Love Among the Witches: Setting Up the Getaway

Believe it or not I have an excerpt!  Yep, after a busy day yesterday I have a busy day today–well, at least a busy afternoon as I have to edit video and put together a play list of the bout I filmed yesterday.  And while I was busy in York, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have time to catch a selfie with one of our newest freshies, Shannon:



Or that I’d take a great picture of one of our bout refs, French Thwarter:


Just another day in the derby life for me.  Oh, and speaking of that, I had lots of people wishing me well on tomorrow’s test.  Which means I got some studying this afternoon as well.

When we left off last week, Coraline told the girls–yeah, I get to say that now, hehe–about how she lost her virginity and how it taught her to strive for the romantic instead of the infatuation.  And now we come to the big question: why did they want the kids to stay at a private inn?  Well…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie nodded. “Yes, we do.” With Coraline’s story out of the way she had another question pertaining to something that came up during her questioning of Kerry’s sexual history. “When you booked us into the Sea Sprite Inn, did you believe something would happen between Kerry and me?”

Coraline chuckled. “I did; so did everyone else.” She took a moment before going on. “Erywin figured there was something like an eighty-five percent chance you’d ‘experiment’, as she called it, but she didn’t think you’d go all the way: she put the chance of that happening at ten percent.

“I figured you’d do something: I gave it like a ninety percent chance. But I figured the odds of you moving on to intercourse to be nearly impossible: I knew you both pretty well—at least I figured I did—and understood the feelings both of you had at the time about having intercourse.” She shrugged. “By the time Beltane rolled around I half-expected that you’d both already done something.”

Kerry’s eyes widened. “You did?”

“Sure. I mean, you both loved each other, you’d both proved you’d known each other all your lives, and you had that shared vision of your wedding night. I felt the odds were excellent that you’d had least, you know—” Coraline gave a slight smile. “Touched a few of each other’s erogenous zones.”

Annie realized there was one opinion missing. “What did Deanna believe?”

“Oh, you know Deanna: she said that while something would happen, there wasn’t any possibility of you engaging in intercourse. Which means the only way she could be so certain is that she saw something—which is what we believe.” A slight grimace crossed Coraline’s face. “That’s really something I’d rather not think about.”


Yeah, just the image you want in your head: you Divination instructor may have seen you having “sexual relations” during a vision.  And now you’re having class with this person–

Not too creepy, I know.

But still, how did they sell this idea to the headmistress?


Annie and Kerry exchanged looks as they imagined the possibility that their instructor and friend may have actually see everything they did that night in the Sea Sprite Inn and found it a bit disturbing. Kerry turned to Coraline. “You had to get approval from the headmistress for this to stay there, didn’t you?”

Coraline nodded. “Yep.”

“How did you do that?”

“First off, it was Erywin who came up with the idea. She wouldn’t go into details, but she said given your personal relations and the things that you’d done for both the the school and The Foundation, she saw it as a bit of a reward. But it was really Helena who tipped Mathilde’s decision to allow you to have a private room at the inn.”
Annie’s right eyebrow arched upward. “How did that happen?”

“The three of us—Erywin, Deanna, and myself—were in Mathilde’s office giving our reasons for wanting you to stay at the Sea Sprite. Helena was there as well, since she’d stay with Erywin, and she pointed out to Mathilde that while she couldn’t go into detail, your ‘actions over a particular weekend in April’ were more than sufficient to allow you something of a ‘reward’ for your ‘service to The Foundation’.” Coraline smiled. “She also pointed out that if we let you room with the other students in Boston, it was a given that one of you would end up in the bedroom of the other, so why not just put them together somewhere private and avoid what could end up being a lot of tweener drama. In the end Mathilde agreed and—” She motioned towards the girls. “That’s how it happened.”


And there you have it: put the kids together ’cause, well, they’ll do it anyway.

Since we now know who we got them there, is there any chance you’ll see what happened.

You’ll be surprised…


Got Some Explain’ to Do

Yeah, there’s a lot to talk about and now’s as good a time as any to start.  Enjoy!


Love Among the Witches: Setting the Title

I’m running really behind today, so here is the rest of the scene with Coraline discussing the aftermath of “hook up” with the boy from her fight team.  And here, as well, you discover why she called herself Nurse Coraline for so long.  It’s really logical…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“He got up and was like, ‘Okay, we can go to the Midnight Madness, right?’ I felt like I was dying inside; I couldn’t believe he was being so callous. And it was like that for the rest of the night. Sometimes if felt as if he couldn’t wait to get away from me.

“He later told me that he’d been with other girls and that I didn’t really ‘measure up’ to them. I took it in stride and then publicly dumped his ass. He didn’t take it well and started getting extra brutal whenever we had a match.” A wistful smile slowly formed on Coraline’s face. “In a way it was the way he acted there and towards me that drove me out of fighting and into healing, and the very next level I began interning as a nurse in the hospital.”

Kerry chuckled. “Hence the beginning of Nurse Coraline.”

“For the rest of my time in school and once I came back.”

“Why did you come back?”

“Jessica got The Foundation to pull me out of medical school because the school doctor was killed during The Scouring and they needed someone to help the wounded.” She looked down and away for a moment. “He was the one I interned under, so I felt something of an obligation.”

“I can understand that.” Kerry gave the doctor a bit of as puzzled look. “But why did you call yourself Nurse Coraline for so long?”

“You can thank The Foundation for that.” She leaned her right elbow against the chair arm and set her cheek against her fist. “Because I was now the school doctor I had to do all my learning here and The Foundation used my ‘real live experience’, you might say, as credit toward going to a real medical school. Since I wasn’t really a doctor, I just told people to call me Nurse Coraline because that was my last title when I worked here.

“I finally received my medical degree in 2008, but I’d gotten so used to being addressed as a nurse I kept the old title. It was only last year that Mathilde told me if I didn’t start referring to myself as Doctor Gallagher, she was going to fire me and then rehire me so I’d be forced to call myself a doctor.” Coraline spread her arms slowly. “And now you know.”

Annie nodded. “Yes, we do.” With Coraline’s story out of the way she had another question pertaining to something that came up during her questioning of Kerry’s sexual history. “When you booked us into the Sea Sprite Inn, did you believe something would happen between Kerry and me?”


Now we’ve learned everything we can about Coraline’s first time.  Up next comes the story of when Annie and Kerry had a little relaxation time to themselves–no, not Kansas City, where they were probably under a bit of stress due to, you know, being out on an operation–and we’ll find out what happened there.

As soon as we discover who knew what would happen before it happened.

Love Among the Witches: Closer to Romance

All my rest is coming to an end.  Tomorrow I start back on my practice schedule and likely do four in a row, which will test whether or not I really am rested up and I can continue pushing forward hard.  We’ll see where this goes.

Meanwhile there’s writing–and I did write today.  Almost eight hundred words in one shot and I didn’t even realize I’d gotten that far.  And I’ll likely get into more this afternoon–but right now it’s time to continue Coraline’s story and see where it’s going–

As if we didn’t know.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Something did. I went to the Samhain Dance with friends and about a third of the way into it he came over and asked me to dance. We ended up sharing four dances, including a slow one, and he invited me to join a group of people who were going into Salem the next day—this day, as a matter of fact. It was him and me and three other people—two girls and a boy—and I remember he bought me a chocolate shake in the afternoon before we returned to the school. I thought it was a sweet, grand gesture at the time and make me like him even more.

“I let him know I was interested in him and he agreed there was an interest there as well on his side, so through November and December we dated, going out for weekend lunched and a movie now and then. We even went on a long walk along the River Charles in Boston, holding hands the entire time—” She gave both girls a bright smile. “I’m sure that’s something you know well.

“We went home for Yule and right after Christmas I received a letter from him. He told me he’d been thinking about me and missed me and all that, and every time I read the letter my heart melted. I felt like, you know, this guy was gonna be the one for me. Which, I learned from experience, is a bad way to think—

“So when we returned from Yule I let him know I was really interested in him and that I wanted to take out relationship further. I mean, I was a thirteen year old girl who had particular ideas about how an affair should proceed, so it wasn’t that hard to get me into the right mindset…

“The Friday night of the Polar Express, about forty-five minutes before the Midnight Madness, I took him to a storage room just north of the History and Arts Building. And we—” Coraline shrugged. “We did it.”

From the start of the story Annie knew this was going to be the logical conclusion. She only had one question— “What was it like for you?”

Coraline smirked. “The most forgettable fifteen seconds of my life.” Now she laughed as the memory returned in full. “Seriously: it was just read, set—and done.” She gave another little shrugged. “But what came after—”


And what did come after?

Well, I’m certain Coraline is gonna tell us what happened after once she has the chance–

Love Among the Witches: Remembrances of Feelings Past

Last night I stayed home and tried to edit video.  I say “tried” because my GoPro suite was being a real pain in the ass and it took me the better part of a couple of hours, perhaps three, to put together seventeen minutes of video.  Seriously, I was about to reboot the computer to see if that would help ’cause I was about to throw things around the apartment.

The seventeen minutes of video appears here.  This was one drill I did on Wednesday night, where I and others in my line ended up skating about 1.8 miles/3 kilometers during the seventeen minutes of weaving in and out and back and forth.  It really was a workout and if you watch the whole thing you’ll hear me breathing hard starting about half-way through.  The good thing is that two months ago I probably wouldn’t have finished the 43 laps we skated–yes, I counted–which means my endurance is up considerably.

So if you want to get tired just watching me and others do our drill, by all means, enjoy the video.


Now, in a world of imaginary witches…

We were promised a story, something Coraline was going to tell Annie and Kerry.  Something about when she was probably young–well, younger for sure.  So let’s get started on that story, ’cause she won’t be the only one talking in the end…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“When I was a C Level I was starting my second year with the coven Martial Team. Since you and I have the same birthday, Kerry, you know I spent nearly all my time being a thirteen year old girl fighting with people who were older than me. Even the other C Level on the team turned fourteen six days after we arrived at Salem to start the new school year, so I was always the youngest.

“Back then the teams weren’t a big deal, just like they are not. We had matches once a month on a Thursday night, five people on a team, and three people from each team went at each other in a round robin to figure out who scored the most points. Even though I was the youngest on the team I was a good fighter: I actually fought against Ramona, who attended school at the same time and was in Ceridwen. It’s how we became friends, because she saw that I was someone who took what we did seriously and I wasn’t looking to learn martial arts just so I could beat up people.

“There was a boy on our team. He was a D Level and he turned fifteen at the start of October, so technically he was two years older than me. He was a good fighter and he didn’t seem to be on the team because he was into hitting other people. But most of all, he was cute. At that time I was drawn to cute because I didn’t know any better, so you might say I was smitten by him. And I knew he noticed me because—” Coraline held up her hands and shrugged. “I wasn’t like all the other girls.”

Kerry giggled. “You were curvy.”

Coraline pointed at her as she winked. “Right in one. I was already ‘developed’ by the time I started as an A Level and if I was in street clothes I was often mistaken for an older student. Because of that I got noticed by a lot of boys—and that included one boy in particular.”

Annie gave a knowing nod. “The one on your team.”

“Exactly. By the time he turned fifteen I’d been on the team for almost a year, so he had plenty of opportunities to see me on and off the mat. It also helped that when I started on the team as a B Level, we shared the same floor, so there were more than a few times where we just bumped into each other. I didn’t say anything, but through October of that year it became obvious that he was watching me, just as I was watching him. We didn’t say much, but I could tell something was maybe going to happen.


There have been a few mentions of Coraline’s involvement in the Martial Teams, a.k.a. the Salem Fight Club, where people skilled in the arts now taught by Ramona get a chance to duke it out on Thursday nights.  We know that at some point Coraline’s involvement with her team soured her on beating people up and she turned to healing, first becoming an apprentice school nurse and then a doctor.  If face–and I and a few people know this–Coraline returned to the school in 2000 when she was pulled out of her then residency at a Normal facility to tend to those injured in the Salem Scouring because the then school doctor was among the victims of Deconstructors.  And just like that, “Nurse” Coraline went from “just helping out” to becoming the school’s Chief Medical Officer the following year–though it’d take her about a decade to ditch the nurse title.

Now we know: not only did Coraline and Ramona square off against each other–they both started and graduated at the same time–but there was a boy on Coraline’s team that she liked.  And she wanted him to like her back–

Which means there’s got to be more to this story–right?


Talking Into the Past

The next scene has already begun, though I didn’t manage to get far into it as practice still digs into my normal life.  Since I’m done with it for the week, however, so there’s plenty of time to rest and rebuilt as well as getting in some writing.

Oh, but in case you are curious about what I was doing yesterday, here’s a video clip of me hitting people in a line, then wiping out, getting tripped over, and having to do it all again.  Yeah, that’s how it goes.


I made a comment a couple of days ago that I knew well what happened to Annie and Kerry during their first stay at the Sea Sprite Inn because Annie and Kerry told me.  While that’s not exactly true–I mean, Annie and Kerry aren’t real people so they can’t talk to–I had the next best thing happen:

I heard from the real Annie and Kerry.

Allow me to explain.

When the story of these two were bring put together for a role play back in early 2011, the woman who created Annie and I spent a lot of time talking about what they liked, what they disliked, what they hated, and what they loved.  This last was an important point for Annie’s creator, who saw Annie as a worldly girl, intelligent and well-traveled, who always knew what she wanted and worked hard to achieve her objectives.  This is how I know that Annie was going to end up with Kerry no matter what, because as her creator would say, Annie “has her eyes on the prize, and the prize if the Ginger Hair Boy.”

Annie’s creator was also the person who ventured the opinion that Annie would not only mature faster than Kerry–something else we’ve seen–but she would become a bit more adventurous when it came to–shall we say sexual experimentation.  The Real Annie was the one who put forward the notion that Annie would consider intercourse sex and all the rest of that stuff that Coraline referred to as “sexual activities” as nothing but “fun”.

I agreed with The Real Annie, because she’d been in the girl’s head for a long time–about a year by the time we got around to discussing some of these subjects–and everything she said made a lot of sense.  The Real Annie also felt that when the time came Annie would likely do something that would see her making–shall we say “overtures” towards Kerry, and from there they’d find themselves having–


Since I’m the sort of person who does the plotting I wondered where Annie would do something like that and when.  The when was easy: I figured she’d made a move on Kerry before they departed for summer holiday.  But, she’d only do such a thing if there was a certain amount of privacy involved, because knowing Annie she’d want to be able to work up the proper amount of romance in the event.  The Real Annie agreed, as romance is high among those things she loves.  She likely wouldn’t do something at school until she knew they could get away with it and they probably wouldn’t do it in Boston while waiting to return home.

And that’s when I created the Sea Sprite Inn.

Now that we had a time and place, it was just a matter of working out the details–

And work them out we did.

The Real Annie and I spent an entire evening figuring out, in detail, what happened that night in Salem.  Who started what, what happened during, and how it ended.  The Real Annie was quite certain that Annie wouldn’t show the slightest shame in getting intimate with the boy who would one day become her husband, and I was certain Kerry would start out nervous but eventually settle down and show Annie the attention she desired.

In that night we figured out their night.  I remember it well because not only was it memorable, but we wrote it down.  I still have the dialog all saved off on my computer, so reviewing it isn’t a problem, but there’s no need to do that because, as pointed out, the event was memorable.  Like Kerry said, you don’t forget your first time.

And I can’t speak for The Real Annie, but The Real Kerry hasn’t forgotten it either.A