California Dreaming Redux

Music!  Music, please!  Okay, stop twisting my arm.  The albums were Green, Automatic for the People, and about half of Monster, all by R. E. M..  I only made it half way through Monster because I took a break because of my back, and by the end of break time I was falling asleep.  So I’ll re-listen to it tonight.

My main male character is getting his evaluation and assessment, and it’s a bit funny.  Not funny “ha-ha” but funny “this is some jacked up shit”.  Needless to say, when you find yourself all the way across country from where you’re suppose to be, and you’re getting lectured by a comic book character, and you’re discovering what “color palate” means, it’s enough to make a kid lose his marbles.  Fortunately my kids are stronger than that.  Well, kinda.  Don’t worry, I won’t hurt them.


Once I started writing it came smooth and fast.  Before I knew it I’d written just over a thousand words before I had to get up and rest a little for my back.  When I returned it was another nine hundred words down on the sheet, and then, as I mentioned, I took another break and then became overtaken by Morpheus.  At least it wasn’t his sister come knocking; that would suck.

I woke up this morning thinking about the next goal mark.  When I reached forty thousand, five hundred word, I’ll be three-quarters of the way through my fifty-four thousand words.  This novel is going at a much slower pace than my other stories, but that’s fine, because with work taking up a lot of time and doing its best to drain my creative energies, I’m still kickin’ out close to two thousand words every night.  I have not had a four thousand word night, but I don’t believe I will–that’s a little too insane at the moment.  I’ve done it in the past, but not this time.  I’m not looking to burn myself out.  There’s a long way to go beyond the end of NaNo, and if I want to reach it, I gotta pace.

The one thing I am looking at is where I’ll be at the end of NaNo.  I’m guessing that if I hit fifty-four thousand next Sunday or Monday, I’ll end November with approximately sixty thousand words.  That could be the half way point of the story; either way, December and January will await, and I’ll be there.

Besides, I have some great scenes coming up, and I need to get more people on the stage.  After all, there is so much more to detail.  I’m just getting started.  If you can call close to forty-five thousand words “getting started”.

And here’s the real kick:  I’m already thinking of project for when this is finished.  That’s the way it works:  you start one thing, you finish it, you move onto the next.  I have another novel, a strange one, that’s just about ready to go for some kind of publishing, so that’s probably my January/February project.  And after that?

We’ll see.  We always see.

Daily word count:  1,953.  Total word count:  35,230.