Preparatory School

Well, I’m off to a late start, aren’t I?

Day off for me, and after a little breakfast and a quick read here and there, I finally pop onto the blog to leave my thoughts–whatever they may be.  Given what I was pondering while having my omelet, it’s a pretty easy guess that I’m on about writing again.

I performed a great deal of plotting yesterday for my soon-to-be novel.  There is a lot to do, let me tell you:  at the moment I’m up to Part Ten and Chapter Twenty-seven, and if I say I have an average of four scenes per chapters–ah, screw it, let me count . . . Ninety-four scenes mapped, dated, and time stamped.  And since I did Parts Eight, Nine, and Ten yesterday, that means I did a sizable chunk of the story while I had The Walking Dead Apocalypse Marathon playing in the corner of the room.  (And if you notice–I never say The Zed Word.)

Now, I know some people will look at the preceding paragraph and say, “Damn, why you put that much work into your work?  Can’t you just write?  You plotted out too much, it’s gonna suck, you hack!”  That last has actually been said to me, by the way, but it came from a person who couldn’t come up with a name for a town, so like I’m worried, right?

But it helps me figure out what I’m suppose to say, and where.  It’s the clue that tells me, “Oh, yeah, here the teacher is going to explain why she can cook much better meth than Walter White because magic!”  (Which, by the way, is a real scene in the novel.)  I’ve used this before, though only once to the extent I have it now.

What does now look like?  Glad Big Time Layoutyou asked:

With the combination of the Outline view and the left-side Binder, one gets the idea of where this is going, with scenes within chapters within parts.  I did this with my Transporting novel, but that was something that I’d begun in MS Word with dozens of chapters already created, and I reversed engineered it for Scrivener.  Here, I’m starting from scratch, and there are times when I get lost in my complexity.

Because this morning I realized I left out a couple of scenes, and in looking over the document while doing this post I realized I’d mis-numbered the chapters.  That may have been due in part to laughing as Micheal Rooker was stabbed in the face over and over, but it was probably due more to my mind leaving my body to look for snacks.  Or maybe I was tempted away from the computer by a succubus . . . or maybe this little thing who’s now perched upon my Little Weeping Angellaptop.  As you can see, the Second Doctor is not impressed, ’cause after you’ve played Yetis and The Great Intelligence, statues that only move when you’re not looking at them are minor things–

Then again, if he hadn’t told The Great Intelligence about the London Underground, circa 1970, some forty-five years later, then he wouldn’t have had to fight them before . . . or is that a paradox if he doesn’t?

More work today, with the expectation that I’ll finish this insane piloting by the end of the week.  Since I have today off, who knows what kind of madness I’ll achieve?

The good kind, I hope.

Angel Behind Me, Witch At My Side

Busy, busy day, though not as busy as I might have been.  Editing, shopping, lunch, more editing, TV, and finally getting my Halloween story set up in Scrivener.  Up at 6:30, down at 11:15.

Not a bad stretch.

TV consisted of sitting in the dark and watching the last Doctor Who episode until Christmas.  We sat in the dark because the Internet said we were suppose to do this, probably to make The Weeping Angels that much more frightening than they already are.

It was a good departure episode, for it was time for the Ponds to leave and make way for a new Companion.  As I like to say, Moffat is Evil–I should make a meme out of that, but I’m too lazy–and he teases you, yes he does.  He loves to play with time, as well, but then, what would you expect from the man who invented Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Whimey Stuff?

After the show, then it was up to get my Halloween story ready.  I’ve through of a basic concept, and my daughter gave me some ideas that I may, or may not, use–some of which I’d love to use–so all I needed was a title, which was driving me nuts.  I finally hit on something, which brought about the response, “No one can pronounce that!”  Not my problamo, dig?  I’m just the writer.  Besides, I know what it says, so I’m not worried.

When dream time came, I was pretty much ready.  I took a nap during the day, so it was probably closer to midnight when I finally fell asleep, but then came the dreams . . . oh, my.  Talk about not so much out there while being out there.

There was a company, and a lot of dancing in a huge space where we were building something.  One of my friends was a female humantaur (looking like a human with four legs; think of a centaur without the horse body) dressed pretty much as I imagine one of the characters in my story will be dressed–and she even had a pointy hat.  There was driving around and visiting towns with friends.  There was my trying to pick out a tie for the owner of the company.  There was a lot of coffee–like, we’re talking, twenty gallon vats.

Oh, and there was a Weeping Angel going around trying to zap people into the past.  I know because I saw it a few times as it followed me around.  I think it was avoiding me, though, because I was with a witch friend, and I was in my witch dress and hat–yeah, I was.

I’m a cute witch, too.  You gotta trust me on this.

After the depressing dreams of the night before, last night was much better, even for all its strangeness.  I don’t know, but there was a frivolity that said, “Don’t take this seriously, just go with the flow.”  I wonder if this has something to do with my Halloween story, which is going to be, well, light and fun.  Not with all the death and revenge and murder I had in my last story.

Naw.  This’ll be fun.  You know it’ll be fun when the first line is, “Hey, Witchbaby!  Come here!”

Now all I have to do is write.