Prelude to Dreamland: Implantation to Implantation

For a moment last night I almost didn’t know if I was going to get this excerpt, and last night’s recap, out at all, ’cause yesterday I had a bit of sticker shock that nearly sent me into a tailspin.  I said nearly ’cause after talking to someone for a bit I managed to take a deep breath, pull myself together, and then deal with the problem, which I did.

The end result was I manged to reduce the shock considerably, as well as figure out how not to do it again in the future.  As the saying goes, “Bitches get shit done,” and I’m a bitch, so getting shit done was the order of the day.

The other end result of that was getting out a recap on another kind of zombie, as well as writing out some words on my own novel before sitting down to watch The Americans.  I seem to be moving along in six and seven hundred word chunks, because last night was seven forty-five words, and inching a little closer to the end of this scene.  Which I may finish tonight after I go buy some food.  ‘Cause I’m out and Cassidy gotta eat.

So, let’s get that monitor implanted, shall we?  Do your thing, Coraline.


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Setting the parchment in the middle of Kerry’s chest, Coraline then passed her hand slowly over it twice as a pink glow emerged from the palm of her hand. He felt a warming tingling in his chest like he’d feel if his foot had gone to sleep, and the warmth continued as long as Coraline kept her hand in place over his heart.

After about ten seconds Coraline pulled her hand away and smiled. “There, all done.”

Annie came around the foot of the bed and stood next to Coraline. “Is it supposed to be that way?”

Kerry felt uneasy once more. “Be what way?”

Annie looked up at the doctor. “Can you show him?”

“Certainly can.” Coraline used the Air Mirror spell to created a reflective surface hanging about a meter above Kerry. “There you go.”

What remained of the monitor gave Kerry a bit of a shock. The parchment was flush with his skin and the area was now a collection of lightly etched runes emitting a light blueish-white light. “It’s glowing.”

“Yes, it is.” Coraline waved the mirror away as Kerry sat up. “It’s drawing energy from your aura, just like the processor on your broom pulls energy from you when you fly. This way the enchantment is self-perpetuating: there’s no need to at an additional element to allow it to replenish itself with energy.”

“Yeah, but—” He took his night shirt from Annie. “Won’t my parents see this?”

“Only if you’re walking around without a shirt. It’s not bright enough that anyone else will notice. If you wear a tank top someone may see it, but that’s about all.”

He slipped the night shirt on. “Okay—I guess.” He looked at Annie. “Every time I look in the bathroom mirror when I’m taking a shower I’m gonna see this thing. I don’t know how I’m gonna hide this when I’m showering in the tower or changing for a race.”

Coraline held her right wrist in her left hand. “Stick to the cover story: I’m monitoring a cardiovascular issue. No big deal, but I want to make sure you’re okay.”


Annie touch his chest where the monitor lay hidden under his shirt. “I wouldn’t worry. Besides, I think it’s lovely.”


Of course you think it’s lovely, Annie.  It’s because it’s stuck to your soul mate, and that instantly makes it kawaii, right?  So now Kerry has this rune emblem about two inches across on his chest.  And it’s blue.  And it’s glowing.

A bit like this, only it's on his chest.  And he's not an anime girl.  Not yet.

A bit like this, only it’s smaller.  And on his chest. And he’s not an anime girl. Not yet.

It’s also worth noting that this could be stuck to him for a year.  I wonder if that means every time he’s with Annie she’s gonna want a peek at it cause, you know, it’s cute.  Well, there is a way to fix that–


“I’m glad you think so—” Coraline pulled the round container from her jacket and removed another parchment. “’Cause you’re getting one, too.”

She turned a quizzical stare upon the doctor. “Me? Why?”

“Because you have an astral bonding with Kerry, and this is the first time we’ve ever seen this.” A slight grin began forming on Coraline’s face. “I don’t expect that you’re going to be affected by anything that happens to Kerry, but we want to see, just in case.” She waved Kerry off the bed and motioned for Annie to take his place. “This is going to do the same thing as his, only yours will dump data at six in the morning—which, if you stay in your regular time zones, will be almost at the same time. Any questions?”

Annie shook her head. “None at all.”


Ha ha, Annie!  You get to join the Glowing Chest Rune Club, so you’ll be cute, too.  However, there’s something Coraline has to take care of first:


Coraline turned to Kerry. “I need you to step out of the bay for a bit.”

Kerry finished adjusting his night shirt. “Why?”

“I need to implant Annie’s monitor.”

“Go ahead, then.”

Coraline’s mouth half-twisted into something between a smirk and a grin. “I need her to remove her top.” She touched Annie’s left shoulder. “She’s not wearing a bra—which I’d need to have her remove anyway.”

He shrugged. “So?”

Coraline began staring at Kerry strangely and seemed about to say something when Annie spoke instead. “My love, she doesn’t want you to see my breasts.”

The reason finally sunk through. “Oh. I get it.”

“Well, I hope so.” Coraline motioned with her thumb towards the corridor as she tried to keep from chuckling. “Slide on out of here, Red: I’ll let you know when we’re finished.”

Kerry was barely out in the corridor when the privacy curtain slammed shut behind him. He leaned against one of the ward support pillars half expecting Nurse Gretchen to pop in and see how they’re doing. He pulled the collar away from his neck and looked down at his chest, seeing the glowing monitor seated neatly against the surface of his skin—

“Okay.” Coraline was peeking out from around corner of the slightly open curtain. “We’re ready.” She waved it all the way open so Kerry could enter the bay.


So go ahead and put that monitor in, and don’t mine me seeing Annie topless, ‘kay?  Technically, Kerry has seen Annie’s breasts before:  wedding night vision, remember?  But Coraline’s reaction is probably due to . . . well, draw your own conclusions.  You will anyway.

Almost there.  Almost to the end . . .

The Revise Side of Life

I know some of your are thinking you’re going to pop in here and discover a whole lot of stuff about these rune dreams I’ve been playing up the last couple of days, and that I’d have a whole lot of stuff word counted and ready to go for NaNo.

What I do have is a whole lot of almost nothing.

You see, it’s like this:  first, I had a hook up with some of my online friends.  They just happened to be in the area where my Panera is located (and should I be saying “my Panera”, but that makes me sounds like too much of a regular.  Well, the woman taking my order did have my ice tea glass ready to go . . .), and I couldn’t say no.  Right?  Right.

They even brought me a scarf.  Can't say no to that.

They even brought me a scarf. Can’t say no to that.

We were talking and talking and having a great time, and by the time they left for home I was there started to write–oh, and I had to post picture to the Internet.  I had to.  Don’t try to say no, Cassie, you didn’t have to, because you don’t know how the Internet works, do you?

So I make it home and someone I used to work with calls.  She needs someone to talk to because she’s suffering from depression and she’s looking for advice, looking for some comfort, looking for a hand to hold.  Given my life and my struggles, I’m not gonna say no, I gotta get to work on my novel.  I listened and we chatted and that was all there was there.  It’s an obligation one has to the human race that when you’ve received help from one person, you pay it back in kind for another.  That’s what I did, and I do hope I was able to help, and that the advice I gave put my friend’s mind at ease.

Now, I have been writing, but not a lot.  I mean, I hit five hundred words at Panera before I shut things down, but that’s not even NaNo Stylin’, if you know what I mean.  I’ve got maybe forty minutes to get my butt in gear and at least pop the word count over a thousand, perhaps get Annie’s rune dream written and get the kids talking about what it means.

Nope.  There’s a frantic PM waiting for me on Facebook . . .

Without going into any great detail again, a project for a group I’m part of went belly up due to someone’s sick computer.  Well . . . guess who was asked if they could step in and get the project going once more?  If you said, “Peter Capaldi”, because right now he’s got free time on his hands and would probably enjoy something like this, you’re wrong.  Oh, so wrong.

Tonight I have a lot ahead of me.  I need to start getting this new project together, which I can do while I’m waiting for dinner to cook.  Nothing fancy, just collect the data and getting into a Scrivener file.  Then, after I eat, jump on the novel and start getting the word count up.  I’ve less that fourteen thousand words to go to hit my fifty, I have ten days to get that done–and I’ll probably lose two of those days to travel to and from Indiana.  That means for the remaining days I need to get my two thousand words a day in, while also getting the new project edited–

Good thing I’ll not be doing much when I’m home.  Except seeing my therapist on Monday.  And visiting with a friend on Tuesday.  And Thanksgiving.

Yeah, I can do it.

And since you’re all so nice to me, here’s the opening scene for Annie and Kerry getting ready to rune.  Enjoy.


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

Kerry flew his Espinoza over the southeastern shore of Lake Lovecraft, quickly cleared the body of water, and brought his broom to a hover in the clearing forming the northern shoreline. Annie hopped off as soon as her toes made contact with the ground, with Kerry joining her a few seconds later.

As he was propping his PAV against a nearby tree, Annie considered how accurate Deanna’s instructions had turned out. Kerry had asked about what happened with her, and he grew quiet when she told him they’d speak on the way back to the Great Hall. He’s listed to Annie when she told him what she was told about discussion the rune dreams, and offered the suggestion that he fly them there rather than walk. Since Annie knew his Espinoza could carry two people, and that he was a good enough pilot to have her ride passenger, she agreed to his proposal. And given that it was unseasonably warm—even now, a little after seventeen hours, it was twenty-seven Celsius—there was no need for them to change out of their uniform into something warmer.

Annie still felt uneasy about discussing her dream, but the more she considered the news that Kerry had a vision—one that Deanna said would tie into her dream—the more she agreed with the seer that a dialog was needed. In six month Kerry and she had progressed greatly in their relationship, but something remained between them, and Annie knew it was her unanswered questions about what they’d had together for years before—well, whatever it was happened in June last summer.

She wanted Kerry back—all of him. She wanted him to remember everything. Though it was possible her dream and his visions might push him away, the possibility existed that it would bring him closer—

She’d know in a few minutes.

Kerry stood facing Annie, positioning himself so she would have been on his left were they side by side. Even Annie had come to do this without thinking, keeping Kerry to her right. She didn’t think it strange or unusual that they did this, though she was aware that it was another thing that others spoke of often . . .

“Well, here we are.” Kerry looked around as if he expected someone to pop out of the tree line. “All alone.”

“Yes, we are.” Annie knew they were alone, and only one person mattered to her. “I don’t see any reason to delay this—”

“I don’t either.” He reached into his pocket and withdrew his rune. “I guess I’m as ready as I can get.”

Annie pulled hers from the small purse where she’d kept it since their first weekend at school. “As am I.” She transferred it to her left hand and slowly held it out for Kerry. She watched him do the same, ready to drop it in her right hand. “Ready?”

“Yeah.” He opened his hand and let his rune fall into her hand as Annie’s did the same. There was a moment where nothing happened—then both children recoiled a step as the enchantment that had held their tongues in check for six months vanished.

Annie closed her eyes for three seconds and let a wave of vertigo pass, while Kerry shook his head several times. Annie feared there was more happening with Kerry than losing the enchantment. “Are you all right?”

“Yes. Just—” He held the back of his hand against his forehead. “That was pretty strange.”

“Yes, it was.” Annie waited until Kerry appeared to return to normal. “Do you—remember anything?”

He shook his head as he stared at his feet. “It’s like it just came to me. Like it’s always been there.”

“I feel that, too.” Annie swallowed hard. “I suppose we should . . . start.”

Kerry chuckled. “How do we do that?” He gazed off over the calm lake. “Who goes first?”

It was a point that Annie hadn’t brought up during their walk from the Witch House. “I was told to go first.”

Kerry noticed Annie wasn’t her normal assertive self. “You okay?”

Annie wanted to admit she wasn’t comfortable, but she knew that wouldn’t help the situation. “You’re going to keep an open mind?”

“I always have for you—” He tightened his grin. “Haven’t I?”

“You have.” She let out her breath slowly. “This is what I saw . . .”


NaNo Word Count, 11/19:  736

NaNo Total Word Count:  35,464