A Winter’s Sitting

It’s finally here:  winter.  There was snow yesterday, so much so at one point the you couldn’t see the river a block and a half over.  I sat out on my balcony in my thermals and leggings, my sweater and heavy long skirt, my boots and scarf, and watched how the snow closer to the building hovers and sways in the updrafts.  It was fascinating.  I almost nodded off watching the flakes drift.

It wasn’t so much a writing day yesterday as it was a “I got things I need to do” day.  I spent a percentage of the noon time shopping and getting lunch, and once back I watched the snow come down.  It was a nice break from sitting in the apartment and writing, because I was getting a little stir happy yesterday, and I needed to get out.  Sometimes you need to break the routine, because we get into them so easily.  Like today:  up at six AM, blog, get ready for work, walk to work, work, eat, work, walk home, eat, write, watch the rest of Bonny and Clyde, sleep.  And that’s it for the rest of the week, save maybe tomorrow where I leave work early to go pay a bill.  Fun times, yo.

Even with all the running around, I managed to get in over six hundred words yesterday.  I was even getting up and writing in fifty word blocks during commercials last night, because I wanted to get things said.  I’ve brought out on to the stage one of Annie’s nemeses, a girl from Arkansas, and she’s going to be a pain in her ass for some time to come.  She’s yet to meet her other nemesis, a girl from Bolder, CO, who’s not such a pain in the ass but a nemesis nonetheless.  Hey, she’ll put her Kerry in the hospital–twice!  That’s enough to drive any twelve year old girl over the edge and straight into near-madness.

Come to think of it, Kerry’s in the hospital a lot in this book.  That’s what happens when you turn some kids loose and let them play on their own for the first time.  So it is written, so it is done.

One of the things I decided yesterday is that there will be enough material in this story that I could likely split this up into a trilogy if I wanted.  I’m already creeping in on seventy thousand words, and I’m going to finish Monday the Fifth of September.  There’s a lot more school ahead of them, believe me, and a lot more to say.  By the time I hit a good cut-off point, I’ll easily have a hundred thousand words, so that can be Book One, Part One.  Then Book One, Part Two, covers the rest of 2011 and the first month of 2012–I’ve already figured out where that cut will occur, with, “Good evening, Headmistress.  I hope I’m not interrupting.”–and Part Three takes them out of the of the school year and back home.

It’s a ridiculous amount of writing for what you might think is such a simply story, but that’s me:  Ms. Wordy at your service.

Maybe the story is long because there’s so much to say . . .