The Unspoken Moment

Tunes, baby, tunes.  What did I listen to last night?  The Completion Backwards Principle by The Tubes, Heartbeat City by The Cars, Abacab by Genesis.  Pretty straight up stuff.

So I’ve got two kids sitting in a garden, one of them looking for some warmth against her hoodie-clothed friend, and things are discussed.  Things that were brought up by the nurse/doctor during their checkup, so they need to be talked out.  And they are.  And more things are learned.  And as The Fixx says, one thing leads to another, and . . .

They get called back into the Great Hall.

It was a nice little moment, and I really hope I captured it right.  It was the hesitancy of getting to the moment and penning it out that likely led to my hesitant “touch and go” style writing last night.  I mean, it took forever!

Really, getting to the end, getting through this last scene was a chore.  It’s the Mondays, or whatever the hell you want to call it, that makes me not want to do anything at the start of the week.  There are also a few other things in places as well–like suddenly bored at work with little to do–and that doesn’t get the creative juices flowing, particularly when you need them so you can write a good scene.

When that happens, you gotta work it out.  You need to try and ignore the distractions (I eventually did) and write what you have to write.  And even write a little more if it’s necessary.  Which is what I did last night.  I hit the end of the scene, looked at my word count, said to myself, “Hey, I wanna finish up with more than two thousand,” and started the next scene.  Not only started the next scene, but brought on three more instructors, added another, albeit abbreviated, speaking part, and finished with, “May I put my little ravens to bed?”

After this it’s off to the towers, off to bed, and a finish to the chapter.  Yay, me.

That happens tonight.  That happens, and it’s likely the next part and chapter will begin as well.  Around fifty thousand words–the normal NaNo goal–the headmistress comes in and lays out all the stuff.  About fifty-four thousand words–my NaNo goal–my two kids stop at Memory’s End, meet up with The Mistress of Divination, and the talk turns to auras and dreams.  More stuff I gotta sweat over, particularly since once they’re done their, it’s off to Bleak House–

It’s perseverance, I tell ya.  You get in there and do it.  Once I hit my goal I’ll probably bump my word count goal down a little–at the moment it’s at seventeen hundred; I’ll likely drop it to fifteen–but that doesn’t mean I’ll not try for more every night when it’s possible.  I’m finally getting into the location and there’s a lot to say.  So . . . the time is here to speak of those unspoken moments.

‘Cause I know there’s a lot of them to come.

Daily word count:  2,017.  Total word count:  45,388.