Mea Culpa

This time it’s all about derby–but not the way you think:


Back On the Grind

And by that I mean I’m back and ready to talk!


And here are my other two presents:

A mermaid shawl for a mermaid!

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And the best gifts are books!

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Rolling Down the River

So here’s what I wanted to show.  This was me out today skating along the Harrisburg Greenbelt path once more ’cause it was like 80 F/25 C outside and nice.  So I got my gear, went to the Chestnut Street Bridge, and got it on:

Time to roll, and this time I got my GoPro.

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This was me heading north and the encounters I had.


Along the way I decided to make a stop because–well, there was someone I wanted to see:


And this is who I saw: Trish, my teammate who broke her leg at practice six weeks ago and who just received clearance to get up and put weight on her leg.  I figured that since I was in the area I’d see if she was in, and she was, so we went over to the river and spent about 90 minutes sitting and chatting.

Trish and I down by the river.

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Maybe I can convince her to use Patsy as her derby name, because then I can lay a little Kilgrave on her:


I finally skated all the way down to Front and Division and turned back, retracing my path.  And I did the whole thing on video: just a little over fifteen minutes of skating and filming.


So, if you ever wondered what it’s like when I’m out, now you know.

Try it some time: it’s great exercise.  And I may do it again tomorrow.

At Home With the Fictional Families

So, today…

Today I was on TV and aren’t you lucky, ’cause it’s out already.  If you follow this link–Harrisburg Area Roller Derby is Skating Into 2018!–it will take you to the video which is embedded inside a propitiatory article.  You’ll see my coach, Madhouse Mexi, me, my gear–yeah, it’s on the table–and, I believe, some footage I shot of past bouts.  Or not.  I’m still checking on that part.  Hope you enjoy.

Yesterday one scene ended and a couple of things became apparent.  One, the kids are dealing in some cloak and dagger stuff in the future.  Oh, and two: Annie misses sex and wants more.  A lot more.  Like a week of it ’cause that’s her.  These kids: all grown up and stayin’ jiggy.

Naturally this brought up a comment from one of my followers about something that will likely follow Annie and Kerry for a while once they’re married.  And that something is:

Where are their kids?

Now, first off, there’s no saying in the vision I just wrote up that my kids have kids yet.  I mean, if they’re busy off doing Bond-like shit, the odds are really good that Annie’s kitchen is shut down and Kerry’s–well, during those times when he gets to be a she, I’m gonna guess that the last thing she wants is two years of sidelining to take care of a Malibey spawn.

But this doesn’t mean there won’t be kids.  No, not at all.

I’ve said on more than a few occasions that they’ll have kids.  And notice the plural: yes, as they’ve stated, they have no intention of raising an only child.  Also, I’ve known for some time when they are having their womb goblins and when, and even when they’ll attend the School of Salem themselves.  What?  You didn’t think they were going to another school, did you?  You really think Annie would allow that?

There’s even a distinct possibility that everyone will have a chance to see one of their kids before my kids graduate.

Wait… what?

There is a scene–and you can probably imagine what sort of scene–when both Annie and Kerry manage to meet one of their kids face-to-face years before the child is born.  I know what they look like and I know their name.  I even know how old they are at the time and where my kids meet their kid.

It’s all really sweet and beautiful, if you know what I mean.

There will be children for my kids.  They will have the opportunity to be parents.  And, like it or not, if I ever write the stories, we’ll get to see how The Kirilovis and the Malibeys handle being grandparents to some little witches.  We can already assure that Pavlina and Victor will love their grandkids, while Davyon and Louise… well, Davyon will probably like being a grandfather…

There is love and eventually comes marriage, and after that–well, Annie and Kerry won’t be pushing any baby carriages right away, but that will happen at some point.

But before we get there, let them have the chance to live.

Even when it’s gonna be a hell of a struggle.