begins putting them into place behind the first set of earrings. “It’s nice when you have friends in high places.”

“That is it.” You put on the jacket, rolling your shoulders to get it set. “Still, there are probably dozens of operatives who could go to this party, yet they need us. I don’t get it.”

Annie smiles as she finishes putting in her earrings. “You know how it is: such is the way—”

“—When you’re gray. I know.” You let out loud sign. “Whatever.”

“I’m not complaining.” Annie gives her hair a quick pat. “It’s been nine months since we’ve seen each other face-to-face in person so I, for one, so I’m thankful they did pull us out of the field for this party.” She looks about the room, unsure what she should do next. “I only hope we can get a week together before returning to our on-going operations. It would be nice.”

“I agree.” You turn and look out the window of your hotel room, gazing upon the opulent city beyond. “You think this guy’s gonna be there?”

“Intelligence says the likelihood is high.” She picks up a pair of sunglasses as if she’d considering wearing them to the party. “We know the buyer will be there because we’ve seen the guest list; our target has met with the buyer five times in the last month; and seeing how the buyer is bringing along five guests the probability is high whatever business they’ve planed to transact will occur tonight.” Annie sets the sunglasses aside and sits on the edge of the bed, crossing her legs. “I know you see it the same way: you’re just asking the question because it’s something you always do when you’re restless.”

You snort without turning around to face Annie. “Guilty as charged.” After pulling the sheers back into place you glance over at Annie. “Also, the fact that we haven’t received conformation about whether or not we’re suppose to snatch this asshole isn’t exactly instilling confidence The G know what’s going on.”

Just then Annie’s phone dings as a message appears. She points at it and levitates it towards her. “Speak of the devil.” It only takes a second to read the text. “We’re on. We’re to snatch our target and the buyer.” She sets the phone in her lap. “They must want to know if the buyer is acting as a go-between for someone else.”

“Which he probably is.” You take a couple of steps towards Annie. “Are we authorized to go public, or do we have to keep this private?”

“They didn’t say: let me ask.” Annie speaks the question into the phone and sends the message; the response comes back some twenty seconds later. “We’re to keep it private: they don’t want to involve a media team on this operation.”

“Sounds good.” You pace across the room and back once. “I supposed this means I need to make sure my other disguise is suitable, too.”

Annie nods. “It does. Let’s see, then.”


There you go: Annie and Kerry doing something for “The G”, which is pretty easy to figure out.  Some of the other stuff that isn’t so clear–well, eventually it’ll get talked about–

Just not here.  And by me.

The Rune Vision: Gettin’ Ready and Set

I thought I’d get in some writing this morning, but while the mind was willing, the body wasn’t in the mood for that shit, not at seven in the morning, which was when I crawled out of bed.  I also had to run out and send off something UPS before heading over to Dick’s and picking up a sports bra that was not only on sale, but fits so well I may go back tomorrow and pick up two more.

Getting out is something I’m trying to do so I don’t get stuck in another mental rut and begin falling into the rabbit hole.  I don’t have to do anything, but being away from the apartment does wonders for me.  I’ll see how I feel after doing this for a couple of weeks.

But after an hour nap I felt like doing something, so I sat before the computer and wrote six hundred words, said words being the opening to the vision Kerry is having–you’ll know this right away.  And like the other vision, there’s a bit of a set up:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017, 2018 by Cassidy Frazee)


The mirror forms in the air and you take a moment to examine your attire and features. Hair is a little longer than when you graduated, but your facial features haven’t changed much at all, which is why it’s necessary to add some aging to your face before going out—the curse of being an Aware who doesn’t age at the same rate as a Normal.

It’s easy to see the rest of your body as well, which is almost perfectly average. The black dress pants are perfectly tailored, as is your white dress shirt, because of a little transformation magic, and your half-brogues feel as broken in as a pair you’ve own for years even though you bought them this morning.

You’ve just finished fastening the cummerbund around your waist when Annie walks out of the bathroom in her bra and panties, having just made her hair and makeup as perfect as possible. She stand on the other side of the large bedroom from you and waves at the air before her, creating her own full-length mirror. She slides her feet into a pair of black pumps before turning around to face you. “Give me a hand with my dress?”

“Of course.” As Annie levitates the dress to a position directly behind her you hold it lightly by the shoulders and phase it through her body. She helps position it until it’s perfectly in place and the moment she nods to let you know she’s satisfied, you remove the spell and take a couple of steps back. “Black metallic looks great on you.”

Annie turns and smiles. “Why wouldn’t it, my love?”

You make a quick nod towards her right shoulder. “That new ink is peeking through; you gonna hide that?”

Annie checks the tiny portion of her new tattoo just visible beyond the hem of the sleeve and makes it vanish with the wave of her hand. “Good catch. I wouldn’t want to risk that someone’s seen that somewhere else.” She looks at you as you return to your mirror. “Are you wearing earrings tonight?”

“I was thinking of wearing my diamond studs, but I’m not sure which ones.” You shrug. “What do you think? Squares? Hexagons?”

“Did you bring the octagons?”


“Wear those. I like them.”

“Done.” You remove the earrings from a nearby jewelry box and deftly slip them into place.

Annie continues admiring you as she put on her own earrings and a tiny smile curls up the right corner of her mouth. “I wish you could wear the dangling pentagrams you wore the last time we were out.”

“I would love to wear them as well, but they’d look a little out of place on this form.” You snort as you tie your tie. “That’s the problem with going to these swanky parties as a guy: it’s all the standard white shirt/black tie bullshit.” You finish your tie and tug the ends as you face Annie. “The only good this is I get to wear a bow tie—”

Annie slowly walks towards you. “Because bow ties are cool.”

The moment Annie is close enough you put your arm around her waist and give her a kiss. “Exactly, Pond.” You kiss her lips once more before releasing her. “See, I knew that part of me would rub off on you.”

“Don’t congratulate yourself too much—” She checks her appearance again in your mirror. “That’s about all I remember after a decade of your quotes.” After quickly touching her hair into place she glances towards you. “Do you think they’re going to give us any time together after tonight?”


There we start: looks like the kids are a bit more grown up–though, it would seem, not as old as they were in their last vision–and they’re going somewhere nice.

But why?

Well, wait until tomorrow–

Forward Into the Wibbly Wobbly

Twenty-four hours can see a big change…

Yesterday about this time I was really up and feeling good.  It was sunny, life seemed good.  Last night, however, I started falling into another of my depressions while out enjoying a bout with teammates and by the time I was home I was ready to chuck it all over the balcony–myself included.

So I made a comment on Facebook about this.  I got a lot of sympathy–and one comment from someone who I respect a great deal.  Her comment was to stop letting depression define me because I was allowing it to happen and that I should “bone the fuck up” and move forward.

And it did snap my ass back into shape.

A lot of shit that’s happened to me since the end of last year has been me letting depression get the better of me.  I know the signs, I know what this can do to me, and, in the past, I’ve told it to fuck off and been successful.  And I’ve admitted, on more than one occasion, that my pursuit of my 27/5 has been fucking up my life something tremendously.

This morning I work up in a better mood and I’m ignoring the time change last night and just going with the fact it’s almost 11:00 right now.  It’s bright and cloudless outside and I’m going skating in a few hours, because that’s what I do on Sunday.

Oh, and I laid out a new chapter–

Yes, Kids: it’s on.


This is the scene that’s been bugging me for a while and since I’m hearing from people who’d like to see something out of me, I’ve decided to skip out of what I was working on and move ahead–leaving the linear progression of the novel behind and getting a few chapters that I want to write.  And in doing so I hope it kicks loose whatever the hell is holding me back and that allows me to get back to writing.

‘Cause since I have the time I damn well should.

Not only has this scene–Annie’s and Kerry’s second vision–been bugging the hell out of me, but I was running it over in my head before setting it up in the time line and then laying out the chapter here.  I know what happens in every scene because I’ve already thought this out, so there’s no remaining mystery for me.  All that remains is for me to get to writing–something I expect to do tonight after dinner since I have nothing on tap once I return from skating and I’ll have a lot of free time up until The Walking Dead comes on.

And what happens after this?  Well, I’ve had a require to show Kerry heading off with Annie to Pamporovo for Yule and it’s likely I’ll write that.  Some also want to see The Polar Express, but you need the Girl’s Weekend Away before you get to The Polar Express because… you do.  I know this sucker: you don’t.  And that’s how it plays out.

And if I can get all that down then I really want to get to Annie’s introduction to derby, ’cause yeah, I know how that shit plays out as well.

Right now I feel good, I feel bright, I feel… almost happy.  Does this mean I’m back to writing full-time after nearly a month off and two months of just sort of pecking at my work?  We’ll see ’cause right now I can’t say.

But as Liz Smith once said:


“We try to live responsible logical lives, but we can’t tell our hearts what to feel. Sometimes our hearts lead us to places we never thought we wanted to go, and sometimes our hearts can be the sweetest gentlest things we have. Sometimes our hearts can make us feel miserable anger, excited and confused all at once. But at least my heart is open, and I’m writing again. I’m feeling. I’m breathing.”


Right now that’s good enough for me.

Skitty, Skatty, Writty, Whitty

What does this mean?  It’s all crazy.  Just like me.  And here’s the video to prove it!



Visions Most Possible: On the Ball

Yeah, it’s a couple of days after the last excerpt was published, and what do you know?  Here’s another!

We get into a continuation of what began as Deanna explaining something to her class.  What, exactly?  Well, it must have something to do with divination, right?

You got that right.

She was also about to foci and that means she’s probably got them out for the kids to use.  You’d be right there, too: she does.

And here they are.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Deanna pointed to the object on her desk. “The crystal ball.” She waved her hand over the sphere and levitated it until it lay shoulder-high next to her. “Nearly everyone Normal think of this as the most used prop used by those claiming to be able to see the future, but for those Aware who are in the know, this is one of those foci that actually help with the function of pre-cognition.

“While no one can say with any certainly why a crystal balls helps, it is known that it somehow allows people to ‘focus’ their Sight and even have it interact with the Sight abilities of another witch. This is one of the reason why when a crystal ball is used by a true Seer, they’re able to reach the meditative state used by those with Passive Sight far easier, as well as being able to tap into the Sight ability of another with ease.


Yep, she’s brought out the crystal balls and wouldn’t you know it, they really work!  Well, they work for the right people, aka witchy witches who have Sight, or at least a semblance of that talent.  So a crystal ball is gonna help you get in the right frame of mine when it comes to Seeing.

And it’s not just all balls Deanna’s brought out–


“Just as some constructed items work better due to the craftsmanship and material, crystal balls are no different. Crystals mined from different locations around the world interact with Seers in different ways, and the manner in which they are crafted help improve those natural abilities. This sphere—” Deanna held out her left hand and the ball floated into her palm. “—and the ones before you, were created with crystal mined from a small range on the border of South Australia and Northwest Territory in 1938 and crafted by native Australians over the next three years. The school owns fifty of the batch of seventy-seven created by from mining and when I’m looking to introduce students to their first possible vision, these are my go-to foci.”

She levitated the crystal sphere back to its base before stepping away from her desk. “Today’s exercise is simple: you and your partner will work with the crystal ball you were given and attempt to activate your Sight. Now, some of you have expressed concern as to why I have paired you with people to whom you feel you have no connection. That’s simple: my observations and my data indicate the couples around each crystal ball have the greatest chance of experiencing visions.”

“Is that why those two are together?”

Deanna didn’t need to look to where Fidele Diaz was pointing to know which couple he meant. “You worry about working with your own partner, Fidele, and not whom else I’ve put together for his lesson.” She cocked her head slightly to the right. “Am I understood?”

Fidele gave a half-hearted shrug and sighed. “Yes, Professor.”

“Good. Now, if there are no other interruptions—” Deanna stared down Lisa, who looked as if she were about to speak up. “Let’s begin the lesson.” She pointed at the two students close to her, Kalindi Kartodirdjo and Usha Soedjatmoko. “Usha, Kalindi and you are first.”


Depending on the crystal ball before you, one could have nothing, or a slight vision, or a really good vision.  From the sounds of things Deanna’s brought out the kick-ass crystal balls, which means visions are gonna get real.

At least for a few people, I’d imagine.

So get ready for the Students at Memory’s End to get their eenie meenie chili beanie on and look into the future–

Though anyone who showed up to class looking like this is probably in for some detention.