Post Race Parade: Visit One

The weekend is almost here and–surprise!–I’m gonna be busy.  I have a party on Sunday and tomorrow I’ll be working a booth at our local Pride celebration, which comes a month late in The Burg because it’s The Burg.  I’ll try to get pictures.

Oh, and this morning someone recognized me from our roller derby team page on Facebook and wanted to say high.  So there you go:  I’m known to some of our team’s fans.

Speaking of having fans…  Kerry is so over this race, but the race isn’t over with him.  Let’s find out what’s going on:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


After the award ceremony four racers required enough medical attention that they were taken to the hospital. The punch to Anna Laskar’s jaw was severe enough to split both her upper and lower lip and loosen two of her teeth. The multiple punches Lisa took to her eye required treatment to eliminate the swelling and bruising. The kick Darius Roy took to his groin caused one of his testicles to swell dramatically.

And then there was Kerry…

Though he was able to use crutches to ascend to the top of the podium, he needed Penny’s and Alex’s assistance to make it down due to the pain in his left leg. Because of this, Nurse Bianca felt it best to transport Kerry to the hospital in a wheelchair, and one was summoned.

After helping them into Bed #2 in Bay #1 Nurse Bianca ran a quick scan on his leg. However, she didn’t tell him the results of the scan: instead, she told him to lay back and relax while she went and consulted with Coraline as to the best form of treatment. This didn’t make Kerry feel all that optimistic about his chances of making the dance this evening.

His spirits rose a few seconds later when Annie arrived with her parents following. She immediately headed to the left side of his bed and took his hand, completely oblivious to the stairs she received from her mother and father. “How are you feeling, my love? Were you told what’s wrong?”

Kerry had fought the urge to glance at Annie’s parents at the moment she called him “my love”. He was fairly certain that her mother wouldn’t have reacted to the comment—but it was her father he had wanted to observe. Instead, he kept his eyes locked on Annie’s. “Nurse Bianca just finished a scan on me she didn’t say a word other than to say she was going to go and consult Coraline.”

“I’m certain it’s not severe, Kerry.” Pavlina adjusted her purse on her shoulder and folded her hands in front of her torso. “The nurses today aren’t likely to be any different than the nurses were when we were students. Isn’t that right, Victor?” She gave her husband a smile. “After all, you had quite a bit of experience dealing with doctors and nurses then.”

Victor gave a small chuckle. “Indeed I did.” He looked at Kerry. “I’m sure it’s not severe. From what we were able to see on the screens, it didn’t look as if this Glissandi girl made hard contact with you.”

Kerry gave a tired sigh. “It may not of look like much, but it certainly didn’t feel that way.” He gave Annie’s hand a squeeze. “At least I know nothing’s broken.”

Annie returned the squeeze with a bright smile. “Which means we may still be able to make it to the dance.”


Right there, Annie crossed the Rubicon:  she called Kerry “My love” in front of her parents and there was no way in hell they didn’t hear her.  And Kerry wanted to see how Victor took it, ’cause even he knows Papa might flip just a bit hearing that.

In the aftermath of the big fight four people ended up in the hospital, and all of them are there because of Lisa.  And let’s remember that if Lisa is in the hospital, that means Race Control hasn’t spoken with her–


Samhain Racing: The Reckoning

And in the never-ending story of me doing roller derby, after a not-so-great practice last night I’ve decided to skip the next two practices in an effort to allow my foot to heal properly.  I was probably at 90% last night when I started, and I likely ended up at about 80% by the time I arrived home.  I figure a week of complete rest will get me back up to near 100% for next Monday night.  And while I may go and film tonight, I won’t be on skates.

Oh, and I almost passed out last night because–I don’t know.  Probably due to a lack of proper hydration and not eating enough.

My coach came over at one point and said I was as green as my tank top.  I have no reason to disbelieve her.

I also had a Facebook friend tell me last night that I’ve inspired her to sign up for a derby boot camp next month.  I say, “Put some skates on, be your own hero.”  Because hell yeah.

And speaking of being a hero, it’s time to see what’s going to happen to Kerry, as it’s time for Race Control to hand out the pain–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


The silence in the diamond went on for about another fifteen seconds before Vicky’s voice spoke once more. “Your attention, please. This is Race Control. Penalties for individual racers have been assessed and we will now give you our results.

“Penelope Rigman: ten second penalty, conduct unbecoming a racer—fighting.”

Penny shrugged. “I expected that; I threw the first punch.”

Vicky continued. “Alexandria Chorney: ten second penalty conduct unbecoming a racer—fighting.”

Alex looked from side to side. “Well, I did punch Lisa rather hard.”

As Kerry listen to the penalties being assessed it became obvious that everyone on both teams was being assessed some sort of penalty for their actions. Everyone was given a five or ten second penalty for fighting, with the exception of Rivânia and Manco were both given and second penalties due to their inabilities, as team captains, to control the teams.

He noticed something else as well: neither Lisa’s name nor his was mentioned as penalties were affixed. Kerry figured the worst was being saved for last, and that his actions on the track were going to involve a hefty penalty.

After just over a minute he heard his name mentioned. “Kerry Malibey: a two penalty assessment—”


It may sound like Race Control is being a little heartless, but hey, you get into a fight, you gotta pay the price.

Now it’s Kerry’s turn:


He hung his head. “Here it comes.”

“Penalty one: five second penalty, rough racing. Penalty two: five second penalty, conduct unbecoming a racer—striking another racer on course.”

He waited for more but it didn’t come and he gave both Penny and Alex a look of disbelief. “I thought it would be more.”

Alex tilted her head to one side. “Professor Semplen did say he was going to fight for us if anything happened out on the course.”

“Looks like he did.”

As Kerry had thought earlier, Race Control was saving the worst for last. “Lisa Glissandi: a four penalty assessment. Penalty one: five second penalty, rough racing. Penalty two: five second penalty, conduct unbecoming a racer—striking another racer on course. Penalty three: five second penalty, conduct unbecoming a racer—fighting. And penalty four: ten second penalty, conduct unbecoming a racer—attempting to deliberately wreck an opponent.”

But it appeared Race Control was not finished. “In addition to the aforementioned penalties, Ms. Glissandi is given a two position penalty to be applied during her next race.”  Lisa looked up at the scoreboard as Vicky continued speaking. “This penalty is being assessed due to the severity of her actions taken on the course today, and as a reminder to other racers that your actions toward others are noted and that Race Control will act when necessary.

“At the conclusion of the award ceremony for this race, all racers—with the exception of those needing to go to the hospital to receive immediate medical attention—to report to the Flight School Ready Room to speak with the members of Race Control.


So, Kerry had two penalties that weren’t, in the overall scheme, that bad.  But Lisa?  Twenty-five seconds total plus she’s getting docked two positions in her next race, which means the best finish she can hope for is a third.  And she was reminded that Race Control is always watching, making the likelihood of her doing this again slim.

And just to make sure what happened today sinks in, everyone that isn’t bound for the hospital has to sit in a room with Vicky and the coven leaders–the people who make up Race Control–and get a ream out.  Not a lot of fun.

Now that this drama has played out…


“With all penalties assessed, they are now applied to the unofficial race times.” The times on the scoreboard were adjusted in nearly all positions on the scoreboard shifted.

“Here are the official times for the the last heat. The days racing is completed and we will now move on to the final award ceremony. Thank you all for coming, and enjoy the rest of your day.”

The inside of The Diamond filled with considerable cheering and yelling. On the floor the Cernunnos team erupted in celebration, while the mood in Åsgårdsreia was less than jovial—and in a few cases, some team members appeared ready to take out their frustrations on one of their own.

Penny, Alex, and Kerry looked up at the scoreboard and began congratulating each other. Penny slapped Kerry on the shoulder twice. “You got it: you won the race.”

“Yeah, but—” he scanned the scoreboard one more time before addressing the two girls next to him. “You guys ain’t seeing it.”

Alex looked at him strangely. “Seeing want?”

He pointed at the scoreboard. “The three of us: we’re all on the podium. We swept it.”

Penny and Alex looked up simultaneously and broke into laughter nearly the same time. Alex pointed at the board. “Bozhe. We did it.” She turned to her friends. “I wonder when this last happened?”

“Probably about the time Annie’s father was racing here.” Penny wrapped an arm around Kerry’s shoulder and gave him a hug. “Way to make an impression, mate.”

“You know it.” Kerry slid off his jet ski, but the moment he tried to stand his left leg buckled from pain. He caught the handlebars of his PAV before going down. “I may need some help getting to the podium. And… You think you could call a nurse?”


Not only did Cernunnos have a good day, but in the end they took the top three positions, which is something they hadn’t done in a while.  They’ve taken two positions on the podium more than a few times, but now they’ve swept.  Like Penny said, way to make an impression, mate.

This was something I needed to figure out and it took about 40 minutes total to get it right.  Below you can see how it worked out.  On the left is the unofficial finish, then we have the penalties, the new times, and lastly the official finish with points earned.


As noted Lisa was knocked completely out of contention–if she’d just raced her race she’d have finished second–while Anna and Rezi Lahood moved up considerably.  Even so, Cernunnos was the big winner of the day, and Kerry managed a win in front of Annie’s family.

About what happens next…

Samhain Racing: The Aftermath

Another weekend down, a last full week in July to enjoy.  And as expected, I’m gonna be busy as hell.  I have things planed all the way through Thursday and I may even have something going down Friday.  Then it’s busy Saturday and busy Sunday, which means I could be rocking and rolling every day this week.

And a few months ago I complained I never got out of the house.

The Rumble Outside Rockport is over and The Race Powers That Be have ordered everyone back inside The Diamond.  But in order to get here, you have to go there…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Penny helped Kerry over to his jet ski.  “I imagine we’re in some pretty shite now.”

Kerry grunted as he retrieved his helmet and gloves and place them in his lap as he sat upon his PAV.  “You think?”  He gave Penny a quizzical look.  “Why’d you start the fight with Lisa?”

“Because she damn near wrecked me in Helter Skelter.”  She grunted.  “I wasn’t about to let that slide at all.”


I actually had to go back and add this part because when I originally wrote it I had nothing to say about why Penny did what she did.  Now you know:  she was one of the people who were almost wrecked by Lisa when she received her first “rough racing” time penalty.


Both teams returned to the interior of The Diamond, never saying a word or casting a glance at anyone on the other team.  As soon as I entered the enormous structure Kerry looked up at the holographic scoreboard and instantly noticed the two most dreaded words one could see at the end of a race: Unofficial Results.  He glanced over at Penny and Alex, who were on his right.  “That’s not good.”

Alex nodded.  “They’ve already assessed a penalty to Lisa and it’s not up there.”

“It’s because they’re busy assessing penalties to all of us—” Penny nodded over her left shoulder.  “For what happened back there.”

Kerry felt his heart sink.  He knew he likely get penalized for his actions on the track: it was just a matter of how severe those penalties would become.  After all, he not only reached over and struck Lisa while they were racing, but he deliberately hit her PAV in an attempt to gain an advantage over her.  When he added up everything in his head, he realized he could be looking at a fifteen or twenty-second penalty, which could move him far enough back standing that not only wouldn’t he get a podium, he might not even point for this race.

As both teams came to a stop in their respective tram areas Vicky’s voice boomed throughout The Diamond.  “Your attention please.  This is Race Control.  As the moment we have unofficial results posted for the race just concluded.  We are in the process of determining penalties to be assessed to individual racers.  Once all penalties are determined, we will announce those penalties and post the final results.  Please stand by.”

Penny came over and stood by Kerry, who remained seated on his PAV due to the pain in his left leg.  “Don’t worry, mate.  I don’t think they’re going to hit you up bad.  It wasn’t like you were involved in the fight.”

“That’s true.”  Alex nodded in agreement.  “You were trying to stop things out there.”

He sighed as his shoulders slumped.  “It’s not what happened in the fight; it’s what happened out on the track.  They’re liable to nail me for that.”


The calm before the oncoming storm.  Tomorrow you get to view the damage.

Samhain Racing: Let’s Get Ready–

Today am back to my old lighthearted self, which means were going to have a novel excerpt.  Let it be known that I started on the last scene of Chapter Fifteen and I have a feeling it won’t be all that long: maybe no longer than fifteen hundred words.  Which means I’ll be into Chapter Sixteen before you know it.

The last couple of days I’ve been sticking my GoPro up on the windshield of my car and giving people a driver’s-side view of what it looks like driving around Harrisburg.  Here’s the first video I did, where I left my apartment and headed off to the Panera where I used to write all the time.


But the big news here is the race, which if you were paying attention has just finished. But as the drama over?  Far from it–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


He didn’t bother to see where Lisa was as he came out of the chicane. He leaned over his handlebars and willed as much speed out of his Class 3 as he could muster. The moment he pass the flashing green lights of the Start/Finish Line he pulled his PAV skyward so that he could not only bleed off speed quickly, but prevent Lisa from running him down on the straightaway.

As the rest of the pack finish the race he sat down in the waiting area between the Start/Finish Line so that he could proceed inside with everyone else. He remained seated on his PAV as his left leg and shoulder were throbbing with pain from the on-course contact and he didn’t want to aggravate them. A few seconds later Lisa’s jet ski hit the ground hard about five meters from him. She jumped off her PAV, removed her helmet, and threw it at him. She motioned for Kerry to advance towards her. “Okay, fucker. Let’s have this out.”

Kerry removed his helmet and tossed it to the ground as he gingerly got to his feet. “Back off, Lisa.” He gave her a warning look as he pointed at her while favoring his right leg. “You do not want to do this.”

She nodded defiantly. “Oh yes, I do.”

“No, you don’t.” Kerry wasn’t worried about the outcome of a fight between Lisa and him: just as he had done with Franky, he could disable her with a broken arm or a dislocated shoulder or knee in a matter of seconds, even while hurt. Unfortunately, he was unsure of his ability to do either of those, for he was fighting down an anger that he’d never felt before. He was aware of what was happening: with his hormones in flux they were messing with his ability to control the impulses he’d carefully developed over the last two years of learning Kali, and he was just enough aware of these feelings to know that if he fought Lisa now, there was a very good likelihood he do more than break her arm.


There you have it: Lisa’s ready to start shit and she wants Kerry to fight her.  For his part, Kerry doesn’t want to fight her mainly because he’s worried he’ll do more than just break her arm due to the hormonal rampage which is tearing him apart right now.  And given that Kerry could probably snap her neck without even a second thought, he showing remarkable restraint–but then again, he is a sorceress, and sorceresses are supposed to keep their head when everything is going to hell around them.

So this is the end of the drama, right?  Well…


Just then Penny came running up from his right side, helmet and gloves off, heading directly for Lisa. “You bloody stupid bitch.” She threw a powerful right-hand punch that struck Lisa in the cheek, knocking her to the ground.

The Cernunnos and Åsgårdsreia teams converged upon Lisa, Penny, and Kerry, and the fight was on.


Hey, I thought this fighting shit only happen in NASCAR?  Apparently not.  Which means helmets and gloves are off and fists are flying–


Rezi Lahood was the first to jump into the fray, running up and punching Penny in the side of her head near her right ear. As Penny fell away Alex stepped up, grabbed Rezi and threw her to the ground. Getasew Berhanu jumped over Lisa’s jet ski and threw a punch at Manco, who fell backwards as he blocked. Darius, who still wore his racing gloves, backhanded Getasew away before kicking the fallen Rezi.

Lisa jumped to her feet and, spotting Darius in front of her, pulled back her right foot and kicked him in the crotch. As Darius limped away she turned on Alex and grabbed a handful of her blonde hair. While she pulled Alex backwards Rivânia ran up and tried pulling her her teammate away. Lisa pushed her team captain away, which caused her to lose her grip on Alex’s hair. Alex took that moment to wheel around, grabed Lisa by the throat and punched her twice in the right eye.

Penny was on her feet a second later. She hit Getasew twice in the chest then wheeled around and threw a punch at Lisa, which the girl managed to block easily. Lisa, unfortunately, was bumped from behind by Anna Laskar, who was holding the left side of her mouth with bloodstained fingers. This knocked Lisa off balance just enough that Penny was able to step up to her and deliver a hard left-hand blow that knocked Lisa back against her jet ski.

Even though he was unable to move about well, Kerry could no longer stand side and watch everyone beat each other up. After a couple of limping steps he threw himself between Penny and Lisa and pushed his teammate away. “Penny: Penny.” He held on to her shoulders as he looked into her wild eyes. “Stop it, now. Let it go.”

Enough awareness creep back into her eyes that she understood what she was being stole. They then grew wide as she saw something behind him. “Kerry.”

He turned quickly enough to find Lisa swinging her helmet at his head. He managed to deflect it with his right arm then, while holding on to Penny to support his heart left leg, he used his right leg to sweep Lisa off her feet. The minute she landed on her back Kerry raised his right foot and chopped it down into her stomach. He hopped back on to his right foot as he pointed at the now-gasping girl. “Stay the hell down.”


There you have it: both teams letting go and punching the shit out of each other.  Oh, and if you notice, Lisa kicked Darius in the balls. Did that ever happened in Harry Potter?  No!  Sure, Draco took a blow to the testicles in the second movie when he slammed into the ground after falling off his broom, but did you ever see Hermione wheel around and kick somebody in the crotch?  No!  You only get that here.

As you see, even injured Kerry put Lisa down for the count rather quickly, by sweeping out her legs and kicking her in the stomach.  If Kerry had decided to fight Lisa in the earnest a minute or so before, he probably would’ve just blasted her once and sent her to the hospital in a coma.  So it was wise of him not to fight her.

So everything is over, right?  Well…


By now both Manco and Rivânia had managed to separate their teams and stop the fighting. Kerry noticed blood on Darius’ right hand and remembered Anna holding her mouth. He yelled at his teammate. “Did you punch Anna?”

Darius nodded. “Yeah. So?”

“What did you punch her for?”

He gave a weak shrug. “She was there.”

He was about to yell over to Anna and ask her how she felt when Vicky’s voice filled his and everyone else’s ears. “This is Race Control.” The annoyance in her voice was obvious. “All racers are to remount their vehicles now and proceed to the interior of The Diamond immediately without further incidences. There will be no further warnings.”


The first take away here is: Darius Roy is a shit.  He basically sucker punched Anna because he was pissed off and she was there.  And since Anna is a friend of Annie’s and Kerry’s, you can imagine they’ll both remember that.

And second: Vicky is also pissed.  It’s not like there have been fights before, but here you have two full teams going at it with the team captains seemingly unable to get their people under control.  Does this mean that certain racers are in trouble?

Oh, you better believe it–

Samhain Racing: The Mean On the Green

What’s new in my world, you ask?  Well, let me tell ya…

The foot is better, though still sore.  I’m thinking that after resting up over the weekend it’ll be better come Monday, but for real:  if it starts hurting at any time next Monday I’m sitting out.  I have practice Tuesday and Wednesday, so it’s not like I’m missing anything.

I did get the chance to edit some footage last night from the Wednesday Night practice, and here’s some of it.  What we are doing is a 180 spin followed by a squat, which is used to get by a defender.  You also get to hear the sort of banter we do when we’re hanging with each other–it’s somewhat interesting and amusing.

Also, I finished the current scene.  Wrote almost eight hundred words and put the fin on this sucker.

Though you won’t see a fin here.

One more scene and I’m into Chapter Sixteen, and after that the chapter, the part, and the act are over.  Then it’s on to the fun stuff…

But first we have this fun stuff to deal with.  Which consists of Kerry trying to keep some maniac from crashing him:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


As they eased through the turn, Kerry grew closer and closer to Lisa while maintaining a half a broom lead. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Lisa’s home and turned toward him, examining him as if she cannot believe he was performing this maneuver. When there was less than half a meter between them, Kerry willed his PAV to go a touch faster and he slid into the turn, hugging the inside of the elevation gates that showed the course layout.

He knew this would do two things: it would through turbulence in front of Lisa and destabilize her run slightly, as well as possibly cause her to touch her air brakes just enough that she would lose momentum through the turn. He quickly checked his rear view monitor and saw Lisa drop back several meters in an instant. It worked exactly as he had planned; he only hoped it was enough to make her wary about getting close to him again.

Kerry slammed on the brakes and eased through Double Dip before proceeding quickly to the long S turn that was Double Back. As he headed into the first part of the turn he spotted Lisa coming out of Double Dip in a hurry and with little or no form: though it was only a quick view, and looked as if she bottomed out her Class 3 as she came out of the descending chicane and reached the level ground. He didn’t take this as a good sign: it likely meant that Lisa was now pissed off and she was going a race like a possessed maniac to catch up.

At this point there was nothing Kerry could do except run his own race.

By the time Kerry reached the right hand kink in Cove Lane Lisa was upon him. As a went to the king she positioned herself less than a half meter behind him, once more using his draft to pull her along. Only this time she didn’t wait until they were on the straightaway to try and pass: as soon as they were through the kink Lisa jinked to her left and began pulling alongside Kerry.

A moment later her PAV appeared to shake before bumping hard on the left side of his jet ski.


This is all happening on the west side of the school.  West End and Sunset Boulevard is where Emma and Kerry first raced, and Double Dip is where they collided and Kerry messed up his knee.  Double Back is right around the area where Emma and Kerry landed after their PAVs failed them during the Day of the Dead, and they headed through Cove Lane on their way to the Diamond.

But shit is getting real now.  Lisa isn’t pretending to hit him:  she just is.  Oh, sure, she made it look like she was having an issue, but no one is fooled–least of all Kerry.


Kerry pulled his left leg out of the way before the nose of Lisa’s PAV had a chance to collide with the side of his. Even so, she made enough contact for him to feel a considerable amount of pain in his left calf. He didn’t think anything was broken, but his leg hurt like hell. He was at least thankful for the construction of the Class 3: if this it happened on the Class 2 or 1, it’s likely she would’ve broken his leg. Kerry pushed his jet ski forward towards the two large ninety degree turns that made up Reservoir; it was his hope as he made the jump over the path near the South Cove Entrance, he’d pull enough speed through Gloucester Bend to lose her—though a small part of his mind knew that was likely impossible.

His worst fears were confirmed. As they came out of Reservoir and entered Gloucester Bend, Lisa nearly came down on top of him, with Kerry pulling away at the last moment. She pulled even on his left side and this time didn’t even bother with the pretense that she was having an issue with her PAV: she slid to her right and rammed him. She did it one more time and then, while they were still touching, she reached over and smacked him in the left shoulder.

The second time she hit him Kerry decided he’d had enough. He easily deflected her third swipe before reaching over and punching her in the torso as he screamed in anger. “Get away from me, you crazy bitch.” While continuing to glanced to his left, Kerry pushed his craft forward. He had no idea how fast he was going, though he had seen his speed indicator pass through four hundred kilometers an hour.

Coming up on Diamond Chicane Lisa side bumped the back of his PAV trying to upset the balance of his craft so he’d screw up his entry into the final turn. Kerry hit his air brakes as hard as he could and in a second Lisa was several PAV lengths ahead of him. He turned on the acceleration and as they approached the entrance to Diamond Chicane, Kerry slammed the right side of his PAV into the front of Lisa’s, upsetting her entry enough that he was able to slide by her and proceed through the double turn with little difficulty.

He didn’t bother to see where Lisa was as he came out of the chicane. He leaned over his handlebars and willed as much speed out of his Class 3 as he could muster. The moment he pass the flashing green lights of the Start/Finish Line he pulled his PAV skyward so that he could not only bleed off speed quickly, but prevent Lisa from running him down on the straightaway.


The “I smack you, you smack me” scene is from the book trailer.  And now you know:  they were zipping along at about four hundred kilometers an hour.  Since most of you don’t do kilometers, they’re zipping along at close to 250 mph, which is a lot faster than a NASCAR stock car runs on their fastest tracks.  This is not for the faint of heart.

At least Kerry knows what he’s dealing with and, at the end, decides he won’t take it anymore and rams Lisa on his way to a win.  So that’s the end of it, right?

You really believe that?

Samhain Racing: She’s Back

I’d like to say today is a pain-free day, but I manged to hurt my foot a little last night during practice.  Nothing major like I had last week, so I hope staying off it for the next few days will allow it to heal up so it’ll be good for next Monday.  I think with ice and ointment I should be good, too, and ready to roll.  Oh, and I got GoPro footage last night, so wait for that to show.

It’s back to racing now, which means She Who Follows stands a good chance of catching The Ginger Hair Boy on the Green Line.  And wouldn’t you know:  he’s ready for her.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry flew through The Essess, never once missing a mark, and made his way over Polar Jump without a problem. As he was setting up to go through Polar Turn he glanced to his left and saw Lisa dropping down through Polar Jump and almost bottom out her PAV due to her speed. Kerry kicked his jet ski forward as hard as he could, feeling about three and a half g’s force him backwards as he had to due west towards Northwest Passage. He cut through the small right hand kink in the first turn and saw, out of the corner of his eye, Lisa bearing down on him, perhaps a third of a second behind him—

This was it. As soon as they were on West End, he knew she was going to make her move.

He wasn’t even fully out of the last turn leaving Northwest Passage when Kerry pushed his PAV forward as hard as possible. The acceleration was incredible: he figured he was pulling slightly more than four g’s in the opening section. Every third second he checked one of his rear view monitors and saw Lisa drafting him, being pulled slowly closer due to the lack of turbulence behind him. Kerry knew there were things he could do to break the draft, but it would also slow him up and that was something he wanted to avoid. At this point, the only way to beat Lisa was to be faster—

And by being a better racer.

Given her racing style, Kerry knew Lisa would make a move to pass as they were going into Sunset Boulevard. He suspected as he set up on the right side of the course, she would use that as her chance to come around him on the left and executed a pass as they headed through the fast, sweeping left-hand turn. But he also knew, based upon our racing style, that she did a fairly poor job of doing what he was about to do…

As expected, the moment Kerry moved to the right side of the course heading into Sunset Boulevard, Lisa whipped out from behind him and began moving up on his left. And just as he also expected, as soon as she was alongside she began moving toward the center of the course in preparation for moving past the apex of Sunset Boulevard’s left-hand turn.

The moment she did this, Kerry leaned in to the turn and, allowing the Class 3 to coast through, set up to diamond the turn while losing almost no speed whatsoever. He did this because he knew how to use the track; unlike Lisa, who chosen exactly the wrong moment to try to pass Kerry.

It wasn’t her intention to perform the turn precisely: Lisa’s modus operandi was to intimidate other fliers into braking so they didn’t crash into her. But Kerry wasn’t concerned about crashing: he was concerned about passing her. And as he discovered the week before, if you intimidated Lisa right back, it had a tendency to rattle her.

And once rattled enough, it might be all Kerry needed to keep her safely behind him.


There you go:  Kerry puttin’ the sweet moves on someone who means to do him harm–

I wonder if that’s the last we’ll see of her?

Samhain Racing: It Follows

I was at practice last night with my bum foot and I’d like to say everything was cool, but it wasn’t.  I was probably at 80% and my foot hurt on and off while I skated.  As I learned later, what feels okay off skates often doesn’t feel okay on skates, and I found I needed to leave the floor a few times.  I finally went off-skates after taking a fall and feeling a pain in my foot that I didn’t like, after while I watched everyone else do blocking and jamming.  This is the third time in a row I’ve missed this:  I won’t miss a fourth.

Oh, and one of my toe stops came off and I had to put it back on.  I am truly derby broken now.

It’s back to racing and I decided to borrow the title of a horror movie as I believe it fits this excerpt.  After all, it does seem as if Kerry is being followed by something that he can’t shake–only he didn’t have sex with Annie first.  Let’s see what happens:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry knew he wouldn’t have long to wait for that first interval, as he was approaching South Side Slide and would enter The Sweep moments after that. He bit down hard on his mouthguard and pushed his jet ski forward through the series of turns before him.

Kerry was nearly to the start finish line and Professor Semplen contacted him once more. “Kerry, Lisa is right behind Riv coming out of The Sweep. Riv is 3.6 seconds behind you, Lisa is .1 second behind her. Over and out.”

This certainly wasn’t something Kerry wanted to hear and he was more than certain that when he received an update on the interval time between Lisa and him, he’s discover she passed Riv and was now in second place and closing on him.

Which was exactly what happened. “Kerry, Lisa is now in second, 3.6 seconds behind you. Over.”

There wasn’t much for him to do but acknowledge continue moving forward. “Understood. Over and out.”

Kerry leaned over the handlebars of his Class 3 and swung through Graves. He needed to pick up speed, for the nightmare scenario was beginning. He was in first, Lisa was in second, and she was going to race like a mad woman on the fastest track inside the walls of Salem. As he turned onto Gate Pass and flew over the main entrance roadway, he was told her interval was now 2.9 seconds and that their current speeds she would likely catch him by the time they were in The Essess. There was probably less than two minutes left in the race and all Kerry had to do was keep her behind him and the finish line somewhere in front. He knew if he could do that he’d win this race.

He was through Keeper Path and was getting ready to make a left-hand turn into the long switchback leading to Sunrise Bends when a motion in one of his rearview monitors drew his attention—

It was Lisa coming through Keeper Path at what appeared to be a nearly reckless speed. Kerry turned his attention forward and pushed his PAV through the turns at a slightly higher rate of speed than he had taken them the first three times.

He made it through Sunrise Bends with no difficulty and opened up his Class 3 as he approached the semi-straightaway that led through The Narrows. Even though The Essess were approaching, he couldn’t help but glance at his rearview monitors. Lisa was there and he could tell that she was gaining on him slowly. A quick estimation of her closing speed had him suspecting that she be within a second of him by the time he reached Polar Jump, and the moment he swung through Northwest Passage she be close enough to make an attempt on passing him in West End.

He was going to do everything he could to make certain that didn’t happen.


Always the logical racer, Kerry’s doing the maths in his head as he’s pushing his jet ski onward.  But he won’t have to worry about calculating times much longer–

Trust me on this.