Going For the Fun

Today starts the moment when I get serious about Her Demonic Majesty.  I want to get as much of Part Two finished this weekend, so by this time next week I can say everything’s ready for the various meat grinders, and all I have to do is write the various dedications, upload, and watch the money roll in.

About that last part . . .

Yesterday I was speaking with a friend, as I am want to do, and they asked me what I was doing to promote myself.  I mean, I have a novel coming out, I have access to Facebook and Twitter, so how am I getting the news out to my fans that I’ll have a novel published in a couple of weeks?

Good, legitimate questions.  I didn’t have an answer.  I should because I’ve been here before:  I have two published stories, and I’ve sort of done the promotion thing by visiting other blogs and giving an interview or two.  I know the game.

I just don’t play it well.

The writing part is easy; you sit, you think, you type, you edit.  There you have it:  a story.  It might be shit, but it’s you’re story, and you own it.  What happens after you get the stuff up, though?  That’s the hard part.  It’ hard because I haven’t actually had to get into that part that much.

My friend started giving me hints of things to do, things to try.  I listened, I took to heart.  And I’ve started the wheels rolling . . .

First off, I revamped my author’s page.  It looks nice and bright, with the new covers up, and there I’ll start sending out information about the project of the novel, and when it’ll see the light of publishing day.  I have my Twitter, and I should get to revamping it as well:  change the background picture, get the names changed to protect the innocent, so forth and so on.

One of the things writers could do for NaNo was post excerpts from their stories, and that’s another thing that’s coming.  Every day I can pull out a few hundred words from each chapter, and maybe get people interested in wanting to read the whole thing once they get their taste.  Not to mention, if there’s an error, someone can point it out.

I will do an interview, and it’s going to be done a little differently than some interviews, in that . . . wait, why tell you now?  Just wait until next week.  Then you’ll see.

There will be the obligatory giveaway of books.  Haven’t decided on how I’m going to do that yet, but I will.  And with two covers from which to choose, winners can decide which cover they like better.  Now if I could only get a third cover, I could have a trifecta!

What I want the most–besides sales–is to have fun.  I’ve done the blog hops; I’ve done the interview; I’ve sort of done everything short of putting begging people to buy my stories.  I want to do thing differently this time.  I want people to find and enjoy, and help build the base.  And if they buy this, then they’ll maybe buy the stories I wrote under that other name, too.

It’s the time to shine–

Lets burn bright.

The Fairy Tale Made Real

Making though the day is the most important thing for me today.  I was able to sleep okay last night, but I still have this congestion, and I don’t relish driving 150 miles having to cough every ten minutes or so–like I just did.  Damn, that hurts.  Let it dry up today.  Or let me go home early.  Which I might ask for, since I think I have a little sick time now.

I had sixty nice birthday wishes on my Facebook wall yesterday, and I thank everyone for them.  Yesterday was a bit of a strange day for me, and it was nice to have people wishing me a good time.  Or, as one person said, “Enjoy the next orbit.”  Which is pretty much how I look at it.

I know today is 4 May, and I know some of you–don’t know who–will be treating this as The Forth Be With You.  Yeah, have a good time with that.  Oh, and if you want to see what I think of today, how about you read the post I did last year?  Warn you:  it’s not nice.  Oh, and for the woman last year who lambasted me, saying a “true wordsmith” wouldn’t use some of the language I used . . . screw you.  You say what you gotta say, and there are some great writers who’ve thrown in a blue word or two.

Besides, I’m published and you’re not.  Where’s your wordsmithing Noooooooowwwwww?

Published.  Damn, that’s a pretty good word.

Yesterday I received my five free copies of Captivate and Control that I’m suppose to give away, as in do a promotion . . . and suddenly, I’m like, “Huh?  Promotion?  What am I suppose to do?”  I’ll be the first to admit that I have no idea what I’m suppose to do.  See, writers write.  We don’t do silly things like whore ourselves to make money, to get people interested in our works.

But as I keep pointing out, there’s a lot of things a writer has to do these days, and self-promotion is one of them.  And I need to come up with something this weekend, ’cause I really have no idea what I’m doing.

It’s not a comfortable position for me, because I’ve always been so calm, so cool, no lovers fool–and I’m really on the verge of looking like an idiot.

I know someone I can get with from the publishing company, ask her a few things, see what she says.  I am considering something like, “Send me a picture of yourself topless and tell me how I remind you of a strawberry sunday–”  Naw.  That’s probably not going to work, since I’m more like a chocolate parfait.

When I get back to The Real Home tonight I can start my research, since the chances are good that I won’t be able to do anything from work.  It would appear they’ve locked me up in Internet Jail, and they expect me to, you know, work.

Silly people.  They really should know better.

By the way, besides editing six thousand words for Echoes last night–and, man, did I write something that really tugs at my heart so hard–I was with The Muse last night, and we were plotting out . . . a children’s book.  No, really.  You can stop laughing . . .

Yes, I’m going from selling sex to trying to write a story about a cute four year old.

Is this how your mind is suppose to work?