Morning, Salem: The End

I hate to say this, but I think I have a summer cold coming on.  The back of the throat has been scratchy all day and I’m feeling a bit washed out, though that could have a lot to do with not getting much sleep this week.  Either way, I need to knock this out in a couple of days because I don’t want to end up sick this weekend.

Today is the end of scene one of Chapter Fourteen and it’s a short excerpt.  There’s a reason for this which I’ll get to when it’s over.  In the meantime, eat it up!


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Though it was meant to be a lighthearted jab, Louise took her son’s comment in a completely different way. “No, I haven’t. And that’s the way I want to keep it.” Her eyes narrowed. “I don’t appreciate that sort of humor.”

“Okay, Mom.” Kerry had come within a moment of apologizing when he recognize that his mother wanted him to do that. “So now that we’ve established you’re going away for the holidays because you don’t want to be around me, what’s going to happen at the end of school next year?”

“We haven’t decided.” Louise spent a few seconds staring at the screen, her face impassive. “When we get back from Australia we’ll talk.”

Hearing his mother’s simple dismissal begin changing Kerry’s mood. He concealed his feelings as he shrugged. “Whatever, Mom. We’ll talk about it when you get back.”

Louise gave one curt nod. “We will, indeed. Have a good day.” She terminated Skype on her end and Kerry’s computer minimize the program, once more revealing wallpaper of Annie and he at their favorite Salem Starbucks.

Kerry quickly levitated the container of pills Coraline gave him Wednesday and snatched them out of the air a second later. He had intended to take one later in the morning, but at the moment he felt as if he was about to be consumed by an enormous panic attack and he wanted to stop it before he dissolved into a crying mess. He dry swallowed a tablet, closed the container, and tossed it on his desk as he fell back on to his bed.

He stared up at the ceiling of his room for nearly a minute before his eyes shifted to the drawing of Annie’s Lake House, which he kept over the head of his bed. In the next few minutes he’d have to get up and get ready for the day, and it was likely that within the next thirty minutes he would have to tell his soul mate of his morning call.

Suddenly he was not looking forward to a day he had anticipated for most of the month…


Kerry’s mom didn’t die–yet.  Doesn’t mean she won’t, but for now she’s alive and kicking and ready to head Down Under in a couple of months.  Kerry’s like, “Whatever, later,” but you know it’s killing him because of his abandonment issues.  So even if he is just blowing it off, deep down inside it’s hurting hard.

I’m about eleven hundred words into my next scene, but due to my schedule over the next five days, it’s likely I won’t get another excerpt out until maybe Monday or Tuesday of next week, though it could possibly happen Sunday.  Tonight I have a lot of writing to do, with the same being said for Thursday and Friday.  I know what I’ll write about tomorrow, though Friday is a bit up in the air.  Saturday is video day and Sunday–  I’ll be in Youngstown, OH, Sunday morning and internet coverage is iffy, but even if I get something out it might be nothing more than a quick video.  We’ll see.  I’m notoriously bad for saying what I’m gong to do on the blog as opposed to actually doing shit on the blog.

But you know that.

The only thing I can guarantee for the immediately future is that I’ll be traveling most of the weekend.  And I’ll come back with pictures.  And video.

It’ll be fun.

Morning, Salem: The Truth

Since this post is about the truth, let talk about derby practice last night.  I kinda sucked.  Practice #6 and I couldn’t seem to do anything right.  And I took a hell of a fall that hurt my left hip something good and had me bailing out at a few points because of pain.

Needless to say, my face pretty much told the story when practice was over.

I died tonight. #HARD #RollerGirl

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I’ll write more on this Thursday.

Yesterday Kerry finally snarked at his mom that she was BSing him about their trip and even took it further by bringing up them skipping out on saying goodbye the day he left for school.  And the back and forth is just what you’d expect:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


A touch of anger flashed in Louise’s voice. “We did not duck out on you when you left for school. Your father and I had to get to work—”

“And you were in such a hurry you couldn’t take a minute to say, ‘Bye, Kerry, have a good time at school’?” He shook his head. “That’s sketchy, Mom.”

For the first time Louise appeared rattled. “I told you, your father and I are getting away—”

“Oh, stop it.” Kerry stood up and leaned almost menacingly toward his computer, speaking in a near shout. “Why don’t you tell me the truth? Why don’t you tell me why you’re really going to Australia?”


This last line is seen in the trailer when Kerry’s in his room yelling at his computer–and now you know why.  Which means there’s only one way for this to go–


Louise’s expression turned serious as she locked eyes with her son. “You want to know the truth.”

Kerry nodded. “All of it.”

“Then you’ll get it… Your father and I are still having issues with this whole thing of you being a witch—”

“You mean you’re having issues with me being a witch.”

“Be that as it may, it still doesn’t change any of the pertinent facts. You hid the truth from us—”

This was something Kerry was tired of hearing. “I had to hide it from you because I was told to hide it from you. I didn’t have a choice, Mom.”

Louise nearly spit out her words. “And what would’ve happened if you had told us? What’s the worst that could have happened?”

“Well, since we’re all about the truth…” A faint smile touched Kerry’s lips. “I would have probably been kicked out of all my advanced classes for my B Levels and put on probation for the year. And a Guardian team would showed up and altered your memories. That way, dad and you wouldn’t in any way remember I was a witch.”

The anger Louise had shown slowly faded away. “They—” She seemed unsure if she should ask the question. “They could do that?”

Kerry didn’t want to mention how he knew it was possible for the Guardians to alter memories: he felt having knowledge of the fact was enough. “Yeah, they can. They’d show up and do what they need to do to fix things and leave without you ever knowing they were there. They only do this when it’s absolutely necessary—like, for example, if your kid decided to tell you they were a witch before they were supposed to?”


So, Mommy and Daddy–though mostly Mother of the Year–are still having “issues” with Their Son, the Witch.  It’s sort of funny that Kerry lets her know about how the Guardians might have adjusted their memories if he’d blabbed without saying how he knows this, which would probably make his mom shit her knickers just a little quicker if he did.

Needless to say this leads to another issue–


Rather than feel sympathetic Louise turn this information back against her son. “And this is the sort of organization with whom you’re associated? These people exist and you want us to trust you?”

Kerry sat on his bed as he rolled his eyes. “You can trust me, Mom.”

You told me you know how to kill people.” Louise’s face was red with anger. “You want me to trust you knowing, by your own admission, what you can do?” Her scoff came out sounding like a loud snort. “You really expect us—expect me—to feel comfortable around you after telling me that?”

Kerry gave a half-hearted shrug. “Well… Have you died?”


There are times when Kerry shouldn’t be a little meme-quoting smart ass, and this was one of those times.  ‘Cause you know this won’t go well…

Morning, Salem: The Other News

Yesterday was pretty sweet.  Not only did I end up writing about eight hundred words total, but I had a long lunch with a friend where a couple of pints of beer were consumed–and I’m discovering I don’t handle beer as well as I once did–and then I went to the movies with a few members of my derby team, where we saw a flick about a woman who was, I don’t know, a wonder?  That flick was most wonderful in of itself and I recommended it again and again to people to see.  I also expect to see some pumped up women at practice tonight–

Also yesterday we saw Mother of the Year give her one and only son a call to let him know they’re going Down Under for holiday and he’s not invited.  And she has a good reason for this, too:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Louise obviously saw the disappointment etched on her son’s face and came back with a ready explanation. “Your father and I have not been on a vacation together, a real one, since before you were born. Between work and needing to take care of you, we’ve been unable to get away and enjoy ourselves.” Her face softened. “I do hope you understand.”

Though crestfallen and not having the opportunity to spend Yule in Australia, in a way he did understand. “Yeah, I do.” He looked away for just a moment before turning back to his computer. “So, you want me to go stay with grandma and grandpa instead?”

Louise looked down as she cleared her throat. “Your grandparents are going on a cruise over Christmas and New Year’s.”


“Yes. They’re leaving San Francisco on the fourteenth of December and won’t return until the fourth of January. I believe there cruising all the way down to Panama City before coming back.”


So, his Yule fall-back, staying with the grandparents, just went up in smoke as well.  Now, most of us know Louise is something of a bitch, but this could just be a coincidence, right?


For a moment Kerry felt like letting the matter go before suddenly deciding there were a few things he needed to know. “When did they book this cruise?”

Though Louise’s tone remained comforting, the smile had begun to fade from her face. “Oh, they booked this back at the end of June.”

“They booked this four months ago?” Unlike his mother, Kerry was having difficulty keeping the disbelief out of his voice. “And you’re just now telling me?”

“There wasn’t any need to tell you, Kerry. At the time they booked it we didn’t know that this might be an issue for your holiday plans. So we—”

Kerry had finally reached the point where he couldn’t put up with any more of his mother’s obfuscation. “When did you book your trip, Mom?”


Can you smell what The Mom is cookin’?  Yeah, it smells like bullshit, and Kerry’s finally calling her on it.  Needless to say, Louise is starting to weasel…


A warning tone that Kerry knew intimately crept in to Louise’s voice. “I don’t see that that’s important.”

“I think it is.”

“Well, I don’t and if—”

“Mom, I can ask one person to find out when you booked the trip and I’ll know before lunch. It’s up to you whether you want to tell me or not, but I’ll know one way or the other in the next couple of hours.” He shrugged. “Your call.”


Damn these witches and their connections into just about everything in our Normal society!  I’ve said before that The Foundation is sort of like the Illuminati with Magic, and since there’s a booking record out there with a Malibey name on, they could find it for Kerry.  He wouldn’t even have to ask Ms. Rutherford:  he could probably go see Trevor Parkman and ask him to look it up.

Even Mommy Dearest is smart enough to know when she’s cornered–


For a moment Louise looked as if she might not answer before giving her own sigh and replying in a soft tone. “We booked it September sixth.”

Kerry stared back at his mother in disbelief for a few seconds before looking down as he shook his head. “I’m back in school like, a week, and Dad and you are booking a trip to Australia?”

Louise gave an exasperated sigh. “Kerry, it’s not like that. It’s—”

“It’s not what, Mom? I mean, you can tell me.” He smirked as he looked upward towards a computer screen. “Unless, of course, you want to duck out on answering, just like you did when I left for Paris.”


A couple of weeks after Kerry was out the door and back to school, Mom and Dad decided there was an overwhelming need to go see some kangaroos and booked a trip for a land Down Under.  And almost two months later they decide to tell their son that not only are they going without him, but his grandparents are gone as well.  Oops, sorry!  I guess it sucks to be you, kiddo!

Since Kerry just threw down the gauntlet concerning being a shitty parent, you can expect things to get really real tomorrow…

Morning, Salem: The News

Well, all my running around yesterday was completed–more or less.  I went looking for a workout gear and became supremely frustrated trying to find sports bras. Most I could not get on and I nearly destroyed one trying to get it off.  I bought one that I can almost get completely on, and I think after I’ve worn it a couple of times and will stretch out someone nicely.  I took the advice of several people and bought a few 3XL size sports bras online and I’ll try them on when they arrive, sending back the ones that don’t fit.

I also stocked up on Icy Hot and ibuprofen.  Why am I doing this?

Thanks, Kumomon.


But hey, there was writing!  May not seem like a lot, but I finished the first scene of Chapter Fourteen.  Do you need proof?

Here it is.


Now, we know that in first excerpt from the scene Kerry was getting a call from his mom.  You know, one half of his parents who didn’t say goodbye to him when he left for school two months earlier?  Well, now they’re calling. Is there reason for this?  Let’s find out:


The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“I hope I didn’t wake you.” Louise Malibey kept her face passive, attempting to appear concerned. “You did mention that you tend to get up early, even during the weekends.”

He nodded. “You didn’t wake me. I was just laying in bed getting ready to start the day.” He put on his slippers. “What’s up?”

Louise once more gave her son a slight smile. “I just wanted to see how you were doing, how things are going for you at school.”

Kerry resisted the urge to laugh. “School’s going well. I’m keeping up with my classes, learning new spells.” He scratched his right eyebrow as he shrugged. “You know: normal witch stuff.”

“I see.” For a moment Louise appeared a bit uncomfortable before her composure returned. “Well, that is the reason you are there, so it makes complete sense.”

Kerry was fully aware his mother wasn’t calling to check on his progress: there was something else on her mind. “So what’s going on with dad and you?”


This is one of those moments when Kerry’s Spidey Senses click in the high gear because he knows his mom–and right now she’s not acting like his mom.  Like it or not, he’s fairly aware that something shady’s going on and he wants to know what.

And wouldn’t you know it?  Louise is ready to spill–


Seeing that her son wasn’t interested in small talk, Louise decided to get to the reason for her call. “Your father and I are going to Australia over Christmas and New Year. We’re going to leave on the seventeenth, about a week before Christmas, and return to Cardiff on the seventh of January.”

“The BBC is actually letting dad get away for the holidays?” As a manager in the sound effects department, Kerry’s father often found himself busy with projects all through the holidays.

“He was assured that this year it wouldn’t be a problem delegating someone else to oversee the last-minute production schedule.” Louise started to smile once more, then gave up halfway through.

“So… Australia.” Kerry nodded appreciatively. “That’s pretty sweet. What’s the itinerary?”

“Oh, the usual. Fly into Sydney, stay there a few days; visit Brisbane and Melbourne; visit Perth, though we haven’t decided on that one yet.” Louise glanced to her right for just a moment: Kerry figured she was looking out the window overlooking the front of the house from the guest bedroom she used as an office. “We’re also planning on spending a few days in New Zealand, though we intend on being in Sydney for the New Year’s fireworks.”


Hey, that all sounds pretty sweet, Kerry.  Well, you know what to do–


“All right, then. So, where you want me to meet up with you? It shouldn’t be an issue jaunting into Australia, I just need to know where to go after I get there.”

There was a pregnant pause as Louise appeared, for the moment, to be lost in thought. When she finally spoke again, it was in a low, soft voice. “Kerry, only your father and I are going.”

Kerry stared at the monitor for a few moments before finding the capacity to speak. “Oh, I see.”


Annnnnnnd just like that your mom screws you.  Family vacation, only without one of the members of the family–and guess which one?

So Mother of the Year has some news for Kerry, but it’s not good news.  However, if you think the pain is over–

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Morning, Salem: The Call

It’s no surprise that after four consecutive days of derby stuff, I am sore.  Yes, last night I was at an event where we were sponsoring the team, so spent 2 1/2 hours on my feet standing in the middle of a crowd passing out flyers.  Reason for this?  It’s a requirement of the league that every three months team members must participate in social events.  Boy, we sure have a lot of rules for sport that some people think is made up.

But it was an interesting evening.  For one, I was informed that starting next week someone’s going to help me learn how to skate backwards.  The reason this particular woman was picked is because she, too, doesn’t use her hips went skating backwards–just like me.  And, I was also told by the person with whom I was helping last night, that I am on the team.  I’m just not a certified member of the team, but I am a team member.  Yay!

There is a downside to all this, however.  I discovered late Wednesday night–and confirmed Thursday morning–that I had a slight groin pull.  I never noticed how bad those things were until I tried lifting my left leg.  Walking is okay; lifting your leg or trying to cross your leg is nearly impossible without help.  So a couple of times last night were spent in front of the TV with an ice pack in my groin trying to repair the damage.  It’s better today, but still: I best get prepared for this.

All of this skating activity means it’s cut into my writing activity.  That should alleviate as I only have two practices next week, so I get back to something like a normal life.  It just so happens that this week was kind of the Week From Hell for Derby.  And I shouldn’t have to deal with this level of strain anytime soon.

Some looking forward to laying down some words when I get home tonight.  Not only do I need to catch up on the novel, but I need to catch up on my TV recaps.  And then Sunday night I’m going out with a group of women from the team to see Wonder Woman in 3D.  Because what better movie for an all-female team to go see then this?

Since this is the start of Chapter Fourteen, it means were into new territory:

It’s getting going the right way.

in that new territory is Samhain.  It’s not actually Samhain, for that doesn’t start until what is normally known as Halloween.  But because of where Halloween is ending this year–2013–the races, the dance, all the celebrations are being held the weekend before.  This is really about the earliest the school’s Samhain celebrations are held and starting next year they’ll inch closer to the end of the month.

There’s a lot about to go on–

in all of it starts with a certain Ginger Hair Boy laying in bed…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry lay in the darkness of his room relax yet thinking about the day ahead. It was the day the school celebrated Samhain, coming almost a week ahead the first day of November because it was school tradition to have the dance fall either before or on the last Saturday of October. While his thoughts strayed now and then poured the dance—and to the costumes that Annie and he were going to wear that evening—is real concerned with the races he would participate in that afternoon.

He knew something would happen that afternoon: he knew there would be a confrontation out on the course. He didn’t know when or where it would happen, but he was certain Lisa would come after him. It wasn’t going to let it affect the way he would race, nor would he let it hinder him. As he told Annie during last night’s Midnight Madness, knowing in the back of his head that Lisa was going to target him would make him race that much faster with that much more care of who was around him at all times.

He decided last night that he wouldn’t worry about Lisa coming after him and he would raise his own race—assuming, of course, that Coraline cleared him for racing when he’d see her after breakfast. He was certain she would as his burns were completely healed by Thursday evening, and he felt no issues with the aftermath of his healing. He expected everything to go smoothly—

Kerry’s tablet began beeping indicating that someone was trying to connect with him either through a live chat or Skype. Since he used his tablet to tie into the schools network, it was conceivable that a student or instructor was attempting contact. This didn’t happen often, though just as recently as a week ago Erywin spoke with him for about ten minutes to see how he was feeling.

He sat up as he rubbed his eyes. “Lights up medium.” This early in the morning he thought it might be any calling simply to offer a few words of encouragement before beginning what was going to become a very busy day. He crawled out from under the covers and sat on the edge of the bed where he controlled his tablet through voice command. “Answer call.”

His computer came out of sleep mode with Skype up and running. The person on the other end of the connection offered up a faint smile once they saw they were life. “Good morning, Kerry.”

Kerry nearly did a double take when he recognized his caller. “Mom.” He closed his eyes for a moment and looked down, hoping he hadn’t appeared too surprised.


Hi, Mom!  Boy, it sure is nice of Louise to call her son two months after she snuck out of the house without saying goodbye.  And you know at some point this is going to get mentioned.  Maybe not tomorrow, but you are going to see it in an excerpt.

And that won’t be all you see–

For Love and Sleep

Last night was watching Better Call Saul–only one episode to go–about six hundred words in the novel, and Freshie practice.  Skating about twenty-five lap either pushing someone or being pushed by someone–don’t worry, I have video of this.  And I hope to have it cut and edited for tomorrow.

Anyway, there were also skill drills and about twenty minutes of stretching out of gear.  It’s like we’re training for a sport, or something.  Anyway, the smile below is probably due to endorphins kicking in and making me feel good.

Did I suvive Freshie pratice? I think so.

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Anyway, not only am I doing practice tonight, but I’m also getting involved in something tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

It’s time to bring Chapter Thirteen to a close, which means Chapter Fourteen starts up in a few days, and I’m reaching a point in the first scene where I’m about to write something that I know will bring tears to my eyes.  In the meantime Annie and Kerry continue reminiscing about the past–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


But there was a far more serious implication that came from not going out on patrol that day— “If I don’t go out on the Day of the Dead, I don’t end up in the hospital. If I’m not in the hospital, you don’t get to spend the night with me. And if none of that happens—”

“Then you don’t remember the dream where you read to me. You don’t remember what I meant to you. I don’t snuggle up in bed next to you as you fall asleep.” Annie rose out of her chair and kiss Kerry on the lips. “I don’t hear you tell me you love me.”

Kerry blinked several times to clear the tears from his eyes. “I don’t hear you tell me you love me in Bulgarian. And then I don’t tell you I love you the next day, that you are the most important thing in my life.” He sniffed a couple of times, trying to hold back the swirling emotions he felt just below the surface. “You don’t tell me that you love me, that I’m the most important thing in your life.” He felt his head spin. “So many things don’t happen.”


If not for Kerry deciding to throw caution to the wind and head off on some unauthorized racing, he’d have likely never told Annie he loved her–at least not at that time.  Would Annie have needed to suffer through Yule wondering when her Ginger Hair Boy would remember her?  We’ll never know–though I have considered this and kinda know the alternative history to this question.  Yes, I look at all the angles.

And there’s something that Annie knows as well:


“So true.” Annie sat on the edge of his bed and looked down as she caressed the un-bandaged portion of his face. “The Kerry of two years ago would have ignored Franky today. He would held his emotions in and waved Franky off and walked to class. He probably would’ve been upset the entire time, but he would’ve done everything he could not to tell the girl he loves what walking away did to him.” She closed her eyes as a single tear trickled down her right cheek. “Even without all the hormones swirling about inside you, I don’t believe you would’ve walked away from Franky. I believe that no matter what, you would have confronted him.”

The tears were flowing a little more freely now as those emotions Kerry fought to keep repressed broke through. “I don’t know—”

I do. You’re not that same boy from two years ago.” She used tissue from the nightstand to dab at Kerry’s tears. “And you confirmed what I’ve always known: that I will never have to worry if you’ll be there if we’re in a bad situation. No matter how much we’re hurt, we’ll persevere.”

As soon as his cry out was over Kerry felt the medication he’d been given hit him hard. He reached out with his right hand. “I don’t think I’m going to be awake much longer.”

Annie leaned down kissed him again. “Then don’t fight it: go to sleep, my love.” As she stood she saw his eyes were closed and his breathing was starting to become regular as he slipped into unconsciousness. She kissed the index and middle finger of her right hand and pressed them against the right side of his face near his lips. “Otidete da spite, skŭpa moya. Obicham te.”

After making certain his blankets was secure she put the chair back and slipped under the covers of Bed #1. She turned out the lights and rolled onto her left side so she could take one last look at Kerry as he slept. As her eyes close only one thought filled her mind: and dream of us.


Nurse Annie is always there to make sure her soul mate is taken care of the right way.  And she knows she better not get into bed with him least she have Coreline on her in the morning talking about the possibility of infection.  Still, she’s right there and it’s almost the same as being in the bed.

Now lets get ready for racing!

After some morning drama…