Mid-Level Samhain: The Walk Between the Bonfires

A lot has happened in the last day, most of it not involving me knocking someone off their skates and/or me falling down.  As I told renxkyoko yesterday, I was going to finish the last scene of Chapter Sixteen and finish Act One as well.  And guess what?

I did!

It took a little over seven hundred words to get there, but it was gotten.  I was actually up at 5:30 this morning putting a bit of polish on the scene, but for all intents I put it in the novel bank last night.  And since I’m in a good mood and don’t feel like stretching this out, here’s the last scene of Act One.



(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


After spending most of the evening dancing and speaking with friends, it was near twenty-three forty-five before Annie and Kerry were able to leave the Samhain dance and head to Selena’s Meadow to participate in the last event of the evening. Rather than walk there, they returned to the coven tower so Kerry could retrieve his broom and flew to a landing area just east of the Flight School hangar entrance.

The Samhain Bonfires were located in the southern section of Selena’s Meadow, about one hundred and fifty meters from where Annie and Kerry touched down. The bonfires were much like the ones lit at Beltaine: about ten meters high and fifteen across, situated with a twenty meters gap between them. The bonfires represented the ability to destroy the collected waste of the prior years by burning it to cleanse it from one’s life. Students spent the morning cleaning up around their towers so that the refuge could be burnt once the fires were ignited, but there was another reason for their existence…

Annie and Kerry approached the fires together, hand-in-hand, as they had the last two times they’d performed this ceremony. There were only five students already at the fires, but by the time they arrived they’d completed their actives and were on their way back to The Pentagram.

The Guardians of the Flame this year were Professor Semplen—who had come to the dance as Nikola Tesla—and Professor Palmescoff, who was dressed in the traveling outfit worn by Nellie Bly when she journeyed around the world. Once they were closer Kerry greeted them. “Good evening, Professor Palmescoff, Professor Semplen.”

“Good evening, children.” Professor Semplen adjusted his glasses. “Are you enjoying the evening?”

Kerry nodded. “Quite. It’s been excellent so far.”

Professor Palmescoff smiled at both students. “And why are you here now?”

Annie lowered her head as she intoned in a serious voice. “We are here to allow the flames to wash over us so we may be rid of the negativity that we’ve collected during the previous year.”

Maddie nodded and motioned towards the bonfires. “Continue onward. And may you find yourself cleansed.”

“Thank you.” Annie bowed, took Kerry’s hand, and walked forward towards the bonfires.

A path was marked out so that students wouldn’t wander too close to either bonfire, but Annie found it difficult to believe that anyone would make the mistake of not traveling down the middle. The heat here was intense but bearable and even at a normal walking pace they’d finish their passage in under thirty seconds.

Annie glanced at Kerry’s face as they neared the mid-way point. While his head was up his eyes were closed and he appeared to breath slowly, as if he were absorbing the heat of the fires into his very being. It was his face that Annie focused on the most, however: he looked completely at ease for the first time today, as if he’d reached an epiphany concerning the day’s events and finally put them behind him.

She waited until they finished their passage and were about thirty meters from the fires on their way into the meadow before she spoke. “You looked calm.”

He raised his left eyebrow. “You mean when we were back between the fires?”


“I was.” Kerry looked back over his left shoulder. “I always love walking through there. It’s kinda of comforting.”

Annie was aware that since their first time through Kerry always looked forward to their walk between the bonfires. “That is quite true, my love. Did you cleanse yourself of all that happened today?”

Kerry pulled out his broom. “Let’s get back to the garden and I’ll tell you there.”

Annie went into a hover about a meter off the ground. “Excellent idea.” The moment Kerry had his broom out he jumped on and quickly rose from the meadow with Annie beside him, holding her top hat in place as she flew. A minute later they were touching down on walkway about half pay between Founder’s Gate and the Great Hall’s main entrance.

Annie adjusted her hat as she touched down. “And once more we end a Samhain celebration in the Pentagram Gardens.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Kerry slipped his broom back into Hammerspace before covering his mouth with the back of his hand as he yawned. “Umm, sorry.”
Annie giggled at the impromptu yawn. “It’s quite all right. I think you’re earned the right to be a little tired right now given your day.”

“Speaking of which—” He took her hand and led her along the path into the darkened garden. “Yes, I did feel as if I was being cleansed of all the BS I’ve dealt with today. Walking between those fires with you felt—” He drew in a long breath and released it slowly. “Invigorating.”

“I’m glad.” She kissed his lips for a long time, holding his face between her hands the entire time. “Given all that happened to you today, you deserve a bit of peace.”

“Well, it wasn’t just crap I had thrown at me today: I had a bit of happiness as well.” He pulled her close and gave her a tight hug. “We’re gonna spend Yule together.”

She rested her head against him. “I’m so glad that’s happening as well.” Annie looked up. “I can’t predict what’s going to happen—”

“Doesn’t matter.” Kerry shook his head. “We’ll be together the entire school year for the first time. That’s all that matters.” He started to lean in to give her another kiss when he yawned again. “Whoa. I didn’t expect that.”

“Oh, no need to apologize.” Annie hugged Kerry’s arm, feeling content as they strolled through the dimly-lit garden. “Are you going to tell your parents where you’re spending Yule?”

He shook his head. “Why should I? They didn’t exactly do me any favors today by telling me about their trip.” He looked away as he sighed.

By now Annie was cognizant of all of Kerry’s tells when it came to his moods and this one was easy to discern. “Did you tell your parents about what you were doing today?”

“Yeah. I told them about the race and that it would mean a lot to me if they showed up to watch.” Kerry struggled for a moment as he brought his emotions under control. “She told me about their holiday today just to mess with me; this was mom’s way of letting me know she’s still pissed about me coming out as a witch.” He looked down. “What a bitch.”

Even though Annie had already called Kerry’s mother a bitch on a couple of occasions, she was surprised to hear him use the expression, for until now she’d never heard him say anything derogatory about either of his parents. “Forget what she did: I wouldn’t let it concern you.” She stopped and stood before him. “I can’t say our Yule will be perfect, but I predict it will be far better than their holiday.” She rose up on tip-toes to kiss the tip of his nose. “Moyata srodna dusha.”

Kerry smiled and leaned closer for a kiss. “My precious wife.” Their lips were almost touching when he was siezed by another powerful yawn. He pulled away as he covered his mouth. “Oh, man.”

Annie giggled. “It’s all right. You’ve had an extremely full day and probably need your sleep.”

“Yeah.” He nodded slowly. “It’s starting to feel that way.”

She took his hand. “Then let’s go home, shall we, my love?”

Kerry nodded sheepishly. “Lead on, my dear.”

They returned to the coven tower in silence, neither speaking during the walk through the ground floor commons or up the stairs to the first and second floor. It was only once they were outside Annie’s door that Kerry finally spoke. “Thank you for everything.” He gave her a kiss that seemed to stretch on for many minutes, but only lasted fifteen second in reality. “You made it all better.”

“And thank you for finally accepting my invitation.” Annie raised her eyebrows as she smiled. “Even if it was given by my mother.”

“Yeah, well, I won’t make that mistake again.” He kissed Annie once more. “Good night, Annie. I love you.”

She rested her head against his chest. “Leka nosht, Kerry. Obicham te.”

He ruffled her hair. “I’ll see you in the morning.” There was a finally kiss of her head before he took two steps back. “You were the cutest Death tonight.”

She rocked back and forth on her boot heels, a huge smile upon her face. “I know.” She opened the door to her room. “See you in the morning, my love.” Annie stepped inside and vanished through the dark shielding enchantment before the door closed.

Kerry hurried to his room so he could get ready for bed. All the excitement and emotions of the day were catching up to him and he felt as if he wasn’t going to remain awake for long. He removed his broom from Hammerspace and set it on a stand in the corner before changing into his pajama pants and night tee shirt. He didn’t worry about changing his hair: the enchantment used to color it was about due to expire and his hair would be back to normal in an hour or so. He considered using the bathroom but put the thought aside as he was hit with another massive yawn and figured he’d didn’t have to worry about using it until morning.

His routine finished he slid under the covers and commanded the lights to shut off. He spent a moment to look out the window at the darkness beyond, then relaxed and closing his eyes—

Before he was aware of it happening, he found himself falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.


End Of Act One


Interesting things going on.  Kerry finally calls his mother a bitch and admits, more or less, that he’s not happy that she decided to fuck with him on a day he told her was important to him.  This means that Lousie’s actions at the start of the day are even shittier because she knew she stood a good chance of crushing her son’s spirit.

Yeah, she’s a bitch.

Also, he doesn’t intend on telling his parents where he’s spending Yule.  And why should he?  Kerry likely knows if he sent of an email that says, “Hey, Mom, I’m staying with Annie and her parents for Yule, I’ll have fun while you’re Down Under trying to avoid being killed by the wildlife, LOL.”  This would probably earn the Headmistress a letter or maybe even a–gaspvisit!  With Annie and Kerry being called to the office to deal with this bullshit.

Well, maybe Kerry would deal with it.  Annie would probably start bleeding Louise out.

Act One, Season of Change is finished.  And as excepted, it did clear two hundred thousand words:

All you need to see if right here.


Now that I have this act behind me, it’s on to Act Two, Season of Hell.  And the hell starts early–

With something I’ve been waiting to write since 2012.

Mid-Level Samhain: The Last Act

Today I come to you feeling about as sore as hell.  Some of you may be thinking, “Did you work out too hard last night, Cassie?” and the answer would be yes.  We not only did stretching and cardio, but we did “sock derby”, which is pretending to play with all our gear on save for our skates and do the moves in our socks.  I jammed one time and made it through the pack twice–and then died on my feet ’cause, believe it or not, I’d run over three hundred and fifty feet at that point–the fastest way around the track is about 188 feet and I wasn’t running that–and fought my way through a pack of blockers.

Oh, and after that we got on skates and did it again.  I went down many times and had some difficulty actually blocking blockers from blocking.  I got called on penalties–I went at the jamming by skating the wrong way down the track, a no-no–knocked down my own jammer, and took a couple of hard falls as well.  In one video I look a little lost, but given this was my first time actually playing a two minute jam, the fact I’m ready for more is a sign of winning.

But I’m sore.  All over.

Someone who isn’t sore is Annie.  Kerry isn’t sore, either.  In fact, they’re ready to dance.  Let’s finish this off–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Speaking of sitting—” Annie tugged on Kerry’s arm. “Shall we go to our sofa?”

Kerry chuckled. “Lead on, Sweetie.”

As they walked across the Dining Hall Annie was surprised by some of the stares they received from their level mates. She’d noticed a certain distance building up between them over the last couple of weeks, but ever since Kerry’s judgment trial the avoidance was far more pronounced. Annie suspected a big reason for this was that, given both their judgment trials and their Guardian test, people finally recognized them as not only being far different, but also dangerous.

She wasn’t concerned and, from what she saw, neither was Kerry. As Helena had told her back in their A Levels, it’s good having a bad ass reputation as no one will mess with you, and Annie found she preferred things this way. She’d never had much affinity for most of the people in her level and if they were eager to keep a certain distance between them, she was the last to object to their decision.

And here she was presenting herself as the embodiment of Death. She couldn’t wait to see what Helena would say about her costume choice.


There is, that bad ass rep that Helena said they should cultivate.  Both kids have been through Judgement Trials, publicly fought Rage zombies like their lives depended on it, and have all kinds of rumors swirling around them about “activities” they’re doing outside the school–yeah, it’s only natural at this point that a lot of the students are gonna be totally wary of them.  And given that they do little with the people in their own level, Annie sort of digs this feeling that she doesn’t fit in for all the right reasons.

Now that reps are out of the way the kids are ready to relax.  Well, almost…


They were almost to their sofa when Erywin’s voice ran out. “All right, everyone: the dedications are starting early tonight—”

Kerry stopped and turned to Annie. “I think we should hold off sitting.”

Annie nearly laughed as she was not only sure that Kerry had dedicated a song to her, but that it was likely she had a dedication as well. “Lead on, my love.”

They just reached the edge of the cleared dance floor when Erywin—who wore a sliver jumpsuit and had blue hair—smiled as she read her tablet. “So, first dedication of the evening goes out to a rather well-known C Level in Cernunnos Coven. It reads: ‘To my dearest: no matter what trials and tribulations I go through, the one constant in my life is that I need you. Love, Kerry’.” She motioned at Annie and Kerry. “It’s your dance floor: have at it.”

Kerry led Annie on to the floor, surrounded by students who’d become used to seeing this event. He’d only managed to place is arm around Annie’s waist when the music began. He gave her a quick spin that matched the tempo before they began their dance in earnest.

Nearly thirty seconds passed before Annie asked the inevitable question. “And what is this song?”

Baby I Need Your Loving, by The Four Tops.” Kerry put his arm around Annie once again and gave them both a twirl. “Given how things have went since we finished our B Levels, it’s a perfect affirmation.”

She clutched him tight for just a moment. “You needed worry that you’ll never have my love.”

“Am I worthy of it?”

She looked into his eyes. “Do you have to ask?”

“No, but it’s always good to hear.”

She kissed his lips. “You are always worth of my love.”

“And you are worthy of my love and even more.” He arched his eyebrows. “Only we gotta wait for that other stuff.”

Annie laughed. “It can be hard being us.”

“Not as long as we have each other.”

The continued in silence until the song ended but they didn’t leave the dance floor, for they both suspected what was coming next. Deanna—who wore a cream colored Ionic chiton—read this dedication. “This dedication also comes from the C Level floor in Cernunnos Coven. It reads: ‘Whatever you and I face, we face together. We will laugh and cry as one, but it will always be done in love. With the sadness behind us, let’s enjoy this moment. Love, Annie’.” Deanna floated her tablet to one said as she started the next song.

Kerry didn’t need to ask about his soul mate’s song choice: Daft Punk’s Get Lucky was one of the most recognizable songs of the last summer. He took a moment to watch Annie dance around him with wild abandon before joining her, because if there was one thing he loved, it was watching her enjoy herself.

They dance in silence for a little more than a minute before Kerry moved close enough to speak in a low voice. “You know ‘getting lucky’ is a euphonium for having sex?”

Annie nodded. “I do know.”

“People here are gonna think you picked this song because we’re off to do it after the dance.”

Annie turned a playful gaze upon him for a few seconds before a mischievous grin appeared on her face. “Why, my love, you make that sound like a bad thing.”


One of the things that’s become a stable during the Samhain Dance is Kerry dedicating a song to Annie.  Third time in a row and this time he picked a up-tempo, short tune:  Baby I Need Your Loving, by The Four Tops, a great piece of Motown that always brings a smile and head nod to me.  Actually, this song started playing during my last fight to Hong Kong in 2005 and I experienced one of those moments when you’re relaxed and content and everything seems to be perfect.  Yeah, it was a good moment.

And for the second year in a row Annie has a song dedication for Kerry.  Since her tastes are far more modern, her pick was the Song of the Summer of 2013–it was released 19 April of that year–Get Lucky by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams on vocals.  And it’s just the sort of song to get our little gothy Death to move around and dance with all her heart.  And to admit to Kerry that she knows the title is a double entendre about having sex and, why love, is that bad?  Annie has really reached the point where she gives zero fucks about what others in the school think of her or her relationship, though when she’s with close friends she lets them know the truth.

What’s left?

How about a little fire, Scarecrow?

Mid-Level Samhain: Let’s Play

Well, the weekend is over and it’s time to get back into the swing of things.  A couple of days of practice and tomorrow night I may roll over to a little LGBT get together.  Haven’t made up my mind yet.

But I will get to writing that last scene which, I hope, only takes about fifteen hundred or so words.  Because I am so eager to start Act Two so I can put my kids through hell, I tell ya, hell.  Maybe not right away, but I’ll get there.

In the meantime Kerry’s back with refreshments and a desire to hear about the girl’s discussion:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“We had a great one.” A second later Nadine began laughing.

Kerry began smiling. “What’s so funny?”

“When you walked up levitating that glass I instantly flashed back to your first night in Advanced Spells.”

“Oh, that.” Annie rolled her eyes. “I remember my first levitation lesson so well.”

“You guys were so shaky that night—”

“Particularly me. I had such little confidence when I couldn’t make that spell right away.”

Nadine motioned to both Kerry and her. “And now look at you: all the advanced classes and maybe a few other things.” She didn’t elaborate what she meant by “other things”, but she saw by the look Annie and Kerry exchanged that they knew what she meant. “He was the same way when we started working on his first Ostara performance: completely unsure he was gonna be able to get up there and perform.”

Kerry looked down as he nodded. “I was a freakin’ mess, that’s for sure. And you helped me through that.”

“All I did was work on bringing out the talent you already had.” Nadine glanced at Annie. “Did he tell you what we’re gonna do?”


Yeah, remember how these two struggled a bit to levitate plushies?  Now…  Kerry should try his levitation magic at home–  “Hey, Mom?  Want something to drink?”  Love it, she would not.  Also, once more we have someone “hinting” they know more about what Annie and Kerry are up to than they are letting on, or perhaps they just believe all those rumors of them going out and doing dark Guardian shit.  No one really knows anything, but that doesn’t keep them from guessing.

Now wait:  Nadine and Kerry are doing something together?  Yep.


She looked at Kerry. “He hasn’t told me anything about you two working together.”

“We only started working on it yesterday.” He made a slight nod in Nadine’s direction. “Why don’t you tell her as it’s your idea.”

Annie focused a questioning look upon her soul mate. “What are you doing?”

He cleared his throat. “Nadine asked if I would help out on her last number. I told her yes.”

She turned to Nadine. “What’s the song?”

“I’m doing Silent Lucidity by Queensrÿche.” Nadine finished her punch before going on. “It has a big orchestral backing and I wasn’t certain I could pull it off just by myself on the Jupiter. So I ask Kerry if he’d back me up on the Korgs and he agreed.”

He nodded. “I’ll be in the background, but what I’ll help add will make the song sound far more powerful.” Kerry took a sip of his punch. “Plus, since I’m on after her, it’ll help get my keyboards set up for my set.”

Annie adjusted her top hat. “What do you mean?”

Nadine answered this. “I’ll have the Jupiter-80 in front of me and the Korg Kronos and Krome to my right, while he wants the two workstations in front of him and the Jupiter to his left. So, when we set up to do my last number, we’ll open up the keyboards—” She held her hand at right angles to each other and slowly opened her hands so her palms were facing her. “He’ll be behind me and on my right, and I’ll be up front.”

“Oh.” Annie wrapped her hands around Kerry’s left arm. “You’ll have another girl on your left.”

“I suggested I set up behind her, though.” He gave his sweetie a smile.

Nadine laughed. “He told me he didn’t want to incur your wrath.” She let her punch cup hover at her right. “When I’m done we’re move the keyboards against so the Jupiter is on Kerry’s left and the Korgs are in front of him. Apparently he loves having two workstations between him and the audience.”

“I enjoy having my main keyboards in front of me.” He snorted at his practice mate. “I’m not hiding from the audience.”

“I know: I’m just giving you shit.” Nadine giggled then looked off across the mass of students on the dance floor. “I gotta go find my coven peeps; they’re probably wondering what I’m doing.”

“Talking shop, you.” Kerry nodded at her. “See you later.”

Annie returned her friend’s smile “You know where to find us.”

“Sure do. Later.” Nadine turned and headed into the crowd.


Yes, I got into that boring talk about keyboard equipment and how these kids are gonna play.  What this means is that when Nadine–who does her set right before Kerry’s–is playing, she had one keyboard in front of her and two to her right, while Kerry prefers to have two in front of him and one to his left.  The last time this was brought up I did the layout in Blender and I should do the same thing here so you can “see” it.  Everything is easier when you see it.

We now know the second of the three songs Nadine is playing:  Silent Lucidity by Queensrÿche.  And since they’re going to rearrange the keyboards for Kerry’s set right after that, it’s going to be the last song she plays.  There’s a bit of fun in that passage with all three kids admitting to the “No Girls to Kerry’s Left!” more-or-less rule and how they’re keeping that from happening.  Nadine didn’t even bat an eye when it was brought up, which means she understands.

Now that Annie and Kerry are finally alone, what’s left?

Oh, a few things…

Mid-Level Samhain: It Goes On

After a few days of videos it’s time to get back into the novel–and I have in a good way.  With almost twelve hundred words written in the last two days, the middle scene of Chapter Sixteen is finished and the novel is exactly four hundred and sixty words away from the magical two hundred thousand word mark.

Two scenes down, one to go.

With the end of Act One in sight it’s time to do a little longer than normal novel dump here, and I’m gonna give you want you want.    And first up is:  what’s the rest of the Party of Six wearing?


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie took hold of Kerry’s arm. “I’m sure you were going to tell me who they are.”

He smiled at her. “You know who they are: we watched the show on Netflix a couple of Sundays ago.”

That cue stirred Annie’s memory just enough that she remembered. “Oh, that.” She chuckled. “But I’m not sure I remember the names other than for Penny’s character.”

Kerry pointed at Penny, Jario, Alex, and Kahoku in turn. “Lana, Archer, Cheryl, and Krieger.”

Kahoku got a strange look on his face. “I’m not Krieger.”

“Really?” Kerry went along with the act. “Not even a little?”

Kahoku’s eyes shifted from left to right for about five seconds before he responded. “Maybe.”

“Come on, lets get some snacks and sit.” Penny grabbed on to Jario’s arm and held fast before turning to her friends. “We’ll be over later to chat, ‘kay?”

Annie nodded. “We’ll see you then.” There wasn’t any need to ask where they would chat: everyone knew there was only one place in the Dining Hall where Kerry and she sat.

This also gave her an opening for something she’d wanted to do for some time. She turned to Kerry. “My love, would you be kind enough to get me some punch?” She glanced at their friend. “I’m sure Nadine would like some as well.”

Nadine nodded. “Yeah, some punch would be great.”

He never hesitated. “I’ll be right back.” Kerry turned and wandered off in the direction of the snacks table.


First up:  Penny, Jario, Alex, and Kahoku went as characters from Archer, which gave those four a large enough ensemble to keep them covered.  We also learned something else in that discussion:  Annie and Kerry sometimes take a Sunday and do a Netflix and chill, probably down in their private lab while they were working on their costumes.  I wonder if they were in their pajamas and under a comforter drinking hot chocolate while Kerry streamed the program on his computer?  Did the kids at Hogwarts ever do this?  No, they didn’t.  My witches rule!

Now, for the first time, Annie has Nadine alone.  What’s Annie got in mind?  Nadine seems to know–


“Well—” Nadine chuckled. “There are times when you are not the least be subtle, Annie.”

“I know.” Annie watched Kerry for a moment before turning back to her friend. “I’m certain Kerry knows as well, but he won’t say anything.”

Nadine nodded once. “So what did you want to talk about?”

Annie drew in a breath before asking an unrelated question. “It’s personal. If you don’t want to talk—”

“Naw.” Nadine shrugged. “We know each other well enough I don’t think you’re gonna ask me anything embarrassing.”

“Good. I was wondering… This is the third dance we’ve attended together and I’m going to say you’re here alone as you were the last two times.”

“You’re correct.”

“Why is it you never come with an escort?”

“You mean a date, don’t you?”

Annie shrugged. “If you wish. Why do you come alone?”

Nadine looked off to her right for a moment scanning the crowd. “I’m not alone. I’m here with friends. Besides, there are a lot of people here who came without dates.”

Annie knew Nadine’s statement was true: there were a lot of people who came unescorted, but a lot of those same people ended up finding people with whom to dance, which was something Annie had never seen Nadine do. “True, but—I always found it interesting that you never came with anyone. I’ve always imagined there are a lot of boys who would love to ask you to the dance.” She flashed a slight smile. “Probably a few girls as well.”

Nadine scratched at her right jawline for a few seconds, an action Annie knew she did when she was slightly uncomfortable. The only other times she’d ever seen her do that was in Advanced Spells when Nadine was about to craft a complex spell and she was doubtful she could make it happen. “I have been asked out, by both boys and girls. I get asked out every year.” She tilted her head slightly to the right as she looked at Annie. “I never wanted to come with a date ‘cause I always felt there was some, you know, expectation about what should happen.”

This drew a raised eyebrow from Annie, for she found it difficult to imagine Nadine believe that a date would expect something from her in exchange for time spent together. “It’s not really like that—”

“Oh, not for you guys. You know what you’re going tonight, so there’s no need for wondering.”

It took Annie a moment to realize what Nadine was suggesting. “Do you believe Kerry and I are going to have sex after the dance?”

Nadine shrugged. “Aren’t you?”


Nadine has been hit on a lot by both boys and girls, which isn’t surprising given she’s a rather public figure at Salem as well, as being a stunning ginger.  At the same time she doesn’t seem interested in dating because of expectations–and to her, that means she figures people who date her want sex.  And, it turns out, she’s also among the group who think Annie and Kerry are “doing it” whenever the opportunity arises–like, you know, after this dance.  This doesn’t shock Annie, but she does seem a bit surprised that her friend thinks that way:



“Oh.” Her expression turned a bit sheepish. “Sorry for insinuating you were.”

“It’s quite all right.” Annie smiled to show there wasn’t any hurt feelings between them. “Not everything has to end in sex, you know.”

“I know.” Nadine looked off into the crowd once again, as if doing so allowed the conversation to seem less intimate. “I sometimes wonder if I’m asexual. Whenever I’m asked out I always start thinking that at some point the person will want to hook up and I have no interest in—anything.” She turned back to Annie. “Does that make any sense?”

Annie nodded. “It does. Not everyone is interested in sex as a pleasurable act—which is quite all right. And I can see why that colors your view of being asked out.”

For the first time since their conversation started Nadine’s face brightened. “Thanks. I’ve never really spoke with anyone about that.”

“Not even a counselor?”

“I thought about speaking with Erywin once, but I don’t know if she’d understand.”

Annie couldn’t help but chuckle. “Oh, I believe she’d understand.”

“Understand what?” Kerry returned with a drink in each hand and one hovering in front of him. He handed the one in his left hand to Annie. “Here you are, Sweetie.” He then gave the one in his right hand to Nadine. “And for you—” Lastly he snatched the hovering glass with his left hand and brought it to his lips for a quick sip. “Did you two have a good conversation?”


Gotta love Annie for being non-judgmental when it comes to her friend.  We’ve never really seen much of Nadine beyond class and racing, so this is a little peek behind the veneer she throws up for everyone else.  And given we’ve seen individuals who are straight, gay, lesbian, and even one who considered herself bi–that would be Wednesday–we discover there’s at least one student who may identify as asexual.  Salem:  It Takes All Kinds to Make a School For Witches.

So the conversation was good.

But there’s more to come…

Mid-Level Samhain: It’s Out

This post is coming way late because, holy Jeez, I’ve not only been busy as hell, but I just woke up from a nap where I didn’t know where I was, or the date and time.  That’s called being out of it, folks.  And I was there.

First off, let me talk about last night’s practice.  First, we freshies were out of the pond, so to speak.  As someone I know said, we worked with the OGs, the vet, and it got intense at times.  They are uping us in intensity because–well, they are.  And we were taking it.

Most importantly, I got to do tripod blocking with “the big girls”, as Ashley called them, and three times I was the jammer going up against the block.  Yeah, I finally got to wear the star:

Let me tell you it was hard, and I got knocked on my ass more than a few times.  I literally had someone come over and hip or shoulder check me hard enough that I was knocked off the track and down, but I got right back up and did it again.  Except when I had a cramp in my right calf which put me down for about five minutes.  Luckily that was right at the end of practice…

Yesterday we learned about Annie’s and Kerry’s costumes:  she’s Death and he’s the Lord of Dreams.  Where did you get that, geek boy?


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Nadine added the tip-in. “From The Sandman comics.”

Jario shook his head. “I’ve never heard of it.”

Kerry rolled his eyes. “How have you not heard of one of the greatest pieces of fantasy every?”

“Hey, I’m not into every bit of geek culture like you, okay?”

Alex felt the need to defuse the situation. “You both do look great.”

Annie curtsied, holding open the velvet coat she wore. “Thank you so much.” She was quite aware of her appearance because she’d spent a couple of weeks working on the costume. She’d turned her hair black with some help with Kerry and lighted her complexion slightly so the black lipstick and heavy mascara she wore would stand out incredibly against her outfit, which consisted of a black tank top and black jeans paired with black side buckle boots and a long midnight blue velvet coat. All was finalized by a black top hat, a tiny spiral mark under her right eye, and a large ankh on a chair around her neck. She made certain to have photos taken so she could show Mama, whom Annie was certain would have trouble believing her daughter’s costume.

Kerry’s was no less startling. As with Annie he’d turned his hair black and grew it out slightly so it would appear spiky and unkempt. He didn’t need to lighten his complexion much, but took pains to hide is many freckles least they mar his near-alabaster skin. His outfit was simple: dark gray tee shirt, black jeans and sneakers, and a long black cloak.

But there were small touches added that completed look. Using a modified Chimera spell he’d had help from Annie perfecting, the inside of his cloak seemed to have flames appear every time the cloak shifted, which it did whenever he walked. And a slightly modified version of Light Bending allowed him to focus light from around the room to make it appear his eyes seemed to twinkle like tiny stars.


The Sandman comic series was Neil Gaiman’s take on a series created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in the mid 1970s of a character known as The Sandman.  Gaiman’s take was to turn Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, into one of the Endless, creatures that have always been here and that interact with humans in various ways.  Instead of being a superhero, he was literally the person who controlled what went on in those dreams and sometimes in those nightmares.  The series ran from 1988 to 1996, and the trade paperbacks are still in print and in high demand.  It is today still considered one of the cornerstones of dark fantasy.

So how does Kerry look?  Well–


He’s at least wearing a tee shirt.


Very spooky, very dreamy, very…  goth.  Gaiman has stated that Morpheus’ look is based upon that of singer Peter Murphy, likely best known as the singer for the group Bauhaus.  You can’t see the twinkling eyes, but they are there.

And then there’s Annie, our own little Death.  She’s the oldest of the Endless and is really Dream’s older sister.  Like the Death of legend, she spends one day each century living as a human, and at the end of that day she dies.  She does this so she can remain connected those creatures for whom she waits.

No matter what the occasion, she’s usually seen as a cute goth girl–which is almost Annie…

This is not how we normally think of Annie.


It was necessary to make changes to her appearance as already noted, and her costume is more dressy than the normal black tank top and jeans Death is usually known for.  And Death always gets the good lines.  That one Annie tried quoting?  It’s this:


Yeah, I can totally see Annie as Death.  And some people at the school should do the same, even when she doesn’t look like a goth girl.

Now the rest of the Party of Six knows.  But they’re missing someone:


He bowed for his friends. “So kind of you to offer such a compliment.” He nodded in his friend’s directions. “You guys got the look down pat. But where’s Kahoku?”

“Right here.” Alex’s boyfriend popped up beside his girlfriend. His costume consisted of khaki pants, a white button-down shirt, and a lab coat. He gave Alex a quick kiss. “Miss me?”

Her eyes opened wide. “Only if you brought me a drink. If not, then no.”

Kerry laughed. “I thought you’d be heavy into the glue by now.”

Alex pulled a small pot of rubber cement from her Hammerspace. “Got it right here, but that’s for later.” She glanced at Kahoku as he tilted her head slightly towards him. “Much later.”


So Alex is sniffing glue?  What the hell is going on?

Well, I’m sure some of you actually know…

Mid-Level Samhain: First Up It’s–

I’m dragging ass a bit today as I was up late after a hard practice and, yeah, I gotta do it again tonight.  I’ll likely take a nap when I get home, then write a little, then start editing video from last night, which includes a hilarious minute of me gagging on my mouthpiece just as I’m about to throw a shoulder block at someone.  Yeah, we know how to have fun.

Also, my friend Mary–a person with whom I’ve done many a protest–has strapped on a pair of skates and decided to be her own hero.  After watching our bout on Sunday she decided she had to come out and see what all the fun was about.  And now she’s hooked and will return tonight.  And probably next week.

I have a strange influence on people…

Speaking of strange…  Samhain.  There’s a dance going on and Annie and Kerry are about to meet–someone.  And they have a neat costume:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


They approached Nadine, whose costume seemed to consist of a red and gold suit of armor. They stopped when they were about a meter apart and Annie gave her a slight nod and smile. “Aren’t you hot in that, Pepper? Or, should I call you… Rescue?”

Nadine turned to Kerry with half-closed eyes. “You told her, didn’t you?”

Moi?” He fended surprise. “Why would you say that?”

“Because the name Rescue wasn’t used in the last movie and only someone as geeky as me would know what she was called in the comics.” She pointed at Kerry. “Ergo, you.”

He glanced at Annie, who glanced back. “I… may have had something to do with tipping her off.” He spent a few seconds admiring Nadine’s costume. “You do look fantastic.”


We already know Nadine–who has been the first to welcome Annie and Kerry to the last two dances–is something of a Marvel geek, so it goes without saying she’s dipping into the well once more.  Now, what is Kerry and she talking about?

Well, it’s like this:  when Nadine mentions “the last movie” what she means is that Iron Man 3 was out during the summer of 2013, which would sort of make that the last movie in a way.  In that movie Tony’s girlfriend, Pepper Potts, got to wear the suit for a bit as a bit of a shout-out to the fact that at one point in the comics she had her own powered armor suit–and when that happened her code name was Rescue.  Nadine knew that and, as she points out, only someone as geeky as her would know that, too.

We’re looking at you, Kerry.

We not only get a little elaboration on her outfit, but we start seeing what Team Dark Witch is sporting:


Nadine gave a little bow. “Thanks. A couple of Mads in my coven helped whip it up for me.”

“That’s what we thought.” Mads was the nickname students had for Mad Scientists, witches who leaned heavily towards combining magic and science. Kerry figured Nadine got help from Itsaso Ocampo, a F Level girl from Mexico, and Kouassi Nazaire, a D Level boy from Côte d’Ivoire, as they were the best known Mads in Mórrígan. “They did a great job.”

“That they did.” She gave Annie’s and Kerry’s costumes some scrutiny. “I have to say I love your costumes, too.”

“Thank you.”

“Particularly you, Annie. You’re really rockin’ that brunette goth look.”

She held open her long coat and performed a slow pirouette. “I’m glad you’re impressed.” She checked to make sure her top hat was secure. “I wasn’t certain how I was going to like being a brunette. Or this goth-like.”

“It suits you.” Nadine laughed. “Besides, you gotta go dark for that character.”

Annie placed her hands on her hips and cocked them to one said. “Of course I’m dark. I’m there for them all. And when the last living thing dies I’ll put up the chairs, turn out the lights, and lock up the universe.” Annie gave a sheepish grin. “Or something similar to that, yes?”

Kerry gave her hand a squeeze. “Close enough, Sweetie.”

“So who are you guys?” Penny and Jario walked up with Alex right behind them, all three attired in outfits—Penny in a white sweater dress and thigh high boots; Jario in a black turtleneck and matching pants; and Alex wearing an off-orange dress, low heels, and her long blond hair made short and brown—that Kerry recognized instantly. “You look great, but I have no idea who the bloody hell you are.”

Jario sighed. “This is what comes from them working on their costumes in their private lab.”

Kerry ignored his friend’s jab and stayed focused on Penny. “Aren’t you gonna try and guess?”

Penny screwed up the left side of her face. “Noooope.”

Kerry chucked. “At least you stayed in character.” He turned to Annie. “She’s Death—” He pointed to himself. “And I’m Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams.”


Wait?  Annie is Death and Kerry is the Lord of Dreams?  What does this all mean?

Well, if you were geeky like Kerry–and me–you’d know already.

As it is I’ll have to tell you tomorrow.

Mid-Level Samhain: It’s Time to Start

It’s that time of year again as we reach The Dance–which by now means we’re heading off to the Dining Hall to show up costumes, talk to friends, and likely watch a couple of kids we know dedicate songs to each other.  The funny thing is I seem to hit that point around this time when I’m writing.  Or at least it seems that way…

Let’s get in there with the kids–but first, an introduction:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Ms. Annie Kirilova and her escort, Mr. Kerry Malibey, both of Cernunnos Coven.”

As was tradition, Annie waited with Kerry at the entrance to the Dinning Hall as Zora Gronowski, a member of the kitchen staff, announced their arrival to the crowd. She always enjoyed this moment, for while the Samhain Dance was meant to be a fun celebration, the little touches of pomp gave it a more formal air than any of the other gatherings held here throughout the year.

They both nodded at Zora before walking arm-in-arm into the hall. One of their other customs was to wait until about two-thirds of the student body was present before putting in their appearance. Though she didn’t actively check out the observation of other, she did notice a few stares in their direction coupled with a couple of looks of confusion. It was times like this she welcomed Kerry’s knowledge of pop culture and entertainment, for she felt his choices were not only fantastic, but well suited for a couple.

And she simply loved this year’s costume as it was, once again, a departure from how she normally appeared. But that was true of every year. Their first costumes had been one of style, seeing her in a lovely dress that, as Kerry stated, was enhanced her beauty, a comment that made her blush as much as she tried to prevent that from happening. Last year’s costume choice was one fully of whimsy and Annie loved spending the night with such an unusual hair color.

This year they went off in a completely difference direction, going simple while at the same time bringing about its own style aesthetic. Though Annie had found herself a bit skeptical about the outfit and makeover when first show to her, since seeing herself in it a few times before the dance made her realize how nice it appeared, but, as she was reminded, she completely owned the look.

From across the hall a familiar student approached them, just as she’d done the previous two years. Kerry leaned in and spoke in a low voice. “Here she comes.”

“I see that.” Annie appraised the costume. “She put a lot of effort into that.”

“I think she got help from Isis and some of the Mads down at the Tesla Center.” Kerry smiled at her. “You want to greet her?”

Annie smiled back. “I’d like to, however—”

“Oh, yeah.” Kerry told her the character the approaching student represented. “Got that?”

“Of course, my love.”

He motioned her forward. “Lead on, my dear.”


Keep guessing about who they’re gonna meet and what they’re wearing–

It’s not like this is going to leave any time soon.